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Cool and magical

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a character in “Eververse”, as played by ICEboy101


He has gray eyes,is tall,and has blond hair.He is also very skinny and is double jointed.(Figure out his personality yourself).
1.elk wood wand
2.bottomless bag
3.spell book
1.good at magic
2.good at potions very smart

So begins...

Everin's Story

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River lightly nibbled her lower lip as she took her first step out of the house. She was not sure where she was going yet, but there was something nagging at her to venture out that day. So, here she was, unsure of where to go and what to do, so she wandered aimlessly. At least, that was what it felt like at the moment. Her wandering led her to a field where two men were walking. Part of her wanted to travel in the opposite direction, but there was a strange energy about them. Curiosity got the best of her and she hesitated for only a moment before she walked in their direction. I really hope I don't regret this. She was a little nervous about approaching them. After all, she was a female wandering alone. The only difference was, she could call on nature should a conflict arise. That was all the defense she needed, right?

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#, as written by Sepokku
Echo watched coyly at the goings-ons throughout the city. It was so lack-luster and boring, it was almost stifling. She barely managed to fight back a yawn as she watched a shapechanger and elementalist avoiding the same two, barely functioning, practitioners. Huuumm... so unbelievably boring. Are all humans so predictable? She glamoured herself to appear as a thin little blonde girl, one barely noticeable in hopes of hiding her impossible Sidhe beauty. She made a couple final adjustments to her bosom, before sheathing her spear upon her back and hoping the glamour would hide it, then she dove off the building she had perched upon.

The wind howled as it tore past her, impossibly lithe, she barely obeyed the laws of physics as she carefully rolled out of her free-fall. The wind soaring against her chest always sent it aflutter... A man turned to look at her, he was old and barely able to see her glamour, let alone her. He smiled, and she sent a death-curse his way, that he may stroke in front of his wife and take them both to Gehenna. Lady Rhorer made her way to the hydrokinetiscist first, taking great pains to appear as nonchalant as possible.

Simultaneously, Echo conjured an image of herself, screaming as girly and loud as she could. In front of the two practitioners, the girl was hysterical, as the projected image of the Sidhe girl ran towards the actual location of the Pixie's mischief. The conjured image of course, was wounded and hurt. All the more tempting for would be heroes to come to her aid, as she harassed the lovely stray she'd stumbled across. Her hand was held carefully on the Spear of Lugh, ready to give the pretty mutt a disciplining she wouldn't soon forget. Though, her glamour should have hidden all this from the untrained eye. "Hi, I just moved here.... Can we be fri..." She froze as she sniffed the air. Another half-blood... Echo practically shook with rage as she tried to contain herself. Try as she would, Echo truly hated half-fae.