nice,fun,cute,helpful, but she is shy and she can be mean.

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a character in “Exalted: A Tale in the Time of Tumult”, as played by cutiekittyichigo


My character is cute. She is a little kitty that is 8 years old. She has long pinkish white hair and gray ears with light pink hearts on them. She has a peachy white skin tone. She has one blue eye and the other eye is purple. She has light pink hearts on her cheeks. She wears either a white dress with no sleeves or she wears a lavender long sleeved shirt and jean shorts. She has a gray tail with a red bow. A black choker with a bell on it.
My character is shy and tough.
My character's main weapon is a sword but she can fight with other weapons. She also does certain tricks to doge hits.
My character was always abused and hated because of her sister, but she ran away and did stuff herself. She fought everyone that was mean to her.

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