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William Campborn

A mercenary captain looking for employment

0 · 108 views · located in Fantasy Earth: Dark Ages

a character in “Even Gods Bleed”, as played by Irish Wolf



Visual Age

Factual Age


Will is a rather stocky fellow, standing about five feet and four inches tall and heavily muscled. He's not a handsome man but to say he was ugly would be untrue. The skin on his face and arms has been tanned by years out in the elements, with the rest of him being only a few shades lighter. His hands, arms, torso and legs have several dozen old scars, from where a foe got around his defenses or where a lucky archer put an arrow. His brow is also marked with an almost razor straight scar. His hair is a darkish brown, about shoulder length and tied back with a leather strap in a simple ponytail. Hard gray eyes peer over his broad nose. His best feature is his strong, square jaw. He does his best to keep shaven but most of the time the best he can do is to scrap the growing whiskers off with his knife, leaving an almost permanent five o'clock shadow on his face. Nine small silver rings are looped through his right ear and his left has a ruby stud in the earlobe.

He typically wears a red tunic, black trousers, black sword belt around his waist and leather boots that reach his caff. When heading into battle, he dons a red arming doublet, over which he wears a steel cuirass, a pair of spaulders and vambraces. Protecting his thighs are a pair of tassets and strapped over his knees are a pair of poleyns. He also wears a pair of heavy leather gloves, each with a strip of steel to protect his knuckles. All of his armor has been either scavenged from the battle field or bought piecemeal, making for each piece to have a different style and level of craftsmanship.


William likes to fight, be it a tavern brawl over women or a card game or storming a city, its all fun to him. This could be caused b his up bring in a camp full of violent of sellswords or because of how he makes his living. When his employer isn't within hearing, he can and will be crude, prone to curse, argue and free with insults (he insults both friend and foe, the difference being in his tone of voice). While fair with the company's pay and generally loved or at least respected by his troops, he will drive new recruits on with the flat of his Bilder, his fist or the heel of his boot. Like most of his troops, he's willing to take on just about anything. The only thing that turns his bowels to water, is sickness.

Sexual Orientation




An oversized kriegsmesser, a curved two-handed sword, which is called Bilder. The weapon is enchanted to feel feather light in the hands of it’s welder but strike with the force of a ten pound sledge hammer.

He also carries a katzbalger, a short sword with a rounded tip (like every member of his mercenary company), buckler and a long dagger tucked into his right boot. While he doesn't carry one anymore, he will join the line of battle with a pike.


Will was born in the camp of the mercenary band he would later command, the son of a camp follower. He never knew his father and none of the men would claim him. At about nine years of age, the mercenary captain took a shine to the young lad and took him under his wing. For almost eleven years, he served as what might be considered a page or a squire to the older warrior, learning many things, like how to write and weld a sword.

At twenty, he was made the captain’s chief lieutenant, after the company was caught out in the open and suffered heavy loses. He was given this position over older and more experienced men because of his ability to read, a level head during a fight and because Captain Olsterman believed him to be of sharp mind. This caused a deal resentment among a few of the company’s sergeants, as they believed they should have gotten promoted instead of the “whelp”.

At twenty-one, he became captain, after the former holder of that title died storming a castle. He was forced to fight an older mercenary, who believed that he should lead, rather then this young man. Needless to say, he won the fight but he had been hard pressed and gained the scar across his forehead. After his first battle as captain, it was remarked that his soldiers fought like lions, giving him the new name of his company, William's Lions.

A few years later, he came across an ogre by the name Rockjaw , which was the beginning of what might be called a friendship but most certainly a business partnership. Over the next dozen years, his personal wealth and renown grew, along with more partnerships among his fellow mercenary captains. it could be said, that he wasn't so much a simple captain anymore but more of a mercenary general. His company, the Lions, became more of a personal bodyguard of doppelsöldners, fighting under a banner surmounted with a rearing red lion on a field of black. Recently, he and his company have arrived in Cam Liar, chasing after tales of trouble and war, seeking employment.

Rumors claim more mercenaries are waiting on the borders of the empire of the Godking or sitting on ships out to sea, awaiting a signal from William.

So begins...

William Campborn's Story