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"My past is behind me what I do now is what matters."

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a character in “Ex-Pokemon: The Mutant War”, as played by Venom0861


Name:James, Now known as Vulcan

Mutation: Typhlosion

picture credit goes to: InscrutableArt from deviantart

Type: Fire



Personality:Quiet and slow to anger

History: James was a normal kid. He went to school and dreamed about being a great Pokemon Trainer. When he turned 10 after years of waiting and months of letters to the professor he got his call. He ran to the lab and after a few minutes Professor Elm handed him a Pokeball. "Alright James your partner Cindaquil is in that Pokeball. Would you like to give him a nickname?"

James though for a moment. "Vulcan. With him at my side we'll be unstoppable. Thanks Professor!" James turned and ran out the door to go tell his mom that he got his first Pokemon and he was ready to go on his adventure. Everything was going well after a few weeks of training his Cyndaquil evolved. After his 5th gym battle Vulcan evolved again. Typhlosion. James was so happy. 5 badges and his best friend was fully evolved. Nothing could stop them now, but like everyone who's ever though this something happened.

As they walked through Route 40 just outside of Olivine City. He saw something odd in the distance. There was a man but he didn't look like a man. As he got closer the man started looking more and more like a Pokemon. "Hey! You there stop. I heard that someone just beat Cianwood City Gym. Do you know who it was?"

James smile and stood proud. "Yeah I know who it was. It was me." He pulled out his case showing the man his almost full badge tin.

The man smiled. "Well good you just made this much easier for me." The man lunged forward with inhuman speed. As he hit he bound James's arms stopping his arms from moving and releasing his Pokemon. "Keep quiet." James nodded completely frightened into silence. After a few days of travel they arrived at an apparently abandoned warehouse. They walked in and he found that the warehouse was not abandoned it was filled with shiny looking lab equipment.

James finally spoke up. "What do you want from me? Why am I here. I've played along until now so I think I deserve some answers."

The man smiled his oddly sharp looking smile. "You have been obedient so I will tell you. I am Xer and this is where you will become my subordinate. So tell me which of your six partners would you say is the closest to you?"

James scowled at him. "I'd be glad to show you if you untied me. Though it seams you've been to frightened to let me run free."

Xer roared and spun smacking James across the face. "Take his starter and put him in the machine. He will quickly learn not to try and pick a fight with me."

James was lifted still groggy and was thrown into a machine he crashed against the door as it was bolted shut across the room he saw one of the men setting Vulcan's Pokeball in a slot across the room. "What are you doing?! Don't you dare hurt him!"

Xer smiled and walked up to the door. "Wouldn't dream of it. After all your soon going to be with him again." He nodded to the men and they began throwing switches and hitting buttons and the machines started whirring to life. After a moment there was a bright flash and James was... well not James any more. "Welcome our new member everyone. Typhlosion. You were certainly well chosen and a good thing we didn't give you the chance to fight or you may have gotten away. Now however you are ours and you will help with our mission to make more like us."

James was still confused not sure what had happened. "What do you mean more like us? I'm still me aren't I?"

Xer laughed long and loud. "You are more now just like me. You and your Typhlosion are now closer than you have ever been. You should be a great deal warmer than you remember you are one now just look at yourself. Feel the power he gave you when you became one."

James focused for a moment. It was all true he could feel Vulcan with him. He screamed loudly becoming a roar as flames engulfed his body.

"Good! Now you see what you are and why you will help me. We will be the most powerful beings in the world and everyone will bow to us. Now tell me what is your name?"

James calmed down the flames receding. "James. That's my name..."

James spent the next two years fighting and capturing trainers putting them through the same thing he'd been through. As the years went he began to regret everything he was doing and had done. He thought he was honoring Vulcan's memory by spreading what had happened but it was wrong. He'd never realized what he was doing. The Pokemon were being hurt and destroyed just to bring power to this group. He was destroying everything he had believed in back when he was a trainer.

During a mission with Xer they'd just found their target. As Xer was getting ready James spoke up. "Xer. There's something I have to tell you." Xer turned to him as James started to shine. "I quit. I won't help you any longer." He flashed brightly blinding Xer momentarily as he bolted towards the trainer picking him up and running towards the hills. Once they stopped he set the trainer down holding his hands up. "I mean you no harm I just saved you from the worst fate any trainer who loves their Pokemon will ever have to face."

The trainer reached back and released one of her Pokemon. It was a Weapingbell. "You must be a trainer if you are then battle me!"

James shook his head. "I'm not a trainer any more. I don't deserve to have Pokemon by my side after what I've done. If you insist on battling me then I will battle your Pokemon. Then maybe you'll see exactly what I am and understand what I saved you from."

The trainer looked confused but she wasn't going to back down from this apparent insult to her partners. "Fine then I'm only going to need Weapingbell though. Razor Leaf!"

James shook his head as the razor leaves hit him. "I'm sorry about this. It's the only way to make you understand." A coil of flame grew around him as he charged forward hitting the Weapingbell dropping it to the ground. The trainer's eyes grew wide in horror. "Now you see what I saved you from. You'd have become like me. One of your friends would have been fused with you making you like this." The trainer rushed to the Weapingbell and James walked over to her and her pokemon pulling a revive out of his pocket. "Here. Take this. It will heal your Pokemon." Once the Pokemon healed and returned James began telling the trainer his tale. What had happened to him and his partner.

When the tale was told he smiled. "I won't be there to help you next time. Xer will attack you again. Always be on your guard." He turned to leave.

"Wait. At least tell me your name!"

James turned and smiled. "My name? My name is Vulcan." With that he left to find the only 'people' who could help him now. The group that was doing everything they could do to combat Xer and his forces.

So begins...

Vulcan's Story

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Long ago, the world of Pokemon was in 1 piece. Everything was basically fine, except for those criminals that call themselves bad, like Team Rocket, Plasma, Magma, or Aqua. Untill one day... a mad scientist named Xavier learned he could combine a Pokemon and a human together, with science. Xavier changed his name to Xer, and went mad.

He kidnapped lots, as well as sending his army to recruit more. Now Xer is looking to mutate all the legendary Pokemon. When a team of teenagers discover this, they set out to destroy Xer's company, D.E.A.D. Let's hope our heroes will save the world- or else Pokemon, will remain Ex- Pokemon forever.

Amber couldn't get out of bed. Today was the day she would meet her new team of humans and mutants. Yesterday, they met up at a fighting scene, trying to survive. They all agreed that they would work together to defeat D.E.A.D. Amber stretched. She basically had to roll out of bed. Her "bed" was a dirty old mattress in an abandoned hotel, in the middle of Kanto. The gang would meet at Saffron City. Amber crawled to the door. It was 6 o' clock in the morning. She made herself coffee and walked outside. It was a chilly day, in the middle of Fall.

Amber walked down the burnt sidewalk. Smoke fumed everywhere. It smelled. Amber spotted sparks. She snook over. It was Vulcan, a guy she met yesterday. He was mutated with a Tysploshion. Amber was mutated with a Ninetales. "Hey Vulcan." she mumbled. Amber wasn't exactly what you call a morning person.

Xer sat in his throne made of steel. Taryn sat at his side. He watched as tons of his soldiers brought in more helpless trainers. Suddenly, one of them ran up to him. "Xer, I have found something that has come to my attention." said the red, Charizard mutant man. "It better be good." murmured Xer. "I was battling yesterday, to find 6 very powerful teenagers fighting against us. After eavesdropping, I learned they are going to team up to destroy us." he said. "And how is this important?" boomed Xer. "Be.. because I thought-"
"Thought what? Just 6 teenagers can destroy my company?!"
"No, but-"
"Are you challenging me?!"
Xer leaped up and Sucker Punched the solider. The solider flew half-way across the room. "Now get your arse out of my presence." growled Xer. The solider ran to the elevator, and left. Xer laughed. Then he sat back down. "Idiots." mumbled Xer.

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Vulcan sat near the mouth of an empty alleyway he'd spent the day fighting with his new 'teammates' against some of Xer's many forces. The day was long but they won the battle. Still Vulcan couldn't seem to shake the feeling that something was wrong. He'd left Xer in a spot of bad blood as it was. If word somehow got to Xer that he was actively combating his forces there is no doubt that he would hunt him down personally.

He got no sleep that night. The thoughts and memories running through his head kept him from sleep.

"Congratulations James, your very own Pokemon journey can finally begin." The joy from this moment changed to misery. 'My journey is over. I will never again claim the title of Pokemon Trainer. Likely I will exist alone or spend my life fighting. No matter what happens I will stop Xer. This can't be allowed to continue.' The night passed slowly the dark circles growing around his eyes became more apparent. 'I haven't slept soundly since the night I lost my Vulcan.'

As the sun began to rise the flames on Vulcan's back began to grow with the light. "Hey Vulcan."

Hearing his name Vulcan stood and groggily walked towards the voice. "Morning Amber hope you slept well." He offered a small smile and joins her walking. "So we're really going to do this? Openly oppose Xer... If we're actually going to do this there's something you should know about me..." He took a long steadying breath. "Like most of the others I was a trainer. I got Xer's attention while completing the gyms in the Johto region. He fused me with my Typhlosion who was named Vulcan... Back then I was James. For two years I fought with Xer capturing trainers putting them through the same thing I was forced into. I came to my senses and while Xer and I were on a trip to collect another trainer I attacked him and ran with the trainer. I saved her and told her my story. She asked my name as I left. I decided to leave who I had been behind. I became Vulcan. I finally feel like I'm doing some good in this world." A few moments of silence passes and Vulcan looked away to wipe his face from the tears forcing their way through. "I just wanted someone to know what happened. If you don't want me to be with the team I understand, but I'm going to fight him even if it's alone. I'm going to make amends for what I did." He paused in his walking and looked at Amber.

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Amber was surprised how Vulcan just leaked something like that. "Well, you learned from your mistakes, and at least you will have the chance to redeem yourself." said Amber. She sat on a garbage can. "I almost turned evil, but I guess I fought through it. It is not all exactly your fault." she said. After that it was an awkward silence for a few minutes. "The others should be arriving in a few minutes." she stated.

Amber pulled out her I Phone. Of course, the internet was hi-jacked, so she couldn't do much, but make files and notes. "I noticed most of the mutants have been brainwashed, by a certain chemical called Yurogin. Some people, like me, didn't get enough Yurogin and didn't fall for the brainwash. ON the other hand, you got a decent amount, but it wore of. Xer just updated the Yurogin so it couldn't wear off, so I guess you were mutated before that, and so was the team." she said. Amber handed Vulcan the I Phone, with the notes on it about the Yurogin.

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Ema sat on the front porch of her house, swinging her legs and twisting a bit of string around her fingers. Her pointy Gengar ears perked up at the sound of Amber's and Vulcan's footsteps and she looked up as they walked past. Dropping the string, she armed herself with several tiny pebbles and started throwing them at the others' backs. "Hey! Oi! You! I exist too!" She stood up and brushed off her big coat, then went over to Vulcan, standing on her tip-toes to look at the phone over his shoulder. "What's that? Is it important?"

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"It's some data n' notes, I took about Yurogin. Its a chemical used to hypnotized to mutated." said Amber. A random cracking noise roared through the street. Amber and the others froze. Men in black masks emerged from the alleyways. They were fast like ninjas, and one pounced on Amber. Amber flame-wheeled him off. Then she ignited her fists to flames and pounced the attacking ninja. The guy went unconscious. Amber was about to unmask him when the second ninja dark-pulsed her. Amber flew into a wall.

Amber bounced off the wall and flame-wheeled into the second ninja. For some reason, this had no effect. Amber managed to swipe his mask off. Now she knew why she was weak to them, they were Greninjas, a water-type Pokemon! Amber used Quick Attack. She bounced really fast and shot 3 of the 10 into the walls. The 4th one sent a Hydro-Pump toward her. Amber yelled, "A little help here!" as she took cover on the ground.

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Vulcan looked over the data carefully. It brought some degree of joy to him knowing that he hadn't been in complete control of his actions, but still what he'd done could not be forgiven. Even with this news there was more work to be done. Before he could say anything he felt something crash into his back lightly. "Hey! Oi! You! I exist too!" He felt Ema looking over his shoulder at the data asking about what it was. Before he could answer Amber explained what it was. Suddenly there was a crackling noise and they were being attacked.

Vulcan took a defensive stance to ward off the incoming attacks. Before he'd had much chance to act Amber and Ema had taken almost all of the attackers out. They seemed to be some kind of water type Pokemon. "I've got the perfect thing for this one." He clutched his left fist a crackling energy building up. As he charged the final pair his right fist started building up a white energy. "Dark and water type moves. I know what you two are." He smiled as he brought his Thunder Punch into the stomach of the first and a Brick Break into the chest of the second. The two crumpled and the attackers were finished.

Emma was standing over one of them talking about food. Finally Vulcan was able to say something. "Ema would you really want to eat them? Just think of where they've been. Besides we have work to do. Now we not only have to defeat the entire force we have to find an antidote for this Yurogin. We can't trust it to wear off like it did before we need to find a way to combat it." He stepped away and knelt down taking a breath to collect his energy before the flames on his back shot up. "It's a bit chilly this morning." He chuckled. "And a good morning to you Ema I apologize for not saying so sooner. I'd hate for you to feel neglected." He smile looking up at the sun. It was shining much more brightly than it had been before. "Finally warming up." He smiled at his new friends slipping his coat off his back and tossing it over his shoulder. "Well let's get going. We've still got to meet up with everyone else."

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Markus woke up under a tree after hearing loud noises. He got up and started walking towards where the noises came from. Once he got there he saw frog ninja things on the ground and Amber, Vulcan and Ema standing around them. Vulcan was talking about some 'Yurogin' thing. Markus yawned "Wots going on 'ere?" Markus said as he sat on the ground (Away from Ema, she scared him). "Wot are you talkin about anyway? Wots 'Yurogin'? Why are these ninja frogs on the ground?" Markus asked, a stream of questions flowing from him. "And why was I sleepin under a tree? I didn't fall asleep there!" Markus asked "I'm pretty sure tha' I fell asleep on a branch" Markus mumbled to himself.

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Another day had started, which meant Chance had to get up. He had to keep moving, keep living, keep trying. But today, something was different. He was supposed to meet up with some others. Others of his kind. Others that would be assisting him in his quest to save his sister.


“Serenity…” Chance muttered softly to himself. He dragged his tired, battered body into a sitting position. He had spent most of yesterday fighting off enemies. But he would go through that for the rest of his life just to see his sister again. To be able to protect her from Xer. Arceus knows what he was doing with her right now, beating her, over working her, starving her…

Chance audibly growled, the red hue of his eyes glowing. He finally stood up, marching out of the abandoned house, stomping out some of his pent-up anger. When I get my hands on Xer… he’ll wish he had never been born…

After only a few minutes of trudging along angrily, he came upon the group her was supposed to be meeting with. He knew it was them from a distance; he could sense them anyway. His red eyes bored into each of them as he approached silently, his feet not making a single sound as he walked towards the group. A boy with an odd accent seemed to be bouncing around, asking a whole lot of questions. Chance’s ears flicked in his direction as he turned to face the others. He then noticed the other annoying mutants, either knocked out of just asleep. His facial expression was still blank as usual.

“Perhaps you would like me to get rid of them…” Chance said, not emotion to his voice. He shrugged, not listening to what the others would’ve said. He moved so that he stood in front of the others, his back turned to this, his front facing the Greninja mutants. He moved one foot so that it was positioned slightly back and to the left. A deep, throat-tearing growl filled the air. His hands clenched into tight fists. Then, he opened his mouth, and an ear-splitting Roar filled the air. All of the Greninja mutants seemed to come alive as they sprang to their feet and ran off.

The Roar ended into a growl. Chance cleared his throat and turned to face his new allies again. His facial expression was not completely blank. He has somewhat of a smirk. “Never gets old…”

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Ema grinned a little. "Aw...ah well. I already ate breakfast anyway." She stood up, swinging the stick like a sword. She heard rustling and spun around when Markus said "Wots going on 'ere?" When she saw who it was, Ema blushed slightly and lowered the stick. "Why were you sleeping in a tree? ...doofus." She rested the stick on her shoulder and turned away, blushing harder and a little frustrated that he was sitting so far away.

She jumped when Chance roared; she hadn't noticed he had arrived. "Geez, Sparky! Give a little warning next time you feel a macho urge!" Ema shook her fist at the retreating Greninja and turned back to Vulcan. "Anyway, didn't you say we needed to get going? So let's skedaddle already!" She planted the stick in the ground and started walking, honestly not sure where they were supposed to be going, but not caring regardless.

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Vulcan smirked at Clyne as he scared off the ninja frogs and heard Ema talking to him. "Anyway, didn't you say we needed to get going? So let's skedaddle already!" She stuck her won stick into the ground and started walking.

"Umm Ema. You're going the wrong way." He laughed again and started walking towards the gate to Saffron City. Noticing that no one was following him he turned and did a quick head count. "Wait. We're all here already. Why don't we just get the meeting started. The sooner we can start pushing Xer off his throne the better if you ask me." Vulcan smiled the flames around his neck dancing slowly giving of an eerie warmth.

As the meeting came under way Vulcan spoke up. "If this plan is going to get any where then we're going to need a leader. Someone the group agrees on. I personally vote Amber." He looks to Amber and gives her an encouraging smile while waiting for the rest of their rag-tag group to speak.

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Xer sat as his throne, Taryn was sure that the throne made him feel important, she however had no need for such things. What good would a throne do her? Suddenly a soldier, a grunt by the looks of him, fused with a fairly weak charizard came running in. He started telling how he had encountered a group of teenagers, and how they had defeated him miserably. However he claimed to have valuable information, after eavesdropping he had heard that they planed to bring down DEAD. Xer of course was too vain to admit they they were an actual threat, instead he Sucker Punched the soldier and told him to get out. Taryn watched all of this intently and shortly after the soldier left she told Xer, "I'm going for a walk." and simply left.

She went for a walk in the nearby woods, as she walked she thought, "Kids, trying to take us down. I wonder who they could be. That soldier didn't say where they were." And with that she decided to ask the soldier where he found the kids. She made her way to the barracks, looked around and found the charizard fused weakling. "So you got your ass kicked by bunch of kids, and the boss, sounds like you're having a great week?" she said startling him. "I - I just thought it was important." he mumbled back. "Don't worry about it I need to know where those kids were. I have a hunch about their identity and I need to know the truth." She said convincing him, he relayed the information to her and she got up and left without a goodbye.

She then walked on towards the groups last known location, she made use of her ability Illusion, to remain hidden, taking the form of local pokemon. She found the kids's trail and followed it. She followed it quite a ways when she found them, on an empty street. They were being attacked by a group of Greninja. She watched them fight, they were rather impressive. As watched them fight one member of the group stuck out more than the others. When she took a closer look at him, she was certain she recognized him. He was James. James had spent two years with DEAD, he could have become Xer's third in command, of course he wasn't strong enough to take the number two spot from Taryn, but he was strong. One day out of nowhere on a routine mission with Xer, James quit, "saving" the trainer Xer was after and then ran off. "Interesting" she said quietly to herself.

She followed the group a bit longer they were just outside the gates of Saffron city, they were going to have a little meeting. Well Taryn didn't feel like interrupting them, but she was kind of bored. She used her Illusion to transform into Rattata she sprinted through their little camp, hoping to frighten some of the kids and disappeared into the tall grass. Eventually she made her way back to base. She chuckled to herself as she walked in an took her place at Xer's side.