Nicolaisujiama Hansukemiro Wynter

"Alas I look upon you and see death. Bow down before me and embrace it"

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a character in “Even Gods Bleed”, as played by Winds Of Fate


Physical Description

Hair: Silk black with frost highlights
Eyes: Scarlet
Build: Lean, yet muscular
Skin Tone: He could use a tan, but he isn’t overly pale
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 130 lbs.
Voice: Effeminate
Handed: Right
Body Markings: A tattoo of a emperor dragon on his back, the head of which rests on his chest. Runic markings all over his body. Arcane circle on both of his shoulders.
Scar Tissue: None

Nicolaisujiama Hansukemiro Wynter (no relation to the God King)


White Orchid; Poison Orchid; Winter Orchid; Orchid


Visual Age

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation


Arcane Warrior

Mage Rank


Moral Alignment
Lawful Evil

It would be a complete lie if it was said that Nicolai feared nothing, he in fact has a single fear. This single fear is a fear of returning to his elemental form. Life was so treacherous and lonely while in his elemental form and the thought of returning to his elemental form drives him to learn a way to prevent such an event from occurring.

Help the God King rule forever over the world and be remembered as a Merciful God and Benign King. He also wishes to perfect his arts and make his Genoic state truly permanent. He has his own secret desires that he will see come to fruition.

It is unclear as to what he likes. Perhaps it depends on his current mood. Sometimes a flirtatious individual will raise his anger, and sometimes he finds them rather enticing. He is quite the book to attempt to read.

It is unclear as to what he dislikes. Perhaps it depends on his current mood. Sometimes a loud mouthed individual will raise his anger, and sometimes he finds them comical. He is quite the book to attempt to read.

Magical Prowess – It took him many years to conquer this obstacle, and it can be said that none rival him, not even the the God King, but the truth is just as cloudy as murky water.

Elemental Magic – Because he lost his elemental abilities upon converting to physical form, he picked up on elemental magic almost instantly..

Extreme Mentality – He knows how to do things to the utmost perfection. As such, his skills in hand to hand combat are heightened to masterful levels and his knowledge is vast. He is like a walking, talking library or resourceful information.

Physical Form – His physical form has its limits. First being that he can bleed, he can feel pain, and he can die if he encounters someone who is able to mortally wound him.

Restrictions – Some of his abilities are restricted to the environment he is in. For example, he can’t just whip up a tornado force wind indoors, he has to be outside to do such a thing, and as such he cannot cause a tidal wave of water to do damage if there is no water present around him.


Abilities & Skill & Combat Rating

[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

He is more in tune with his elegant side, as such he doesn’t wear armor as he feel it is very limiting in his movements, and he enjoys being free.

[Good]Enchanted Robes – his robes are made of the finest silks and blessed to repel. They are flame retardant and self-reconstructing.

Combat Prowess
[Excellent]Hand to Hand Combat – He has been thoroughly trained in many arts.

[Excellent]Weaponry – Though not as versed as Hand to Hand Combat, he is still able to wield a weapon with relative ease, though he prefers pole arm weaponry over short range swords.

[Perfect]Magical/Elemental Combat – Born as an elemental and training many years to perfect his magic, Nicolai is well versed in his abilities and power and is quite the formidable opponent.


[Perfect]Combat Magic - the art of wielding weapons and magic together. Nicolai has trained many years to master this art and does so with little effort at this point.


[Perfect]Magic Mastery – the use of magic is like child’s play to him. He can perform it without thinking.

[Perfect]Might – He has strength that would rival even the strongest of men. He can break through pure solid rock; a well-placed punch or kick can send one reeling.

[Excellent]Sovereignty – Very agile and nimble, he is able to run many miles without tiring and is able to flip, jump, skip, hop with the most ease. He does things gracefully; even his fighting is graceful and beautiful to watch. He has the greatest balance and the utmost keen eyesight and hearing. He is multilingual. He can perform actions as silent as an assassin, making him very unpredictable.

He is well versed in pole-arm weaponry, but he doesn’t carry any on him. He does carry a magically forged whip that defies the laws of physics. This enchanted whip is always seen on his persona and he is a master in wielding it. Runic markings cover the entire length of the whip, but there is a specific marking on the handle that causes it to find Nicolai wherever he may be.


Royal Jewelry and Artifacts


Group Affiliation

The Holy Kingdom of Azrael

Marital Status

All of his blood relatives are either DEAD or do not speak to him because of his choice to take his Genoic Form.

God King’s Castle

Social Rank
God King’s Assassin


Blood Pact

Bio/History Nicolai is a Protogenoi. Protogenoi are beings composed of a single element of which they control masterfully. They live extremely long lives, some are said to have reached immortality, but the normal life span of a Protogenoi is around ten thousand years, though there is evidence of Protogenoi living longer than this. When two Protogenoi meet, they can choose to combine to form a new Protogenoi. This new Protogenoi will have the combined power of both "parents". Protogenoi are masterful combatants but they never get into the affairs of mortal humans, although they can take the form of a human. This form is known as a Physical Form, or Genoic Form. When a Protogenoi chooses to take a Genoic Form, they lose all of their elemental powers are live their life as normal humans, though they still do not age as normal humans do, and still live extremely long lives. Their visual age is between nineteen and thirty, with thirty being the point in a Protogenoi's life when he reaches the solid age of 500. Protogenoi usually do not mate with other races and keep to their own kind. As stated they rarely get involved in human squabbles and consider themselves above humans and every other race. Still, there are those Protogenoi who will associate with those outside of their race and are frowned upon for doing so. This is where Nicolai comes in. His "parents" were frowned upon because they interacted in the lives of humans and other races, and befriended other races. When they decided to combine to form Nicolai, they did so in secrecy for fear of their son being hunted down and destroyed.

When Nicolai was created, he at first loved being a Protogenoi. He grew up learning all about the history of Protogenoi and their abilities. Eventually, he grew tired of being alone and ventured into the human realm. Upon doing so he met a beautiful human who taught him to love. The two spend endless hours, days, months and years together. Nicolai relationship reached the Elder Protogenoi and was frowned upon greatly. The union of a human and a Protogenoi was forbidden and would result in death to the Protogenoi or human, based on the decision of the Elders. When the Elders had Nicolai's love assassinated, Nicolai slipped into a enraged state. He eventually found out and set out to destroy the Elder Protogenoi. His mind became twisted and demented and he lost all respect for his own kind. He stripped himself of his Protogenoi form and took on his Genoic form in order to further distance himself from his kind He vowed that one day he'd find the hiding place of the elders and dispose of them. Until then, he ventured further into the human world and learned their ways. Though he had lost his powers, he never lost his will to fight and find the Elders.

He eventually heard about magic through seeing many Mages perform amazing feats. Magic intrigued Nicolai, and he began to delve deeper and deeper into magic. He began to study and study until he learned how to manipulate magic. This gave him the drive he needed to help fulfill his goals. He began to train his abilities, learning vast amounts of information and delving deeper into magic. He became an Arcane Warrior, inscribing Arcane markings onto his body, placing two arcane circles on the fullness of his shoulders. His quest for revenge led him deeper into the evil that began to corrupt his heart.

How is he affiliated with the God King? Strange you should ask. He became so corrupt in his quest for revenge that he slightly lost sight of his true mission, to dispose of the Elders. Instead, he became side tracked when he met the God King during on of the God King's invasions, and learned of his plan to conquer. He instantly climbed on the bandwagon and lent his vast abilities to the God King. He rose in rank, doing whatever the God King willed of him to do. Though, truthfully, he never truly lost his will to find the Elders. Currently, he is the God King's personal assassin. If the God King needs someone taken care of, he calls for Nicolai, and Nicolai does his job extremely well. He will eventually resume his mission of revenge, but at the moment he awaits the conclusion or new beginning of the God King.

Nicolai's History of Magic.............Quest to Ascension!
Nicolai began as a novice, a simple mage. His will to acquire all knowledge and power led him down a rabbit hole of which no sane human would want to go. He began to train and hone his magical prowess. He moves up from a Mage and became a Apprentice. He wasn't satisfied with just being an Apprentice, he wanted power, he wanted knowledge and he'd do whatever it took to get it. This drive allowed him to reach the ranks of Initiate, Disciple and Adept. Surely this should have been enough for him to stop in his quest for power, but it didn't, he kept on digging down into the rabbit hole, uncovering lost arts and allowing his mind to slowly become a bit warped from the strain of learning so much magic. He pressed on, wanting the power that the gods had, knowing that there was some way of obtaining such a power. Eventually, through many years of training, through hours of meditation and striving to be the best, he reached the rank of Oracle.

Now, normally, one would stop at the rank of Oracle, but Nicolai felt that there was still power to be gained and his mind wouldn't allow him to stop training and learning and striving to be better and stronger than the rest. He wanted his mere presence to cause others to cower in fear. He wanted his mind to be an arsenal of power that none would wish to trifle with, and that is when he decided to transcend. He left his old preconceptions about magic behind. It came to the point where he rid himself of all hoped for, all believed in, and that which he had faith in. He realized that he had no use for other methods, it was as if he was being reborn, as if he were awakening for the first time. He dropped his old prejudice and vendetta against the Elders, for he felt that the past 555 year quest for revenge was going nowhere fast. He had been searching for the Elder Protogenoi for 555 long years while also training and perfecting his art, but he felt that he would never truly get revenge and thus as time went on, his will for revenge slipped away, relieving him of said vendetta. He began to focus more on one thing, completing his ascension. At this point, he finalized his descent into magic and has ceased his will to gain power, feeling that he has reached the pentacle of absoluteness. It took him nearly 500 years to do this, 500 long years that he can never get back, which is why he is such a valuable asset to the God King.


Appearance Image
Feathers: Beautiful brownish orange in color with jade green tips
Eyes: Jade Green
Build: Lean, Large
Height: 20 feet tall
Weight: 460 lbs
Body Markings: None
Scar Tissue: None






Aves Draco (Bird Dragon)






Healing Tears/Enhanced Healing

Elemental Breath

Limited Magical Ability (creating forcefields, elemental magic)

Enhanced Senses


Combat Trained

Spiritual Tracking

Spirit Bond





Bio/History Nicolai hatched Archaeo from an egg found in an empty nest. He hadn't realized what creature he had stumbled upon until it hatched. The Aves Draco, or Bird Dragon is a legendary rare creature. They can grow to be as big as dragons if not bigger and can lift immensely heavy loads. They have tears that can heal any ailments, and their plumage is like steel, that protects them from weather and hunters. They can breathe the elements in various destructive forms and are extremely loyal to the ones who tame them. They always maintain a spiritual link to the one who tamed them and can in fact speak.

Nicolai doesn't consider Archaeo a simple tool, but rather considers her family. Archaeo has been with Nicolai for 150 years, long enough for him to know nearly all of her secrets as well as for their relationship to grow into something more than a simple pet. It is said that Bird Dragons were once a flourishing species, hunting in packs and roaming the world freely, but now it is a special occasion to even catch a glimpse of one, which is why Nicolai has received such vast accreditation for his find.

So begins...

Nicolaisujiama Hansukemiro Wynter's Story