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I'll show them. Juniper doesn't know who she's crossed.

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a character in “Ex-Pokemon: The Mutant War”, as played by laxnchill20



Name: Taryn
Mutation: Zoroark
Type: Dark
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Personality: Taryn is cold and methodological. She is quick to anger, but slow to act. She takes the anger she feels, bottles it up and forms a plan of attack. She is also very stealthy, she likes to hide in plain site and observe her target before taking action.

History: Taryn spent her early years running around the forests of the Unova region. When she was about six she found a young Zorua, the two were inseparable and grew up together. Back then Taryn loved pokemon above all else. When she turned 10, professor Juniper picked 3 kids to start their pokemon journey, but Taryn was denied. She spent everyday of the next three years going to Juniper's lab and begging and begging to be given a trainer's license. Finally after three years of begging Taryn stopped going to the lab. She spent the next two years sulking in Accumala town, her home town. Once a year, a week before Juniper gave out the yearly quota of starter pokemon, Taryn would send Juniper and email requesting a license. Finally on Taryn's 16th birthday she received a response from Juniper "I'm sorry to say this but I cannot give you a starter pokemon from the Unova region, I only have a limited number of license's to give and they have all been claimed, but for six years you have not given up, and that level of dedication shouldn't go unnoticed. I know you have a Zorua, or has she evolved to a Zoroark now?, I will grant you a license that states that your Zorua is your starter pokemon and you can finally start your journey. I'm sorry it took me so long to respond, I kept hoping I would find a way to fit you into my already tight plans." Taryn was devastated, sure she was an official trainer now, but Juniper had told her she wasn't good enough to be a true representative of Unova. Taryn angrily packed her things and left Unova for the Kanto region, if she wasn't going to be a representative of Unova, why should she start her journey there. Taryn was determined to become stronger and someday return to Unova and prove that she was the strongest trainer they could have hoped for.

After journeying in the Kanto region for 2 years she had finally collected all 8 Kanto region gym badges, although instead of participating in the Kanto region pokemon league tournament she decided to collect all 8 Johto badges, there was no point in competing in a tournament until she knew she was the best. Over the next two years she had collected six badges from Johto, Zephyr, Hive, Plain, Fog, Glacier and Rising badges. She needed only two more before finalizing her journey in Johto. Immediately after defeating Clair and obtaining the Rising badge, a mysterious figure approached her in the dark night in Blackthorn city. "Aren't you the young lady who just defeated Clair, our regions strongest gym leader, in fact I heard that you beat her before you obtained the Storm or Mineral badges, how odd. Most people save a challenge like Clair for last." said the figure who seemed to be taking great care to stay just out of sight. "So what if I am?" Taryn responded coldly. "Now now there is no need for such behavior, in fact I have an offer for. One that could make you very powerful." he said, and his words peaked Taryn's interest. "What kind of offer?" she asked. "Come with me and you'll see, he said extending his hand to her, well normally she would have called it a hand, except it appeared to be a Mightyena's paw. She simply nodded and followed him. They eventually arrived in a lab of some sort. "You will become like me, you will bind yourself to one of your pokemon, the two of you will become one, and your strength will be forever stronger than you were separate. And all you need to do to gain this power is simply tell me that you will follow me and help me with my plans." Xer said. Taryn smiled, "Is that all? sure I'll join your little gang, but I ain't no grunt, I wan't power. Make me your number two and you have yourself a deal." Xer simply smiled and said, "Ok which pokemon will you bond with." Without missing a beat Taryn reached into her pocket and threw a pokeball Xer, "That's easy, Zoroark and I are essentially one anyway, we've been together for over ten years." she said. Taryn didn't remember much after that, just when she came to, her ears were pointed, her hair was longer, and her nails were more like claws. Also her once Blonde hair was now black and red. She liked what she saw in the mirror though, and she felt as if her longtime friend and companion really was a part of her. For the first time before her rejection at age ten, Taryn was happy.

Taryn has spent the last year helping Xer lead DEAD, usually going along with his ideas, only ever offering her own, when there was something for her to gain. She ensures that ALL of DEAD's plans succeed. She hasn't given up on becoming the strongest trainer alive, she is just using DEAD as a means to and end, she doesn't really care if they succeed or fail, but for now, being the number two in command of a criminal organization is useful she she will continue to support them.

So begins...

Taryn's Story

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Long ago, the world of Pokemon was in 1 piece. Everything was basically fine, except for those criminals that call themselves bad, like Team Rocket, Plasma, Magma, or Aqua. Untill one day... a mad scientist named Xavier learned he could combine a Pokemon and a human together, with science. Xavier changed his name to Xer, and went mad.

He kidnapped lots, as well as sending his army to recruit more. Now Xer is looking to mutate all the legendary Pokemon. When a team of teenagers discover this, they set out to destroy Xer's company, D.E.A.D. Let's hope our heroes will save the world- or else Pokemon, will remain Ex- Pokemon forever.

Amber couldn't get out of bed. Today was the day she would meet her new team of humans and mutants. Yesterday, they met up at a fighting scene, trying to survive. They all agreed that they would work together to defeat D.E.A.D. Amber stretched. She basically had to roll out of bed. Her "bed" was a dirty old mattress in an abandoned hotel, in the middle of Kanto. The gang would meet at Saffron City. Amber crawled to the door. It was 6 o' clock in the morning. She made herself coffee and walked outside. It was a chilly day, in the middle of Fall.

Amber walked down the burnt sidewalk. Smoke fumed everywhere. It smelled. Amber spotted sparks. She snook over. It was Vulcan, a guy she met yesterday. He was mutated with a Tysploshion. Amber was mutated with a Ninetales. "Hey Vulcan." she mumbled. Amber wasn't exactly what you call a morning person.

Xer sat in his throne made of steel. Taryn sat at his side. He watched as tons of his soldiers brought in more helpless trainers. Suddenly, one of them ran up to him. "Xer, I have found something that has come to my attention." said the red, Charizard mutant man. "It better be good." murmured Xer. "I was battling yesterday, to find 6 very powerful teenagers fighting against us. After eavesdropping, I learned they are going to team up to destroy us." he said. "And how is this important?" boomed Xer. "Be.. because I thought-"
"Thought what? Just 6 teenagers can destroy my company?!"
"No, but-"
"Are you challenging me?!"
Xer leaped up and Sucker Punched the solider. The solider flew half-way across the room. "Now get your arse out of my presence." growled Xer. The solider ran to the elevator, and left. Xer laughed. Then he sat back down. "Idiots." mumbled Xer.

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Xer sat as his throne, Taryn was sure that the throne made him feel important, she however had no need for such things. What good would a throne do her? Suddenly a soldier, a grunt by the looks of him, fused with a fairly weak charizard came running in. He started telling how he had encountered a group of teenagers, and how they had defeated him miserably. However he claimed to have valuable information, after eavesdropping he had heard that they planed to bring down DEAD. Xer of course was too vain to admit they they were an actual threat, instead he Sucker Punched the soldier and told him to get out. Taryn watched all of this intently and shortly after the soldier left she told Xer, "I'm going for a walk." and simply left.

She went for a walk in the nearby woods, as she walked she thought, "Kids, trying to take us down. I wonder who they could be. That soldier didn't say where they were." And with that she decided to ask the soldier where he found the kids. She made her way to the barracks, looked around and found the charizard fused weakling. "So you got your ass kicked by bunch of kids, and the boss, sounds like you're having a great week?" she said startling him. "I - I just thought it was important." he mumbled back. "Don't worry about it I need to know where those kids were. I have a hunch about their identity and I need to know the truth." She said convincing him, he relayed the information to her and she got up and left without a goodbye.

She then walked on towards the groups last known location, she made use of her ability Illusion, to remain hidden, taking the form of local pokemon. She found the kids's trail and followed it. She followed it quite a ways when she found them, on an empty street. They were being attacked by a group of Greninja. She watched them fight, they were rather impressive. As watched them fight one member of the group stuck out more than the others. When she took a closer look at him, she was certain she recognized him. He was James. James had spent two years with DEAD, he could have become Xer's third in command, of course he wasn't strong enough to take the number two spot from Taryn, but he was strong. One day out of nowhere on a routine mission with Xer, James quit, "saving" the trainer Xer was after and then ran off. "Interesting" she said quietly to herself.

She followed the group a bit longer they were just outside the gates of Saffron city, they were going to have a little meeting. Well Taryn didn't feel like interrupting them, but she was kind of bored. She used her Illusion to transform into Rattata she sprinted through their little camp, hoping to frighten some of the kids and disappeared into the tall grass. Eventually she made her way back to base. She chuckled to herself as she walked in an took her place at Xer's side.