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Evenings at the Fight Club

Evenings at the Fight Club


A rough and rowdy night club plays host to a brutal event every night, with two taleneted brawlers supposedly going hand to hand against eachother.

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Every night, Lenny’s Rough and Tough lounge is the place to be in the sleepy city of Pickens, South Carolina. Fighters from all around come to test their skills against the best in the small caged in arena. It is owned by Lenny Taylor who is often accompanied by his daughter, Chloe Taylor.
Although 17, she has no issues handling the scenes that go on in front of her every night. She plays the role of everything from bartender to medic as the fights run their course.

Lenny is a kind older man, who enjoys watching the good brawls that go on. But mind you, this is not a place for the faint hearted. Anyone from the audience may be called up to fight. For what price? Well the winners get a free meal…oh and just the whole glory and honor thing.

However, just a couple nights ago a man was stabbed in the match…he died. Local cops are not exactly the most honorable and shrugged the mishap to the side. This has brought a whole new level of fighting to the Lounge….with matches now having the possibility of switchblades drawn the club has taken on a new name. Less and less people are willing to fight….but the ones who do tempt fate are considered town heroes.

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Brandon smiled.
"You're welcome. I thought you might want to know."
She then began explaining to him that her dad was passed out in the back. He felt sorry for her, as he could see the pain on her face when he talked about it.
"Yeah, he's not living real well right now."

She then asked him why he had stayed, why he was here instead of pursuing fame and fortune.
"This is not really the place to be discussing that. I don't want anybody to overhear us talking like this. After work, we can relax on the farm and I'll tell you all about it."
He leaned back in his chair.
"Just know that you can count on me to do what needs done."

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She paused listening to him quietly, but didn't quite understand. Was he embarrassed of her? Or was it something else? Offering a gentle nod in response she went off and left him to his bounce duties as his food was served by a young waitress. She stood there for a minute looking him over with a smile before going back to work. It was an interesting place where people like Chloe could be found right next to that very waitress who'd been with countless fighters in her short span of 2 months at the lounge.

Leaving Brandon to eat, Chloe was off negotiating with one of the veteran fighters of the lounge. He wanted a piece of Brandon and wanted it bad, but there was a part of Chloe that wanted to protect him. She knew he could take care of himself, but she didn't want to chance it. She wasn't entirely sure Brandon had ever faced someone like Cade before. He was 26 and a sore loser. No, it wasn't their time in the ring she was worried about but after. He often scared fighters he didn't think he could beat into throwing the match, and if they didn't lose...they wished they did after Cade and five or six of his buddies met up with the winner in a back alley. Brandon could handle himself well, but she wasn't entirely sure he could survive an ambush.

Cade saw the worry in the young girl's eyes and moved his hand to cup her chin and force her to face him. He was missing a tooth from one of his fights, but he wasn't a horrid looking man, quite handsome actually...but Chloe saw more than just outer beauty. Other than the fact that she was terrified of him, Cade was also a nasty person who'd take advantage of anyone.

"I want $500 a week, to keep mine and my friends' hands off the new fighter." He announced calmly, the gesture of him cupping her chin already causing her to back away. She wasn't sure they could afford that every week..and even if they could, Cade always jacked up his prices. It would start at $500 a week and then $1,000...until she'd have to sell the club to afford to keep his hands off Brandon. But, she didn't have a choice. They had guns, knives, and would assemble as many men as they needed to take down Brandon.

"Fine, $500." She said with a sigh as he pulled her in for a hug, reaching into her dress pocket and removing the stash of cash she kept there from profits earlier in the night. "$724? Alright, I'll consider the extra a finder's fee." He said with a wink and walked off. Chloe was outraged, heartbroken, and any other horrible emotion there was. He was disgusting, she hated him, but there was not a thing she could do as she walked off. She hoped he hadn't seen the entire ordeal, that he wouldn't ask any questions. He wouldn't approve of her paying for his safety she knew that well, but it was her only option until she could find another way to appease the man.

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Brandon began eating on the burger, thinking that it was incredible. He was not sure what they did at this place, but they made it taste like heaven. The waitress gave him a pretty smile and he smiled back. She seemed the flirtatious type, the kind who liked the kind of bad boys that frequented these places. Brandon was much more interested in the sweet and innocent Chloe, and he found it unattractive that the waitress had probably been with many guys. Once he had finished his burger and glass of water, he got up to take his bouncer position at the door.

It was then that he saw Chloe talking with one of the fighters. The guy was a veteran, sporting a toned physique and cocky attitude of a regular fighter. His face was still together, indicating that he probably did not lose many fights. Brandon got the same vibe off of him that he had gotten off of Kenny, a bloodthirsty fighter whose desire to hurt someone was only slightly higher than his desire for cash. Compared to the people he had fought with back in New York, who were former professional fighters, trained martial artists, and even ex-military veterans from the USA and abroad, even this guy was a joke. But he was probably the most challenge that Brandon was likely to find at this venue.

Brandon decided that he would challenge this guy to a fight the next day. He watched as she interacted with him, at first seeming like she was going to pay him for a fight. He then saw the guy cup her chin in a rough manner, and Brandon's narrowed. He then watched as he pulled her into a hug, feeling bolts of jealousy and anger shoot through him, especially when the guy took all of the money out of her dress pocket. His skin felt hot as the anger settled deep in his chest, making his stomach feel slightly nauseous. It took everything Brandon had not to challenge this guy to a fight right here and now, to batter him with his array of martial arts moves.

He had all ready told Chloe that this was his last fight of the night, and his father had always warned him not to take a fight in anger, not to be at an emotional disadvantage when entering the fight.
Don't underestimate your opponent. Don't lose your cool or you'll lose the fight.
Brandon kept running those sentences through his mind until the anger had mostly dissipated. After he had cooled down, he returned his attention to his bouncer duties. Many of the patrons were still absorbed into the fights, and since the night was winding on, he did not think that there would be anymore big incidents for the rest of the night.

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Chloe was shaken, and that was putting it lightly. She wasn’t entirely sure what to do about this situation. If she stood up to the bully, there was a good chance Brandon could suffer, and it would be her fault…at least in her conscience it would be. She bit her lip for a moment, gaining the composure she needed to keep going, she had to just breathe deeply and calm down.

She closed her eyes and turned to the side to see Brandon looking tense…he had seen, and she was sure he’d bring it up later at the farm. She offered him a timid smile, one that told she knew he’d seen. She’d have to decide quickly what she was going to do in this situation…but for now she had to earn back at least some of the profit from the extreme loss she’d suffered.

Cade watched Chloe from the side, talking to one of his friends. Part of his aggression towards Brandon was centered on the fact HE wanted Chloe. She was young, beautiful, and would get the lounge when her Father retired…or had an ‘accident’. Either way, Cade would be set for the rest of his life would a good looking girl and a business of his own. Now, he just had to get Brandon out of the picture, which would come soon enough.

Chloe had no clue of Cade’s watch on her or the fact he was attracted to her…for both right and wrong reasons. She tried her best to see the good in people, and though Cade disgusted her, she figured there had to be a real person in there somewhere. Brandon on the other hand seemed to be all good, from what she’d seen thus far, and while she was sure her future would lie with him…she knew Cade’s troubles were going to prove to be a huge bother soon enough.

Thankfully, the rest of the night went well and she managed to make enough to compensate for most of the loss, but not all of it. She said her goodbyes as everyone did their part to clean up and would wait for the head cook to close up for the night with his people as she walked towards the door. She assumed Brandon would be close behind, though she was dreading speaking with him. Maybe he’d forget, just maybe.

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Brandon kept a steady watch on the bar for the rest of the evening and into the night. He did his absolute best not to look at that slime-ball Cade, even when he was fighting in the arena. He was afraid that if he did, he would go back on his word to Chloe and fight again tonight. He saw enough to know that Cade was no ordinary fighter in this bar, but a tough and mean contender that knew his stuff. Of course, anyone with any sort of training could stand a chance against these roughnecks. Brandon knew that Cade's skill in the ring meant only that the dirt bag would lose in a manner of minutes instead of seconds.

The bar was soon closing, and everyone was going home. When Chloe left, he followed her back to the far in his car. Brandon gently took her by the arm and led her into his room. He had her lay on the bed, then got on the bed to lay beside her.
"I wanted to wait until we were alone to talk about things. I don't like talking about my feelings in front of drunks and losers."

"You asked why I did not fight elsewhere. The fact of the matter is that I was growing bored of fighting in New York and wanted a change of venue. But if it was just about the fighting, I probably would have left by now. What makes me want to stay is you. I want to help you and your dad with your business and your lives. I also want a relationship with you, as I've never met a girl who is so beautiful on both the inside and the outside."

He put his arm around her and held her close to him.
"You're too young for us to do anything really intimate. But there's no law that says I can't kiss you and snuggle with you."
He kissed her cheek.
"But while we're snuggling, I want to know about that guy Cade. I want to know why he's got you over a barrel."

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Chloe pushed the speed limit on the way home, ready to be away from that horrible Cade and closer to Brandon. She made a mental note to have him drive tomorrow, would make things a lot easier. She said little when she actually got out the car and was lead up to the room. Brandon made her nervous, but there was also a peace he caused inside her. She wasn’t sure what it was, but it was as nice as it was frustrating.

He had her lay on the bed and she thought the worst at first, that is until he made it clear things would remain PG, and she was just fine with that. “I don’t want to be the thing keeping you from living your life to the fullest though, Brandon. I mean…” She trailed off, but the mention of Cade made her cheeks blush as she glanced away.

“I’d rather not talk about that. I’ve got it handled, please trust that I can do this. I promise, things will be okay…” She said, although there was a part of her screaming to let him know. Brandon would know what to do, but then again he could go after Cade and get killed. The guilt would be on Chloe’s conscience forever, and as selfish as it was, she couldn’t picture herself without Brandon now. Maybe it was the infatuation that comes with the first love, or perhaps maybe there was much more to the relationship than even she or Brandon knew…no matter the reason, she couldn’t handle losing him to a scumball like Cade. Brandon’s life was worth all the money in the world and she’d pay out as much as she needed to in order to keep things right.

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Brandon shook his head.
"You're not keeping me from doing anything. I feel like I am living my life to the fullest, because I'm fighting for something. Fighting for supremacy and money is a blast when you first start, but it gets dull after awhile. A part inside of you becomes unsatisfied, because a martial artist should not fight for selfish reasons, but if he is going to, he should not keep fighting for selfish reasons. Fighting for selfish reasons to a martial artist is like smashing a good sword against a boulder; it chips and dulls the kindness of the soul like it chips and dulls the sharpness of a blade."

He gently took her hand.
"When I met you, I knew I had come to the right place. Being here, helping you, it's like I was born to do this. My presence here is going to help us both in ways we have seen and in ways we have yet to see. We both know that there's more to me being here than just cage fighting."
Chloe turned away from him when he asked about Cade, asking him to trust her.

"I do trust you. But things will not be okay as long as someone like Cade has you at a disadvantage. I don't know what he said or did to you to put you under his thumb, but I can't stand seeing things like this. I'm challenging him to a fight tomorrow, and that's all there is to it."
Chloe's hesitancy to tell him the truth was the last straw. Cade was getting shut down tomorrow.

Brandon's skin started to feel hot with rage, his emotions masked by his calm demeanor, placid facial features, and neutral body language. He unwrapped his arm from around Chloe and left the room before exiting the house. Brandon marched straight to the barn and kicked off his shoes before wrapping some leather around his hands to make a crude boxing glove. He then began punching and kicking the heavy bag with all that he had, his mind's eye seeing Cade in place of it. When he worked up a sweat, he tossed off his shirt, letting the sweat glisten on his muscular body. Brandon had to get all of the rage out now, so that he could be focused and ready tomorrow.

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Chloe would listen quietly as Brandon held her tightly in his arms, wishing she could stay there forever. He spoke as if he had wisdom well beyond his years, like he was looking back on his life with more life experience than possible for someone in their 20’s. She would nod lightly as he would finish his explanation, causing a soft smile from the young woman in his arms.

It was then that he turned the topic of conversation to their relationship, causing Chloe to blush. She never thought herself capable of meaning so much to someone who had no obligation to her, but there he was letting out his feelings to her. He was as compassionate as he was tough, a deadly combination in Chloe’s eyes.
“I’m flattered that I mean so much to you…you mean the world to me.” She would respond softly, not quite able to formulate a better response than that for him. Though his mention of Cade caused a sudden uncomfortable feeling to settle in with her. He wasn’t going to let this go, she knew it, and it wasn’t going to end well for either him or Cade.

“No Brandon…” She would try to talk him out of it, but he had already left. This wasn’t what she expected in the least. She wasn’t perfect, but this was so far out of her hands she couldn’t figure out what was right and what was wrong anymore. She had to try and do something though, for once it was time to go with her gut.

She sat on her bed thinking for awhile when the nagging at her heart became too much to bear anymore. She walked quietly out of the house and out to the barn where she knew Brandon would be. She said not a word as she walked inside and sat on a haybale quietly with slender legs crossed and crystalline hues locked on the object of her affection as he did what came best to him. She had no words to say to him, she would have to support him through this as best as she could.

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Brandon saw out of the corner of his eye the silent form of Chloe. She did not want him to fight Cade, but the reason for her hesitation remained a mystery to him. He let out the rest of his anger in a roundhouse kick that sent the heavy bag flying. It swung back and forth like a pendulum before settling in its resting position. Brandon untied the leather and tossed it aside before sitting on the hay bale next to her.
"Tell me why you don't want me to fight Cade," he said simply.

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Chloe flinched watching him kick the bag and send it flying so easily, in a way he was quite scary...she realized how lucky she was that he was on her side for now. Gazing at the bag, her eyes would follow it as it would swing back and forth before Brandon would release it lay it on the hay bale. "He's more dangerous than you could ever know Brandon..." .

She wanted to leave it at that, but common sense told her there's no way he'd be content with just that. She would stand and twirl a finger nervously through her curly golden tresses. "Cade doesn't play anywhere close to fair. He's shot off a guy's kneecaps because he didn't throw a match like he was supposed to..." She bit on her lip for a moment, before continuing. "He has a bunch of lackeys, all of them carry guns and all of them won't hesitate to use them.

"You're a great fighter Brandon but nobody can outrun a bullet...and whatever the price he wants I'm going to pay to keep you safe. Cade has friends in low places, it isn't wise to fight him. What do they say...umm...right! If you lay with the dogs you're gonna get fleas. I'd really rather you not get your hands dirty. Good men have been taken in by Cade's silver I always thought were above that. If he doesn't shoot you, he could very well bring you over to the dark side. And once you're's impossible to go back..."

With that, she was done. She was going to defend him whether he liked it or not, and pay up whatever Cade wished her to. It wasn't as if she wanted to pay him, if she KNEW without a doubt that Brandon was immune to Cade's shady tactics she'd ask Brandon to beat him senseless in a heartbeat. But as she said earlier nobody can outrun a bullet.

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Brandon looked over at her when she said he was dangerous. He had watched the guy fight, and he wasn't a slouch, but Brandon would never classify him on his own as being extremely dangerous. When she explained that he was leader of his own gang, that was when he began to see the reason for her fear. A merciless man in control of heartless thugs could indeed be quite dangerous.
"You're right, I can't outrun a bullet. I know that I can dodge a bullet, but when you're talking about many guys with guns, nobody can dodge that many bullets."

Brandon's eyes hardened when Chloe said that Cade could bring him over to the dark side, his heart aching as a painful memory ran through his mind.
"I've all ready been to the dark side. After a while of fighting in the underground, I forgot why I was there. Instead of fighting to improve myself and live up to my family's name, I began fighting for the amusement and adoration of the crowd. I thought I was so great, and I had lost sight of who I was. Then, he brought me back from the brink."

Brandon swallowed as his eyes watered.
"Tyler Davenport was a green belt in my father's dojo at the time. He looked up to me, considered me his hero. When he found out why I was fighting in the underground, he was upset and angry beyond words. Tears filled his eyes as he berated me for abandoning my father's teachings, for throwing away my honor. The unflinching assessment of a heartbroken boy snapped me out of my haze."

"On that day, I went back to fighting for my real reason, to better myself according to my father's teachings. I stopped fighting in the underground not too long after that, and abandoned the nickname "The Dragon of the Underground" as a reminder of my foolish preoccupation with fame and fortune. I also swore that I would never fight for that reason again, that I would never be pulled back into the dark. I fight only to protect others and to better myself as a person, like any martial artist should. A man like Cade, no matter his gilded tongue, will never cause me to betray the trust of those who care about me. I made some mistakes, but I learned from them."

Brandon wiped his eyes and turned to her.
"That's why I will fight for you. What Cade is doing to you is no different from a gang running into a store and asking for protection money or they'll trash the place. I don't care how many men he has, I've been trained to handle multiple assailants. The fact that they have guns scares me, but bad people shouldn't get away with what they're doing just because they have guns. Besides, as a bouncer, it's my job to see that people like Cade and his ilk never trouble you or your establishment again."

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