Zachery Evans

"Here's a fact of life. I matter more than you."

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"Here's a fact of life. I matter more than you."


Zachery Evans

Zach, Evans, Zachy, Zap


High School or College Year:
High school senior

Beast from Beauty and the Beast


Face Claim:
Alex Pettyfer


Running a hand through his hair when he sees something that pleases him||His left ear twitches slightly when he's happy about something||Always has a smirk/smile on his face||His nostrils flare when he's angry||Holds his head high when walking||Struts when he walks||Rubs his chin when he's thinking about something seriously||Drums his fingers when he's bored||Snaps his fingers a lot

Confident, self-assured, and arrogant, Zachery is what people call a cocky, snobby playboy. He is beyond vain and won't hesitate to flaunt his ideas and views to the rest of the world, with the thought that he is always right and everyone else is wrong kind of mindset. Nothing really threatens him, and he plans on keeping it that way, no matter what. He can be brutal and heartless to his enemies and anyone who disagrees with him, often using his influence to put an end to them, figuratively of course. A big flirt and ladies man, Zachery is used to getting what he wants from women. He knows that he is good looking and can be very charming and persuasive if he wants. He can be controlling and possessive to his many "girlfriends," often dictating their actions, down to the very last mundane task. Due to this, not one of them had lasted more than a month. Zachery is often described as "two-faced" by his ex's, with words like "uncaring bastard" and "heartless jerk" thrown in his face when they break up with him. He will usually act nice and kind to the girls at first, then his possessiveness will kick in and ruin everything. He has a hard time respecting privacy and personal space.

Zachery is pretty much grounded to reality and does not believe in the silly dreams that he had been having lately. He prefers cold, hard logic to frivolous notions of "happily ever after's" and the like. He has goals that he want to accomplish in life, such as becoming a singer, and will do whatever it takes to see them through. He is blunt and to the point about a lot of things, never lying about his feelings towards anything. You can say that he is true to his feelings, which is a good thing, right? After all, in his opinion, people who know what they want are the ones who succeed in life. And Zachery is anything but unsure. On another note, although Zachery appears cold and dominating, deep down, like really deep down inside of him, there is a small sliver of compassion that is just waiting to get out. He just has a hard time showing it.

Respect||Smirking||Flirting||Dirty jokes||Being in control||When things go his way||People who listen and obey him||Jogging||Working out||Admiring himself in the mirror||Rock music||Partying||Mint chocolate chip ice cream||Cheesecake||Neatness||His freedom||Blue skies||Singing (this is pretty much a secret from everyone else)

Being bored||Clingy women||Being told what to do||His perfectionist family||Annoying and obnoxious people||Brookehaven||Rain||Nosy people||Mud, dirt||Being disorganized||Fast food||People who stand in his way

Staying in Brookehaven forever/Never getting out of the stuffy small town||Everything that he has worked hard for ruined||Being alone for the rest of his life

Becoming a famous singer||Getting out of Brookehaven||Maybe finding true love


Zachery was born to an average, if a bit more well-to-do, family along with a younger brother. At a young age, Zachery was forced to abide to the strict rules of his household, which included no TV, no computers, no technology at all, since his parents were one of those dictating, forcing-their-beliefs-onto-their-children types. They believed that technology will corrupt the minds of their children. With no room to breath at all, Zachery grew up unhappy and sullen. It was during middle school that he broke out of his shell, when he joined his school choir. He discovered his passion for singing and wanted to pursue a career in music. Of course, his parents were against it, saying that it was too impractical, and made him drop out of the choir. Zachery started rebelling against his parents and by the time he was fifteen, had developed a distance with his parents, hardly speaking a word to them at all.

Zachery had always been the popular kid at school, even in elementary and pre-K. It might have been his "winning" personality but it's probably due to his looks and his "charming" smile. He figured out a long time ago that looks are the way to go in this world, and used it to his advantage to get what he wanted. This has inflated his ego a lot and by the time he became a senior in high school, he has people eating out of his hand.

Theme Song:
The Man Who Never Lied||Maroon 5
I was the man who never lied
Never lied until today
But I just couldn't break your heart
Like you did mine yesterday
I was the man who never lied, oh oh oh
I was the man who never lied, oh oh oh, yeah

Sometimes honesty is the worst policy
Happy ever after, happy ever after
Let it go, oh oh, you never need to know, oh oh
I don't wanna be picking up all of these tiny little pieces, tiny little pieces
Of your heart. Won't do it anymore.


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