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"You have been given the power to change your own destinies. I highly recommend you take this offer."

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a character in “Exiles - A Massive Crossover”, as played by Dark Equestrian


Name: The Timebroker
Alias (if any): N/A
Franchise from which you originate: Multiversal
Weapon(s) of choice: N/A
Description of Appearance:
Short Bio/History: The Exiles first encountered the Timebroker moments after they were plucked from their own realities and gathered together. He brought them to a place outside normal time/space to explain their predicament. According to the Timebroker, they were brought together to fix imperfections in the chain of time. Each of the Exiles' home realities had been altered by ripples in time, and if they do not complete their missions, their lives would forever change for the worse.
The Timebroker claims he is truly an artificial construct - a figment cobbled together from the Exiles' collective unconscious - a way for their individual minds to cope with an unreal situation. Various members of the team have questioned his existence and have received only vague answers to any doubts they might have.

So begins...

Timebroker's Story


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“Some tea would be lovely, actually.” A voice came from nowhere as if to respond to Yukari, but soon all would see a chubby man roughly five feet tall, wearing a green vest over his neatly ironed shirt. His pink bow tie really stood out and not to mention he was balding with that horse shoe style that most men seemed to get over time.

As the tiny man spoke, everyone seemed to find that their abilities were somewhat… nulled. They could draw upon them, the tie that kept them bound not severed in the least. It looked as if even the powers of the gods could be stifled for just a moment as this man spoke to the little ragtag group of temporal citizens.

"You were all brought here to become allies, not enemies." He explained, shooting a slight glance to Yukari and Deadpool, offering them each a rather fatherly smile, almost with the tone of “you know it was you”.

"I am the Timebroker. It was I who brought you all here." He paused for a quick moment. "Speaking of `here`, this place, as you may have been wondering, is The End of Time. It is one of the few places in which all realities meet."

He waited another moment until he had everyone's attention. "I have quite a speech here, so listen carefully... and hold your questions until after I'm through." He cleared his throat. "All realities and dimensions are connected. They make up what is known as the `chain of reality`. If a certain event occurs in one of these realities, it will have a ripple effect, travel through the chain, and eventually have an effect on all the other realities. As of late, there have been `kinks` within this chain of reality. We need a group of heroes to fix these kinks before they lead to the destruction of all life as we know it."

The little man began pacing as he spoke. "All of you have been selected to travel from reality to reality fixing these problems. And you personally have been selected because of events that have the potential to take place in your realities. For example... Nathan, my boy, you will find yourself on the expedition of a lifetime. Riches beyond your wildest dreams, except the cursed gold you would lay your hands upon would be your downfall. A cave-in would separate you from your companion and the room would flood, sending you to a watery grave. Katara? Upon reaching the Fire Nation Capital, you and your companions will be struck down by Princess Azula. She would later turn the Avatar over to Fire Lord Ozai and end Aang’s life.” He paused a moment and eyed Deadpool. “And Wade? You will eventually eat an extremely bad batch of Chimichangas and spend an eternity in the bathroom.” He watched the reactions of the people he mentioned. "You will all suffer some sort of horrible fate, whether it be death, living in torture, or having not being born at all. In order to save you from those fates, you have been teleported here. Failure to fix the kinks in these realities means that you will end up with that horrible life...or death." He paused once more. “And that goes for those of you who are effectively immortal. A severed tie in the chain could mean that your powers could be cut off for good…”

He continued pacing. "You have been given the power to change your own destinies. I highly recommend you take this offer."

Knowing there were a million thoughts running through their minds, The Timebroker concluded his speech. "You will all carry a device with you called a Tallus." He reached behind his back and revealed a large, golden bracelet with an oval-shaped jewel in the center of it. He slipped it over his hand and up past his wrist. The Tallus was so large that it covered most of his forearm. "These Tallus' come in all shapes and sizes to properly fit your preference. Bracelets, gauntlets, microchips, necklaces, key chains, whatever. This is what will guide you through dimensions. It will tell you what the situation is and what you must do to complete the mission." He stepped aside and, appearing behind him, was an extremely large chest. The lid was open, and inside were different shaped Tallus'. "Pick which ever one you want."

"Remember," The Timebroker added, "you have been specifically selected to save the universe from collapsing on itself. You are now part of a team that will inevitably become the greatest group of heroes through all of time."


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Character Portrait: Yukari Yakumo Character Portrait: Katara Character Portrait: Deadpool Character Portrait: Nathan Drake Character Portrait: Lobo Character Portrait: Timebroker Character Portrait: Archer
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Yukari Yakumo

After the train had crashed, the fire soon began to be extinguished, though not by normal means. It seemed that only the Youkai had noticed the faint trace of a power in use, but, then again, she might be the only one to be able to notice such forces. The girl in blue almost immediately ran to the aid of the red and black suited man and asked for aid, who seemed to be regenerating from the blow, while the 'wild man' broke down laughing and clapping his hands. All the while, the man with the white hair began to tell the girl in blue to give up and stop trying to heal the foolish man. The odd thing about this, however, was that the human seemed to be manipulating the water to use the element's concept of purification and healing, whereas the white-haired man began to mumble about 'prana'. Things like these, Yukari surely has heard once before, but she couldn't place a finger on it. Either way, it seems that at least three of these humans at least weren't normal, with the Indiana Jones (Now she remembers!) rip-off rolling his eyes at the sight of the train wreck, which can be seen as a sign that he has to put up with the abnormal in some way as well.

Then, the man who tried to call dibs on her stood up, teleporting all over the place and spouting absolute nonsense to the wild man and the not-Indiana Jones before going back to her and talking about being pregnant. "And people say that I'm obnoxious..." Yukari muttered to herself as she stared at the man. "Maybe I should grab that womb of yours and give it to my shikigami. Then they would have a regenerating meal and thus an endless feast of human flesh." She grinned sadistically, almost rivaling that of Yuuka Kazami. If someone were to know her as she was usually in Gensokyo, the effect of the grin would've multiplied because of the fact that no one really knew her as one to grin at such things. However, everyone almost forgets that she herself was a Youkai, who eats human flesh and relishes in the chaos within the world of a human, if it didn't really effect Gensokyo itself.

And yet, she remembered, no one at least gave an answer to her offer to have some tea as they introduced themselves. "How very rude..." She uttered to herself, with multiple contexts behind it.

“Some tea would be lovely, actually.” Another voice spoke to answer her offer. It came from nowhere, but it seemed to echo everywhere at once. Yukari Yakumo then stared at the sudden appearance of the short and balding man as he kept speaking. "You were all brought here to become allies, not enemies." And then he glanced at her and the foolish man with a hidden meaning that Yukari knew all at once. Yukari then noticed that the Spellcard she held had no magic power. Well, it did, but it felt as if it was already in the state of 'Spell Break', in which a Spell Card has either run out of power or was nulled by the danmaku of an opponent during a danmaku battle. Strange, indeed. Yukari thought to herself. This man was not to be trifled with, though Yukari masked that thought as she brought her fan to cover the bottom of her face, making a mischievous look that she was known to do.

The man then began to make a speech of the reason why the six of them were transported to this 'End of Time'. The fact that everyone was hand-picked because of the horrible fates that shouldn't happen were going to because of these 'kinks' actually did worry Yukari. It inferred that Gensokyo itself was in danger, directly or indirectly, because of these 'kinks'. At the very best, the man might have only chosen her because of her ability to gap herself into different dimensions, which would benefit this group greatly in this mission. At the very worst, Gensokyo would be destroyed because of various reasons, one being that she would not be there to even create the Great Hakurei Border. "I suppose we are able to ask our questions, then." Yukari said after the man was done. "Out of curiosity, what exactly did cause this?" She tilts her head as she removed the fan from her face, now being serious rather than being her playful self that she was a few minutes ago.