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Kayla Mackenzie

"Don't touch me, not unless you want to get hurt."

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a character in “Everson Academy of the Arts”, as played by Belynta


Kayla Mackenzie



Name: Kayla Louise Mackenzie
Nickname: Kay, Mack
Age: 18
Race: Witch
Powers: Ley Line witch (can tap into ley lines and use the energy from them), can also cast spells
Sexuality: Straight

Metal music
Ice cream
Indian food
Hot weather
Being trapped
Being helpless
The dark

Dreams: Wants to be accepted for who and what she is

Secrets: She spent six years in a juvenile prison for killing her parents

Personality: Kayla is blunt and abrasive, she says what she thinks and doesn't try and soften it no matter what the subject. She has a chip on her shoulder the size of England and generally switches between being angry or numb with nothing in between. She is prickly, defensive and downright impossible to get to know. She has a nasty temper and it doesn't take much to set it off, basically she acts like this to push others away and its worked on most people so far. Yet even with all this you would still want her on your side in a fight, she will fight to the bitter end with a recklessness that suggests she doesn't care about her own life. She is not suicidal but equally she doesn't value her own life like she should.

Like all people she is not one dimensional and there is more to her beneath the surface. At heart Kayla is a insecure and very lonely person who believes that she is unlovable and an abomination. She longs for friendships with others and also someone to love her but cannot seem to change her behaviour to let others in. She is an attractive woman and does get attention from others but they usually give up when she shoots them down. Though she doesn't show it she does care about the well being of others and will try and protect those she cares about even if they don't like her. Ultimately she is a good person and a warm heart but it is wrapped in a shell of anger and bitterness.

Place of Origin: Scotland, United Kingdom

History: Kayla was born in the north of Scotland in a remote village community, her father was the priest of the local church and her mother a housewife. She grew up in a very strict household as her father had a high standard for what he considered good Christian behaviour and expected his family to adhere to his rules. They were allowed no television or modern books or magazines as he believed they were a bad influence and they were expected to pray every day and read from the bible every evening. Kayla had no friends growing up as her parents believed they were a bad influence and the local kids thought she was stuck up and shunned her. Despite all this Kayla loved her parents and accepted her lifestyle as proper and correct.

When she was ten she began to experience odd sensations, bursts of energy where she felt as though she had electricity under her skin, these grew until one day without realising she drew upon the energies of a ley line. Ley lines covered the Earth and the rectory where she lived happened to be on top of one of them. Unknown to her or her parents she had been born a ley line witch and could not help but reach out for one when her abilities first blossomed. Luckily at her young age she could not draw the full amount that she would be able to when she is older but it was enough to cause her to violently throw everything around her against the walls. Furniture and her shocked parents were literally slammed against the wall by the force and were held there by the energy coming from their daughter. It lasted for only a few minutes but it changed Kayla's life forever, her parents had always been particularly zealous in their beliefs and this only worsened after what had happened.

They believed she was possessed and did everything they could to cleanse her soul, she received beatings and was locked in a dark room and starved regularly. They attempted to excorcise her on several occasions and all of this torment badly scarred Kayla to the point where she began to believe what they told her. Things reached boiling point when she turned twelve and had suffered her parents misguided attempts to "cure" her for two years. As they were dragging her towards the dark room, which she feared more than anything else, her mind snapped and she drew on the ley line again. She drew enough power this time to slam things against the wall with much more force than previously and her parents were both severely injured. Her mother died moments after Kayla collapsed and her father died in the hospital after he had told authorities that Kayla had attacked them. She was sent to a juvenile detention centre where she lived until she turned eighteen. She has been out now for three months and in that time she moved to America, New Orleans specifically to live with her mothers sister who had stayed in touch through the years.

Anything else: Kayla is a true metal fan and wears lots of leather, goth tights and silver jewellery. She hates religion and becomes unreasonable around it. She has lost most of her Scottish accent but still has a soft lilt to her voice

So begins...

Kayla Mackenzie's Story