Mirror Leih Regium Vertarria

"The world is harsh, but it can be changed. We must work together to make a brighter future."

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a character in “Exalted: A Tale in the Time of Tumult”, as played by Chronicles_Of_Mer


Name: Mirror Leih Regium VertarriaType and Caste/Aspect: Solar Eclipse
Nature: Futurist
Anima Banner: Sapphire blue Butterfly











AWARENESS------ (5)
INTEGRITY------- (5)

PRESENCE-------- (3)
RIDE—------------ (1)
SOCIALIZE-------- (5)

OCCULT-------- (3)


Unless impossible due to the size of a location, Mirror is with her Golem,Clove. They share a bond like no other. They are family, not by blood but by choice. Clove is very protective of her. Instead of walking from place to place, Mirror tends to ride on his shoulders.

Due to her upbringing, Mirror is a hardworking leader. Many would think that Mirror very innocent. However she is not naive. Mirror cares a lot about others and would do anything to help a person in need. Of course, there are so many of people desperate for a better way of life and Mirror is actively making changes to ensure that transformation occurs. Working for change means that she is very open to suggestions from others and while she may be defensive at first, she does listen to feedback and makes adjustments as needed.

    Free her country from the Rogues that over threw her family
    Lead an era of prosperity
    Transform her country into a Utopia where everyone has what they need



When forced to disregard her compassion, Mirror enters a stat not unlike being comatose. Her face becomes expressionless and her eyes glaze over. She may even have tears rolling down her expressionless face. She won't respond to anyone who tries to speak with her. If she says anything at all, she will mutter a sentence or two in a cycle. In this state she is blind to everything around her.

-There are no bounds to Mirror's care for others
-Everyone makes mistakes. Unless a deed is truly despicable, Mirror will be quick to forgive.

-Due to her social status, Mirror can't blend into a crowd even without her Golem
-Mirror hates being without Clove and can have a short fuse when he's not around.
-It takes time to earn Mirror's trust. And once mistakes are made, even though Mirror forgives, trust must be earned once again.

Mirror has heterochromia. Her right eye is turquoise and her left eye is violet. She has long onyx colored hair and pins various things into her bangs which brush her eyebrows. Her skin is a pale porcelain.

Mirror's family is a long line of royals in a northern Kingdom known as Vertarria. Two children were born before Mirror. Rune was the first born and a male. The second born was Amethyst, a female. Both were born with their left eye being turquoise and their right eye being violet. The third born's eyes were the same colors but on the opposite sides. Thus, she was named Mirror.

After Mirrors birth, unrest grew within the kingdom. The unrest was largely caused by a renegade group. Heading the renegade group was a small family of those with dragon blood. A father, his son and his son's wife. A splintered off group from the Immaculate Order found the family and wanted them to rule the country. Those with dragon's blood were seen as superior to the fragment of the Immaculate Order. More aggressive than the immaculate order, they began providing the family with weapons and people. Before long they had a small renegade group. At first it was small enough to ignore. It wasn't seen as a threat until it grew much larger.

It was decided that the older siblings were to be sent away for the safety of the kingdom and the youngest would stay to serve as security for the throne. When it was safe, the others would be able to return. That time never came and thus Mirror never knew of her siblings.

Growing up as royalty had both benefits and drawbacks. Mirror had more than anything she ever needed or wanted... So long as it was of material value. Not many people were considered worthy to be company for a royal so Mirror knew very few people aside from her parents and servants. Her life was lonely. To add to that her parents were too busy for her and she was raised by a governess. Even though Mirror loved her parents, she missed them. And longing for their attention, she developed a method to gain that attention... By running away.

From a very young age Mirror began finding ways to escape the castle. In her very first misadventure she was caught by the wrong people in the forest. The dragon blood renegades who wanted to take over the throne were the culprits. Mirror was far too young to understand what they were after. Luckily a goodhearted Golem was sleeping nearby and awoke to hearing the near kidnapping of the young princess. He saved her from the rebels and wandered the forest with her, protecting her. As a golem, he wasn't sure what a creature like Mirror would need but he did his best to provide for her. Eventually scouts from the castle guard found them. Unable to separate Mirror and the golem, they brought both back to the castle. Along the way, Mirror named the golem Clove. The two were always together from that point on. Luckily, most places in the castle were large enough for Clove to fit. But it's not easy to slip through a castle with a giant rock. Nonetheless somehow Mirror would find ways for the both of them to escape together.

Through these journeys the young princess was illuminated about Vertarria. Her kingdom suffered from an epidemic of homelessness and poverty. It wasn't that Vertarria itself was a poor kingdom. Quite the contrary. If the country was so wealthy why did so many starve and live homeless? Determination filled Mirror from that day forward. She had to fix this. The people of her country couldn't suffer as she lived a lavish life above them.

To Mirror's dismay her parents weren't at all concerned about the problem she saw. They knew but were too concerned with other problems. Renegades kept attacking the castle and made it impossible for them to think about much other than diplomacy and safety. However, they did allow Mirror to focus on solving the poverty problem. In her research she found the treasurer was stealing much of the money from the kingdom. In no time at all, that position was taken from him and given to someone more trustworthy.

With the new treasurer, Mirror was able to raise most citizens out of poverty. This is when she became exalted. It was unheard of for a 16 year old princess to not only care for her subjects but to solve most of the problems they had. She made her family beloved by almost everyone in the Kingdom and the citizens knew that they could rely on her. The country changed forever. From all feeling hopeless and expendable to knowing they are valued and have a future of prosperity coming.

Unfortunately being a Solar only escalated the problems with the renegades and the splintered off Immaculate Order. In fact, being exalted caught the attention of the real Immaculate Order. They supplied the dragon blood renegades with even more deadly weapons as well as more people. Not only were these rebels more angry but they were growing more formidable over the course of a few years. Eventually they grew powerful enough to take control of the palace... Mirror only escaped because of Clover and her abilities as a Solar. Her parents were killed.

Renegades had forced many back into poverty and made Vertarria even less stable. Citizens didn't approve of the new rulers. They helped her escape the kingdom. She was their hope. As long as she lived they knew she will return to restore the kingdom to the glory she had given it.

After Mirror's escape the rebels handed Vertarria to the Immaculate Order.

Being an exalted only fueled the fire to save the kingdom even more for Mirror. Passion is stronger than before and grows ever stronger. She had to save Vertarria. Her people needed her. The journey to find a way to restore her kingdom began. No matter what it took, Mirror was going to return it to its former glory in order to save everyone. The search for the solution had begun.

Essence score: 3
Health: 5/5
Willpower pool: 7/7

Essence motes
Essence pools: Personal(10) Peripheral(22)

All exalted start off with 7 charms, based of their abilities

Charm: Insightful Buyer Technique
Cost: 1m
Bureaucracy 3
Essence 1
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: None
Smoothly managing the economy is vital to the management of a state. This Charm supplements a social or dramatic action to buy, sell or trade something wisely. This Charm provides information on market values. To the extent that the Exalt understands what the target item, shipment, import or export is—and to the extent that he understands the relevant markets—this Charm gives the Solar a perfect knowledge of its value in those markets. This information is sometimes worth the Charm’s cost in itself, but the main effect of this Charm and this information is to reduce external penalties applying to the mercantile action by an amount equal to the Solar’s Essence. Whether the Solar is trying to buy a good sword for himself, outfit his army in exceptional steel, trade off yeddim for silk before plague kills the beasts or sell off the produce of his nation’s labor, he can overcome penalties from scarcity, volatile markets and trade barriers.

Charm: Speed The Wheels
Bureaucracy 3
Essence 2
Cost: 3m
Duration: Indefinite

The Lawgivers bring order and destroy corruption. The Solar speeds the process of a bureaucracy. Normally, an organization must first take a Begin Project dramatic action—ranging from minutes to months in its duration, depending on the organization’s structure—before it can start actual work on a project.
The Solar communicates his desire for speedy resolution to the organization, and his player rolls ([Intelligence or Charisma] + Bureaucracy), adding the Solar’s Essence in automatic successes. The difficulty of this roll is 1. If the person responsible for this project deliberately engages in delays, subtract an external penalty of ([that person’s Intelligence + Bureaucracy] ÷ 2) from the successes on the Bureaucracy roll. The Solar is aware of such delaying tactics, however.
If the Solar succeeds, this Charm divides the time needed to begin the project by (the Solar’s Essence + 1), with a maximum possible time of one season. For example, for an Essence 5 Solar, if it would normally take six months to authorize naval repairs or obtain an audience with the local king, this Charm reduces that time to a single month. If it normally takes a century to obtain necessary paperwork from a Fair Folk freehold, the Solar resolves the matter in a single season.

Charm: Surprise Anticipation Method
Cost: 1m
Awareness 5
Essence 2
Duration: Instant
In this degenerate time, the Lawgivers depend on a preternatural sense for danger. This Charm guarantees success on any valid Awareness roll to notice immediate mortal danger. This Charm works whether in or out of battle, awake or asleep. If the Exalt has a chance to notice a surprise attack during a prolonged struggle, a dart blown at him in the jungle, an invisible opponent or a cleverly concealed pit, he does so.
If the Exalt’s player must make such a roll and has a chance of failing it, and if the Solar can invoke this Charm, this Charm invokes itself automatically. At that time, if the player has a Combo containing this Charm, he may declare the use of that Combo instead of just the Surprise Anticipation Method Charm.
Surprise Anticipation Method does not invoke itself if the character has already used his Charm for the action, if the character does not have any motes of Essence, if the character is Inactive and cannot become active, if the character is already certain to succeed on the Awareness roll or if the character cannot normally attempt an Awareness roll.

Charm: Inescapable Eye Of The Sun
Cost: 1m
Mins: Awareness 3, Essence 2
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK, Touch
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Any Awareness Excellency
The vigilance of the Lawgivers is as inescapable as day and night. By touching a solid obstruction such as a door or wall no more than (Essence) yards thick, the Solar is able to perceive any events occurring on the other side as though he were present.
Breaking contact with the surface through which one is spying ends the Charm.

Charm: Keen (Sense) Technique
Cost: 1m
Awareness 3
Essence 2
Duration: One scene
Essence enhances the Solar’s senses. Keen (Sense) Technique is actually three Charms, one that heightens sight, one that heightens hearing and touch and one that heightens smell and taste. This Charm gives two bonus successes on Awareness actions that use the relevant senses. It also allows the character to clearly perceive sensory impressions that are normally too faint for human senses to validly observe at all. Some feats appropriate for users of this Charm follow.
Sight. The character can make out the detail on a commander’s epaulet at 500 yards distance, at night. He can see the individual threads of a shirt, and with a legendary success, he can make out the motion of the mites that live on others’ eyebrows.
Hearing and Touch. The character can gauge the quality of fabric with a touch. He reduces the external penalty to target unseen characters to -1 and the internal penalty from blindness to -2. He can hear conversations normally through thick stone walls. With a legendary success, he can read by touch.
Smell and Taste. The character can recognize others and hints of their recent activities by smell. He can track by scent, gaining one bonus success when tracking someone who has a scent. The character can identify spices and poisons by taste. With a legendary success, he can detect but not identify a few drops of tasteless poison in a wine—as its 

Charm: Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
Cost: —
Occult 3
Essence 3
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: None
The Exalted shape the Essence of the world. This Charm lets the character hone her will to the razor-sharp edge necessary to perform magic of the so-called First Circle—a power infinitely greater than mortal thaumaturgy. This magic can affect up to a few hundred individuals at a time, and its spells take only a few moments to cast. This Charm allows the character to take Terrestrial Circle Sorcery actions (see p. 252).

Charm: Mastery Of Small Manners
Cost: 1m
Socialize 2
Essence 1
Duration: Until next action
The Solar attunes herself to the patterns of human interaction. This Charm makes her responses to social situations so natural and appropriate that in social combat she treats all enemy groups as one point of Magnitude smaller than they are (to a minimum of 0.) It also increases her effective Appearance by one dot. When in doubt, other characters will be more apt to do small favors and provide hospitality than not. Finally, this Charm ensures that the character understands the basic motivations of everyone present in the scene, as if her player had rolled three successes on a mundane Investigation roll to estimate each person’s motives.



Commanding The Beasts
Cost: 4 motes
Target: Nearby animals
This spell can be used to stop rampaging beasts, to cause animals to join in combat or to tame and befriend unfriendly creatures. The sorcerer gathers Essence about her and then speaks a command word. Her Essence changes to a bright primary color and then rushes out toward nearby animals, wrapping around their bodies and dissolving into their flesh. The caster’s Essence suffuses and takes control of the Essence of the creatures, making their will subservient to the sorcerer’s own.
The casting sorcerer may choose a number of animals within 20 yards (approximate hearing distance) equal to her permanent Essence x 2. The targets experience the effects of the spell for one scene, unless the spell is countered. Commanding the Beasts may be countered by Emerald Countermagic or an equivalent spell, by the use of beast-calming Charms or by another use of Commanding the Beasts. In the case where another casting is used, it simply negates the effects of the first spell.
The caster may target only creatures of animal intelligence (those with an Intelligence Attribute of 1). If she targets Wyld-shaped creatures, creatures of magical origins, automata, plants, undead, elementals or possessed beasts, the spell has no effect, and the Essence dissipates harmlessly.
The player of a sorcerer who commands beasts adds three dice to any Survival or Presence roll used to deal with these creatures. If she does not attempt to tame the creatures by the time the spell ends, they revert to their pre-spell state.
If beings other than the sorcerer try to interact with animals under the effects of this spell, their players must make a successful Charisma + Ride or Charisma + Survival roll, with a difficulty equal to the caster’s permanent Essence. Charms or sorcery will have their normal effect on afflicted creatures.

-Maintain Distance and Stick with Clover-
Mirror doesn't have a lot of strength or speed. She honestly doesn't have any fighting skills to speak of at all. She instead rides on Clover's shoulder and he swats at their opponents.

A durable and fancy set of clothes complete with pearl and flower hair clips
A survival bag bottle of water and food in it
Artifact: Clover the Golem.

So begins...

Mirror Leih Regium Vertarria's Story


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#, as written by Wake
The water of the fountain swashed and spilled over the side as the pirate flailed about inside of it. Muscle control, lossed in due to the lingering euphoric sensation of having his ears rubbed, eluded him for a brief if slightly terrifying series of seconds as he swallowed crystal clear water and tried to right himself before he drowned. Finally Ashen surfaced, sputtering liquid and curses both with equal virulence as he wheezed for air.

"Tha bleedin' 'ell Astrid!"The changing moon coughed. "Tha 'ell was tha for?!" He sat up in the fountain, now thoroughly drenched from head to toe. The waterlogged clothes clung to his body, and if he had presence of mind he would have been reminded of Lux's own plunge into a similar water decoration that ultimately set this whole fiasco into motion. He began wringing out the white shirt that now hung tightly to his chest and muttered curses at Astrid, handmaidens, Astrid, Dragons, stupid quest, and Astrid.

This series of venomous mutterings ceased when he heard someone directly above him clear their throat. Ashen paused mid squeeze to look up at the emerald green form of the earth elemental, Burnished Mantis. The insectiod chamberlain, despite not having any tongue or lips, made a small clicking sound with his mouth in dull surprise. "Well, I see your group seems to have developed a fondness for our water works, but I must request from now on that our guest stay out of the fountains for the duration of your visit."

While Ashen's face flushed red with embarrassment, the chamberlain tilted his head upwards to look at the balcony above where the other three exalts and an increasingly mortified by the second looking quintet of handmaidens stared back down at him. "Now if all of you gentlewomen are done disrupting the peace of the lords halls, streaking about the palace in drunken stupors and generally making complete fools of yourselves in the Censors name!" The sharp raising of his voice caused the quintet to flinch. "I have the item that Lady Astird requested, and a message from Lord Fakharu. An additional number of exalts will be joining you for this errand. The lord shall introduce you at the docks. If you ladies would kind clean yourselves up and make your way there, it would be most appreciated."

At that same time, another boat pulled into port at the same dock as the first ship landed. This one crewed by actual humans. At it's bow the captain, a man with god-blooded linage by the name of Steel-Sun, frowned as the vessel came into mooring. He was already unhappy that he had been sidelined for the rescue of Lady Amarel he had even further frustrated with being given the task of ferrying a few of the late additions to the actual expedition for her retrieval. He had kept his comments to himself though, even if he struggled to keep his distaste from his expression, and turned back to the passengers aboard the deck. "As promised, we have arrived. His lordship and the rest of your party should meet you here soon."


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#, as written by Sepokku
Though it was immensely satisfying to toss Ashen over the balcony after the frustration of losing Calliope, the sudden appearance of Burnished Mantis reminded Astrid why she was here. With a deft leap the lunar chieftain threw herself over the balcony, catching herself on the railing with her feet, so that she swung to the lower level, landing beside the Mantis spirit on all four. "Of course Emerald One, we're headed there, now that we're not waiting on you."

After retrieving the item from the Mantis Spirit, Astrid resumed her human form once more and swiftly made her way to the docks, testing the mechanism on her newly-equipped grieves and gauntlets as she ran. It felt strange to rely on more traditional weaponry, rather than what Luna had gifted her or Lem had trained her with. However the equipment was well-made and responded to her needs as well as could be hoped.

Exactly what kinds of people the new Exalts would be tolled heavily on Astrid's mind. It would be odd for it to be more Lunars, it was rare for more than two of them to appear in one place without prior notice, and that had already happened. Though the Censor's summon wasn't really normal. As long as it wasn't more Abyssals, she couldn't really complain though. Members of the Wyld Hunt might be problematic also, but she doubted they'd be plucky enough to make trouble on the Censor's home turf.

The docks came into sight, a busy ferry seemed to have arrived not long before, and was bustling with port activity. Finding a spot a ways above the ship, with ample view of the port, the Lunar watched and waited. If the newly arrived Exalts were treated at all like her group had been, they wouldn't be difficult to make out from this vantage point. If they were particularly observant, it wouldn't be hard to see the unusually lithe woman perched on a nearby building.


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The last of the salty sea air drew up over the docks as Nimin looked down across the pier, a new load of the ships in sight pulling in. With a small sigh of relief being breathed as he took another puff from his pipe as the winds pulled it up and away.
The last few days of waiting had been tedious to say the least for the particular solar. He'd spent only a few days in the last port on his way in from being summoned. Having done nothing but ply his skills up the coast before the summons arrived. The request still fresh in his mind, just as the last pang of tobacco swats at the tip of his tongue and he withdraws the pipe, the lone table which he sat at was about done with him.

He dropped a few coins on the table to pay for his meal. Something that had long since gone from the world, though using the table was well enough a reason to keep his place and as he knocked the last of his pipes ash loose. He stood and approached the pier. This was a new day for him. After traveling alone for so long, he'd already been wondering what kind of new faces he'd get to meet and new kinds of people he'd get to treat. Other exalted always offered new challenges and this day he'd get his chance to see all the new faces he could handle.


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Running was all Mirror seemed to accomplish since the fall of her kingdom. No matter where she seemed to go, the immaculate order was never far behind. Perhaps crossing the vast water between continents was the only option. However, finding a ship that would be willing to carry not only an extra passenger but two(one of which being massive and heavy) proved to be immensely challenging. Eventually her luck panned out and she boarded The Dawns Edge with Clove. 

The Dawn's Edge lead to a very interesting ride across the ocean. The trip over the seas wasn't exactly easy for Mirror as she had never been on a boat before. The solar didn't feel sea sick but definitely wasn't steady on her feet either. Ocean travel was something she could get accustomed to. Could and probably would have to. The ride to the dock may have been slightly rough, but the view was breath taking. Glittering water surrounded every side of the ship. Until they had reached the harbor. 

Mirror and Clove tenderly walked of the boat side by side. Right in the harbor was a peculiar sight. A group of people surrounding a person soaking wet. They seemed familiar with each other and one even seemed to be amused by the situation. Within the group was a woman who carried herself differently than the rest. She seemed a bit  distant almost. Like she came from a higher place. Mirror recognized this stance from many different meetings her family would have for diplomatic reasons. Could this other person also be royalty? 

Above the group, on the edge of a rooftop, was a woman with stunningly long onyx hair. Perhaps this stranger was watching the buzzing world below her. 

The Captain, watching his 'guest' take their first steps off deck, noticed the apparent hesitancy in the young eclipse. It may have been his own bias against exalts in general but he personally felt that the young girl and her oversized friend had been more trouble than they were worth. His lord had ordered him to pick her up in a rather speedy extraction from a her pursuit by the wyld hunt. Trying to smuggle a solar out of a city being swarmed by immaculate monks had been a hassle in and of it self. Doing it with her big hulking Goliath of a golem had been nearly a nightmare. They had to knock out a few rooms below deck to even fit the damn thing on board. And for what? Some dainty princess who seemed like she'd never held a blade in anger in her life? But orders had been orders, and Steel Sun's loyalty to the censor was unquestionable. And as it was he needed her off the deck and mingling with the rest of her future 'crew'.

His arm's crossed the cosair deftly stepped beside her, opposite of her massive 'friend', and looked down the docks at the group that was slowly trickling towards them. "This your first time seeing other celestial exalts?" He coolly asked her. "There might even be other solars down there. As I understand it they are going to be your companions for the next month."

Though he kept his tone even and calm, Mirror could sense the captain's frustrations with her. It was best to get a move on to prevent hassling the man further. After all, she and Clove had more than put him out. Dealing with someone not only on the run, but also fairly well known is a struggle enough... But to add a gigantic creature to the mix? Well... There weren't even words to cover that. "It is." She replied smoothly. "Thank you for helping my friend and I." 

Trying not to appear too stiff, Mirror approached the group with Clove. She waited for everyone to finish their conversations before introducing herself. "Excuse me." She was very nervous as she spoke but her voice was unwavering and her posture was perfect. "I was asked to meetup with a group of people. I was wondering if, perhaps, you were that group?" She asked before realizing she never stated who she was. "My name is Mirror Leigh Regium Vertarria." 


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#, as written by Sepokku
After the botched summoning, Artisan began making his way back to the pier, eager to set out and get this ordeal over with already, being met with his slave along the way, one of the many nameless chattel the Abyssal kept around as spare blood. The slave could sense the agitation his lord was carrying, and with a yelp of anxiety, he informed Artisan, "Th-there are more Exalted meeting you at the pier!"

Artisan's pace increased slightly, flustered as he was, and the walls of the Spire twisted up before him as he headed down to where the Censor's dubious representatives in this matter would be meeting. "Why would there be more of us!? Is Fakharu plotting against me and the Bodhisattva? That doesn't add up, we're already amounting to a small army; this would just be overkill." The Abyssal could think of no satisfying answer other than Fakharu wasn't telling them something.

He had already known there was more to this than the Censor was saying, but this only doubled his suspicions. "What exactly had Amarel been abducted for, and what kind of place was this Archipelago of Exiles, that it should be hidden from the Heavens?" More and more Artisan was wishing he'd woken more of his creations for this journey, especially if the Immaculate missionaries had seen success on their on the Archipelago.

The pier came into sight, sea-breeze blowing his snow-colored hair back, right as his eyes locked onto an enormous Golem, not unlike the ones common in the underworld. "Right, so that's one of the other Exalted found." Artisan began making his way to the Golem.

The Abyssal's appearance and sudden direction brought Astrid's attention to the Golem. Charting out a quick course, she jumped from her perch, catching the eve of a house as she fell, and using the moment to swing herself onto a nearby passing cart. From there she disappeared into the crowd, doing her best to blend in and hide from any would-be eyes, quietly shifting into a small black housecat.

Newly disguised, Astrid leaped up onto Artisan's shoulder and with a lazy yawn, she laid herself around his neck, claws well within reach of his throat.

With an annoyed sigh Artisan composed himself, the Golem appeared to be following a confident girl with dual-colored eyes, one that introduced herself as 'Mirror.' Her construct was interesting enough, and that alone made her less annoying then a majority of the other Exalted he'd met.

"Hello Mirror, I am The Artisan That Which Souls Cling, and yes I daresay I am part of the group you were to meet here. This is Astrid," with an idle gesture he indicates the cat on his shoulder. Turning towards the Golem, he continues "And, who pray tell, is this?"


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Nimin began to move down the pier as he could see the group that was now gathering midway up it's landing. It would be hard to hide such an event as anything other then an exalted gathering at this point.

He was sure that his message spoke of others like himself gathering, but at this point it was beginning to reach such proportions. That at least one Order bureaucrat somewhere in world, must have a ringing in his ears equal to a hornet being stuck in the damn thing. A thought that gives him both a slight amount of pause, and humor in equal measure. Resigning himself to simply worry about it later, and just finish stuffing his pipe away into his satchel.

The salty air of the sea blew across the pier once more as he closed within range of the group, taking notice of the more easily discernible members as he moved. Keep a calm look about him, even as the weight of the large construct ahead of him was starting to test the strength of the pier they all currently stood upon. Though he was confident that such construction would hold. Despite the groaning that could be heard from the wood underneath.

He scanned the group ahead of him, even as another came to join in. Stepping with a quicker pace than his own and addressing a rather familiar figure. One that Nimin had to be certain of who he was looking at before speaking. Then he heard the name spoken ahead of him as well. Mirror; such memories came to mind about long distant fields.

A group of exalted, with solars even. Three by the look of it, and more to boot.

It serves right that they'd even be graced by a princess as well.

The other introducing himself was enough to easily point out that he was an abyssal. Knowledge that already did not sit well with Nimin. Though that was only because of their opposing nature, it was just a feeling that was have for one like himself to kick after all these years. He honestly had nothing against the man on face value. Old emotions are hard to be rid of, and having to defend entire settlements from cults, ran by such entities. Was not something that one could deem, as helpful in that matter.

Nimin stopped short of passing his pale companion, and looked between the two of them.
"I see that our mutual acquaintance is more adamant about this proposal than even I thought possible."

He lightly nods towards the two of them as he finishes speaking. "Though it's good to see that I won't be alone as much as I thought this time around... I am Nimin" He adds as he extends a hand towards The Artisan That Which Souls Cling. Being the closer of the two.