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Sable Rosary White

"I find making my own reality is much better then living in the one put there."

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a character in “Everlasting Ties”, as played by Dead


Sable Rosary White


Just the little things.

Sweet Sacrifice by Evanescence

Character's Name
Sable Rosary White

Other names (Nicknames, ect)
She has no other nicknames.

Character's Age
211 Years Old. But she appears to be in her early twenties.

Face Claim
Meghan Ory

Character's Race
A vampire; specifically, a rogue vampire.

Character's Gender
Female, obviously.

Character's Ethnicity
Originally from Great Britain, and she has the accent to go along with it.

Character's Orentation

In a Relationship with
Who needs relationships?



What does my reflection show?

Character's Appearance

Standing a bit over average for her height as a woman, Sable reaches the length of 5 foot eight, five foot nine to six foot in most of her killer high heels that should make any woman's feet ache; with a lean but strong physique that accents her fine collarbone and facial angles. Her hair is naturally covered with thick curls; and usually the color of night, but in the right angles, is a heavy brown and she often accents it with red extensions or straightens it the point of no return. Her eyes were naturally the color of green splashed with a thin layer of gray, giving it the look of a stormy sea in chaotic eruption. But now as a vampire, her eyes change color with her mood. Turning a crimson red when her vein get dry, or she is about to take the plunge with her razor like fangs into sweet red bliss. When she's in rage, her eyes turn the hue of an icy blue, glaring into the souls of the persons in question. Her skin is the color of creamy ivory, but paler as she goes more days without feeding or standing under the moon in a clear night.

Her fashion style is not out of date, even though she was born in 1803. She usually goes for a pinup style crossed with a smudge of goth/punk. She enjoys wearing dark colors in the forms of stylish shirts, skirts, or dresses and is usually seen wearing high heels or kickass boots. Her hair is favorite thing to do; putting it in various updoes and other assorted styles that take quite a bit of time to put together. Her outfits are also adorned with different assortments of jewelry and accessories, not leaving out her hair. Her makeup is usually extremely obvious, putting dark colors around her noticeable hues and extreme colors of reds, pinks, and black along her even but voluptuous lips. When alone or in a mood that would put others in a sour state, she leaves her naked face usually untainted, and that's how she preferred it when she was in an earlier time.



Just look a little deeper.

Character's Personality

A strong personality makes Sable a person that you can easily get along with, or not at all. She is extremely blunt with her opinions and observations, and doesn't feel apologetic. She has a bit of a temper, but with her years of heightened emotions, she's learn to turn her rage into something quiet and seething; often letting her rage boil over into a wave of unhappy consequences. But even with her flaws and her over reactive states where she loses control of herself, she has a sweet and sensitive side overflowing with honest morals that she has had since she was born.

Even though Sable has a rebellious side that tells her not to care at all the wrong moments, she is still quite protective of those she deems worthy of her; and the ones that earn her undying respect. She believes that you have to earn her trust, to get her trust; she believes that killing people or turning people just for self pleasure is wrong; and will only do so if her host is willing to offer her blood source. Often though, she obeys the laws that the humans have put down and does her best to blend in with the human world. She could be considered a day walker even though her job at the high class club donned Trick puts her out mostly at night. She is a very lonely person who prefers to live alone and be alone, only allowing her social life to grow so big.

After losing Crystal, a close friend that Sable had to watch grow old and eventually die of breast cancer, her relationships with people have been severed to sharp points on which she breaks them off and allows them to float away. Overall, Sable is a good character with a few flaws who gives into temptation now and again, but does her best to follow her morals and protect the city of Seattle from threats that could cause the balance to shift. She doesn't like changes.


โœ” Clubs - She loves to drink and dance; what better place then a high end club?
โœ” Blood - She's a vampire, what do you expect? Blood is her thing; it has been for a long time.
โœ” Owls - These are her favorite animals. Majestic, flexible, and able to take flight into the night.
โœ” Hairspray - How else can she do her hair? It's her best friend, and it makes her look gorgeous.
โœ” Candy - A simple pleasure, even though it doesn't affect her, she still loves the taste.


โœ˜ Covens - Other vampires make her nervous due to her extensive past.
โœ˜ Idiots - People with low IQ's and ignorant personalities piss her off.
โœ˜ Bears - They are big, lumpy, and have disgusting mouths. No bears.
โœ˜ Cancer - It took her away her best friend, and she regrets not transforming her.
โœ˜ Sunlight - She's not a fan of it, at all. The moon is her best friend.


โ™ก Dancing - She considers it a hobby since she does it almost every night at her own club and others in the area.
โ™ก Making Jewelry - She is quite fond of making her own jewelry; and she is quite good at it, sometimes even selling them.
โ™ก Drawing - Her drawing skills are nothing short of amazing. These she sells online, often getting good prices for her work.
โ™ก Reading - Books are her escape from this long and cold reality she has been facing for over 200 years now.



My many chapters.

Character's History

Born in the deep, dark streets of the Victorian Age London, Sable was brought up in a fairly high maintenance family that called for many rules, but gave lots of love. Rather then forcing her to take lessons she hated, they allowed her to expand her knowledge in lessons of what she loved. She became very skilled in the places of art and literacy, as well as expanding her knowledge on history and geography. While most parents were anxious to get their daughters off married and pregnant before they were twenty, her parents didn't want to to let her go, and continued to fund her path for knowledge until she became the age of 23 when she looked upon her friends in loneliness at their lives of being married to husbands that seemed good, and her heart yearned for something more then this sheltered life.

Although her parents were quite protective of her whereabouts, during daylight she was allowed to stay from their eyes, often going to a shop where they sold various paints and papers and different styles of charcoal to draw with. About two months after her 23rd birthday, she went to this shop to find more paper for her artist book that she was putting together. But taking the backway to the store is never a good idea, and Sable soon found herself pursued by dark figures moving at quick speeds, her screams muffled by cold hands and growls of a predator so fierce, her blood hardened in her veins.

She was taken to an underground warehouse and strung for for four months straight, never being able to tell her captor's faces, but every night she would feel two needle like stings plunge onto some fleshy part of her body and drain her to the point of passing out. She would wake up again, be forced to eat and drink, and the process would repeat itself. Covered in dirt, blood, and utterly exhausted, Sable was finally released from her iron chains but instead of being let free, the monsters that never revealed what they looked like decided to give her a gift so she wouldn't talk. After draining her once again, they shoved their own blood into her mouth and she made the deadly transformation and became one of them after hours of agonizing pain and a thirst that was growing so strong, she could not control it. She had become a vampire.

For months after that, they abused her and taught her how to be one with force that even left her skin with marks a human could not influence. Seeing their faces for the first time, they were not as horrifying as she thought them to be; on the outside, they looked more perfect that you could imagine but on the inside were blackened hearts and veins of ice. She learned of the leader of this nest; a name she would remember forever, a name she could never let go of but dared not to repeat. When she finally learned how to grow on her own in her new transformation, she was able to escape this evil nest, making her way crawling through the streets of London and struggling not to be tracked down again. After her thirst began to grow so great, Sable gave in and attacked three people in one night, and then forced herself to retrieve her artist's book from her room and leave as far as she could from London with the nest hot on her trail.

She managed to catch a ship to America where she traveled all over the States, losing the heat of the nest that had stayed behind in Britain. She was free and for years she traveled from City to City, also visiting countries like Italy and Russia and many other places. Her morals had to grow over time, first starting by killing humans and taking their money; targeting ones of wealth to give her all they had, but as she grew older in her immortal and youthful state, she began to see why the other vampires had become the way they had. She decided that in 1954, that it was her time to settle down in the United States and bounce around, blending in and taking jobs and trying to become who she was as a human. During her travel and settling down in Northern Michigan, she met a girl named Crystal who lived next door to her on a Lake. At the time, Crystal was only about 20, but they both clicked the minute they saw each other. Of course Sable thought Crystal would freak if she ever learned her secret, but in reality, Crystal was a believer in all things supernatural' and their friendship lasted for years until Crystal passed away of Cervical Cancer at the age of 78. Sable never got over the death of her closest friend, and regrets not turning her into a vampire when they met.

But Sable did start to heal, and she finally moved to Seattle in 2005 and as been there ever since, working at a high class night club called Trick and storing over 245 sketch artist books inside a storage warehouse downtown. She is currently working on her 246th. Although Sable has gotten offers from traveling vampire nests, her experiences as a fledgling and as a human in the hands of those creatures, she will not take the aid of going into a group. She prefers to be solitary, living her life as best she can to fit in and remain peaceful in her own way.

So begins...

Sable Rosary White's Story

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ImageClaude groaned as the morning sunlight permeated through the old tattered blinds and shone on his eye lids. How long had he been asleep? 40 minutes? 40 hours? 40 days? No. 44 years. He was the eldest vampire and as he rose he saw a dark dusty room in front of him, weathered from the years of neglect. He moved from his bed, his pale bare feet touching the cold floor. The floor was nothing compared to his own cold veins. Thump. Thump. His feet made this sound as he strode down the hallway of the house. The house was silent, you could hear a pin drop in the entire house. Soon, when he did what was to be done, the house would be lively and they would be close to moving out and doing what needed to be done. He knocked on one door. His girlfriend. He knocked on another door. Toby's. Then he entered the last and walked over to the small sleeping figure. "Awaken my child."

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#, as written by Arrow-

Odette's eyes opened in a snap. She slowly looked up to see the familiar face of her father. He looked different somehow though... Maybe it was the way his eyes were slightly hollowed and his cheeks a bit thinner, the way all vampires looked when they were starved. She supposed she looked this way too, as her jaw ached and fangs throbbed for the coppery taste of blood.

How long had they truly fallen asleep?

She slowly sat up on the bed and stretched, all of her joins giving off a sickening pop and crack noise, that only made her sigh in relief. It felt good to be able to move her body again. It seemed like a lifetime since she had done so...

"Father..." She whispered quietly. "In which time are we? What is the year?"

She could tell from the dust moats that floated through the air that they had been asleep a long time... Even her clothes seemed to be covered in them. She brushed herself off as she stood and looked up at her father for answers.

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#, as written by Miyer

ImageToby blinked rapidly as he was dragged from his position on Claudes foot by Odette and into the kitchen where settled in one of the seats and watched patiently as she began to search for blood. "If you see any coffee, give me a shoot.", he called cheekily over to her before leaning back against the table and closing his eyes, just taking a step back and smiling as he felt the slight sliver of sunlight shinning through the blinds touch his skin. It was good to be aware... Now all he needed was a Coffee...

Toby opened one eye as Claude entered the room and could already feel the slight grin coming over his features at the possibility of finally getting some coffee. "Brilliant! Mind if I escape to find whatever new establishment has been set up to bring me the miraculous beverage of god?", he asked Claude in an almost pleading tone though he knew his leader would let him go without a problem. He was pretty much useless without his coffee fix...

He was already shrugging on a denim jacket as well as a set of slip-slops (As he loves to call them.). Though he was still dressed in the clothing he had slept in, the fact that it was just a tee and jeans meant he could go out without having to change... Though maybe a shower was in order... Oh, it could wait till he got back, until then, a heavy dousing of deodorant.

"Anyone want to join me for coffee?", He questioned, his hand resting upon the door handle. It was a question asked more out of politeness then anything as he was pretty sure every vampire in the room put blood over coffee... Unlike him... But he was just weird and he didn't care.

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