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Nyles E. Renolds

The Weapon Smith

0 · 406 views · located in Second Deck - Training Chamber

a character in “Exodus: Aeon”, as played by Nyxous


Nyles E. Renolds


Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Sarcastic, and out going, loves to see things go boom, tentitive, and calm, great listener, and a team player, has a romantic side to him ,and usually has the biggest ego you will ever see.

At the age of 9 he had built his first pistol from a metal recycling plant, at age of 12 he one the science fair at his school for making a laser that could heat, cool down, and reheat, with one second (later to be used, mass produced, and equipped on mining vessels all over). Later he discovered space travel to be more his style, and from there he joined up with anyone who was willing to take him to space, for the past 10 years he has been traveling space, in search of a ship worthy of his particular talents.

  • Weaponry
  • Tinkering
  • Woman
  • Cooking
  • Space

  • Ignorance
  • Physics
  • History
  • Bright light
  • Drunk people

So begins...

Nyles E. Renolds's Story

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An hour has passed as everyone, including the medic Katherine and the armsmith Nyles is summoned to the training room. Jannelo marches in front of the entire crew, with his hands behind his back, putting on his drill sergeant persona once again.

"You had your fill, you had your it's time for ACTION!"

Jannelo stops marching, and points towards the combat grounds.

"I'm sure most of you've seen this set up before...and if you haven't...WELL!"

The target shooting boards pops out of the rails, with red dots all over its body and head. It moves left and right, or forward and back, depending on the rails.

"Shoot, hit, or blow up the damn things! I wanna see how good your arms are."

Jannelo folds his arms.

"Your score will be based on your speed, accuracy, and efficiency!"

And then he cocks his head.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Nyles E. Renolds
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#, as written by Nyxous
He had been observing everyone else, and they all seemed to be extremely skilled, Nyle was almost in awe at the amount of talent in the room, now it was his turn, as Nyle walked towards the range, preparing himself, he took out his pistol, True although he was a Weapon Smith, and had created almost every type of weapon at one time or another, he still preferred the classics, it was his was holding true to the original weapon smiths, As he loaded the magazine with bullets, and slipped the magazine into the gun, he prepared himself, quickly and swiftly observing the rogue targets. With a quick aim, he quickly shot all the targets, most of the shots landed in the head, with one exception, one had landed in one of the targets groins. "Heh, i guess i still have what it takes to fire the guns i make" he smiled as he turned around walking back to the bench he had previously been sitting on.