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Willamina "Willy"

"I Bet a Fiddle of Gold Against Your Soul."

0 · 142 views · located in Grimmsland

a character in “Ever After”, as played by Unicorn Luv


The Devil went down to Georgia,
Cause she was looking for soul to steel,
She was in a dime she was way behind and she was willing to make a deal,
When she came across this young man sawing on a fiddle,
And playing it hot,
Devil jumped onto a hickory stump and said "Boy let me tell you what!",
"I bet you didn't know it, but I'm a fiddle player too.
And if you care to take a dare, then I'll make a bet with you."
"Now you play a pretty good fiddle son but give the
Devil her due,
I bet a fiddle of
gold against your soul cause I think I'm better than you."

Willamina, or better known as Willy, is not exactly what everyone in Grimmsland is expecting, not that many in Grimmsland even know something like the devilish fiddle player even exists. Due to the shortened version of her name, most expect a man or boy, but instead they find her, fit in leather and a face hidden behind some dusty old hat. Should that hat be listed to show a face, one could see that it is probably a crime to hide such alluring features. Her eyes are sharpened and angular, and while the darkness that accentuates them looks like make-up or a dark shadow, it is actually embedded into her skin, markings of the sort of devil dealing she is guilty of. Their color is a light hazel green, and their glossy clarity often makes people wonder if she is about to cry. The eyebrows above them are long and straight; her lips are plump and supple, and her nose sharp and pointed. Her face is oval shaped, with high cheekbones; her cheeks almost seem to sink in. The color of her skin is golden and sun-kissed. Locks of gold tresses wave down to her elbow, with bangs lightly tussling to the side on her forehead.

Willy stands at five feet and seven inches, with a body that is long, but not quite so well endowed as some other women, and she hasn’t the benefit of being willowy. At the very least however, her body is toned and fit, and very little body fat encumbers her form. Willamina does have her long legs going for her, and they are subtly shown off through her lace and leather bound pants, although loose, they are artistically woven in a western desert style that leaves holes through for a peak. Boots make her steps slightly louder than they should be. Her chest is bound down with cloth, and a black leather vest completes her look, oh sorry, actually her hat completes her look. As yes her cowboy hat, if you ever saw someone obsessed with a hat….it has to be her. The hat is dusty, worn, patchy, and slightly too big for her head, but she will never let anything bad happen to it, in fact she has gone through serious injury to save that hat from being touched before.


Serene and collected, Willamina just seems to make everything look easy. No one has ever seen her trip over anything or stumble over her words, nor can anyone tell if something is stumping her or giving her any sort of trouble. Her actions are like her words, flowing as steadily as water. She has the ability to be very still for long periods of time, and is quite focused. Rather than standing around, Willy can be seen lounging on a window, in a chair, or on the floor if no other place reveals itself. She doesn’t see the sense in standing around and creating troublesome energy loss, she needs all the energy she can get for important things! Like…eating and uh, takin’ naps, or something else that needs to be done. Which speaking of eating, Willy eats quite a bit, when people comment on it she mumbles something about needing it for energy. It seems to be a common theme for her, needing energy, so much so, that the roleplayer of Willamina has mentioned it a total of four times in quick succession. This means that you should probably take note of that.

Willy is a curious person, a charismatic individual that is easy to get along with, even if you so happen to be an enemy, she could talk a baby blue-jay out of its nest if she wanted to; and yet no one knows anything about her. Ask about her past or where she grew up, she’ll coyly change the subject, want to know her last name? She says she doesn’t know it. How is it that she came across a magical fiddle? All you’ll get out of her is a smile, a wink and sometimes if you’re lucky she’ll tell you she won it in a bet.

If anyone knows how to play coy, it must be Willy, as much as she listens to a person and gets them to talk, she teases and messes with them. She’s likely zeroed in on any insecurity or ignorance you have, and don’t think for a moment she won’t use it against you. But fear not, none of it is meant as anything harmful, rather just play for a bored lounging musician. Willamina is actually quite compassionate, and would bend over backwards if she saw someone in trouble.

Willy has a bit of a disposition when it comes to her temper, for she is extremely slow to anger. Not much offends her, and she is very understanding of the feelings of others, but if do so happen to make her angry (a feat you must have accomplished through remarkable means) then forget your life, it is forfeit, instead, pray for your soul, because it is in danger. Forgiveness is not in her vocabulary and mercy after her anger disappears. Another bit that is to watch out for is making any sort of bet with Willy, as she is not accustomed to losing bets, and she loves to make them. Her bets are formal, and she often has a contract right in her pocket for you to sign. The stakes of these ‘little bets’ can get high, too high to make it worth it in any sane person’s opinion.

But don’t let those small things turn you away, Willy is as friendly as they come, and she’d love to play you a tune while settling down for an afternoon snack, so come on down to the Snow Queen’s palace and she’d be happy to have you.


The Fiddle of Gold strikes a fancy to many who hear and see it. Though the sounds it makes can be eerie and perverse. When the strings are struck, so are the strings of your heart, the way it is played can change your inclination towards death or life, and the music that touches your soul soon becomes your marionette. No one is sure if it is the fiddle itself or if it is Willamina, but when the cord is struck, it can take a hold of one's actions, making them Willy's puppet. This depends highly on someone's will power however, and how tired in body they so happen to be. In battle the violin can also be used to strengthen the hearts of allies, or weaken the disposition of enemies. Hypnotic noises can easily persuade and twist, and it is clear that this weapon is one of the soul, rather than of the body.

It is assumed by many of ignorence that since this so happens to be the main weapon used by Willy, that she must be weaker in combat. Silly little adversaries soon find themselves on the ground, eyes black and blue. Willamina packs quite the punch, and she doesn't fight fair either. Agility is her allie as much as her music, and her slippery actions can get her out of a sour pickle.


Willamina showed up next to the Queen fairly recently, about a few years ago, and since then she has continuously whined about the weather whenever anyone asks her to do something outside of her tightly wrapped blanket next to the fire. No one is sure, nor are their any rumors as to her origins or how she got to be able to do what it is she does. All that is certain is that she is a trump card, one more way for the Snow Queen to ensure that her land is never attacked. In fact, the very day that the Queen of Hearts once sent out a General was the same day that Willamina showed up with her fiddle, and one song was all it took to send that man back to his Queen, begging her to never send him back there. Since then Willy has been the Snow Queen’s right hand lass, with her, curled into an unidentifiable ball of blankets, right next to her throne.

There is one rumor that has spread around, speculation that she neither confirms nor denies. She might be linked to the Pied Piper, what with their abilities being so similar.

So begins...

Willamina "Willy"'s Story