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Evensale {Open World}

Evensale {Open World}


Open world based where you can express your creativity any way you want to.

1,252 readers have visited Evensale {Open World} since Attoria created it.


This is a small starter role play I created on a whim. I work overnights so I have plenty of time on my hands. My main goal is to let people be as creative as they want. This is an open world based role play. So really anything can go here. I'm looking to make this world something of everyone's creation. Anything you think would be cool PM me and we can totally put it in!

Welcome! You're about to enter a world like no other. A world where something new and unexpected pops up everywhere. While you explore this new world, you can and will encounter things that you never deemed possible.



Welcome to Evensale, a world of creation and multiple dimensions. You're not sure how or why you are here. Perhaps you were kidnapped, or a wizard sent you to another dimension. Maybe you were born here and you lost your memory some how—what ever it may be, here you are.Twenty-three thousand and twenty-four light years from the Milky Way, surrounded by four moons and two suns. Each moon the color of milk while the suns illuminated both purple and orange, making the cumulus clouds in the sky look like sherbet cotton. A world where creatures of all types came to live. Only three seasons a year, Fall, Winter, Spring, and two months of pitch black darkness this world was vibrant in all colors and life. Only two kingdoms ruled small portions of the world at the time. The rest of the world has yet to be seen but adventures have begun exploration. Each had multiple cities within them. Each flourishing with life and chaos.

Getting Started:

First things first. You should create a character, preferably an original creation. You do not have to have a character sheet, but if you do want to create one just PM me the information and I will post it in the correct place with some fancy stuff added to make it pretty! If you are having trouble coming up with a character idea try checking out some of the cities. When creating a character try using these basic examples.

Appearance: What they look like, such as hair and eye color or visible scars, etc.

Skills/Abilities: Critical information for combat role plays, but usually unnecessary. A short list of skills/abilities will help you keep your character within reasonable limits of knowledge and power.

Occupation: Their job. Usually ties in with the above.

History: Just enough to give your character substance, so it isn't as if they came out of nothing.



Cyrus, a civilization known for gruesome murders and conflict in the west hemisphere, ruled by a dying king named Dameon Lydeth. The land is barren and dead with inhabitants that seemed to resemble their surroundings.

No Mans Land


No mans land is exactly what it looks like. Population: 148

Remnant, Capitol of Cyrus


Remnant, the capitol of Cyrus. Surrounded by no mans land. Population: 180000



Vextress, ruled by Ventura Massacre, is famous for its beautiful nature, markets, and armories. Vextress inhabitants are the opposite of the Cyrus's. Beautiful, healthy, and powerful. Filled with races of Fairies, Immortals, Angels, Elves, and the supernatural.

Nevarious, Capitol of Vextress  


This is the city Nevarious. Capitol of Vextress surrounded by the Kellciss ocean. Population: 140000



Espin. A city just off the coast of Nevarious. Population: 12000


*On a cool evening just before dusk, In the city of Espin, a young man of about twenty three was walking through a park. Though the park was nearly empty, he could see a few people in the distance. He appeared to be confused as he stared at a rather large cell phone in his right hand. In his left was a cruiser board which was his preferred mode of transportation this time of year. He was good looking with blonde hair showing from under his black and blue beanie. His gold colored eyes scanning the screen of his phone as if he couldn't figure out how it worked. He was wearing a T-shirt with the name of a company from who knows where with black, baggy shorts and a pair of skate shoes. In the reflection of his phone he saw a stranger approaching. He turned around to face her, muttering under his breath he cursed, his face showing annoyance.*

"Can I help you?"

*He asked, a hint of annoyance in his voice, as he slid his phone into his pocket.*

*Watching the confused look on his face with her pale blue hues she tilted her head to the left, perking an eyebrow with curiosity. She looked about the age of an early twenty year old, her hair past shoulder length and the color black besides the same pale blue color of her iris's highlighting her face under her bangs. She wore faded grey skinny jeans that extenuated every one of her assets. Her shirt was black with the shape of a cross cut out in a pattern on the back. Wearing her worn out black and white stripped chucks she walked closer to the new entity in the park, lowering the volume of her music till she could hear her shoes hitting the multchy walking path. Hearing and seeing the annoyed look on his face when he spoke she chuckled under her breath, looking at him with a smirk on her face before she responded with a sly tone.*

"Well isn't someone unfriendly. Names Trio. Akaline Trio."

*Her hands were a shade of white grey, stitches running across her wrists and various other parts of her body as if that was what was keeping her body intact. Her long bangs hiding the half of her face that was stitched across while she held her arm up for a proper hand shake. Her features were almost to perfect, and her body in really great shape for being one of the walking dead. At least that's what people called her anyways.*

"Sorry for the look."

*He said in a tone that hinted he was still not sure of her.*

"I thought you were someone else."

*He said as he looked her up and down. Her appearance was quite appealing, stitches and all, but that being said he couldn't be too sure of anyone right at the moment.*

"My name is Caster."

*He said without much enthusiasm*

"So do I call you Trio or Akaline?"

*He asked in a rather distracted manor. Once again he had pulled out the large cell phone and was scanning the screen intently.*

"What is a girl like you doing in a park alone at night anyways?"

*He asked slightly more interested in the answer to this last question.*

"Whatever you want. Doesn't really matter to me uh....Caster is it?"

*Her voice was soft and quiet, her eyes watching his every move with interest.*

"Are you waiting for someone? If I'm postponing something you had planned I can leave. No problem to me by no mean's."

*Pushing her fingers into the fronts of her pockets, still listening to dub step in her right ear, she tilts her head to the left, glancing down at his phone and back to his face a few times before asking another question. Her face full of curiosity now.*

"Doing what I always do. Why? Think I'm too frail to protect myself if someone decides to attack me?"

*She asked, shifting her weight to her right leg, making her sway a little.*

"No not exactly, but you might want to leave. Tonight is not a good night for anyone to be alone in this park."

*He explained without giving anything away.*

"Oh... and to answer your question yes you seem a bit frail."

*He said matter-of-factly. Suddenly his phone started flashing and making a humming noise. His face went from confused to slightly panicked as he looked up from his phone to the girl.*

"You may want to get out of here right now!"

*He exclaimed as he crammed the phone back into his pocket and grabbed up his long board in both hands. He closed his eyes and held the board out in front of him as it started to glow. The board began changing shape until a shield was formed and the hilt of a sword was visible sticking straight out of the top. As he lowered the shield it stopped glowing although it still had a strange aura around it.*

*Her eyes widened with excitement and curiosity from his demanding words and glowing object. Smiling widely before shaking her head slightly she crossed her arm's across her chest, taking a few steps back to watch the action.*

"I'm already dead. Not much anyone or anything can do to me now."

*She explained before lowering herself into a seated position in the grass a few feet away from him. Taking her finger and dragging it through the blades of grass beside her in a weird shape.*

"But if your that worried...."

*She said as the blades of grass grew and morphed into metal, forming a box like shape of entangled metal around her, leaving small windows for her to watch through while she sat.*

*He didn't have time to worry about this girl and her choice to stick around. His eyes darted around the area looking for any sign of what his phone had been freaking out about. Suddenly the ground started to shake slightly. A breeze blew through the trees causing the leaves to rustle and as he drew the sword from its place in the shield. Long and stunning the blade had a shine to it that made it appear to be made of a silver metal. The hilt was crafted into the shape of two dragons heads, one pointing out in either direction. As he removed the sword from its resting place, his muscles began to grow larger and more defined. His aura changed from that of human to that of something more powerful. As the ground shook harder he braced himself, planting his feet in the ground firmly. From the distance all the other people could be seen running from the park frantically. Suddenly the ground beneath his feet collapsed and fell away revealing a very large and angry looking beast. Just as the ground began to fall apart he lept into the air with blinding speed. The creature coming from beneath the ground was some kind of mutated mole, dog, hybrid. The beast was mostly blind with huge paws and had greatly increased senses such as hearing, smell, and some ability to know exactly where everything was around it. Its ears were like a great danes' tall and pointed, while its tail was a nub like it had been removed. On purpose or in a previous battle was unknown. Its body was covered in short dark fur stained black and brown with dirt and mud, scars also covered its body showing signs of injury in the past. As the thing approached him on all fours he moved his right foot behind himself for leverage and lunged at it quickly, but just as his blade made contact he was thrown across the park by an even quicker smack from the beasts paw. Controlling himself in the air he managed to regain himself before hitting a tree feet first. He was moving so fast the tree made a cracking sound upon impact it made leaves came raining down. He relaunched himself off the tree before gravity kicked in causing the tree to split right down the middle and splinters to fly out the back. As he flew back in the direction of the beast he noticed that its attention was no longer on him, but rather on the metal box containing the girl. Landing on the ground right in front of the creature he lunged his sword straight up through the beasts mouth and out the top of its head killing it. Unfortunately doing so cause blood to come rushing down all over him soaking him with its sticky red warmth.*

"Are you happy now?"

*He said angrily to one of the small holes in the black make shift box.*

"Oh what you baby? I could have taken care of him myself if he had gotten to close. Jeez. Besides, you handled the situation just fine."

* She spat out, her pale hues rotating to the back of her head as she rolled them in annoyance. Standing up slowly as the metal box deteriorated into ash and blew away with the winds pull she pushed her pale finger tips into the fronts of her pockets, laughing softly at the site of him covered in the beasts blood.*

"Looks like someone needs a bath."

*She smirked, walking around him to observe the creature up close. Taking her fingers she combed them through the creatures fur along it's side, Sighing softly.*

"You didn't have to kill her you know... She was just a baby."

*Shaking her head a little in disappointment she pressed her palm against it's side, making the body began to burn and flow with the wind in ash while she whispered a prayer for it's soul under her breath.*

"Rest in peace little one."

"I handled the situation just fine because I am trained to do so. You on the other hand are just in my way. As for a bath, yes, I suppose I do need one now."

*He said in a rather annoyed tone as he stood dripping with blood.*

"And as for it being a baby, it may have been, but it certainly was out to do damage."

*He said with confidence as he proceeded to attempt to shake off some of the blood. Quickly he gave up on this idea and began to walk out of the park. He stopped at the gate to change his weapon back into a skate board. *

"I don't suppose you live near by?"

*He asked somewhat quietly as if concerned about both her answer and the idea of having to walk back across town covered in blood*

*she chuckled under her breath, shaking her head side to side slightly as she pulled a pack of cigarettes out of her right pocket. Glancing up at him she pulls a lighter out of the left pocket, lighting the tip of it, before inhaling slowly. *

"Yeah. Yeah. My place is just around the park. But you better not walk into my house with those clothes on."
*She pointed at his clothes while she inhaled another drag of her cigarette, leading the way to her home*


| Caster Harem |

| June 14th, 1990 |

| 25 years old |

| Male |

| Pansexual |

| Single |

| Hunter of the Supernatural |

| Demon Hybrid |


| Akaline Jean Trio |

| October 28 1894 |

| 23 years old |

| Female |

| Pansexual |

| Single |

| Odd Jobs |

| Undead |

Toggle Rules


Regarding writing style:
  •  Written in past-tense third person.
  • Post length should follow the current activity of your current location: Don't write massive essay-length posts when the current activity is in single-paragraph posts. Conversely, don't interrupt essay-length interaction arcs with something much shorter.
  • Do help increase the post length if you feel it is too short; but do it gradually.
  • Why? In a real-time setting, the players get more chances to interact with one another if you write between 5 and 10 sentences per post, and split out your longer posts into individual chunks so people can read them much sooner. On another note, longer posts work well because people only check for new posts a couple times per day, or even less--and a sudden short post might completely ruin the post they've been working on for hours, or more.
  • Every post should be a complete grammatical thought with both a subject and verb.
  • Proper writing technique is to be observed; correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation is expected.

Regarding Etiquette:
  • Avoid using public OOC wherever possible.
  •  Any metagaming. Metagaming destroys immersion and is often considered cheating! 
  • Do not force the outcome of your character's actions. 
  • You cannot, without express permission, force the outcome of your writing on another character.
  • You should write all actions as your character performs them, but let the affected characters write the results of those actions as it pertains to them. Just the same, if another author involves your character in their post, you are obligated to determine the results of those actions. Ignoring something that has happened to your character is considered godmoding, and is against the rules.
  • Don't "Say" what your character is doing. It looks silly, and it reads worse!
  • Post at least twice a week {Exclusions apply if needed}
  • Be friendly!
  • Be creative!

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