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Exiles - A Massive Crossover

The Multiverse


a part of Exiles - A Massive Crossover, by Dark Equestrian.

You are going about your everyday lives, doing your everyday activities, in your own reality. Quite unexpectedly, a dark pinkish portal quickly opens up above you. Within a split-second, you find yourself in different surroundings.

Dark Equestrian holds sovereignty over The Multiverse, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

663 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


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The Multiverse

You are going about your everyday lives, doing your everyday activities, in your own reality. Quite unexpectedly, a dark pinkish portal quickly opens up above you. Within a split-second, you find yourself in different surroundings.


The Multiverse is a part of Exiles - A Massive Crossover.

1 Places in The Multiverse:

8 Characters Here

Katara [10] "I will never, ever turn my back on people who need me!"
Deadpool [10] "Bring me more Pop Rocks and Dr. Pepper. Prepare to bathe my monkeys"
Archer [10] "It isn't going to feel right without Rin breathing down my back."
Nathan Drake [9] "Oh crap!"
Lobo [9] Bastiches...... All of them........
Yukari Yakumo [8] "Oh my... this is a rather large incident, even for Gensokyo's standards..."
Timebroker [2] "You have been given the power to change your own destinies. I highly recommend you take this offer."
The Medic [0] "If you need me, don't hesitate to scream!"

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New York City, was quiet and had been for the past few weeks. The Avengers were just coming off a big win from Thanos and everyone's favorite wallcrawler was back in his right mind after having his body taken for a test run by Otto Octavius. All in all things were... Boring and if there was one thing Wade Wilson hated, it was boredom.

"Yeah you tell em, writer dude."

Wade muttered as he lounged in his recliner in his tiny, one bedroom apartment. Pizzas boxes littered the floor as did beer bottles and a box of holiday toy donations he'd stolen from a local department store. On the wall over the television was a newspaper front page nailed to the wall showing Wolverine standing triumphantly over a sentinel, several knives and bullet holes through the paper showed that it had been used for target practice. A neon pink Live Nudes sign buzzed incessantly on the other wall leading into the kitchen that, if possible, was more filthy than the rest of the apartment.

"Aww shit son! RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!"

Deadpool exclaimed, sitting up in his seat excitedly as the show he'd been watching picked up. On the old tube tv with the rabbit ears, one of which being made out of tin foil, was the latest pay per view wrestling program, pay per view paid for by Wade's nearest neighbor whom he'd threatened into buying the program for him.

"Randy Orton's over rated." "You're fucking drunk!"

"Orton's the man! That RKO shit is nuts! I'm so doing that to the next geek I get hired to murdify."

Wade shot back, arguing to his own minds ramblings.

"Which will be when exactly? We haven't had a job in months. The bills are piling up and I'm not sure how much longer you can keep threatening the landlord to let you stay for free."

"Pssh, Amir loves me. He wouldn't kick me out."

Deadpool said, pulling one of his katanas free from where he'd left it, plunged deep into the chairs armrest. Deadpool twirled the blade around over his head, deftly between his fingers.

"We do kinda need something to do though. I think I'm gunna start talking to myself soon if we don't get some stimulation." "You're a disembodied voice created from his subconscious in order to allow the writer a way to narrate plot points." "I know, scary right?"

Deadpool arched his eyebrow under his mask, considering his brains points. With an ambitious grin he reclined in his seat and looked up at the ceiling.

"What I need is some excitement! One ticket to stimulation station, coming up."

Deadpool drew his pistol, pulled back the hammer with his thumb and put the gun to his head. His finger began to squeeze the trigger when the air above him began to ripple and shift. An amorphous pink blob began to form above his head before it took shape in an oval of sorts. Deadpool paused, staring at the portal in confusion.

"Yeah, well... that works too."

With that he kicked his feet back and sprung up, in an acrobatic leap through the portal.

"ALLONS-Y!!!" "The Tenth Doctor, nice." "I was always more of a Matt Smith fan." "I hate you."

Deadpool sailed through the incomprehensibly fast paced world of inter-dimensional travel, making whoosh noises all the way doing his best to sound like a tardis until he was dumped unceremoniously onto the hot sands of some foreign world. His mask was filled with sand as he'd fallen face first into the dune. Pulling his head out of the sand Wade coughed up more sand than he cared to think about, and brushed himself off as he looked around.

"Is this Tatooine?" "Oh, please be Tatooine."

The next thing he knew more portals began opening up and dumping people out onto the sands around him. There was a big guy that looked like he just left an intergalactic Motörhead concert, a young Indiana Jones without the hat or whip, a sexy Japanese maid, a dude with white hair and a young girl with hair loopeys. One look at the group and a single thought entered the mind of Wade Wilson. In an instant he dissapeared, teleporting in a puff of purple and black smoke to reappear behind the Japanese woman.



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"By the way, Rin... May I confirm something with you?"


"I can buy you time if that's all you want but it's okay if I kick his ass, right?"

"Archer.... Of course, don't hold back!"

"In that case, I hope I live up to your expectations."


The battle between Archer and Berserker had begun as most would have expected -- one sided. The great Hercules, known by many and enhanced by his class was many leagues above the nameless Archer that stood before him when it came to stats. Even evading a blow by the monstrous Berserker did not grant one safety, for the air displaced by it was a threat of its own. Archer summoned his two blades, Kanshou and Bakuya, in a failed attempt to defend himself. Immediately, his swords were destroyed and he was blown back by one swing of Berserker's weapon.

"How weak, your weapon broke before you could even show them off? Trying to take on Berserker with a Noble Phantasm like that." Illyasviel von Einzbern mockingly laughed before ordering Berserker to finish Archer off. "Berserker!"

"Just as strong as the legends say you are, huh?" the red-coated man laughed in the face of what most would consider absolute despair. There was no possible way to win. The difference between he and the heroic spirit that stood before him were just too great. But that would not cause him to faulter.

He had been a hero, after all.

Archer made a jump, far from a human's capability, backwards and landed on the guard of the walkway on the second floor of the castle he was in. There was no place for him to run, so he would fight for everything he had. If he couldn't at least stall Berserker, then Rin would die.

"I am the bone of my sword..."

Summoning his obsidian-colored bow, he fired a broken phantasm at Berserker, who was pursuing him. The blast from this was enough to kill about any servant, Berserker was no exception. However, while it was true that Berserker had lost his life, it was also true that he did not just have one. And so the battle continued.

"Berserker, after him!" Illya ordered with urgency lacing her tone. She had lost her confident grin before now that she saw the power this unfamiliar servant held. She would not lose here.

The battle ascended up the castle, to the outside walls, where Archer lay waiting for his opponent to follow. Narrowly avoiding a surprise attack by the huge beast, Archer couldn't help but admire the speed with which it was launched, considering Berserker had such a large frame. Nevertheless, this did not prevent him from taking a backstep, with his foe close behind. Unfortunately for Hercules, this was simply a ruse in order for him to be caught in a hole from the unstable floor they were on. It left the perfect chance for Archer to retaliate.

"Steel is my body and fire is my blood."

He summoned his favorite pair of blades, despite them having been destroyed mere moments ago. As though a boomerang, he threw these swords and they arched directly into Berserker's face, but he merely shrugged them off as though they were paper wads. Still, Archer continued.

"I have created over a thousand blades."

Projecting yet another pair of Kanshou and Bakuya, they joined their fellow blades in the sky, revolving around Berserker's exposed head before closing in, this time detonating. Berserker cried in pain as Archer closed in.

"Unknown to death,"

His final pair of blades remained in his hands as he charged his foe, continuing his chant.

"Nor known to life"

He was focusing everything he had into this fight, and knew he would need to do everything in his power. Thus, he closed his eyes as he began to strengthen the pair of swords in his hands. "...Tear a mountain from the Earth, the sword divides water into two!" as they were strengthened, Kanshou and Bakuya started to glow and increase dramatically in size as Archer lept into the sky and brought both of them down on Bersker. Despite this, Berserker had not been slain permanently. The hulking figure approached Archer, who was now defenseless with the destruction of that pair of blades, at an incredible speed and brought his huge, rock-like sword down on the man cloaked in red. Archer was hit with this blow directly, simply smiling in resignation as it knocked him through the floor and back down to the first floor, where the fight had begun.

"Well, maybe now you regret it a little?" taunted the small form of Illya, who descended the stairs of her castle in a confident manner. She quickly changed when she saw Archer open his eyes, a cheeky grin directed at her telling her the battle wasn't finished just yet. "Berserker! Enough playing around! There's something wrong with his head! Carefully and without hesitation, kill him before you get killed!"

As Berserker hopped down to finish the deal....

"You're still so merciless, Illya...." Archer had already gotten to his feat, albeit with great effort. "Although it won't change the fact that I'll lose.... I'll make it harder for you to end this, Berserker." the worn-out, shaky Archer declared with a grin.

"Here, take another one of these blades with you!" Archer threw a blade past Illya and towards the one light remaining in the room, causing the whole place to go black besides the areas where the moonlight seeped in. Archer had seemingly disappeared as both Illya and Hercules atttempted to locate him.

"Did he escape?" she wondered to herself.

Her fear had proved meaningless, as the moonlight slowly changed to reveal the hidden Archer, kneeling next to some rubble from the room that had fallen.

"Looks like the Lunar Goddesses aren't blessing you." she began, but Archer did not seem to notice, or just did not care.

"Have withstood the pain to create many weapons."

"Bersker!" she unleashed her servant towards him. He simply growled and charged towards Archer.

"Yet these hands will never hold anything."

It was now or never. Berserker had closed the distance between the two servants, and was now swinging his weapon with the obvious intention to decapitate and be done with Archer. There was no possibility of him dodging, so nor did Archer want to. This is exactly where he wanted Berserker, and now....!

"So as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works!"

A pure flame spread out amongst the ground, engulfing the entire castle as the world shifted to white. Yes, he had managed to activate his 'Noble Phantasm' before being defeated. He knew, despite this, he would still not win the battle, but anything to make Berserker's life hell was fine with him. The thick light that had blinded him slowly darkened until he could finally see, and the landscape before him was......

....Not his Reality Marble.


Archer was confused. What had happened? He found himself in what appeared to be a desert of some kind. The only thing beneath his feet was sand, and he certainly was not still in a building --- the blue sky above attested to that. But, he was not alone. He spotted a few different figures beside him, though he recognized none of them, except, perhaps, the one wearing a lot of red like himself. He reminded Archer of an old comic book he'd read back before he became what he was. Though there were some obvious differences. Besides that man, there was a shady-looking 'biker', a younger kid, a blonde-headed woman wearing odd clothing that reminded him of something a servant might wear, and................Indiana Jones without a hat or whip.

He did not bother to encourage the suited man's childish behavior, but instead posed a rhetorical question.

"I don't take it any of you know where we are?" he asked, though the feeling in his gut told him something would explain this mess in due time. What was going on?


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Yukari Yakumo

With her long, blonde hair sprawled across the floor and on her face, the girl laid on her futon, sleeping for winter. The other blonde, the one with a white hat and nine yellow tails with white tips, chased after the little brown-haired girl with two cat tails. The sleeping beauty very well was a beauty, having flawless skin and blonde hair that seemed to be just a curtain of water flowing down from her head. Of course, as the Shikigami of the sleeper chased her own Shikigami, they felt what was sort of a... Disturbance. It was weak, as if it would have little to no impact. However, Yukari Yakumo opened her eyes almost immediately to the feeling. It may be weak, but the brightest of stars from outer space may not be seen because of how far it was from the eyes that perceive it. "Yukari-sama?" Ran Yakumo, Yukari's Shikigami, asked Yukari. Having lived with Yukari as Yukari's Shikigami, Ran could tell that something is wrong if Yukari were to wake up in the middle of a nice slumber. "Is there something wrong?"

".... I... Sense something." Yukari spoke seriously. Yukari Yakumo, the mischievous Border of Phantasm or Gap Hag depending on who you were, was rarely serious. Her eyes were never seen so focused on an incident, as when they do happen she would be rather playful. However... "I sense many, many boundaries and borders breaking..." She muttered to herself rather than to Ran as she sensed reality itself changing in a dangerous fashion, as well as... Many others. Being able to use the borders and boundaries of reality, such changes by this scale would not go unnoticed by Yukari. This, however, was a change on a rather large scale. It may not be noticeable in this universe, but in others...

"Ran." Yukari turned to her Shikigami. "I want you to look over Gensokyo while I'm gone."

"Yukari-sama?" Ran's eyebrow was raised.

"I'll be away for quite a while."

"And the Hakurei girl?"

"This does not concern her.... Yet. Even when it does, she won't be able to do anything. You know what to do if something happens." Ran nodded and walked away. Sighing, Yukari went to her storage of clothes, changing into her white dress with a purple Chinese tabard. After all, what kind of idiot would go around fixing incidents in their pajamas?

Turning around from her closet, Yukari sensed another disturbance. This time, it was a small one and is very near her as well. Looking up, the youkai saw a portal that wasn't her own. "Oh my..." Yukari muttered to herself. She was quite apprehensive about the said portal, considering it came just after the small disturbances earlier. However, as said in some anime from the Outside World she had seen earlier, 'It is better to regret doing something than not doing it at all.' Besides, 90% of the time, Yukari can still be able to go home through her own gaps if necessary. So, levitating herself upwards, Yukari Yakumo went down the rabbit hole of this incident.


"How very.... anticlimatic." Yukari sighed, standing on the sands of this dimension. While she expected to be teleported to the place she needed to be, an infinite expanse of desert was the last thing that she'd expect. Of course, Yukari did see some other people around her. It was a glorious band of randomly-picked protagonists, including herself. The Boundary Manipulating Youkai, the Man in the Red-Black Suit, a man who reminded the Youkai of a movie she onced watched during her trips to the Outside World (something about a George?), a rather dashing young man with silver hair, a very... wild man, and the only other girl in this group consisted of all the people in this dimension.

It was, for the most part, interesting. Are the enemies, or allies in this incident? Unlike the Hakurei girl, Yukari wouldn't just beat them with Danmaku to find out. Of course, that doesn't mean her spells aren't ready to be fired. Speaking of which, when the man in the full body suit decided to teleport behind her and 'calling dibs', on her as they put it, the one Youkai who was one of the oldest beings in Gensokyo who led an army against the Lunarians and helped create the Great Hakurei Border turned around to the obnoxious man. "While I'm flattered by you 'trying'..." Yukari smiled sweetly before pulling out a small card, seemingly from under her sleeve. "No mere human may 'call dibs' on me."

"Abandoned Line 「Aimless Journey to the Abandoned Station」"

One gap opened above the foolish man, an the sound of a train could be heard just miliseconds before it exits out of the Gap and crashes into the man's position. A large explosion occurs, and Yukari turned back to the rest of the group. She smiled her sweet and elegant smile once more, the debris and wreckage burning behind her. In her hands was a small plate and a cup of tea gapped to her left hand while her right still held her parasol to shield the sun from her eyes. "Now then, I believe this calls for introductions and tea? After all, I believe this does call for us to do so before we find out our business of being here."


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The young bender from the Southern Water Tribe sighed as she made her way through the wilderness, having been thrown unceremoniously from Appa's back during a brief assault by Fire Nation troops. Aang and the others had made an attempt to rescue her, but she assured them she would be fine and attempt to rally with them later. If only Katara could believe the words she had spoken perhaps just an hour ago... it certainly would have made the whole ordeal seem like less of a burden on their mission.

“Maybe I should send up a signal of some sort.” She brushed a stray lock of hair from her face and checked the water she kept with her. 'Nope, not enough to rise above the canopy.' Katara took in her surroundings: trees as far as the eye could see. The canopy was so thick that it nearly blotted out the sun and the only things she could see moving about in the trees were smaller native fauna.

She knew that Aang and the others could handle themselves, perhaps giving them more credit than she would have in person. She felt the constant need to protect her friends, especially her brother, Sokka. If things got too risky, they would at least attempt to hide until the Fire Nation called off the search for the time being. Katara clutched her hands to her chest and said a soft prayer for their safety.

“Please watch after them.”

The waterbender could sense a stream of some sort nearby, able to tell the body of water just by being in proximity to it. From there, she could hear voices; three of them! Well, three and a flying bison.

“Do you think she'd be here?”

“Of course! Katara always finds her way to water.”

“Like a fish?”

“Or like a turtleduck!”

“Mmm, I'm getting hungry.”


Katara found herself running, her legs carrying her faster than she had ever though possible. It didn't take her long before she could call out to her friends.

“Aang! Sokka! Toph! I'm here! I'm--”

She paused, pushing pas what she thought was the last of the trees only to find herself on... a beach? No. A desert! Katara looked around, calling out for her friends before she noticed the portal overhead. It was pink and swirled around, leaving her to wonder just what had happened.

Others were nearby, causing her to be on guard should they be from the Fire Nation. Two men were wearing red, which wasn't a good sign. The other wore purple and the others looked... normal? Well, if normal was pale skinned with red eyes. The teen slowly made her way forward, overhearing the men speaking before something huge and metal, the size of a small Fire Nation craft, crashed into one of them!

“Oh my gosh!” She rushed forward to assist him after the explosion went off, shielding her face with her arms as she tried to make sparing use of her water to protect herself from burns. The teenager cried out as the flames quickly dissipated, though unbeknownst to all it was from some higher power than any of them could ever aspire to be.

Katara crouched near the black and red clad man, resting his head on her lap as she administered first aid. “Don't move! I'm here to help...” She said, using her water to course over Deadpool's body, trying her best to patch him up as she shot a glance to the purple clad woman who struck the man with a metal exploding box.

“Well? Isn't anyone going to help him?”


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Lobo looked around at the small spaceport he had docked his hog at. The small diner that occupied it, had now become a fiery blaze of ruin. He had killed every single one of them.....Except for his target, who against Lobo's better judgment was to be kept alive... He took a puff from his cigar and scanned the area, bodies, and body parts were strewn about the area. He smiled as he found his target trying to hide under the body of one of his now dead henchmen. Lobo lumbered his way over to the wimpering injured Aellon and easily threw the carcass that the Aellon was hiding under out of the way. The alien laid there in shock as Lobo dragged him by his foot and hitched him up to the back of the spacehog. "Yer gonna fetch me a pretty coin" he growled to his hostage.

Lobo started up his bike, and with one last cry of despair from the Aellon, he took off. As he left he tossed what appeared to be a frag grenade back down to the station. The small landing port was then engulfed in flames and obliterated in seconds. He flew away Lobo looked back at his handy work and let out a booming yeehaw!As his bike sped away he suddenly realized that he wasn't in space anymore. The landscape was now filled with sand, and and more sand. Looking forward he noticed he was barreling towards a large rock protruding from the sand. Making a very quick sharp right turn he avoided the rock. The whiplash from the turn whoever sent his target smashing into the rock leaving a smashed goop of skin and Aellon blood. "SHIT" Lobo cursed to himself. He stopped his bike and got off. The chained and hook were still attached to his bike. and so was the Aellon's foot.... Lobo grumbled and sat down in the sand against his bike. He sat there thinking for a while. He noticed that other strange looking characters began to appear around him but he didn't really care.

There was a very irritating looking man wearing a read and black full body suit. A Strange little girl wearing a purple dress. He knew there was something up with her. A normal looking human male who as fair as Lobo was concerned did not pose a threat. Another human looking girl appeared this one howere looked a bit more tribal in appearance. Another man wearing armor and a red trench coat also became present. Still not saying a word he watched as the irritating one began to harass the girl in the in the dress. He watched as a train appeared out of nowhere and exploded on top of him. Letting out a bellow of laughter he clapped his hands. He had a feeling that girl was capable of more.


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Elena stood by the door, watching as Nathan drew a few more figures in his journal, glancing occasionally at the artifacts lying on the coffee table. Drake looked up at her and smiled as she sat by his side.

"I don't think these are worth much. But they're nice decorations."

Elena glared at them, then directed it to him.

"You're joking, right?"

"Hmm, not even the statue?"

"No!" - she chuckled- "To think you got yourself stuck inside a cave for this is just ridiculous."

"Hey, come on, I know you like the statue."

Elena rolled her eyes, getting up.

"If that makes you happy"

He shook his head a little, carrying on with his drawings, then picking up the statue and inspecting it. It was shaped like an old tribal figure holding a lance above its head, made out of stone and copper. Picking up a sphere, he looked at the patterns engraved in it, following the lines, then putting it in his pocket as it was about the size of his palm.

Nathan stood up, stretching a little, then walking towards the kitchen as Elena wrote on her laptop.

"Hey, I'm just gonna check something out"

"Be careful. Last time you said that I had to patch up your bullet wounds."

"I'll be right outside."


Drake waved, walking out the door and looking around the Yemen city. He took a step forward and turned around a corner, walking past the people on the streets.


"Oh crap!" he crawled as fast as he could from a small crack in the stony wall as it closed right after, rocks dropping from the other side and trapping a snake halfway out.
"Snakes!... Why'd it have to be snakes!?" he was interrupted in his thought as the wall beside him began collapsing. Drake got up, slipping and running as fast as he possibly could through the stone temple, past a door and into a large room, where he was now imprisioned. "*pant* Shit. *pant*" He was on his fours on the ground catching his breath, getting up to inspect the wall on the other side, noticing a small compartment and openning it. He removed the sphere from his pocket, looking at it and at the crack on the wall, fitting it in there. He crawled back out as the compartment closed, only for a door in front of him to open, revealing a chest.

"Now we're getting somewhere."

He put a foot in the room, making sure everything was okay... To dodge a blade that fell from above. "Damn" He mumbled as he finally walked in and kneeled down by the chest, kicking it open.

"Empty..." He sulked and closed it, exiting the room as it started shaking.
"Does everything have to crumble down!?" He looked around the room, completely trapped in as the floor behind him dropped to the depths below, revealing a few pillars holding the floor in place. Nate's thinking was interrupted as the floor collapsed beneath him. Just as he thought he was going to fall, he saw a pinkish-purple light and then blue. He rolled face down, putting his hands on the sand and glancing around.

He laid in silence for a while, getting up and rubbing his eyes. Nothing but dunes and a blue sky.

"Is this... No." he said as he walked up a dune. "Am I dead? Or am I dreaming?" He narrowed his eyes, seeing someone else pop about.

"Uhh... Hey where am I--" and another one. And more. He inspected them silently until a guy in a red and black suit came up cracking jokes like a maniac. When he was about to speak, something came crashing in flames along with another person.
"Yeah... Yeah I hit my head hard and died" he readjusted his "Indiana Jones" clothes and shoved sand off them, wondering where he was and who he was with.


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As if to take advantage of the situation Archer and the others found themselves in, some form of craft from out of seemingly nowhere had made quite the abrupt descent and crash straight into one of the unfamiliar people of the group, sending an explosion and pieces of the craft flying. When the dust, so to say, settled, all that remained was the destroyed craft upon the top of the ninja-like beings body.

“Well? Isn't anyone going to help him?” the native girl cried to the group. Archer could already hazard a guess as to the type of character she would be.

Seeing nobody else answer her, Archer sighed, resigned to his fate as being the one who needed to assist. "If I must." he muttered before walking over to the crash site at a pace that suggested he was in no real hurry (because he wasn't) and placed his hands under the wreckage. With a heave, his strength allowed him to move the ship up off of the man it had crashed into, but the impact had left anything under it mangled and to anyone with eyes, the man was now dead. Archer let another sigh escape his lips as he looked down to the tribal girl. "He is dead. Don't bother wasting any more prana."

Archer was not one to meaninglessly waste time or effort on someone who could not be saved. He had already experienced the pain and betrayals that came with such a foolish way to live, and it wasn't pretty. Saving everyone was impossible, you must kill someone to save someone else. He wished he'd realized that sooner.


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Deadpool mumbled as his flesh began to knit back together and consciousness returned to him. His body was broken all to bits but healing up quickly as his latent mutant abilities began to kick in. His dibs had back fired and he had been met with a magic train from pain station. Wade blinked open his eyes to see a pair of beautiful blue eyes looking down at him. His right hand began to twitch and slowly raise to her face. His voice, a grunting whisper given that windpipe was still crushed, murmured to her.

"P-please... I...I have to tell you something."

She leaned in and he whispered into her ear as his body finished healing.

"Respawn lol."

With that Deadpool sat up casually and brushed some of the sand and soot off himself from the explosion. He noticed that his femur on his right leg was jutting out of his thigh and he frowned.

"Well you won't be able to stand like that." "You're mom won't be able to stand like that."

Deadpool chuckled at red brain's comeback as he reached down as pushed in the bone back into his thigh where it reconnected with the rest of the bone and healed up instantly. She shook like a dog getting out of the water as the last waves of pain left him.

"Well that was more fun than getting drunk on eggnog at your grandmoms house on Christmas and riding her wheelchair around."

Wade said as he got to his feet. He turned and looked at the young pretty native girl who was still on her knees, looking up at him like she'd seen a ghost.

"She was trying to help us?""Nice kid."

Deadpool bowed graciously to her like an old world prince and offered her his hand to help her stand.

"Milady, I am most gracious for your attempts at salvation but alas! I am Deadpool, the most deadpooliest of all the variants, I am the Merc with a Mouth, the ass grabbin assassin, the diamond wing wearin, kiss stealin, WHOO, wealin dealin, limosine ridin, jet flyin SON OF A GUN WHOOO!!"

Towards the end of that little rant Deadpool began to act like wrestling hall of famer Ric Flair, even going so far as to start doing the vintage Ric Flair strut. Before he teleported behind Indiana Jones, standing shoulder to shoulder with the guy he eyed the others in the group.

"What'day say Indi? Think one of these clowns has the Crystal Skull? My wager is on the big guy."

In the next instant Deadpool was standing toe to toe with Lobo, staring up at the monstrous space bounty hunter with his chest puffed out.

"That's right Big Show, I'm talking to you! You think you can interrupt my match and cost me the World Heavyweight championship?! HUH?!"

One final teleportation and Deadpool was once again behind the japanese woman who crushed him minutes ago. He leaned in close, as seductive as a truck stop drunk.

"You rocked my world baby but I got some bad news. I'm pregnant, it's yours and before you ask, YES I'm keeping it!"

Turning back to the group who was all staring at him Deadpool paused. He scratched his right butt cheek as he remembered that he was in a strange desert he didn't recognize.

"Does anyone know where we're at? I'm starving..."


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“Some tea would be lovely, actually.” A voice came from nowhere as if to respond to Yukari, but soon all would see a chubby man roughly five feet tall, wearing a green vest over his neatly ironed shirt. His pink bow tie really stood out and not to mention he was balding with that horse shoe style that most men seemed to get over time.

As the tiny man spoke, everyone seemed to find that their abilities were somewhat… nulled. They could draw upon them, the tie that kept them bound not severed in the least. It looked as if even the powers of the gods could be stifled for just a moment as this man spoke to the little ragtag group of temporal citizens.

"You were all brought here to become allies, not enemies." He explained, shooting a slight glance to Yukari and Deadpool, offering them each a rather fatherly smile, almost with the tone of “you know it was you”.

"I am the Timebroker. It was I who brought you all here." He paused for a quick moment. "Speaking of `here`, this place, as you may have been wondering, is The End of Time. It is one of the few places in which all realities meet."

He waited another moment until he had everyone's attention. "I have quite a speech here, so listen carefully... and hold your questions until after I'm through." He cleared his throat. "All realities and dimensions are connected. They make up what is known as the `chain of reality`. If a certain event occurs in one of these realities, it will have a ripple effect, travel through the chain, and eventually have an effect on all the other realities. As of late, there have been `kinks` within this chain of reality. We need a group of heroes to fix these kinks before they lead to the destruction of all life as we know it."

The little man began pacing as he spoke. "All of you have been selected to travel from reality to reality fixing these problems. And you personally have been selected because of events that have the potential to take place in your realities. For example... Nathan, my boy, you will find yourself on the expedition of a lifetime. Riches beyond your wildest dreams, except the cursed gold you would lay your hands upon would be your downfall. A cave-in would separate you from your companion and the room would flood, sending you to a watery grave. Katara? Upon reaching the Fire Nation Capital, you and your companions will be struck down by Princess Azula. She would later turn the Avatar over to Fire Lord Ozai and end Aang’s life.” He paused a moment and eyed Deadpool. “And Wade? You will eventually eat an extremely bad batch of Chimichangas and spend an eternity in the bathroom.” He watched the reactions of the people he mentioned. "You will all suffer some sort of horrible fate, whether it be death, living in torture, or having not being born at all. In order to save you from those fates, you have been teleported here. Failure to fix the kinks in these realities means that you will end up with that horrible life...or death." He paused once more. “And that goes for those of you who are effectively immortal. A severed tie in the chain could mean that your powers could be cut off for good…”

He continued pacing. "You have been given the power to change your own destinies. I highly recommend you take this offer."

Knowing there were a million thoughts running through their minds, The Timebroker concluded his speech. "You will all carry a device with you called a Tallus." He reached behind his back and revealed a large, golden bracelet with an oval-shaped jewel in the center of it. He slipped it over his hand and up past his wrist. The Tallus was so large that it covered most of his forearm. "These Tallus' come in all shapes and sizes to properly fit your preference. Bracelets, gauntlets, microchips, necklaces, key chains, whatever. This is what will guide you through dimensions. It will tell you what the situation is and what you must do to complete the mission." He stepped aside and, appearing behind him, was an extremely large chest. The lid was open, and inside were different shaped Tallus'. "Pick which ever one you want."

"Remember," The Timebroker added, "you have been specifically selected to save the universe from collapsing on itself. You are now part of a team that will inevitably become the greatest group of heroes through all of time."


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Yukari Yakumo

After the train had crashed, the fire soon began to be extinguished, though not by normal means. It seemed that only the Youkai had noticed the faint trace of a power in use, but, then again, she might be the only one to be able to notice such forces. The girl in blue almost immediately ran to the aid of the red and black suited man and asked for aid, who seemed to be regenerating from the blow, while the 'wild man' broke down laughing and clapping his hands. All the while, the man with the white hair began to tell the girl in blue to give up and stop trying to heal the foolish man. The odd thing about this, however, was that the human seemed to be manipulating the water to use the element's concept of purification and healing, whereas the white-haired man began to mumble about 'prana'. Things like these, Yukari surely has heard once before, but she couldn't place a finger on it. Either way, it seems that at least three of these humans at least weren't normal, with the Indiana Jones (Now she remembers!) rip-off rolling his eyes at the sight of the train wreck, which can be seen as a sign that he has to put up with the abnormal in some way as well.

Then, the man who tried to call dibs on her stood up, teleporting all over the place and spouting absolute nonsense to the wild man and the not-Indiana Jones before going back to her and talking about being pregnant. "And people say that I'm obnoxious..." Yukari muttered to herself as she stared at the man. "Maybe I should grab that womb of yours and give it to my shikigami. Then they would have a regenerating meal and thus an endless feast of human flesh." She grinned sadistically, almost rivaling that of Yuuka Kazami. If someone were to know her as she was usually in Gensokyo, the effect of the grin would've multiplied because of the fact that no one really knew her as one to grin at such things. However, everyone almost forgets that she herself was a Youkai, who eats human flesh and relishes in the chaos within the world of a human, if it didn't really effect Gensokyo itself.

And yet, she remembered, no one at least gave an answer to her offer to have some tea as they introduced themselves. "How very rude..." She uttered to herself, with multiple contexts behind it.

“Some tea would be lovely, actually.” Another voice spoke to answer her offer. It came from nowhere, but it seemed to echo everywhere at once. Yukari Yakumo then stared at the sudden appearance of the short and balding man as he kept speaking. "You were all brought here to become allies, not enemies." And then he glanced at her and the foolish man with a hidden meaning that Yukari knew all at once. Yukari then noticed that the Spellcard she held had no magic power. Well, it did, but it felt as if it was already in the state of 'Spell Break', in which a Spell Card has either run out of power or was nulled by the danmaku of an opponent during a danmaku battle. Strange, indeed. Yukari thought to herself. This man was not to be trifled with, though Yukari masked that thought as she brought her fan to cover the bottom of her face, making a mischievous look that she was known to do.

The man then began to make a speech of the reason why the six of them were transported to this 'End of Time'. The fact that everyone was hand-picked because of the horrible fates that shouldn't happen were going to because of these 'kinks' actually did worry Yukari. It inferred that Gensokyo itself was in danger, directly or indirectly, because of these 'kinks'. At the very best, the man might have only chosen her because of her ability to gap herself into different dimensions, which would benefit this group greatly in this mission. At the very worst, Gensokyo would be destroyed because of various reasons, one being that she would not be there to even create the Great Hakurei Border. "I suppose we are able to ask our questions, then." Yukari said after the man was done. "Out of curiosity, what exactly did cause this?" She tilts her head as she removed the fan from her face, now being serious rather than being her playful self that she was a few minutes ago.