Ashen Sky

"Clever is the predator that stalks it's prey. More clever is the hunter that bait's his predator."

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a character in “Exalted: A Tale in the Time of Tumult”, as played by Wake


Name:Ashen SkyType and Caste/Aspect: Lunar of the Changing Moons Caste
Nature: Hunter
Anima Banner:A shield Maiden
Totem Animal: Snow Weasel









Pick three that are not your caste abilities to become favored abilities. You will have 25 points to spend here but at the bare minimum 10 of these must be spent on Either caste or favored abilities.You may also pick up to five 'specialties' that exist as more narrow focused versions of the other types. No Ability can be raised above 5)




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Ashen Sky is the end result of the recklessness of youth tempered a bit by practical experience. While he still has some of the rambunctious tenancies of a prankster and a talent for riling folks up, especially through use of some charms, he has learned caution the hard way. Every once in a while he will pause to scan his surroundings as if just waiting for something to happen. In these times he can often be sporting a look of unease, as he's still not used to the idea of being 'safe'. He's become more methodical in his approach, and likes to know his variables before he commits. That said once he's reached a decision he's very good at seeing it through, and has come up with some pretty elaborate heist over the years. On a personal level, though he occasionally act's juvenile and jubilant he hides some deeply set insecurities and guilt that he is not likely to admit to any that aren't close friends.

Motivation(s) (Motivations are the personal aspirations and ambitions of a character.
  • Out maneuver my pursuers
  • Don't Loose anyone again
  • Find A New Home and Keep it
  • Find my Solar



They're after me!
This is the thought that burns through Ashen Sky's mind when the great curse flairs up inside him. 3 years of running for your life leaves its scars, and the great curse magnifies these unpleasant memories into out right PTSD. When it happens he feels a sudden surge of panic in him, like a frightened injured animal, and the only course of action he can think of is to get away from the source of his distress as fast as possible and find some place to hide. It can take hours then to coax him out of where ever he has hold himself up into, and after he still will still tend to jump at shadows.

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You've done something to rouse the ire of a organization or political group of some power, and they are willing to put out money and man power to get their hands on you. (Lintha Family Pirate syndicate)
There is something about the universe your character absolutely believes to be true, even if it isn't. This has ingrained into them a customary practice that is anywhere between pointless and silly to potentially dangerous.

Ashen Sky has what can best be described as 'boyish' features. Even into his adulthood he never lost his youthful looks of his younger years and he sometimes takes advantage of that when he thinks he can. Blue haired like many of those born in the west, Ashen Sky is lithe an lean with the body build of someone who is used to life climbing the rigging of ships, giving the look of someone talented with acrobatics. Some though who look at him might say that his face could be considered slightly feminine, and he has been mistaken for a girl on occasion. Saying this to his face though will irate him quickly.

Ashen Sky was born in the far west, just on the northern isles of Wave Crest. He was named for the ash clouds that funneled up from the islands volcanoes on the day he was born.

He was born to decently well off family. His father was a lower officer of the Wave Crest coastal guard and his mother as per the nations customs owned a decent size farm. Growing up in Wave Crest, it was tradition that all boy learn to sail and were expected to be come men of the sea when they matured. For Ashen Sky it was no different. He was raised on his father's stories, of skirmishes with pirate bands and encounters with spirits of the seas that instilled in him a sense of adventure and fierce curiosity.

As he became a man he first found himself as a cabin boy on fishing boats, learning the ins an outs of climbing the ropes, tying knots, navigating by star light and manning oars. Then he'd be sat upon and merchant ships and be taught the skill of taking inventory, smooth talking customers and handling a trade. He took to the skill quickly and it was not long before he found himself on a privater vessel, tasked with protecting cargo vessels and warding of pirates and, occasionally, partaking in a bit of the same practice against the nation's rivals just as his father before him.

One day would come however that Ash would regret for the rest of his life. It was on one night of drinking in a foreign port that Ashen sky overheard a hushed discussion. From their talk he gleamed of a exchange to be taking place between a group of pirates and representatives of the Coral archipelago, Wave Crest's most bitter rival. Seeing a chance to make some money can twerk the nose of his homelands enemy, Ashen Sky grabbed up several of his crew mates and ambushed the meeting place. It was a bloody confrontation but he and his mates came out victorious and made off into the night with their stolen prize. Little did they know that the pirates attending the exchange they attacked were members of the dreaded Lintha Family, a crime syndicate who's reach spanned the entirety of the western portion of creation. When Ashen Sky returned home, he found his parent bodies hanging from a tree. A sign had been attached to their necks. "This is what happens to those who meddle in our affairs. Any who shelter you shall suffer the same."

Ashen Sky fled out to sea as soon as he could, for the Lintha quickly made good on there promise. All of his fellow privateers were murdered in rapid succession and at every port he visited he found more men with blades stalking him through the streets and killing anyone who offered him aid or sanctuary. Whatever it was that he had stolen had been valuable enough to spur the eternal ire of the Lintha. For three years he fled across creation, going further and further a field to loose his pursuers. First in the Realm, hoping that the might of the empire would dissuade the hit men. Then out east to the scavenger lands thinking he might shake them in the crowded streets of nexus. In all this time spent running Ashen Sky became well adept at hiding himself. He would change his name, change his dress, change his accent and learn to speak half truths and lies all to throw off the scent. Maintaining a stable income was impossible this way, so he learned to swindle and steal as a means of keeping himself fed and sheltered for another night. Yet always the Lintha would close in again, and he would slip past them into the night once more.

Eventually he made his way north, on the vain hope that he could hide out in the icy tundras of the north. But it was in that snowed hell-scape that they finally cornered him. Exhausted in body, and depleted in supplies, he had stranded himself in the wilds when they caught up to him.

With no hope to escape he turned back to face his hunters. He had grown tired of running, but it was not resignation that made him stop. It was anger and defiance. Too long he had spent sleepless nights watching over his shoulder for someone with lecherous eyes and a knife in their hands. No longer was he going to flee. He was going to fight. When the Lintha hunters came into his campsite they thought they found him sleeping in his tent and made to stab him through the cloth. But Ashen Sky emerged from a mound of snow behind them and pounce on them from behind, slaying two before the others were aware. He descended on the rest with a mad rage, hacking and slashing like a man possessed. And when his sword was knocked from his hand he continued fighting with biting jaw and scratching nails. In that moment he felt strength he never knew he had and moved with speed he didn't know he possessed. Finally the last of the Lintha fell dead at his feet and he knelt there in that clearing spattered with blood , both his and there's, and panting in exhaustion and triumph.

Then he looked up and saw the face of the goddess Luna smiling down at him as he took his second breath.

Essence score: 2 (all exalt's start play at this level)
Health: 5/5 (your stamina stat+3, can be raised further with an endurance charm called ox body technique. Mortal's only get their stamina in health.)
Willpower pool: 5/5 (Equal to the sum total of your two highest virtues.)

Essence motes
Personal Pool: 4/6
Peripheral Pool: 13/13

All exalted start off with 7 charms, based of their abilities (or attributes for Lunar's).

  • SHAPING THE IDEAL FORM (manipulation: 2. Cost: 1m. Duration: indefinite) This charm allows the lunar to make minor cosmetic changes to one of his true forms (I.E. his totem animal, his human form and his hybrid from(if he took the charm deadly beast man transformation)). This can include changing skin, hair, and eye color by several shades, lengthening or shortening hair, reshaping a chin or nose slightly or straightening teeth. This charm can't be used to assume someone else's identity but it can be used to help with disguises.
  • MOONSILVER MONKEY EXERCISE: (Charisma 3 Cost 2m 1w Duraion Dex+10 actions) By preforming a series of exercises and stances as he directs Essence through his muscles, a Lunar Exalt can temporarily boost his hand eye coordination making his moments fluid and graceful like Moonsliverl.
  • EMOTION SHAPING TECHNIQUE: (Manipulation 3 Cost 2m Duration one Scene)This charm enhances the Lunar's already considerable presence, using a combination of charisma, insight and timing to manipulate the emotional state of the audience.
  • SENSE SHARPENING CHANGE: (Perception 2 cost 1m Duration one scene) Using this charm the Lunar can heighten all of his senses far beyond those or normal humans. His ears grow to hear sound better, his nostrils flair to enhance his ability to smell, and his eyes grow and dilate to enhance his sight - he can even taste individual ingredients in a meal or feel the the slightest wind on his skin.
  • EMOTION REVEALING SCENT: (Perception 3 cost 1m Duration instant/one post) A lunar can sense the emotional state of the subject by way of this charm, even if there are no outward signs. Even if the target appears perfectly calm his body scent will betray him, allowing the lunar to clearly smell strong emotions such as fear, anger, hate and love.
  • TRUTH SCENTING METHOD: (Perception 4 Cost 1 Duration one scene) By observing the subtle physical and chemical responses in his subject, a Lunar can determine if whether a person is speaking the truth. [note: this charm doesn't detect half truths or lies by omission]
  • INSTINCT DRIVEN BEAST MOVEMENT: (Dexterity 3 Cost 2m per increase Duration One scene) When pressed, Stewards can cover a great deal of ground without difficulty. Every two motes spent on this charm increases the Lunar's running speed by a factor of one (I.E. two motes allows them to run at twice their speed, four motes allows three times, six motes allow four times running speed etc)

A combo is a specialized form of charm use that allow rapid fire activation of multiple charms at once. Using a combo allows the exalt to overcome the '1 charm per post rule' but only if they have invested the xp to learn that combo first. You may not have a combo at the start.


!!!!!BONUS POINTS!!!!!
You will have 10 Points to spend on any stats you wish. You may also choose to spend 4 BP to gain another charm/sorcery (or 3 if it is a favored ability/attribute). Also you may spend 3 points to start with a piece of magical gear.

Languages high realm, Sea-tongue, River speak.


So begins...

Ashen Sky's Story


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#, as written by Wake
Ashen had certainly not been expecting Lux to grab his ears. The second she did Ashen felt a slight jolt run down his spine and the lunar's body tense very suddenly, inadvertently letting out a small and rather unmanly squeak. Ashen didn't normally let people touch his ears for a very particular reason and his usual recourse would be to swat away anyone who tried. But with the princess still in his arms the matter was complicated.

"Ah, Lux," He started, already his voice starting to warble a bit. " Me ears be a we bit sensitive. So could.. ye please... staaaaaaa... " His voice trailed off and a second later he fell to one knee, and the rational side of his mind noted that it might be to late as a pleasant warmth started to build in the base of his skull and wash down his neck. Ashen's ears were infact sensitive to touch, so much so that they tended to cause an extensive Endorphin rush, leaving the changing moon on a particularly strong high. And the drunken terrestrial's tender ministrations was triggering that rush in a rather powerful way. A second later his eyes diluted, and he in inadvertently dropped Calliope when he loss strength in his arms.


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#, as written by Sepokku
Patience had never been Astrid’s strong suit, she had always been a lady of action, and biding her time was always a last resort. However, what came next was something she needed to do, in order to establish how this temporary pack was going to work. Perhaps she’d forgotten herself slightly earlier, admist the stress and drink. That was to be remedied now, however.

Flicking her tongue with anticipation as her fellow Lunar approached, now was the time to act. With a shimmer of essence, flooding her form and veins, Astrid darted forward, uncoiling from Nagasani’s hand to lunge at her fellow Lunar’s leg. All the while, resuming Beastwoman form once more, with a sweep of her hand, Ashen Sky’s leg was yanked out from under him.

Continuing the momentum, and with a twitch of her tail, she threw the Lunar over the balcony, into the awaiting fountain of water. Dusting off her hands, as if having finished a very difficult job, she admonished him with a motherly tone. ”A pup in heat, should take a bath to cool off.”

With a slightly pleased look Astrid turned to the Solar, resuming human form with a glitter of anima and pressing her right fist across her heart. ”I’m very sorry for earlier Princess.” With a gesture towards Nagasani and the warmest smile she could muster, her words continued ”Miss Nagasani here will take you somewhere to change where you’re comfortable?”


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#, as written by Wake
The water of the fountain swashed and spilled over the side as the pirate flailed about inside of it. Muscle control, lossed in due to the lingering euphoric sensation of having his ears rubbed, eluded him for a brief if slightly terrifying series of seconds as he swallowed crystal clear water and tried to right himself before he drowned. Finally Ashen surfaced, sputtering liquid and curses both with equal virulence as he wheezed for air.

"Tha bleedin' 'ell Astrid!"The changing moon coughed. "Tha 'ell was tha for?!" He sat up in the fountain, now thoroughly drenched from head to toe. The waterlogged clothes clung to his body, and if he had presence of mind he would have been reminded of Lux's own plunge into a similar water decoration that ultimately set this whole fiasco into motion. He began wringing out the white shirt that now hung tightly to his chest and muttered curses at Astrid, handmaidens, Astrid, Dragons, stupid quest, and Astrid.

This series of venomous mutterings ceased when he heard someone directly above him clear their throat. Ashen paused mid squeeze to look up at the emerald green form of the earth elemental, Burnished Mantis. The insectiod chamberlain, despite not having any tongue or lips, made a small clicking sound with his mouth in dull surprise. "Well, I see your group seems to have developed a fondness for our water works, but I must request from now on that our guest stay out of the fountains for the duration of your visit."

While Ashen's face flushed red with embarrassment, the chamberlain tilted his head upwards to look at the balcony above where the other three exalts and an increasingly mortified by the second looking quintet of handmaidens stared back down at him. "Now if all of you gentlewomen are done disrupting the peace of the lords halls, streaking about the palace in drunken stupors and generally making complete fools of yourselves in the Censors name!" The sharp raising of his voice caused the quintet to flinch. "I have the item that Lady Astird requested, and a message from Lord Fakharu. An additional number of exalts will be joining you for this errand. The lord shall introduce you at the docks. If you ladies would kind clean yourselves up and make your way there, it would be most appreciated."

At that same time, another boat pulled into port at the same dock as the first ship landed. This one crewed by actual humans. At it's bow the captain, a man with god-blooded linage by the name of Steel-Sun, frowned as the vessel came into mooring. He was already unhappy that he had been sidelined for the rescue of Lady Amarel he had even further frustrated with being given the task of ferrying a few of the late additions to the actual expedition for her retrieval. He had kept his comments to himself though, even if he struggled to keep his distaste from his expression, and turned back to the passengers aboard the deck. "As promised, we have arrived. His lordship and the rest of your party should meet you here soon."


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#, as written by Sepokku
Though it was immensely satisfying to toss Ashen over the balcony after the frustration of losing Calliope, the sudden appearance of Burnished Mantis reminded Astrid why she was here. With a deft leap the lunar chieftain threw herself over the balcony, catching herself on the railing with her feet, so that she swung to the lower level, landing beside the Mantis spirit on all four. "Of course Emerald One, we're headed there, now that we're not waiting on you."

After retrieving the item from the Mantis Spirit, Astrid resumed her human form once more and swiftly made her way to the docks, testing the mechanism on her newly-equipped grieves and gauntlets as she ran. It felt strange to rely on more traditional weaponry, rather than what Luna had gifted her or Lem had trained her with. However the equipment was well-made and responded to her needs as well as could be hoped.

Exactly what kinds of people the new Exalts would be tolled heavily on Astrid's mind. It would be odd for it to be more Lunars, it was rare for more than two of them to appear in one place without prior notice, and that had already happened. Though the Censor's summon wasn't really normal. As long as it wasn't more Abyssals, she couldn't really complain though. Members of the Wyld Hunt might be problematic also, but she doubted they'd be plucky enough to make trouble on the Censor's home turf.

The docks came into sight, a busy ferry seemed to have arrived not long before, and was bustling with port activity. Finding a spot a ways above the ship, with ample view of the port, the Lunar watched and waited. If the newly arrived Exalts were treated at all like her group had been, they wouldn't be difficult to make out from this vantage point. If they were particularly observant, it wouldn't be hard to see the unusually lithe woman perched on a nearby building.


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The last of the salty sea air drew up over the docks as Nimin looked down across the pier, a new load of the ships in sight pulling in. With a small sigh of relief being breathed as he took another puff from his pipe as the winds pulled it up and away.
The last few days of waiting had been tedious to say the least for the particular solar. He'd spent only a few days in the last port on his way in from being summoned. Having done nothing but ply his skills up the coast before the summons arrived. The request still fresh in his mind, just as the last pang of tobacco swats at the tip of his tongue and he withdraws the pipe, the lone table which he sat at was about done with him.

He dropped a few coins on the table to pay for his meal. Something that had long since gone from the world, though using the table was well enough a reason to keep his place and as he knocked the last of his pipes ash loose. He stood and approached the pier. This was a new day for him. After traveling alone for so long, he'd already been wondering what kind of new faces he'd get to meet and new kinds of people he'd get to treat. Other exalted always offered new challenges and this day he'd get his chance to see all the new faces he could handle.


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#, as written by Castle
Ashen’s grasp on her loosened, and Calliope flopped to the ground. She sat there stunned at first, looking up at the pair. The terrestrial was... caressing Ashen? And as a result, Ashen was incapacitated. She began crawling, in a military style, out from under Lux and her new Lunar friend. Once she was clear, Calliope rolled over and propped herself on her elbows. The princess picked a piece of long, white hair out of her mouth, staring up at the display in annoyance. She sighed and rose to her feet, but before she could even turn to walk away, Astrid snatched Ashen by the leg and threw him over the edge.

Calliope gasped. Splash. She lunged to the edge of the balcony and peered down at the fountain. Ashen bobbed to the surface. He was fine. Calliope turned around, nonchalantly, her gaze cast downward as not to draw any attention to herself. How much attention could a naked, pink Gladan attract? She began to walk forward, but came to halt when she realized she was face to face with Astrid. Calliope took a step back, but as Astrid was no longer in her beast shape, Calliope was able to relax. She was still alert, but relaxed.

”I’m very sorry for earlier Princess.” Astrid smiled creepily. “Miss Nāgasāni here will take you somewhere to change where you’re comfortable?”

Calliope corrected her posture, her chin upturned in a prideful manner.

“Yes,” she said confidently. “That will suffice.” Calliope carried on, walking past Astrid, unaffected. She joined Nāgasāni, and the two of them left the corridor together silently.m


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Throughout the bulk of the shenanigans, Lux was quiet, but giggled to herself, unable to stop. She hadn’t been expecting any of what occurred...Burnished Mantis’ comment was funny. They were making fools of themselves, weren’t they? Oh, well if they were.... They were! Things would be okay; they were all going to go on this mission together and were going to come back successful. Amarel would be saved, one way or another. Whilst Calliope wandered off with Nāgasāni to get into proper dress again, Lux watched, not having moved from where she’d been standing. Right...Burnished Mantis wanted “all the ladies” to get cleaned up before departure...and there were more Exalted to greet.... Huh, “all the ladies?”

....odd wording. But, that was neither here nor there!

Oh, more people to meet...more people for their journey. She did need to get cleaned up, didn’t she…? She didn’t have shoes on anymore since she’d kicked them off earlier when she was trying to give chase to Calliope.... Lux’s giggle fit had since ceased as she mindlessly started to nibble upon the knuckle of her thumb, avoiding her nails since they were still polished. Her expression was vacant and she was unmoving, seemingly lost in some kind of daze as her mind blanked to the goings-on around her. Certainly, her mind had cleared a bit from its utterly drunken stupor, but she was still rather impaired....

It wasn’t til Lux heard someone clear their throat, more than once, that she returned to awareness. Lux blinked a few times, removing her knuckle from her lips, seeing one of the handmaidens approaching her. Miss Vengalu, specifically. “Lady Lux...perhaps we should take a page from Calliope’s book, and get you back into your adventuring clothes…?”

Her adventuring...oh, right! She was still in that pretty dress of hers.... Lux very well couldn’t go save Amarel in such a pretty dress, lest she ruin it. The little, tipsy Fire Aspect let out a goofy laugh, and nodded in agreement. “ S’probably a good idea! Let’s...do that!” she half-bellowed in response.

Lux’s apparent eagerness at getting changed caused the rather serious Vengalu to crack a small smile...before she silently held out a hand to the girl, that Lux took without hesitation, following the handmaid.


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Running was all Mirror seemed to accomplish since the fall of her kingdom. No matter where she seemed to go, the immaculate order was never far behind. Perhaps crossing the vast water between continents was the only option. However, finding a ship that would be willing to carry not only an extra passenger but two(one of which being massive and heavy) proved to be immensely challenging. Eventually her luck panned out and she boarded The Dawns Edge with Clove. 

The Dawn's Edge lead to a very interesting ride across the ocean. The trip over the seas wasn't exactly easy for Mirror as she had never been on a boat before. The solar didn't feel sea sick but definitely wasn't steady on her feet either. Ocean travel was something she could get accustomed to. Could and probably would have to. The ride to the dock may have been slightly rough, but the view was breath taking. Glittering water surrounded every side of the ship. Until they had reached the harbor. 

Mirror and Clove tenderly walked of the boat side by side. Right in the harbor was a peculiar sight. A group of people surrounding a person soaking wet. They seemed familiar with each other and one even seemed to be amused by the situation. Within the group was a woman who carried herself differently than the rest. She seemed a bit  distant almost. Like she came from a higher place. Mirror recognized this stance from many different meetings her family would have for diplomatic reasons. Could this other person also be royalty? 

Above the group, on the edge of a rooftop, was a woman with stunningly long onyx hair. Perhaps this stranger was watching the buzzing world below her. 

The Captain, watching his 'guest' take their first steps off deck, noticed the apparent hesitancy in the young eclipse. It may have been his own bias against exalts in general but he personally felt that the young girl and her oversized friend had been more trouble than they were worth. His lord had ordered him to pick her up in a rather speedy extraction from a her pursuit by the wyld hunt. Trying to smuggle a solar out of a city being swarmed by immaculate monks had been a hassle in and of it self. Doing it with her big hulking Goliath of a golem had been nearly a nightmare. They had to knock out a few rooms below deck to even fit the damn thing on board. And for what? Some dainty princess who seemed like she'd never held a blade in anger in her life? But orders had been orders, and Steel Sun's loyalty to the censor was unquestionable. And as it was he needed her off the deck and mingling with the rest of her future 'crew'.

His arm's crossed the cosair deftly stepped beside her, opposite of her massive 'friend', and looked down the docks at the group that was slowly trickling towards them. "This your first time seeing other celestial exalts?" He coolly asked her. "There might even be other solars down there. As I understand it they are going to be your companions for the next month."

Though he kept his tone even and calm, Mirror could sense the captain's frustrations with her. It was best to get a move on to prevent hassling the man further. After all, she and Clove had more than put him out. Dealing with someone not only on the run, but also fairly well known is a struggle enough... But to add a gigantic creature to the mix? Well... There weren't even words to cover that. "It is." She replied smoothly. "Thank you for helping my friend and I." 

Trying not to appear too stiff, Mirror approached the group with Clove. She waited for everyone to finish their conversations before introducing herself. "Excuse me." She was very nervous as she spoke but her voice was unwavering and her posture was perfect. "I was asked to meetup with a group of people. I was wondering if, perhaps, you were that group?" She asked before realizing she never stated who she was. "My name is Mirror Leigh Regium Vertarria." 


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#, as written by Sepokku
After the botched summoning, Artisan began making his way back to the pier, eager to set out and get this ordeal over with already, being met with his slave along the way, one of the many nameless chattel the Abyssal kept around as spare blood. The slave could sense the agitation his lord was carrying, and with a yelp of anxiety, he informed Artisan, "Th-there are more Exalted meeting you at the pier!"

Artisan's pace increased slightly, flustered as he was, and the walls of the Spire twisted up before him as he headed down to where the Censor's dubious representatives in this matter would be meeting. "Why would there be more of us!? Is Fakharu plotting against me and the Bodhisattva? That doesn't add up, we're already amounting to a small army; this would just be overkill." The Abyssal could think of no satisfying answer other than Fakharu wasn't telling them something.

He had already known there was more to this than the Censor was saying, but this only doubled his suspicions. "What exactly had Amarel been abducted for, and what kind of place was this Archipelago of Exiles, that it should be hidden from the Heavens?" More and more Artisan was wishing he'd woken more of his creations for this journey, especially if the Immaculate missionaries had seen success on their on the Archipelago.

The pier came into sight, sea-breeze blowing his snow-colored hair back, right as his eyes locked onto an enormous Golem, not unlike the ones common in the underworld. "Right, so that's one of the other Exalted found." Artisan began making his way to the Golem.

The Abyssal's appearance and sudden direction brought Astrid's attention to the Golem. Charting out a quick course, she jumped from her perch, catching the eve of a house as she fell, and using the moment to swing herself onto a nearby passing cart. From there she disappeared into the crowd, doing her best to blend in and hide from any would-be eyes, quietly shifting into a small black housecat.

Newly disguised, Astrid leaped up onto Artisan's shoulder and with a lazy yawn, she laid herself around his neck, claws well within reach of his throat.

With an annoyed sigh Artisan composed himself, the Golem appeared to be following a confident girl with dual-colored eyes, one that introduced herself as 'Mirror.' Her construct was interesting enough, and that alone made her less annoying then a majority of the other Exalted he'd met.

"Hello Mirror, I am The Artisan That Which Souls Cling, and yes I daresay I am part of the group you were to meet here. This is Astrid," with an idle gesture he indicates the cat on his shoulder. Turning towards the Golem, he continues "And, who pray tell, is this?"


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Nimin began to move down the pier as he could see the group that was now gathering midway up it's landing. It would be hard to hide such an event as anything other then an exalted gathering at this point.

He was sure that his message spoke of others like himself gathering, but at this point it was beginning to reach such proportions. That at least one Order bureaucrat somewhere in world, must have a ringing in his ears equal to a hornet being stuck in the damn thing. A thought that gives him both a slight amount of pause, and humor in equal measure. Resigning himself to simply worry about it later, and just finish stuffing his pipe away into his satchel.

The salty air of the sea blew across the pier once more as he closed within range of the group, taking notice of the more easily discernible members as he moved. Keep a calm look about him, even as the weight of the large construct ahead of him was starting to test the strength of the pier they all currently stood upon. Though he was confident that such construction would hold. Despite the groaning that could be heard from the wood underneath.

He scanned the group ahead of him, even as another came to join in. Stepping with a quicker pace than his own and addressing a rather familiar figure. One that Nimin had to be certain of who he was looking at before speaking. Then he heard the name spoken ahead of him as well. Mirror; such memories came to mind about long distant fields.

A group of exalted, with solars even. Three by the look of it, and more to boot.

It serves right that they'd even be graced by a princess as well.

The other introducing himself was enough to easily point out that he was an abyssal. Knowledge that already did not sit well with Nimin. Though that was only because of their opposing nature, it was just a feeling that was have for one like himself to kick after all these years. He honestly had nothing against the man on face value. Old emotions are hard to be rid of, and having to defend entire settlements from cults, ran by such entities. Was not something that one could deem, as helpful in that matter.

Nimin stopped short of passing his pale companion, and looked between the two of them.
"I see that our mutual acquaintance is more adamant about this proposal than even I thought possible."

He lightly nods towards the two of them as he finishes speaking. "Though it's good to see that I won't be alone as much as I thought this time around... I am Nimin" He adds as he extends a hand towards The Artisan That Which Souls Cling. Being the closer of the two.


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#, as written by Wake
One by one the Girls all left, leaving the soggy Lunar to crawl out of the fountain on his own. He was actually somewhat thankful for that as it spared him a bit of further embarrassment and gave him a moment of privacy away from the others, even if he was still slightly miffed at Astrid dropping him in the water in the first place. As he stood up he could feel the cloth wrappings under his shirt slip. The sensation made him grimace and he lifted his shirt . Sure enough they had soaked up water and and come loose and underneath, mixed in among the moonsilver tattoos, a small set of black lines burned into his skin peaked out from underneath. He cursed softly and made an attempt at re-tightening the wrappings. But in their soggy state they refused to remain in place, instead sliding loose at the first sign of movement. Ashen sighed in defeat and started to reconsider his options.

"Shall I bring you a fresh change?" Ashen nearly jumped out of his skin, and whirled around to see Burnished Mantis was still standing behind him. Ashen stammered in his response for a second. "I uh... yes. I ya could brin' it ta me cabin on tha ship tha'd be a help." The Spirit nodded and turned to leave.

"I'll have one of the servants prepare it for you before you depart Ma'am." Ashen smiled and thanked him before what he said sunk in. "I ain't ah lady!" He bit out. The spirit stopped, and looked Ashen up and down. "... of course sir." The tone sound unconvinced and Ashen very quickly adopted an annoyed frown as the giant but walked off.

He scratched his head and groaned, but thought nothing more of it. He was probably holding up the others by this point, but didn't want to meet them in this state. Figuring he'd just make the best of it for now, he pooled his essence and shrunk, down, down into the form of a small white ash colored form of a weasel. Satisfied that he could keep himself decent and his chest marking covered under the fur, the Ashen Weasel scurried down the halls and out to the docks until some time later he arrived outside where the others had gathered. Along with two new additions. Well, three actually. Where the hell did that massive wall of rock and limbs come from? That said Ashen could tell with a glance that the two humans were fellow exalted, and he had to wonder where they came from and what skills this was going to bring to the team? His mussing were a bit distracted when he spotted Astrid sitting on Artsians shoulders, very clearly pressing her claws against his neck in an implied threat. Already irritated from the unwanted bath from earlier, he felt further vex that she was once again threatening the teams Abyssal with no stated cause for it. Just what was her beef with the poor guy? He then noticed that her tail was wagging and a wicked thought passed through his head at that point and he gained an idea for some mirth to play in revenge.

Quietly he scuttled up to the side of Artisan's ankle, and began to climb up his pant leg. Once he reached the Abyssal's back he paused and watched his target swing back and forth above him. Clinging to the back of the cloak, he dug his back paws in for leveraged, then launched himself upward to nip at the tip of Astrid's tail. Letting out a yowl of fright and jumping into the air Astrid, fell to the ground with a start. With a meow of indignation, she started after the weasel, not terribly intent to catch Ashen Sky, but rather seeming to enjoy the game of cat and mouse. For his part Ashen gave a small squeking noise that could of been a laugh and darted away leading the two of them to dash between the legs of their fellow exalts.

Seeming to appreciate being freed of the black cat, Artisan continues to introduce himself, "Thank you Nimin, it is a pleasure to meet you both. I hope we can all become fast friends in our time together."Though the Deathknight didn't move, his shadow seemed animate of its own accord, shaping itself as if its host were in a deep regal bow.

The setting light of the sun saw Fakharu finish his affairs in court and finally 'excuse' himself to go 'bid farewell' to his guest. He had resumed his majestic serpentine form and descended the hills to the beach where the exalts had all being to gather. He was delighted to see that they were making acquaintance With the last of the arrivals, and he slowly approached while they were finishing introductions. "Ah Nimin, it is good to see you again. I give my thanks for your swift arrival on this favor. And You I presume must be Mirror Leih Regium Vertarria, I am pleased to make your acquaintance though I apologize if this all seems so sudden considering your recent circumstances."

Raising his head till he towered once more over the assembled exalts. "I once again reiterate what we spoke off in the tower. Please rescue my dear Ameral from the clutches of the sirens and bring her safely back home to me. If you can do this, I promise my gratitude and aid and whatever reward you could desire. I bid you to go now with all haste, for the deadline is the 28th of Resplendent Water, and the sirens have threatened harm to Amarel if I do not acquiesce to their demands by then."

"Of course, Fakharu. It is our imminent pleasure to save Lady Amarel, posthaste." Not wanting to prolong things further in the presence of several Solars, Artisan started away to their vessel. Less than 28 days now to rescue the mortal lover of an upstart God that continually shirked his duties, what a wonderfully droll notion for Artisan to occupy his time with. Hopefully the workshop would fare well enough without him, and of course there was always the rare chance he'd encounter some devious new materials to bring back with him. Still in feline form, Astrid followed suit after the Deathknight; though she shared her own grand delusion about the trip, that wasn't on her mind, just eagerness to depart.


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#, as written by Castle
Up until this point, Calliope had bathed herself, assumed a new set of clothes, and retrieved her armors, weapons, and her prized river-valley stone for the road ahead. The dawn caste habitually turned the stone over and over in the pocket of her new outfit. It seemed the spirits had no trouble fashioning an outfit fit for a Gladan soldier. It was black like the robes she wore before: a kimono-like military garb, with a thick, reinforced, leather corset that bowed with the shape of her waist, and tied neatly on the front of her shape. Stemming in all directions from her core were silvery designs, so thin, they had to catch the light in order to be noticed. Her shoulders were padded with black horned saddle-pads, traditional to the Gladan military culture. Calliope was pleased with the look. She thought Nāgasāni and her team, for what it’s worth, had at least some taste for fashion.

On top of it all, Calliope had just about every weapon she owned strapped to her: her sword case, slung across her chest, and two odachi blades sheathed on either side of her hip, her forearms plated with discreet leather gauntlets which feathered up into scale-like patterns.

She strode down to the beach with a few of her new companions, Astrid included. Her stature was prideful, marching down to the boat dock where the new arrivals lay waiting for the rest of the party. Calliope wondered if these new companions would be anything like the ...”fascinating” characters she already met. Calliope sighed, and ceased turning the smooth stone in her pocket. Instead, one pink hand rested on the hilt of one of her blades at all times.