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Pierce Mathason

0 · 111 views · located in High School

a character in “Everygreen High School's Little Game”, originally authored by BraceBlaze, as played by RolePlayGateway


ImageName; Pierce Van Mathason
Nickname; "You can call me hot stuff. Don't make me laugh I was kidding."
Relationship(s);"My bestie Fin, before you ask no I'm not gay!"
3.Honors Journalism
4.World history
6.Music Appreaciation
7.Public speaking
8.3D Art-I-Modeling
Personality;Pierce is a sweet loveable and friendly guy. He loves to make you laugh and smile and can always make you feel better, he's kind of like the guy next door. Being this way though he keeps all his bad feelings and anger bottled up inside making him like a ticking time bomb, at any moment he can explode. He can't control when he explodes or who its at, so he tries just to avoid unpeaceful situations. He is a very hyper guy not really ever calmed down and he always acts likes he's on a sugar rush, which most of the time he is.
Description of looks;Pierce has long black hair that falls over his eye's in waves.You usually can't see his eye's because they are covered by his hair but they are a hazel color and take on a solid color depending on whats he's wearing. He has two lips rings in his lips which are called snake bites. He has pale skin, but not gostly pale.
Likes/Dislikes?; Pierce likes cupcakes, chocolate and carmel. So basically anything sweet. He likes girls, skateboarding, and making people laugh. Pierce dislikes jerks, bullies, rude people unfriendly people and people who think he isent funny.
Siblings that go to school;"I got a baby sister on the way! It dosent relate to your question I just wanted you to know."
Hobbies;Skateboarding, writing, drums and art.
Anything else missed?"Nope." Oh dora the explorer

So begins...

Pierce Mathason's Story


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Kiki sighed and tapped her foot impatiently. There was no one out here for Christ sake! She stared down at the ground in annoyance before she pushed herself of the wall and walked towards her french room. She wasn't going to be able to get her French homework after school so she might as well get it now...She walked up t the door and hesitated. The class had already and she hated walking in when class was already in session. She looked threw the crack of the door since it was half opened. You know that thing people do, they all look up at you like your some mutant at first. It was unnerving. She stood there a bit longer before she just turned around. Yea screw it, she'd just wait till after class. I'll just wait here until then...She thought to herself as she went to lean on the door, forgetting it was half open.

"Ah-!" She squeaked as she went backwards, falling onto the floor, the door slamming into the wall behind it at the force. She swore under her breath and rubbed her head in pain. "Shit, ow!" She said out loud, she froze though when she heard someone clear their throat.

"Miss Roberts."

Kitrina looked up at the teacher sheepishly from her spot on the ground before quickly pushing herself up, wiping off her black short shorts. "U-uhm, I apologize sir! I was just waiting outside of the classroom and uh....." She said awkwardly looking away from the class, feeling their gaze on her. Well....this was awkward....maybe she should have stayed staring at Austin from afar..
"I'm just uhm...going to go now.." She said quickly as she turned and made her way back into the hallway quickly. Sheesh, she was such a loser! Well, even though her fellow classmates wouldn't laugh at her seeing as she was student council prez. She could easily take there privilege away with a signature.

She poked at her lip piercing with her tongue as she walked forward with her head down. Well, she was until someone decided to use her as a crash dummy. I guess falling was just guna be her forte today, huh? She looked up at the guy and was about to tell him off until she noticed who it was. Oh...the guy who actually knew how to dress. Pierce. She thought to herself as he reached down to help her up. She smiled and took his hand and got up.

"Thanks. And it's alright. Though it seems like I keep freakin falling today...." She said a bit embarrassed.