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Even Gods Bleed: Divine Wrath

Calvarre Fortress


a part of Even Gods Bleed: Divine Wrath, by Crooked Thoughts.

"A rebel refuge and home to Asher Thrawn."

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Calvarre Fortress
"A rebel refuge and home to Asher Thrawn."


Light's Deep is a large, gently sloping, bowl shaped valley in the western part of Ashmere on the borders of the Desolate Plains, which surrounds the Sky Dagger, a massive, stand-alone mountain. In fact, unless one is looking out from the battlements of Calvarre Fortress, you wouldn’t know that there was a valley at all. Well that and the fact that no trees grow in the valley but they do ring the edge, stunted and twisted from the lack of pure sunlight.

The fortress sits inside a round depression into the mountain face, two walls barring the way into the great hall. The curtain wall stands between the two sides of the depression, spanning nearly twelve hundred feet long, fifteen feet thick and forty-five feet high. The gate in the first wall is located near the right side of the depression (from the inside). Next is the outer courtyard, a space between the walls. The inner wall stands just as tall as the curtain wall but is thicker by five feet, with a strong gatekeep on the left hand side (from the inside). After the inner wall is the inner courtyard and then the sheer face of the Sky Dagger, where the Great Hall is carved into the mountain.


    Outer Courtyard
    Image When the fortress was under command of Asher Thrawn, the outer courtyard was filled with tents, the home of the refuges and rebels. When he disappeared, William Campborn ordered the spaced cleared, housing the women and child inside the Great Hall and setting a line of tents against the edges of the walls, so that the soldiers could sleep near their posts. The two hundred feet between the tents are now open space, used for drilling the companies of rebels foot soldiers.

    The Great Hall
    Image The Great Hall is a bit of a misnomer, it’s more then just a feasting hall. A large stable, storehouses, kitchens and an armory are also carved into the mountain, around the main hall. Well over two thousand people can be packed into the main hall. In years passed, the hall was filled with tables and benches, the walls lined with the banners of defeated foes but those have long rotted away. Currently, the hall is filled with none combatants and one of the smaller storerooms in the back has been converted over as a field hospital.

    Many many feet under the great hall, is a large basin, filled with water. It was carved out when the fortress was build by the dwarves, for an old and long gone, human kingdom. They tunneled deep into the water table from the Black Caves, channeling the mineral filled water through porous rock and beds of sand, to fill a vast pool, serving as a water source for the fortress, in case of siege. A series of lifts allow those within the fortress to fill barrels full of water and carry them to the surface. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, one can catch fish or fill a basket with crabs.

    Black Cave
    Image A strange wind howls so often in the cave systems, that no fire could be lit there without being extinguished in a few seconds. It's pitch black and it's full of giant spiders, monsters insects and small insane gobliniod bands. Small forests of strange, tree-like mushrooms, some of which are known to glow in the darkness. Pools and streams snake down through the mountain, filled with slimy and blind fish or pale, eyeless crustaceans.

    It's a dangerous if not suicidal path to take, but it's also the only rear exit if Calvarre would ever fall from a siege. No one remaining in the fortress knows if the caves really lead out and if they do, no one knows the path.


    Image Gray, cracked and shattered, this is the wasteland that lies just before the Calvarre Fortress. The land is barren and void of life; a combination of the scared lands of Ashmere and the Desolate Plains. There are small caverns littering the area and small fault lines wide and deep enough for any unwary traveler to fall through. At the halfway point between the fortress, is an large oasis of pine trees, perhaps a remnant of what the land was once like.
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Calvarre Fortress

"A rebel refuge and home to Asher Thrawn."


Calvarre Fortress is a part of Ashmere.

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