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"What do you think you're looking at buddy?"

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a character in “Ex-Pokemon: The Mutant War”, as played by XDcakeXD


Mutation: Haxorus
Type: Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Personality:Clyne does things at his own pace and is stubborn to change his ways. He doesn't like getting ordered around and hates it to the core. He seems cold and easily angered but in truth he is a very patient person who just has nothing to say. His tone of voice comes off as unmannered and rough. Clyne can be threatening when it comes to others getting hurt and would prefer others to not be so brash and think about their actions.

History: Growing up he had always been fond of dragon type pokemon. Like lots of children he set out to be a pokemon trainer when he was ten years old. He had faced many challenges with the gym leaders and after getting beat by Lance along his journey, he closed his journey as a pokemon trainer and strived to become a a Dragon Tamer. He raised dragon type pokemon in the mountains of Mt.Silver and had a training ground that was at the base of the mountain.

At the age of seventeen, one of the pokemon he was raising,a haxorus was stolen. He left the ranch to his younger sister as he went out to find the kidnappers.With the trusty help of his dragon pokemon he followed the thieves to their base where he fell into a trap.

Caught and useless he watched helplessly as he pokemon were killed in the midst of being used for the wicked experiments that the scientists had. For the next year he was a guinea pig.

His eyes grew red and his hair went from black to green. With his new found pokemon powers he was able to escape from the prison through sheer will power and strength.


So begins...

Clyne's Story

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The morning dew twinkled on the leaves of the green vegetation. The forest was quiet with only the rustling of the wind and the slowly rising of the pokemon in the area. It was a gentle area. However deep into the forest there was a young man about the age of nineteen.

His green hair collected the small dew drops that fell from the leaves of the trees. With a raspy groan, the male's eyes flickered open as a drop of wetness fell on to his cheek. Blood shot red eyes scanned the area. How long had he been unconscious? Lifting his muscular hand he scratched his grassy hair as he stood up.

Just then an internal shock beat him in the chest. Bending over he grabbed a hold of his chest gritting his teeth together. Even though it had been two years since the experimentation of his body it still rejected the pokemon within him to an extent. Lately it had been happening a lot, the sudden pain that just made him want to die right there.

Within seconds however it was gone, as quickly as it came it was gone like the wind. Allowing his breathing to return to normal the male bent over reaching to his green jacket that had fallen from his sudden spasm. His black army boots shifted through the morning grass as he exited the forest appearing on route 6.

Looking upwards towards the sky the sun was already up and about. What was planned was to go meet the pokemon mutant squad who were all against Xer, the mastermind of evil. Clyne grimaced at the name. It was all his fault that the world was in such a turmoil. He questioned greatly on his reasoning, holding back on his hatred for him.

Clyne nonchalantly walked up the route towards Saffron city, the largest city in all of the kanto region.

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Vulcan smirked at Clyne as he scared off the ninja frogs and heard Ema talking to him. "Anyway, didn't you say we needed to get going? So let's skedaddle already!" She stuck her won stick into the ground and started walking.

"Umm Ema. You're going the wrong way." He laughed again and started walking towards the gate to Saffron City. Noticing that no one was following him he turned and did a quick head count. "Wait. We're all here already. Why don't we just get the meeting started. The sooner we can start pushing Xer off his throne the better if you ask me." Vulcan smiled the flames around his neck dancing slowly giving of an eerie warmth.

As the meeting came under way Vulcan spoke up. "If this plan is going to get any where then we're going to need a leader. Someone the group agrees on. I personally vote Amber." He looks to Amber and gives her an encouraging smile while waiting for the rest of their rag-tag group to speak.

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Xer sat as his throne, Taryn was sure that the throne made him feel important, she however had no need for such things. What good would a throne do her? Suddenly a soldier, a grunt by the looks of him, fused with a fairly weak charizard came running in. He started telling how he had encountered a group of teenagers, and how they had defeated him miserably. However he claimed to have valuable information, after eavesdropping he had heard that they planed to bring down DEAD. Xer of course was too vain to admit they they were an actual threat, instead he Sucker Punched the soldier and told him to get out. Taryn watched all of this intently and shortly after the soldier left she told Xer, "I'm going for a walk." and simply left.

She went for a walk in the nearby woods, as she walked she thought, "Kids, trying to take us down. I wonder who they could be. That soldier didn't say where they were." And with that she decided to ask the soldier where he found the kids. She made her way to the barracks, looked around and found the charizard fused weakling. "So you got your ass kicked by bunch of kids, and the boss, sounds like you're having a great week?" she said startling him. "I - I just thought it was important." he mumbled back. "Don't worry about it I need to know where those kids were. I have a hunch about their identity and I need to know the truth." She said convincing him, he relayed the information to her and she got up and left without a goodbye.

She then walked on towards the groups last known location, she made use of her ability Illusion, to remain hidden, taking the form of local pokemon. She found the kids's trail and followed it. She followed it quite a ways when she found them, on an empty street. They were being attacked by a group of Greninja. She watched them fight, they were rather impressive. As watched them fight one member of the group stuck out more than the others. When she took a closer look at him, she was certain she recognized him. He was James. James had spent two years with DEAD, he could have become Xer's third in command, of course he wasn't strong enough to take the number two spot from Taryn, but he was strong. One day out of nowhere on a routine mission with Xer, James quit, "saving" the trainer Xer was after and then ran off. "Interesting" she said quietly to herself.

She followed the group a bit longer they were just outside the gates of Saffron city, they were going to have a little meeting. Well Taryn didn't feel like interrupting them, but she was kind of bored. She used her Illusion to transform into Rattata she sprinted through their little camp, hoping to frighten some of the kids and disappeared into the tall grass. Eventually she made her way back to base. She chuckled to herself as she walked in an took her place at Xer's side.