William/ "Ace"

Resident of Mars; Runs with a tough crowd of men

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a character in “Exile To Mars”, as played by echored


Name: William / "Ace"


Age: 23

Time on Mars: 7 years

"Career" on Mars: Weapon/Metal/Electronic supplier to a major warehouse shop in Mars/not the owner of the shop, but a worker for a bigger boss; In charge of getting some supplies off the ShipX and bringing them to the warehouse to sell to locals on Mars; Close connections with the Material Unloading Team that manages who gets what off the ship (that those from Earth send in) so they give him special access to expensive goods.

Appearance: Exactly like the picture

Special Ability: Can turn himself invisible, and with concentration, turn certain objects invisible as well


Suave, sarcastic; Down to Earth (or should I say Mars?), doesn't take people too seriously, likes to mess around with people's nerves; he is very curious, eager to learn about new things; Social, but not technically friendly to everyone he meets; he is a flirt with the women, a jokester around his friends, and serious when it comes to his work; there is a dark side to his personality, but if he keeps his temper in check then he is usually a happy guy


Personal Belongings: What he is wearing in the picture; also a select few weapons that he enjoys using; smoke grenades, throwing knives, high tech computer goggles;


Raised in an American based laboratory in China, Ace was in their "perfect human" program like many others. This lab was rather old, rather run down. Their technology and testings was advanced, but the equipment was glitchy at times and low funded. The owners of the lab live back in the States, and ever since they left their lab in China, it was up to the scientists to run things. With the great amount of human experiments being raised there, it was hard to watch over them all; this led to many of the children running havoc around the grounds. This lab in particular ties with producing the most 'malformed' humans yet, which isn't a very positive thing to be known for. Seven years ago when Ace was 15, still known to those as William on Earth, he was discovered of his power. Several boys and him were running around inside a gym playing tag when William all of a sudden disappeared. We was still there and could see everyone, but to his friends around, they were all speechless and frightened, they heard his voice but he was invisible. They informed scientists immediately, leaving William confused and in shock that he was yet another malformed human added to the list of 'mistakes' that the lab created. In days he found himself on the ship to Mars, headed for a new life. When he settled in to the new place, he found himself making friends with a power group of people, rich criminals. They saw his power as a great asset to their team, and took him under their wing. This team consisted of men in charge of the Unloading dock by the Ship, as well as the warehouse owners that sold and traded metal and weapons. Soon enough, he grew to be one of their head transport guys, for there was a catch: he could get them more goods than what they really paid for, by making sheets of steel and electronics 'disappear'. He could only keep them invisible for a short time, but it was long enough to get them from the ship to his truck bed without anyone seeing. And those that were on his team, helped him out by distracting other crew members to look away when Will would enter the ship. It was a way of life he picked up, not thinking he was doing anything particularly wrong. Present day he lives life pretty low key on Mars; one could find him either at the Loading Dock, at the Warehouse metal shop, or at the dining hall. Over the time he has been on Mars, people have called him "Ace". Only a few know where the nickname came from, but it stuck, and no one knows or remembers his real name anymore except for him and his team.

So begins...

William/ "Ace"'s Story