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Michelle Munster

"Don't think it's right, just because the majority agree."

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a character in “Everygreen High School's Little Game”, as played by UniqueYetUnoriginal


ImageName; Michelle Pauline Munster

Nickname; No proper nicknames, sometimes Micky or Shelley. Her older brother calls her M & Ms because her first and last name start with the same name.

Gender; Female.

Relationship(s); Not at the moment. She's only ever had one serious relationship.

Crushes(s); Derek Rivers

1. Honors Journalism
2. French
3. Gymnastics
4. 3D Art II - Animation
5. World History
6. Chemistry
7. Personal Finance
8. Public Speaking

Personality; tim·id | adjective
1. lacking in self-assurance, courage, or bravery; easily alarmed; timorous; shy.
2. characterized by or indicating fear

When you first stumble along Michelle, you will probably assume she is quiet, passive, obedient. This is mostly because, around strangers, she is all these things and more. She is very careful with who she trusts, meaning when she does come across you, she will be quiet and distant, as she observes and analyzes you to see if you could potentially hurt her. As well as this, she is scared; have you ever head or the phrase 'stranger danger'? Well, Michelle certainly has. If she doesn't know you, then she has no idea who you are. You could be a nice person, or you could be a dark person. Is Michelle willing to take that risk? Certainly not straight away.

When you get to know her more, she will open up, and you will find that she isn't always quiet; in fact, she has a lot of opinions, she just does not express them often. She is smart and independent, with a certain level of maturity that adults seem to know to trust her with. However, this does not always work on children. She has often taken up babysitting jobs for extra money, and finds that she is terrible with kids. Perhaps, if there was just a baby to look after, she could manage; but when she has to look after a screaming toddler, a jumpy child and a stubborn pre-teen, things can get a bit more challenging. She realized long ago that children do not like getting bossed around, especially by other children, which means that until she is out of high school, she is going to have a tough time controlling kids, or even standing them.

Only once she is completely comfortable around you, enough to call you a close friend, will she show you her complete, stripped back self. Not that she is going to go naked - maybe I phrased that incorrectly. But once she is a part of your life, she is completely content with letting you be part of hers. Any friends of hers that she would consider close would know that, even though she comes across as a smart and mature young lady, she is still a child, and likes to break the rules, even if she is too scared to do so sometimes. If there is a topic that she is knowledgeable about, she will not shut up once started. She can be a challenge at times, as she can often be very opinionated, as well as having a very bad-temper, but she has a good heart and is very loyal. Her trust is precious, and very easy to lose, but hard to earn. You better watch out for when she gets hyper, though - She'll be laughing at everything, walking up to random strangers and saying the stupidest stuff.

Description of looks; The image you see here [press to see image] was taken three weeks and four days ago, on the beach with family and friends. Her older brother, Kyle, took the picture, as she tested the cold sea waters. Five seconds later, the girl had ran away, screaming that the water was 'effing freezing' and that the fish were going to 'freeze to death in that bloody thing.' As you can see, she has fine hair, which she has never been sure if it was dark brown or black, which hangs around her shoulders when down. She has a side fringe to accompany it, which just about stays out of her deep blue eyes, which are framed by long eyelashes and well defined eyebrows.

The girl's face is an oval shape, with few freckles, perhaps one or two, though these ones being a distinctly darker color than the rest of her skin. She hasn't had acne since she was sixteen - thank god - and so hasn't had to worry about that in a while. She has a small mouth which is usually twisted into a smile, forming dimples on her rosy cheeks and showing her teeth, which due to having to get braces when she was younger and a DIY Teeth Whitening Kit don't look too rough. Her skin is quite tan, something she surely inherited from her father, as her mother shrivels up into a wrinkly, sunburnt raisin in the sun - well, not literally, that would be scary. This tan has developed since she moved to America, as they never had good enough weather over in England.

She is a bit below average, standing at 5'4 and weighs 104lbs due to her fast metabolism and energy of that of a child. She always has a little black string tied around her wrist, for no other reason than something to mess with when she is nervous. She has two piercings, one in each ear, as well as a few tattoos. Her first tattoo is of birds in flight, which is on her left arm. The next tattoo is of a feather, which is under her left arm. Her style is a bit of everything, to be honest. Floral prints some days, the next leather jackets and high waisted shorts. She just wears whatever she feels comfortable but happy with herself in, and her make up also follows this rule. She isn't going to cake a layer of make up on and hide her face, but she does touch up on some things, for example: using eyeliner and mascara to highlight her eyes.

+ Dark Colours
+ Her Crush
+ Internet
+ Writing
- Bugs
- Science
- Most Of The Cheerleaders
- Most Of The Jocks

Siblings that go to school; Her sister, Melissa, is a freshman.

Hobbies; Writing, Reading, Gymnastics.
Anything else missed?; She moved to America when she was eight, and has a British accent. Dora The Explorer.

So begins...

Michelle Munster's Story


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Beep Beep. Beep Beep. Beep Beep.
After about five minutes of Michelle mentally willing her alarm to turn off, her brother finally came to tell her to "turn the effing thing off" and to get off her "lazy ass and get ready for school." Michelle threw her floral printed pillow at him but did as she was told, making her way from her bed and over to her drawers, where she slipped into some black, high waisted shorts with tights, a floral t-shirt and a leather jacket. She stuffed her feet into some dark combat boots and ran to the bathroom before one of her siblings got their first. Of course, Melissa was already in there, meaning she had to wait another ten minutes outside the door for the girl to be ready.
"Boo!" she yelled as her sister exited, emitting a squeak from the fifteen year old and getting a slap in return. "Stop it!" she said harshly, before walking off. Michelle just laughed as M & M Jr. as Kyle liked to call her, walked off.

She locked the door behind her and started to apply make up, glad that she had taken the time to have a shower the night before as she was running late. First a layer of concealer, then some lip gloss, mascara and eyeliner - what? She liked to take care of her appearance, was that a crime? - before she brushed out her hair and styled it into a fishtail braid. Usually, she wasn't too fussed about her hair, but it was her first day back, and she didn't want to look a mess.

She grabbed her bag from the kitchen, kissed her mom goodbye and ran out the door to where her car was waiting. An ancient, second-hand car that could barely move, but still, Michelle was just grateful that she had a car in the first place. She buckled herself in as Melissa got in the passenger seat, grumbling about how she was going to look "a right mess going to school in this piece of shit."

They drove up to the school and Melissa immediately ran off to her middle school friends, while Michelle flicked through her new schedule, trying to memorize it. She wondered if she would have any classes with anyone who didn't annoy the shit out of her. Probably not, but what are high schools for? And what about the game, when was that starting up, or had it begun already?
"How dare you, Austin!"
Well, that sounded like something to do with the game. Then again, this was Austin Myers that had just been kicked in the balls, so probably not.

Her eyes swiveled over to who he was speaking to. Derek Rivers. She quickly looked away again, in case she was caught looking. Where first.. she glanced at her schedule. Oh, joy. Honors Journalism.

She made her way to class, noticing that she did actually recognize someone in the classroom - that blonde girl with the hard to pronounce name, something liked Kitty. Kiki, that was her nickname anyway. Not that she ever really spoke to the girl, to be honest, she scared Michelle. A lot.


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Kiki took her seat at her desk and sighed as she pulled out her notebooks. Don't get her wrong, she loved Journalism. It's just, like she said, it was one of her rare lazy days. She just wanted to attend some party, not have to go to some stupid student council meeting. Being the president was killing her. Then after she had to go to her usual modeling job, after helping out after school. THEN go to gymnastics. Wonderful. Oh just kill her now. She lightly bit down on the end on her pen as the teacher began class. She quickly wrote down the notes he put up on the board, going off into some rant about how much he admired Shakespeare. So you know..the usual. She leaned back in her chair and started doodling in her notebook, a skull with two snake wrapping around it. She really needed to stop hanging around all those tattoo artist on the weekends. She leaned over to grab her other colored pen out of her bag but her current pen rolled off her desk and onto the floor under someone else's desk. Crap. She glanced up at the girl who was currently sitting there. Oh...she's seen her around before, Mik....Mel...Mi..Michelle! Yea that was it.. She had a nice fashion'd she not notice this girl before? She waved her hand to get her attention as she leaned over to whisper to her.

"Uh, excuse me, do you mind passing me my pen?" She asked smiling a bit, as she pointed to where her pen had rolled.


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Michelle took her seat and unzipped her bag as the teacher started greeting the class. She dumped her books onto the table and placed her head on top of them, as a way to relax.
"Uh, excuse me, do you mind passing me my pen?" a voice asked, making Michelle immediately sit up. She looked over to where Kiki was pointing to a pen that had rolled under her desk. Michelle smiled. "Uh, sure," she replied, before reaching her hand down and grabbing the pen. She rolled it along the table to where Kiki sat and gave the girl a shy smile. "It's.. Kiki, right?" she asked, only knowing the girl's

The teacher finally asked them to do some work and Michelle started to scrawl down the first thing that came to mind. She didn't really want to focus on her studies today. If she told her brother that, he would probably laugh and say, "Well, that's a first!" A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips at the thought. She looked up at the clock and saw that there was only a few more minutes of class.

Finally, the bell rang, and Michelle pushed her books immediately back into her bag, before zipping it up. She half stood up, half stumbled up off her chair, being the clumsy girl she was. She pushed her chair in, blushing at her slight mishap, and started to make her way towards the door.


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Kiki smiled back at her and nodded as she picked her pen back up. "Thanks, and yea that's me. My whole names Kitrina, but Kiki's just fine." She said as she began doodling again. Huh, wait a minute... wasn't this girl in her French class too? She thought to herself as she tapped the end of the pen on the table. Though she wouldn't be able to go to French next class. Stupid freakin hall duty, I mean like, who even still has that? She sighed and snapped out of her thoughts as the bell rang. She sat up and gathered her things, slinging her bag over her shoulder before walking out. "Uh, catch ya later Michelle." She said to the girl flashing her a quick smile before she made her way down the hall towards the back offices.

"Oh sis!" She called out as she saw her sister leaving her classroom. "Forget something?" She said as she held up he lunch. "Stop being so careless, sheesh." She said as she handed the lunch to her sister before patting her head and continued on her way. After she dropped her things off in the office she went back out into the hallway. Ugh, this was going to be so boring....She leaned against the wall, looking up and down the hallway. She spotted Austin and his group of friends hanging around at the end of the hallway. Were they skipping? She frowned and looked down as she noticed she was staring at Austin.

"Such good looks gone to waste on the face of a player...." She muttered to herelf.


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Kiki sighed and tapped her foot impatiently. There was no one out here for Christ sake! She stared down at the ground in annoyance before she pushed herself of the wall and walked towards her french room. She wasn't going to be able to get her French homework after school so she might as well get it now...She walked up t the door and hesitated. The class had already and she hated walking in when class was already in session. She looked threw the crack of the door since it was half opened. You know that thing people do, they all look up at you like your some mutant at first. It was unnerving. She stood there a bit longer before she just turned around. Yea screw it, she'd just wait till after class. I'll just wait here until then...She thought to herself as she went to lean on the door, forgetting it was half open.

"Ah-!" She squeaked as she went backwards, falling onto the floor, the door slamming into the wall behind it at the force. She swore under her breath and rubbed her head in pain. "Shit, ow!" She said out loud, she froze though when she heard someone clear their throat.

"Miss Roberts."

Kitrina looked up at the teacher sheepishly from her spot on the ground before quickly pushing herself up, wiping off her black short shorts. "U-uhm, I apologize sir! I was just waiting outside of the classroom and uh....." She said awkwardly looking away from the class, feeling their gaze on her. Well....this was awkward....maybe she should have stayed staring at Austin from afar..
"I'm just uhm...going to go now.." She said quickly as she turned and made her way back into the hallway quickly. Sheesh, she was such a loser! Well, even though her fellow classmates wouldn't laugh at her seeing as she was student council prez. She could easily take there privilege away with a signature.

She poked at her lip piercing with her tongue as she walked forward with her head down. Well, she was until someone decided to use her as a crash dummy. I guess falling was just guna be her forte today, huh? She looked up at the guy and was about to tell him off until she noticed who it was. Oh...the guy who actually knew how to dress. Pierce. She thought to herself as he reached down to help her up. She smiled and took his hand and got up.

"Thanks. And it's alright. Though it seems like I keep freakin falling today...." She said a bit embarrassed.


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Michelle smiled at Kitrina's goodbye, before walking of to French. Isn't Derek in this class? she thought, before shaking it from her mind. She had to stoop thinking about him, it was pointless and idiotic. A waste of time, even. Just like teaching her science, as she was obviously never going to get it. She walked into the French class, almost late, and sat down beside -

-Derek. She ignored her pounding heart and started to take out her French books, as the whole class spoke out a loud chorus of, "Bonjour Monsieur!" , or rather, a few eager students spoke and a couple of murmurs came from the rest of the class. Michelle sat up straight and glanced over at Derek, before blushing and turning away, back to where the teacher was talking about some French film.
"Ah!" someone yelled from the hallway, and Michelle looked over at where the teacher was now speaking in a stern tone to some seemingly lost student.