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Rosalie Alexis Roberts

"I'm all in."

0 · 295 views · located in High School

a character in “Everygreen High School's Little Game”, as played by bandgeek


ImageName: Rosalie Alexia Roberts (only known by Alex)

Nickname: Nerd, Emo, Scene, Bitch, Blue

Gender: Female

Relationship: Aha, with the people at this school?

Crushes: Meh..not really.

1. Honors Physics
2. Engineering Design I/CAD, Web Design [rotating days]
3. Honors Journalism
4. AP World History
5. Spanish
6. Algebra II
7. Honors Chemistry
8. Sports (Soccer, trying to get girls allowed on Football team)

Alex is your prime example of a teenage rebel/loner. No one gets respect from her without earning. And no one gets her trust, period. To her, no one deserves her trust. Not many people even earn her respect. And she believe no feeling are truthful. No one can really love someone, or care for someone. It is all made to simply please someone else, so you can please yourself. After being beaten up so many times at the foster home, she has learned to fight and is well, pretty good at it. Though she's broken her hands multiple times. She's strong and smart, an awkward combination.

Alex is only five foot two inches, one hundred and eight pounds. Her hair was originally a brownish color but she's since dyed it red, purple, blonde, and now blue. She's short and little and cute, but she's strong and amazingly agile and quick. Her eyes are an icy blue color.

+ Reading
+ Sports
+ Being Alone
+ Nighttime
- Light
- Ignorance
- Bitches/Snobs/Cheerleaders
- People (in general)

Alex is a warm up jockey at a race track near her house. When she has the time away from school work, she gets the boys together and they'll go play football or soccer. She can't cook, doesn't like to clean, but she does whatever she can to help her brother.

She's never kissed a boy.

So begins...

Rosalie Alexis Roberts's Story


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Kiki sighed as her sister glared at her before leaving. They just had to fight every morning, huh? She frowned and scooped up more of her cereal onto her spoon, finishing it off. She usually always took her time getting to school and at the moment she was in lazy mode. Ugh, perfect grades...gotta get 'em somehow right? She stood up and put her dish away into the dish washer before brushing off her black jean shorts, under them being her favorite designed tights. Today she decided to go casual instead of how she usually went, her love for fashion usually ruled her life. casual as she could, cause casual to her was a bit much to others. She combed her fingers threw her blonde hair a bit before going up stairs to grab her black tank top along with her pink vest and white suspenders. She quickly put them on, and grabbed her flats and white beanie before going back down stairs and grabbed her lunch. She was about to leave the kitchen when she spotted her sisters lunch on the table. Do you want to starve? She thought to herself sighing before she grabbed Alex's lunch, and her shoulder bag before she went out the door. She hopped into her car, putting everything in the seat next to her before pulling down her mirror. She quickly put on her gloss, put her piercings in (cause they hurt like hell when she slept with them in), and did the rest of her make up, before she closed everything and pulled out of the drive way. She of course had to stop to get some coffee before she got to school.

Kitrina quickly parked and unbuckled getting out of the car, grabbing her things, shutting and locking the doors. She took a sip of her coffee as she gazed around the parking lot. Ah, highschool. The most dramatic time in a teens life and the most bothersome. She rolled her eyes and coughed as she saw her sister almost get run over. Good job sis, good job. She thought to herself as she shook her head and walked into the building.

"How dare you, Austin!"

Kiki raised an eyebrow and looked down the hall just in time to see Austin Myers get kneed in his pride and joy. Stupid guy, she chuckled and just shot him a knowing look as he glared at them, before stopping at her locker. Yes, sadly her locker was located right near these douche bags, but it sucks to suck, huh? She didn't exactly have a problem with Austin, but it was the fact of what he did. Cheating was just not ok in her books. She waved to Derek though, since he was actually a pretty sweet guy in her books. She quickly gathered her things and went to her first class.

"Ah, honors journalism. Fun, fun..." She muttered to herself as she walked past the boys, giving Austin and Derek a quick wink before going into her class room. What? She never said she wouldn't mess with them. Also since the game was starting soon....She shuddered. Her lips were off limits to everyone. But that dare...oh God...


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Glancing towards the door as it suddenly opened, Derek's eyes settled upon a girl with brightly colored, blue hair, who spoke, clearly embarrassed, "Um..This isn't Math class, is it?" The teacher quickly spoke about how that was in the other wing, and that he could have one of his students show her where it was.

Derek knew the girl was Alex pretty quickly, though he never really talked to her. She was a bit of a quote and quote "Nerd", but Derek, personally, found that adorable on a girl. He'd take a girl like Alex over a skinny little cheerleader any day.

"Derek, why don't you show Alex here, where the class is?" Derek glanced back up at the middle aged teacher, standing in front of the room, as he stood up.

"Yeah, sure." Derek's gaze roamed over to a few of the jocks, who sat in the back, throwing small, perverted comments. One of them practically shouting "GO GET SOME!", the teacher snapping at him instantly, while the class burst out laughing. Derek just chuckled, ignoring it as he moved towards the door, "Sorry about them, they don't understand how to respect girls.." Derek muttered, smiling warmly at Alex.


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Derek shrugged his shoulders slightly, hardly rising them, "Yeah, I suppose, but, not all the girls here are that bad..." His eyes fluttered over the features on her face, before looking away, looking down the hall, all the way to where it turned to the left. Honestly, the only girls that where 'bad' here were the cheerleaders. Last year, they were all over Derek, but he quickly showed them he didn't want some girl that didn't actually love him.

Quite awkwardly fixing his varsity jacket, Derek's gaze fell down to his dark Nike high-tops, watching as his feet scuffled slightly against the tiles of the hallways. Thoughts ran through his head as he wondered if Austin was simply messing with him when he said he was first one to be 'it' this year, but that was less likely. Austin gave him a few breaks, but he couldn't do that forever. He tried repetitively to get Derek to turn into another one of his minions, too. A guy that goes around, playing with girls hearts as if they were toys.

That just wasn't how Derek wanted to treat girls. Actually, he would never treat a girl like that.


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Blinking as he was suddenly ran into, Derek took a few moments to realize a girl had bumped into him, and all of her stuff had spilled across the floor. Blinking once again as she said something in...Chinese? Japanese? He didn't know, he was really never good at different languages, and he only took French.

Kneeling down next to the girl, Derek slowly raked up a few loose papers with his fingers, bringing them into a neat pile, before handing them to the girl, "Here.." he paused slightly, realizing he didn't know her name, a small smile playing at his lips. Suddenly, he looked up at Alex, pointing to a room just to the right of them.

"Oh, uh, Alex, rooms right there." Smiling warmly yet again at her, he pushed the small flip in his hair from his face, gathering up the remaining of the papers that had flew all over the hallways tiles, his hand lingering slightly as he handed them, yet again, to the girl. He noticed he didn't recognize her, which probably lead to the fact she was new, because he knew just about everyone in this school, and everyone knew him, "Hey, are you, uh, new here? I haven't ever seen you around.."