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Me, the GM. I will be taking a more hands on route in directing the role play and the npc inhabitants of this world.

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Name:Caste & Aspect:
Nature:Anima Banner: (Born from the personality and character of the exalt, it is an iconic image that flairs behind them when they burn great amounts of essence)
Totem Animal: (Lunar's only. Their 'spirit animal' if you will and one of the lunar's 'true' forms. )



All Attributes start with one point in them, and are divided into categories of Physical, Social, and Mental. Of these categories you will decide which is your Primary (8 points to spend on raising attributes) Secondary (6 points to spend) and Tertiary (4 points to spend). This is most important for lunar's as their charms are drawn from their attributes rather than their abilities. No Attribute may be raise above 5.








Pick three that are not your caste abilities to become favored abilities. You will have 25 points to spend here but at the bare minimum 10 of these must be spent on Either caste or favored abilities.You may also pick up to five 'specialties' that exist as more narrow focused versions of the other types. No Ability can be raised above 5)




(optional: A subgroup within a larger ability that you have a particular aptitude. Such as dancing specialty from performance, sword from melee etc )


(Write here)

Motivation(s) (Motivations are the personal aspirations and ambitions of a character.

(The four Virtues are core to your characters beliefs and desires. You draw strength from them when you set your self to a difficult task and give you motivation towards your goals, and they define you as a hero to the masses. But be warned, the higher the virtue the more difficult it is to ignore for the sake of pragmatism. Resist holding true towards your beliefs of right and wrong too often and you may just snap. Each virtue has one point in it, and you have five additional points to distribute how you choose, but non may go above five. )

(No, this not like final fantasy. The nature of the great curse the defeated primordial's placed upon their vanquishers periodically warps their virtue into twisted inversions in moments of great stress. When an exalt has been force to ignore his or her own principles one to many times they under go episode of madness in which the corruption of the primordial curse comes to the surface. When this 'snap' occurs the exalts primary virtue (the one that's ranked the highest or which ever one you prefer if they are of even rank) becomes compromised into either a twisted reflection of itself or inverted as a polar opposite of itself. The exalt is then forced to act in the terms of this new corrupted virtue until the effects of the curse finishes burning itself out. This effect can last anywhere from hours to DAYS. Though to avoid forcing too heavy a restriction on the player I'll put down a guide line that the character's break down should at least last until the end of the current scene, and after that it's up to the player to decide how long the episode will last.

Examples of Limit breaks are berserk rages, to uncontrollable crying, to a sudden bout of extreme apathy, paranoia, hedonism or whatever else you can come up with. Seriously, so long as it at least tangibly be attributed to a particular virtue in a corrupted state you can go nuts on the concept.)




Your early life? (what was your childhood like)

Your family and friends? (Did you grow up in a dynastic house of the realm tutored by servants? Child of nomadic barbarians weaned on the shamans stories? A street Urchin stealing purses with their friends for bread money? Who raised you and taught you what you know?)

Reaching Maturity? (However you wish to define 'Maturity'. Anywhere from your early teenage years to your adult life. When did you learn to accept responsibilities and the value of hard work? (Or maybe how to avoid it.) )

The events that led up to your Exaltion?(This is a dramatic shift in your characters life. A rebirth with new godly powers. A change that cannot be undone, triggered by important events that you either may or may not have had control over, and a new destiny laid at your feet, for good or ill. )

The after effects? (What did you do with your new found powers? How did you react to becoming what you are now? How did the people around you react?)

And finally how did you get where are you now and what are you going to do?

Essence score: 2 (all exalt's start play at this level)
Health: 0/0 (your stamina stat+3, can be raised further with an endurance charm called ox body technique. Mortal's only get their stamina in health.)
Willpower pool: 0/0 (Equal to the sum total of your two highest virtues.)

Essence motes
The magic of the exalted in quantified as 'motes' which can be 'burnt' to power their charms. All exalted have two pools Personal and Peripheral. Personal essence can be burned without causing the exalt's anima banner to flair and is the first one to recharge when the exalt rest to regain their power.

Essence pools are calculated slightly differently between the exalted types.
Solar's and Abyssal's essence pools: Personal (half your willpower+your essence score+2) Peripheral (your full willpower + (essence score X 5))
Lunar's and Sidereal's Essence Pools: Personal (half your willpower+your essence score+1) Peripheral (your full willpower + (essence score X 4))
Dragon Blooded Essence Pools: Personal (half your willpower+your essence score) Peripheral (your full willpower + (essence X 3))

All exalted start off with 7 charms, based of their abilities (or attributes for Lunar's).

Each 'charm' is a magical trick designed to enhance or augment the exalt's natural talents in super natural ways. The more powerful the charm the more essence it will cost to activate, with some requiring the exalt to also burn a point of willpower as well, or hit points. All charm also require a certain level of skill and spiritual enlightenment in order to learn, necessitating the exalt to to raise their essence score and their abilities/attributes if they wish to acquire stronger charms.

A combo is a specialized form of charm use that allow rapied fire activation of multiple charms at once. Using a combo allows the exalt to overcome the '1 charm per post rule' but only if they have invested the xp to learn that combo first. You may not have a combo at the start.

You may choose to exchange one of you charms to unlock the first level of sorcery, the terrestrial circle which will mark you as a sorcerer at the start of play. You will start off with only one spell that you have mastered, but may exchange more charms for more spells. For all other cases, spells are treated the same as charms xp coast wise, and are treated as 'occult' charms this purpose.

!!!!!BONUS POINTS!!!!!
You will have 10 Points to spend on any stats you wish. You may also choose to spend 4 BP to gain another charm/sorcery (or 3 if it is a favored ability/attribute). Also you may spend 3 points to start with a piece of magical gear.



So begins...

The Storyteller's Story


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#, as written by Wake
One the moonlit sea a single boat drifted against the currents. Behind it, an ethereal wind pushed it along as it cut through the water with surprising swiftness and ease. The ship did not rock or sway as it traveled, for the sea had stilled itself at the coming of it's passing and the breeze, though fierce in its sails, remained constant in it's force for the spirits of the water and air knew well who this boat belonged to and dared not impede it's passage. Nay, in waves beneath it vaguely humanoid shapes writhed in the sea, pushing back any turbulent currents that bared the way.

The Vessel itself was a splendid construction. It's hull was constructed of ivory and birch-wood; it's nails were were silver, and it's sails of white silk. It's interior was no less luxurious, with its polished wooden walls featuring a multitude of tiny engravings of sea creature and holding several small cabins, enough space to comfortably fit ten people. Oddly it featured no crew aboard. It only carried a small group of passengers that it had acquired one by one through out the night, appearing from the mist at one port to collect one and then passing through the fog again to reach an entirely different pier mere moments later. Sometimes it would be in an entirely different point of creation. Each time the first thing they would see, was a strange cloaked figure at the helm, inhumanly tall with long tendrils peeking out from under his robe to claps at the ships wheel.

It would say nothing to them as they came aboard. Merely it would check that they held the scroll that held their invitation, nod, then bade them aboard before returning to the wheel. It did not speak for the first time until the last of it's occupants stepped aboard. When it did it's voice was raspy and wet sounding, like the spray of salt water hitting against the rocks.

"It will be some time before we arrive. Make yourselves comfortable. It would not be proper for you to appear before Lord Fakharu in an unpresentable manner."


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#, as written by Sepokku
The last occupant stepped aboard, a Deathknight formerly known as Dresden, a ghostly pale man dressed in all black armor, reeking of funeral unguents, and holding a chain that was attached to a metal collar around a human male. Only a few short minutes after he did, the Caste mark above his brow brought forth the ire of one of the boat's occupants. Upon seeing his caste mark, Astrid stopped admiring the handiwork of the boat, taking her fingers from where they had been ran along the engraving. She stood from her seat, angrily striding over to The Artisan That Which Souls Cling.

Growling, her anima beginning to flicker and Caste mark becoming evident, as she assumed one of her True Forms. A hulking cross between human and tiger, with some features akin to that of a serpent. "Deathknight." Her eyes burned with malice, as she stepped forward. "You die now."

The Deathknight, recoiled, whimpering as he produced a small honeycombed piece of white jade that made an angry buzzing noise. "S-stay back. I'll use this!" He stepped back a few feet, his back hitting the bow of the boat. "G-guys? A little help here!? The invitation didn't mention psychotic Lunars!"

The 'psychotic Lunar' turned back to the cloaked figure, demanding answers. "What, Is HE doing here? How am I supposed to make myself comfortable with this, FILTH, on the same vessel as me. A servant of the Neverborn, within claw's reach, give me one reason I shouldn't gut him right now!" Astrid spat out, with hatred, eyeing the Artisan. She truly despised Deathknights, and for good reason.


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#, as written by Wake
Ashen Sky felt his jaw tighten as the larger lunar made reference to his low standing in the silver pact. He was still new to the life of a lunar, and most of his accomplishments thus far had been in the process of simple self preservation and thus the matter of his lack of 'face' among his peers was a sticking point for him. Thankfully his sense of self control prevent him from baring his teeth in the process of calming her down, as he waited for his charm to take effect. Though that matter wasn't help by some runt kid babbling to everyone in the background.

His patience was rewarded when the older lunar seemed to deflate in her anger, his magic appearing to take effect of her. Idly he took note of her lack of resistance to it for later as she spat the last of her waning ire out on the deck. Then she looked at him; her eyes trailing up and down his figure and he resisted the urge to flinch or pull back from her scrutiny for he knew a sign of weakness would likely mar him in her eyes. Then her anima began to flair and the moonsilver tattoo's on her body began moving across her skin. He tensed as she reached her hand out towards his head, and quietly his free hand drifted to the hilt of the rapier hanging at his side.

Then she clamped down on his head and started rubbing. He would have simply brushed the hand off with a slightly annoyed quip, but was stopped from such an action momentarily by her ministrations to the extra set of ears poking out the top of his skull. The sensation sent a small tingling sensation from the tip of his skull and down to the base of his neck. He did not trill at her touch, no matter what accusations to the contrary. He swatted away her arm to get her to stop as she spoke again. "You're Ashen Sky, I've heard of you from the Elders... I'm Astrid Grunewald." He re affixed his hair and nodded. "Ay, I've her of ya."

She stepped back, made another rude gesture towards the sickly looking man before assuming the form of a cat and scappering off towards the strange woman with pink skin. Having relaxed now that the apperent danger was over, that same sickly man approached Ashen Sky. "Thanks... No clue what her issue was, I swear we've never met. I'm The Artisan That Which Souls Cling, nice to meet you. I owe you one." Ashen laughed softly at that. "Wordy name ye got mate. Think I'll be just callin' ya Artisan fer the time being if ye mind." He then slapped his palm against his the outstretched hand offered him and let a toothy grin appear on his face. "And you do. I'll be cashin in tha favor soon!"

The subsequent introduction to the mans 'pet' was off putting, but Ashen Sky had seen slaves before and was willing to put it out of mind as quickly as said man disappeared below deck. Wouldn't do to start something over it after he had just ended something over something else.

At the back of the ship the pilot slowly retracted it's tendrils. Glad to see that these exalts could defuse their struggles on their own. It would be... trouble some to report to Lord Fakharu that he had to drown another group of incompatible aspirants. Time was of the essence as well, for it could not spare the effort to track down and vet a new collection of champions for the task ahead. Not with the stated deadline baring down on his lord like this. The ships helmsman could only hope that these scattered exalts could work out their own differences along the way for whether they new it or not a great deal would be put at immediate risk if they failed, likely bringing the whole of the western spirit courts into disarray. This was the reason why it had quietly worked its magic to allow them all to understand each others speech for the duration of their voyage.

One of the exalts, a small child by the look of it, came bounding over with absurd enthusiasm and started pelting him with questions and dialogue. The spirit stood listening to the boy talk before bringing one tendril up with an small but still audible snapping noise in front of the boys face in a motion not to dissimilar to a 'shushing' sign. "This ship does not yet have the provisions for a self cleaning for it was only built last morning. Rest assured that you will be given time to freshen up at the lords palace when we arrive."


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#, as written by Wake
Part 1 of a monster collab between Jakuri, Myself and Sepokku

Down a hall and pass several rooms, Nāgasāni led the chieftain across the spire to a spacious room. In side the found it filled with items fit for tailoring and cosmetics. On one side the walls were lined with rolls upon rolls of fabrics all of different colors and materials, all stacked between cabinets filled with scissors, threads, needles, measuring equipment, jewelry and other supplies. On the other was a layered series of racks and shelves that contained various outfits of exquisite design in states of full or half completed construction. At the far end Vengalu and Periya were finishing their preparations of their work station, itself already set up with the folding curtain and rolling wardrobe from earlier, a reclining chair and a large wooden tub of steaming water. They both turned and deeply bowed as Astrid was led into the center of the room. "Now then, Lady Astrid, we we're informed that you desired similar ware to what we provided for Lady Lux, but not noticeably so? We were hoping you could provide some further detail to that request, or would you rather we use our own imaginations?"

The room, admittedly made her changing room in the back of the longhouse that she lived in, look like a hovel. Indeed Astrid could get used to being prepared and pampered in a room of similar size, though perhaps one that was decidely more spartan. Nāgasāni posed a question that, to Astrid, seemed rather obvious. "Your imagination, of course. I know not what goes for normal around these parts and wish to stand out far less." That being said, she immediately undid the fastener that held her cloak around her, shrugging it off as she began to approach the steamy bath. Then she undid the clasp that held the remains of her shirt to her, letting it fall to the ground unceremoniously. The gauntlet on her right hand hit the ground with a dull thunk, and after kicking off her boots, she carefully took off what little remained of her now nearly ruined stockings.

The Lunar casually undid her belt and let her tattered shorts fall to the ground, each article of clothing lay where it fell, creating a trail to the tub. Removing her underwear, she plopped into the bath, purposefully splashing water at Nāgasāni as she did so. Turning a stern eye to Vengalu and Periya she told them, "I already informed Miss Nāgasāni here, but be gentle and treat me with courtesy. Or else." Trying to put a growl into her voice, but failing that, she relaxed into the bath, letting the warmth from earlier consumed drink mix with the warmth from the tub, creating a slight flush over her northern features. "You may begin." Feeling more at home, and unwinding tension she didn't realize she'd been holding, she requested with a smile, "Nāgasāni, be a dear and come wash my hair."

"As you wish honored exalted." The leader of the quintet never faltered in keeping her polite smile, and neither batted an eyelash at the spray of water or the implied threat. The warning lacked heat to it and it was clear the herbal relaxants they had adminsitered to the bath was working to calm the exalt. She set down behind the Lunar and began slowly pouring small hand fulls of hot water over the womans scalp to wet her hair. "Periya. The number 17, the forest kings nector if you would?" Periya nodded and went to one of the cubbords whilist Vengalu gathered up the discarded bits of 'clothing' (and Nāgasāni heavily debated calling the tattered scraps of rags that) astrid had left scattered on the floor. When Periya returned she came with not one but two bottles, for the 'number 17' and the 'forest kings nector' were in fact two separate items, one an actual shampoo and the other a paticular brand of drink gifted to them by a wood elemental. Nāgasāni had been somewhat expecting Astrids rough behavior, and had made a small plan to ease her into a more 'coobrative' state. The bottle labeled 17 she poured into her hands before slowly lathering it into the Lunar's hair. The liquid had a sweet-ye-earthy evergreen scent to it and the handmaiden worked slowly to apply it with soothing kneading motions.

Beside her, Peryia set down the forest kings nector and a small cup and bouyant plate and asked. "Lady Astrid, would you care for a drink and shoulder massage while you soak?"

The drink was appreciated, her buzz from the feast was beginning to wear off, probably due to the sheer amount of the food that had been consumed. "But, of course." without turning her body, and making use of her double-jointed nature, she grabbed the drink from Nagasani and began to indulge herself. After only a few short moments, the drink was emptied and its container placed carelessly on the ground near the bath. "You know Nagasani, being this far from my home, seeing you little ones, kind of reminds me of the children I left behind. Makes me a *hicc* bit homesick." Feeling the girl's hand knead their way through her hair was relaxing, and a bit nostalgic of the way her kids would play with her hair.

Feeling her inhibitions begin to loosen, and once again making use of her double-jointed nature, she reached back and with a grip of iron, she grabbed Nagasani's hand. "Come 'ere, I want a better look at ya." Without waiting for an answer, Astrid pulled the girl into the bath with her and began to scrutinize the poor thing's face, all while the Lunar's own features grew flushed from drink. "Ye remind me of my rambunctious *hicc* little daughter. Do ye think she'll *hicc* have yer kinda *hicc* grace when she's yer age? Little scamp is *hicc* always up to all sorts er mischief with 'er *hicc* brother." Hugging Nagasani tightly, Astrid called out to the one that had been adressed as Periya. "Miss... Periya if you could take over for Miss Nagasani, she is unfortunately predisposed at the moment." Turning her attention back to Nagasani, without skipping a beat she continued on, "I *hicc* like this shampoo ye picked *hicc* out. It smells like the forest *hicc* I used to call home, back *hicc* when i was younger. How did ye *hicc* know?!" Perhaps she was a bit louder than necessary, but volume control was far from her mind.

Joining Astrid in the bath was decidedly not part of Nāgasāni's plan, and it was a miracle that she managed to keep her self from yelping as she was pulled in. At least not too loudly. Trying to keep Astrid tipsy was probably a miscalculation as she was now effectively the Lunar's captive. Despite this, and probably thanks to the herbal relaxants in the bath water, Nāgasāni was able to recover just enough to respond. "Well, um," she began lamely. "We were given a brief overview each of you and your homelands, Lady Astrid, and I uh, suspected that you would prefer a brand native to your part of creation." She felt a slight hint of a blush start to appear on her face as the much stronger woman squeezed her close, not feeling quite as used to being the one on the receiving end of the embarrasement. She flicked her eyes at a still shocked Periya in a subtle gesture of 'do something' whilst she franticly thought of a way to regain control of the situation.

"Um, I wasn't aware that you were a mother Lady Astrid." She said grasping at the first subject she could think of. "Is it just the two children then? May I ask how old they are?" Behind them Periya took over her leaders role of hair dresser and resumed the task of washing Astrid's locks. Vengalu stood further back, wondering to herself if she should come closer to help or stay in reserve in case the exalt decided to get grabby with Peryia as well.

Perhaps a bit weird considering other aspects of her character, Astrid would always seize upon opportunities to dote upon her kids. "Just the two! Twins, a boy and a *hicc* girl. I believe theyre a little over *hicc* three. They must miss *hicc* dear ol' mum terribly *hicc* by now... And they're prolly *hicc* reigning hell down *hicc* upon the rest of the tribe. *Hicc* little scamps never seem to *hicc* run out of energy. Mischievous brats... *hicc* kinda like ye." Thoughts of home filled her head, mind wandering away from the Palace and their soon to begin quest for but a moment.

With a lazy smile Astrid inhaled deeply as she continued to hug Nagasani in a tight grip, the scent of various perfumes, the shampoo, and the herbal relaxants in the bath created a heady mixture that was pleasing but slightly overwhelming. Relaxing her bear hug, but still holding her in place by locking a leg around the courtesan's, attention was turned towards Vengalu. "Miss!" Showing the girl her unmanicured nails that could use some maintenance, she continued, "Could you *hicc* do my nails please? They *hicc* need a bit of *hicc* uh... *hicc* care. Don't color them. *hicc*" She let loose a drunken giggle, no one at home was this skilled at beauty care and it was refreshing, but she'd never admit that. Kicking her free foot up out of the bath, water cascading through the air as she did, "Toes too, *hicc* please!"

Seemingly suddenly becoming aware of something, Astrid quickly scanned the room and confirmed her suspicions. "Where *hicc* er the rest of ye? Weren't therr *hicc* more a ye? This could *hicc* be a lot quicker! Not *hicc* to say I'm in a hurry to *hicc* be done here." Reaching towards Nagasani and ruffling her hair, [color=darkslateblue]"I don't *hicc* mind. Tha leader a ye all *hicc* here to pay me all manner *hicc* a attention. So tell me Miss *hicc* Naaagasani, is the water to yer liking? I am enjoooying it. *hicc*"

A slight chuckle escaped Nagasani's lips at that. The young woman was still slightly off kilter from the sudden turn of the situation, but the head handmaiden was an adaptable sort and was doing the best she could to adjust to Astrid's pace. "It pleases me to know that the bath fits your inclination Lady Astrid. The water was given a special mix of mineral and herbal supplements designed to open the pores and ease muscle fatigue, and has the added benefit of helping to reduce stress and anxiety." That said Nagasani was noting that her dress was getting rather soggy. She would have loved to get out and dry it off but with the exalt's leg firmly wrapped around her own, getting untangled with the older woman would likely be a struggle on it's own. Idly she remembered Astrid's earlier demand against 'inappropriate touching', and how that had apperently gone out the window as soon as she had gotten buzzed. Instead, she opted to remain where she was in an attempt to keep the Full Moon appeased while she rode out her high. Then they could regain footing for stage two.

At their side Vengalu arrived with a set of clipers and nail files. Deciding to start with the outstretched foot, she gently took hold of the ankle and guided it to the rim where she sat down and got to work massaging the foot and trimming the nails. Deciding to keep the conversation going Nagasani continued. "As for where Lakshmi and Hotton are, we left them to take care of a minor spill on one of the other floors but they should join us given enough time. In the meanwhile, since you desire my 'attention' so, would you allow me to scrub your back for you?" She was stuck here now, and figured she might as well try to play the exalts game if she was to get any sway in the matter.

Hearing the others would join them in due time, was enough for Astrid and sunk a bit deeper into the bathwater, letting Vengalu attend to her while Periya finished treating her hair. Nagasani's request was heard, but there were more important matters to attend to first. Leaning forward, squeezing Nagasani in a bear hug, she whispered softly into the girl's ear. "Is thar more a that drink I just had? Can ya send Periya to get more? That sounds like a goood idea!" Releasing Nagasani from the leg-lock, she pulled herself enough out of the bath to allow her back to be scrubbed. Not looking at her, but rather relying on sound and the movement of the water she kept a watch out for Nagasani trying to jump out of the tub.

"Aye do feel a lott lesss fat-igued... As for tha stresss... well that could be a number of thingss..." Certainly, she didn't expect a trip to the spa when she received Fakharu's summons, though she also had no clue why he'd summoned her. Perhaps she should have been twisting his arm a bit further before setting out to reclaim Amarel, but she couldn't dwell on the thought at the moment. Far too many distractions were happening currently, too many things to keep a watchful eye on, well as watchful as she could be in her current state.

Getting the Lunar more drunk was... well it wasn't something she would suggest after seeing what happened with the last bottle, but as host it was only fitting that they see to their guest request. Reluctantly Nagasani gave a nod to Peryia who had mostly finished with Astrid's hair at this point. Swapping places, the starmetal maiden left the room to go collect more of the elixer whilst Nagasani took position behind Astrid. She leaned out of the tub slighty to grab a bar of soap and began lathering the exalts back. Starting at the neck, then working her way down, Nagasani made small circular motions with the bar along the shoulders, under the armpits, the sides, her shoulder blades and then down to the small of her back. Then once there was a nice layer of foam across Astids back the handmaiden rose out of the water to grab a nearby spounge.

Closing her eyes, enjoying the attention as Nagasani set to work, the Lunar let her thoughts begin to float away. The scent in the air and sensation of being attended to by a trained entourage of the Western censor, caused her to dissociate slightly. Such a surreal situation, her children back at home would hardly believe it. However, when Nagasani stood up, mistaking her movement for an attempt at an escape, Astrid practically tackled her, taking them both underneath the water. The water in the tub sloshed about a bit, getting Vengalu slightly wet as well. A sly grin crossed her face as they re-surfaced, "Soorryyy, I slipt!" Her words were an obvious lie, made obvious by the glint in her eyes. "The baath is tooo.... big, don't get oot. I feel odd bein' innit alone."

Lux followed after the two handmaidens, doing her best to keep pace. She kept a loose hold on the Lantern, deciding to take it with her, lest another “slight mishap” occur. Hotton and Lakshmī seemed to sense the apprehension Lux felt, as both girls would occasionally glace back at her and offer her a small, reassuring smile—which she would return out of politeness. As much nerve as she’d built up.... Whatever happened, certainly this would be an experience?

The trio of girls walked for several minutes in silence down stairs, and through corridors and hallways til the duo of handmaidens stopped in front of a door, Hotton spoke, “We’ve arrived, Lady Lux. Nāgasāni, Vengalu and Periya are tending to Lady Astrid here.”

Lakshmī moved, and took hold of the door’s handle, opening it up and making a motion for Lux to enter first, “You may enter, if you’d like.”

Resisting the urge to nibble on the tip of her thumb again, and tightening the hold she had on her Lantern, Lux took in as deep a breath as she could manage with the corset still squeezing her middle so tightly. “Thank you both....”

Steeling herself, Lux held her head up high and entered the room...only to be met with quite the unexpected sight. Of everything she could’ve imagined seeing or happening.... Barely three steps into the room, and Lux froze in place, gawking at a very naked Astrid in a large tub, basically clinging onto a still clothed Nāgasāni. The little Dragon-Blooded opened her mouth a few times, but no words came out, only a high-pitched noise akin to a whine. After a moment, the sight registered in Lux’s mind and the girl suddenly yelped, loudly, and clenched her eyes shut, face turning red as a beet, even with the pigment upon it.

“I-I am SO sorry! I did not mean to interrupt—I th-thought that you were only getting a-a new outfit prepared!” Lux shouted, voice raising an octave as she began to make the motion of backing up to leave the room.


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#, as written by Wake
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