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Chance Elmore

"...I guess I could help out."

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a character in “Ex-Pokemon: The Mutant War”, as played by Starlight77


Chance Elmore







Chance has always been the strong, cold, silent type. Though he usually keeps to himself, he can be a very good authoritative figure and leader. His tone of voice is always calm and soothing, even in bad situations. Even though he always keeps a straight face, he makes sure to take care of those he loves, because he has failed to do so before. It can be rather obvious when he does begin to care for someone, because his attitude tends to change around them. He’s closer to then physically, and always acting overprotective, trying to keep them away from anything harmful, even some of the smallest thing. He’s also not very good at hiding how he feels towards other.

Chance grew up in a small town in Kanto. He lived happily with his mother, father, and little sister. One day, when Chance was about 15, his father let him travel to a nearby city alone with his little sister. Chance lost her in a crowd of people outside of a popular store. When he saw her again, she was near an entrance to an alley. He just caught sight of some large, muscular, light blue colored man stuffing her unconscious little twelve year old body into a sack. Before Chance could even get to her, they had disappeared down the alley.

Chance came home, in tears, and told his parents. His parents were just as heartbroken as he was. Not too long after, Chance was captured himself, and merged with a Luxray. He saw his sister once before he managed to escape from the facility alone. She had been mixed with some type of dark type pokemon, and was listening to their every orders with glazed over eyes and a blank expression. He couldn’t believe what he saw, trying to convince himself he didn’t get a good look. It has been about four years since then, and now he aspires to defeat D.E.A.D. and save his brain-washed sister.

So begins...

Chance Elmore's Story

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Another day had started, which meant Chance had to get up. He had to keep moving, keep living, keep trying. But today, something was different. He was supposed to meet up with some others. Others of his kind. Others that would be assisting him in his quest to save his sister.


“Serenity…” Chance muttered softly to himself. He dragged his tired, battered body into a sitting position. He had spent most of yesterday fighting off enemies. But he would go through that for the rest of his life just to see his sister again. To be able to protect her from Xer. Arceus knows what he was doing with her right now, beating her, over working her, starving her…

Chance audibly growled, the red hue of his eyes glowing. He finally stood up, marching out of the abandoned house, stomping out some of his pent-up anger. When I get my hands on Xer… he’ll wish he had never been born…

After only a few minutes of trudging along angrily, he came upon the group her was supposed to be meeting with. He knew it was them from a distance; he could sense them anyway. His red eyes bored into each of them as he approached silently, his feet not making a single sound as he walked towards the group. A boy with an odd accent seemed to be bouncing around, asking a whole lot of questions. Chance’s ears flicked in his direction as he turned to face the others. He then noticed the other annoying mutants, either knocked out of just asleep. His facial expression was still blank as usual.

“Perhaps you would like me to get rid of them…” Chance said, not emotion to his voice. He shrugged, not listening to what the others would’ve said. He moved so that he stood in front of the others, his back turned to this, his front facing the Greninja mutants. He moved one foot so that it was positioned slightly back and to the left. A deep, throat-tearing growl filled the air. His hands clenched into tight fists. Then, he opened his mouth, and an ear-splitting Roar filled the air. All of the Greninja mutants seemed to come alive as they sprang to their feet and ran off.

The Roar ended into a growl. Chance cleared his throat and turned to face his new allies again. His facial expression was not completely blank. He has somewhat of a smirk. “Never gets old…”

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Ema grinned a little. "Aw...ah well. I already ate breakfast anyway." She stood up, swinging the stick like a sword. She heard rustling and spun around when Markus said "Wots going on 'ere?" When she saw who it was, Ema blushed slightly and lowered the stick. "Why were you sleeping in a tree? ...doofus." She rested the stick on her shoulder and turned away, blushing harder and a little frustrated that he was sitting so far away.

She jumped when Chance roared; she hadn't noticed he had arrived. "Geez, Sparky! Give a little warning next time you feel a macho urge!" Ema shook her fist at the retreating Greninja and turned back to Vulcan. "Anyway, didn't you say we needed to get going? So let's skedaddle already!" She planted the stick in the ground and started walking, honestly not sure where they were supposed to be going, but not caring regardless.

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Vulcan smirked at Clyne as he scared off the ninja frogs and heard Ema talking to him. "Anyway, didn't you say we needed to get going? So let's skedaddle already!" She stuck her won stick into the ground and started walking.

"Umm Ema. You're going the wrong way." He laughed again and started walking towards the gate to Saffron City. Noticing that no one was following him he turned and did a quick head count. "Wait. We're all here already. Why don't we just get the meeting started. The sooner we can start pushing Xer off his throne the better if you ask me." Vulcan smiled the flames around his neck dancing slowly giving of an eerie warmth.

As the meeting came under way Vulcan spoke up. "If this plan is going to get any where then we're going to need a leader. Someone the group agrees on. I personally vote Amber." He looks to Amber and gives her an encouraging smile while waiting for the rest of their rag-tag group to speak.

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Xer sat as his throne, Taryn was sure that the throne made him feel important, she however had no need for such things. What good would a throne do her? Suddenly a soldier, a grunt by the looks of him, fused with a fairly weak charizard came running in. He started telling how he had encountered a group of teenagers, and how they had defeated him miserably. However he claimed to have valuable information, after eavesdropping he had heard that they planed to bring down DEAD. Xer of course was too vain to admit they they were an actual threat, instead he Sucker Punched the soldier and told him to get out. Taryn watched all of this intently and shortly after the soldier left she told Xer, "I'm going for a walk." and simply left.

She went for a walk in the nearby woods, as she walked she thought, "Kids, trying to take us down. I wonder who they could be. That soldier didn't say where they were." And with that she decided to ask the soldier where he found the kids. She made her way to the barracks, looked around and found the charizard fused weakling. "So you got your ass kicked by bunch of kids, and the boss, sounds like you're having a great week?" she said startling him. "I - I just thought it was important." he mumbled back. "Don't worry about it I need to know where those kids were. I have a hunch about their identity and I need to know the truth." She said convincing him, he relayed the information to her and she got up and left without a goodbye.

She then walked on towards the groups last known location, she made use of her ability Illusion, to remain hidden, taking the form of local pokemon. She found the kids's trail and followed it. She followed it quite a ways when she found them, on an empty street. They were being attacked by a group of Greninja. She watched them fight, they were rather impressive. As watched them fight one member of the group stuck out more than the others. When she took a closer look at him, she was certain she recognized him. He was James. James had spent two years with DEAD, he could have become Xer's third in command, of course he wasn't strong enough to take the number two spot from Taryn, but he was strong. One day out of nowhere on a routine mission with Xer, James quit, "saving" the trainer Xer was after and then ran off. "Interesting" she said quietly to herself.

She followed the group a bit longer they were just outside the gates of Saffron city, they were going to have a little meeting. Well Taryn didn't feel like interrupting them, but she was kind of bored. She used her Illusion to transform into Rattata she sprinted through their little camp, hoping to frighten some of the kids and disappeared into the tall grass. Eventually she made her way back to base. She chuckled to herself as she walked in an took her place at Xer's side.