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Ever After High Revival

Ever After High Revival


Ever After High, a school for the children of Fairy Tale Character who are learning to accept, or reject, their destiny. 13 Roles Open!

3,653 readers have visited Ever After High Revival since Miyer created it.

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Ever After High has been split into two unofficial groups. The Royals; The Rebels and The Neutrals. We will be following 8 student from the two groups Royals and Rebels as they make their way through high school and try to achieve what they had set out to at the beginning of the year.


The Royals || The Royals are Fairy Tale children who have accepted the role of their parents as their own and are willing to go through their life fulfilling their desired story.

The Royals can also be considers the most popular in the school, with a few exceptions like Sparrow Hood from the rebels, and are looked up to by other students in the school.

The Royals also have a hierarchy in their group, with the main couple Apple White and Daring Charming at the top and the rest in descending order from those in well know fairy tales and close friends of the queen and king to those who only hold minor roles in their respective fairy tale or are part of an unpopular fairy tale right at the bottom.


The Rebels || The Rebels are the fairy tale children who have not accepted the role of their parents and are not willing to go through with their story for whatever reason.

This group is more for the outcast and weirdos in the school. The Rebels are made up of all types of people who all share one goal and have become friends through it, they can be looked down upon or looked up to by other students depending on who the student is, though most students and teachers lean towards the negative.

The Rebels often receive a lot of pressure from the Royal, as most of them will play a major role in a Royals story. The royals see the Rebels views as selfish as they are refusing the Royals their happy endings.


These two groups have always existed and always been against each other as the each try to achieve their own goals. 16 Students, 8 from each group, are now in their final year and approaching their legacy day, the day they accept responsibility for their story. This is the story of their last year and how they spent the time in it trying to achieve their goals, however time is running out and sometimes ones biggest problem is not about whether or not they will take responsibility in carrying on their story, but whether or not they will be able to carry on their story.

The StoryBook has been stolen from the school, no one knows it is gone and they probability won't get it back by legacy day. Will the Rebels be able to put their feelings aside and help the Royals achieve their happy ending, and will the Royals finally accept that not everyone wants their ending written for them.

What is your favourite Fairy Tale?



The school that the Fairy Tale children attend in know as 'Ever After High', Where students may go and learn all the skill required for them to continue their story.

The School Day Consists of 6 Periods, with break after period 2 and Lunch after period 4.

Period 1 - English
Period 2 - Maths
Period 3 - Science
Period 4 - Music / Art / Drama (Own Choice)
Period 5 - Sports
Period 6 - Personal Tale Training [/right]

Students are permitted to wear personal clothing as long as they are appropriate for school and all students are allowed off campus and into town during lunch.


Ever After High is a boarding school and does require all students to be inside the dorm with a room mate, these roommates are randomly chosen and gender selected.

The Dorm is a big white building which holds all the students of Ever After High, split into two sections for the boy and the girls, separated by a set of doors which are locked during the night and alarmed. The Dorm has a huge courtyard out front, occupied by a fountain and a number of small benches and tables.
Each dorm room has the exact same thing inside of it; Two single beds dressed in white linen, a medium thickness duvay and 2 pillows; two wooden desks with chairs and room for books and a laptop; 2 Wardrobes for for clothing; they also reserve a vanity table if requested.
Roommates - Girls
Cerise Hood and Kitty Cheshire
Apple White and Raven Queen
Madeline Hatter and Blondie Lockes
Briar Beauty and Ashlynn Ella
Roommates - Boys
Daring Charming and Dexter Charming
Sparrow Hood and Evan Pan
Jack Hook and Hopper Croakington
Hunter Huntsman and Cedric Wood


Ever After High and it's dorms are built in a modern city known as Tale. There are many normal and Fairy tale characters that inhabit the city and it is often overlooked as Embla to normal humans, a small city just outside of the California state.

The City is like any other and has anything that a student might need. A bus ride away is a big mall which is the local hang out for the students as they have everything, from bookstore to clothing to magic shops, it's all there.

Popular hang outs include; The Angel Wing Cafe; Gunner Laser Tag; Hot Topic; and Evil Bedtime story underground(abandoned station that has been turned into a nightclub).

Name || Age || Fairy Tale || Fact || FC: || Reserved / Taken
Whats your favourite color

Cerise Hood || 17 || Little Red Riding Hood || Her dad is the Big Bad Wolf / Has a crush on Sparrow || FC: Shay Mitchell || Taken by Miyer

Madeline Hatter || 17 || Alice in Wonderland || Is able to speak Gibberish || FC: Chloe Norgaard || Reserved / Taken

Raven Queen || 18 || Snow White || Doesn't want to follow her mothers footsteps || FC: Lights (Singer) || Reserved by Rainbow Unicorns

Kitty Cheshire || 18 || Female || Alice in Wonderland || Knows Cerise's Secret || FC: Kaya Scodelario || Reserved by Circus Freak

Hunter Huntsman || 18 || Little Red Riding Hood || In a relationship with Ashlynn Ella despite it not being Socially Acceptable || FC: Thomas Mcdonald || Reserved / Taken

Sparrow Hood || 18 || Male || Robin Hood || Is in a rock band, called Merry Men / Best friend to Cerise || FC: Brenton Thwaites || Reserved / Accepted

Cedric Wood || 17 || Male || Pinocchio || Can never tell a lie || FC: Grant Gustin || Reserved / Taken

Jack Hook || 17 || Male || Peter Pan || Doesn't want to fight with Evan Pan || FC: Robbie Amell || Taken / Reserved


Apple White || 17 || Female || Snow White || Dating Daring Charming, but in love with his brother, Dexter Charming || FC: Blake Lively || Reserved / Taken

Briar Beauty || 18 || Female || Sleeping Beauty || Is an Insomniac || FC: Nina Dobrev || Reserved / Taken

Ashlynn Ella || 18 || Female || Cinderella || Is dating Hunter Huntsman despite how it's not Socially Accepted || FC: Lucy Hale || Reserved by Lydwilt2000

Blondie Lockes || 17 || Female || Goldie Lockes || Desperate to be accepted by the Royal Group || FC: Imogen Poots || Reserved / Taken

Dexter Charming || 17 || Male || Prince Charming || In Love with Raven Queen || FC: Dylan O'Brian || Reserved / Taken

Daring Charming || 18 || Male || Prince Charming || Dating Apple White but actually in love with Cerise Hood || FC: Alex Pettyfer || Reserved / Taken

Hopper Croakington II 17 || Male || Frog Prince || Has never kissed a girl / Can turn into a frog || FC: Nathan Young || Reserved / Taken

Evan Pan || 18 || Male || Peter Pan || Doesn't want to fight with Jack Hook || FC: Robbie Kay || Reserved / Taken

Character Sheet
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[size=130][color=#]❝[font=#font of choice]Quote[/font]❞[/color][/size]
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[font=Constantia][size=150][center]☤ General Information ☤[/center][/size]

[center][b][size=110] [color=#]⌈Full Name⌋[/b][/size][/color]
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[b][size=110] [color=#]⌈Nickname⌋[/b][/size][/color]
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[b][size=110] [color=#]⌈Age⌋[/b][/size][/color]
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[b][size=110] [color=#]⌈Group⌋[/b][/size][/color]
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[b][size=110] [color=#]⌈Story⌋[/b][/size][/color]
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[b][size=110] [color=#]⌈Face Claim⌋[/b][/size][/color]
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[/center] [hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
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[center][b][size=110] [color=#]⌈Height & Weight⌋[/b][/size][/color]
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[b][size=110] [color=#]⌈Hair⌋[/b][/size][/color]
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[b][size=110] [color=#]⌈Eyes⌋[/b][/size] [/color]
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[b][size=110] [color=#]⌈Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings⌋[/b][/size][/color]
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[b][size=110] [color=#]⌈Clothing⌋[/b][/size][/color]
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2 – 3 Paragraphs

[left][b] [color=#] [size=110]⌈Likes⌋[/b][/size][/color]
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♥Answer Here[/left][right][b] [color=#] [size=110]⌈Dislikes⌋[/b][/size][/color]
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[/center] [hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
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[center][b][size=150]☤History☤ [/b][/size]
[size=100]Answer Here[/size]
2 – 3 paragraphs


Okay, I just have a few rule so that this doesn't descend into madness or just turn into a terrible Roleplay so here they are!

Reservation || Okay, I don't mind if you reserve via PM or OOC just as long as you have the two passwords, otherwise I am not going to give you the character. This is also not a "First come, first served" Roleplay and just because you reserve a character doesn't mean others can't as well, I'm going for quality so try your best to make a realistic character. Finally, everyone has 48 hours to get a WIP in and then another 48 hours to complete them, I will send you a PM after this time and allow you one more day to finish before you lose your reservation.
You are also allowed to reserve 2 characters, but if this is the case then you have to take on a character from both genders.

No Godmodding || It's no fun for anyone if one person suddenly decided they are god. I don't care what your excuse, don't control other people's characters unless you have express permission from the characters owner and that owner has informed me that you are allowed to control their character.

No Mary Sues/ Gary sues || I'm serious, don't make them. No matter how perfect they may seem they are NOT any fun for roleplayers and it just generally annoys people when they see a Mary or Gary sue, so don't make them!

Activity || I would like some activity here, it doesn't have to be fast but I don't want anyone just vanishing because they got bored, trust me I understand this and the temptation to just quit, thinking it won't really matter. It does! Just send me a PM or post in the OOC that your no longer interested and we will find a way to remove you character or get someone else to take them over.

Posting || I know some people ask for perfect grammar, punctuation and huge paragraphs of writing, I understand this as it means your roleplays quality will be good, however I understand that we all make mistake with grammar and spelling so I'm not going to ask you check over each post 10 times to get ride of any mistake, I just ask that there is no text speak or one liners. I would like a minimum posting of 300 words.

Characters || I want real characters! I want to see flaws and strengths, quirks and habits that make them them! I also don't want to see Madeline Hatter (The Mad Hatters daughter) portrayed as a completely serious and stoic characters. Please take into account the character parents and not just make them however you want, though I still want to see lots of originality!

GM || I am GM! My word is LAW!

Have Fun || Please! A roleplay is no good, in my opinion, if no one is having fun so please, have fun!

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Re: Ever After High Revival

my cs will be in soon having a hard time catching up on things

Re: Ever After High Revival

Hey love I am obsessed with fairytales haha! May I reserve Blake Lively's character please? My favorite fairytale would have to be rapunzel and I would have to go with maroon or Burgundy.^.^

Re: Ever After High Revival

Wanted to give a little heads up Miyer, I will be done with my character really quickly (possibly within the hour) I already submitted a WIP so I could check out how everything looks while I update it.

Re: Ever After High Revival

No those are great, its nice to see some of the less well known tales XD

Reserved! ^-^

Re: Ever After High Revival

I'm not exactly sure if this counts as the kind of fairytale your asking about but The Sparrow and Brother Dog is one of my favorite Brothers Grimm stories. Also I am inclined to say Black, though Silver comes at a close second.

Could I possibly 'reserve' Kitty Cheshire?

Re: Ever After High Revival

Reserved for you both! ^-^

Re: Ever After High Revival

Totally "Little Red Riding Hood" and my favorite color? It's either Red, black, dark purple, white, or teal, haha! x3

Hey, I just wanted to let you know I'd like to "reserve" (though, I suppose just in case, compete would be the right word) for Raven Queen!~

Re: Ever After High Revival

This looks interesting but I think I will take only one it was a hard choice I can tell you that. I had also a hard time finding passwords and since i didn't I chose Ashlynn Ella (Cinderella) I don't play or watch the ever after series is that must to join? I hope I get it

Ever After High Revival

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