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Jacob Serrivin

One of the six Malformed Humans forced to live on Mars

0 · 134 views · located in Mars

a character in “Exile To Mars”, as played by Adriac



Name: Jacob Serrivin
Age: 27
Race: Malformed Human
Time on Mars: 0 days
One of Six Newcomers: Yes
Appearance: Picture is above. Jacob's special ability is an attunement to the space around him. Using this attunement to manipulate objects or to teleport himself is strenuous on his body but also tunes it finely into a built, muscular form able to withstand the harsh effect his ability has on his body. Because of the tension on his body, Jacob has also developed a rough look on his rarely smiling face and rugged demeanor. He stands around 6'5'' and weighs 240 pounds. He has brown eyes, and his buzz cut hair is a very dark brown color...he would have to grow it out for it to be a defining feature however. Jacob wears the type of clothing that, today, would make people keep an eye on him. His jeans are loose and baggy, although they do not fall or sag, and he always wears either tight t-shirts or wife beaters. He hopes this tough exterior will protect him on Mars like his abilities did on Earth.
Special Ability: Something like telekenesis. Jacob is attuned to the space around him, and is able to manipulate it. He can move objects (within limits) and teleport himself, but the downside is that this can be very taxing on his body. His power combines his physical strength with the strength of his mind and extends it into the space around him, allowing him to lift objects, teleport himself, etc.


Personality: Jacob tries to be as rough as his appearance, but he is also extremely intelligent. Because of this intelligence, Jacob finds himself more logical than emotional in many cases..and finds it hard to become close to anyone. Logically, if he is close to someone they can figure out his ability and report him to authorities. If Jacob helps you, it is probably because he sees a future benefit in it, not because he cares about you.


Weapons: Jacob doesn't really have use for weapons, but his fighting skills are extraordinary. Imagine the stress of lifting space up around you, and then using the same strength you use to do that to hit somebody or something.
Personal Gear: Jacob was unable to bring anything with him except for the clothes on his back. He is currently wearing jeans and a black wife beater.


History: Jacob was raised in a laboratory like the other malformed humans..but something different occured. He tricked the scientists. At a very young age, Jacob's powers developed..but his mind was sharp enough to not show the scientists what was going on. Jacob trained these powers in secret, and the rapid growth and increased strength of his body led his makers to believe he was one of the Perfect humans..he was released into the world at the age of 16.

However, the world he was put into was a far worse prison for Jacob than the prison he was allowed to leave. Jacob was surrounded by a world full of people very different from him. Nobody around him had the abilities he had, and they often talked of people like him as creatures and monsters. Although never shown, Jacob's heart broke a little more each time he was rejected by those who didn't even know they hated him with such fervor. Serrivin knew he would have to blend into the world if he wanted a fate better than the others with abilities like his, and so he worked in construction. It was always so tempting to use the telekenesis at his job, and sometimes Jacob gave into that temptation...dangerous as it was. His powers had made him very strong, however, and even if he had never used those powers for their full purpose, he was a valuable asset to his employers.

Through logical reasoning and pure caution, Jacob lived a normal life for 10 years. At 26, emotion took over. Jacob Serrivin fell in love. His girlfriend, Kayla, was often sympathetic and compassionate towards the malformed humans as she heard stories of them being shipped to Mars. She was the only one he had ever met that didn't hate him, and so he clung to her with all that he had. They were together for a year, and Jacob decided he should not live a lie. One day, he told Kayla about his power. And thus came his downfall. All of the illusions he had of acceptance were shattered as Kayla ran out and reported him. She was terrified of him, she hated him. It was easier to be sympathetic to the faces of strangers in suffering than it was to accept you were dating one of them. One of those..creatures.

And so at age 27 Jacob found his home surrounded by soldiers and his hands clamped shut in those cursed handcuffs. He could no longer feel the space around him. Not only was he heartbroken from the betrayal of his love, but now he felt empty as his entire world was now something he could only see and no longer feel. Now he is on the space shuttle to Mars, unable to imagine how he had lost it all so quickly and so completely.

So begins...

Jacob Serrivin's Story