Bolt Logan

Pixie Hollow Special Forces soldier

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a character in “Ever After High: Ignited Fate”, as played by iheartsonic


Name: Bolt Logan

AKA: Thunderbolt, Zeta 3

Species: Never sparrowman

Gender: Male

Age: same as above

Royal or Rebel: Rebel

Original or crossover (if crossover, state from which fandom): same

Story (it doesn't have to be a real fairytale, you can make it up): same

Family (if their parents aren't famous characters, explain why): none

Physical description: Black hair and eyes, wears a black high-tech armour suit with two holsters for his blaster pistols/knuckle weapons (called Thunder Lockguns)

Personality: Bolt is usually an easy-going, go with the flow kind of person unless the situation is serious. Despite this, he avoids the stereotypical action hero personality and prefers to think everything through rather than jump head first into something.

Powers and abilities: Thunder and lightning control, military training

History (optional): see Ella's history

So begins...

Bolt Logan's Story