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Krissae, Krissi (But one does not simply call him these to his face)

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Kris has the ability to fly. He can soar at high altitudes with precision and dexterity. The downside is that he can only use the power for thirty minutes at most.

“Dragons are pretty sweet, ah?”

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James Michael

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Live Free or Let Me Die- Skillet

21 (And a half c:)




Appearance Description
Kris has golden hair and is about 5’ 10” weighing about 150 pounds. He is quite slim for someone of his age, but he packs lean muscle to boot. He often has a serious look about his face, especially when it comes to his comrades (as he likes to call them) and other fellow guardians. However, when he does smile, he flashes his ivory teeth in a charming grin. He finds it rather embarrassing, but others say it’s perfectly fine. Needless to say, he doesn’t believe them.

Kris appears to be a very serious person upon initial contact. However, he loves a good laugh. But, he hardly ever shows his fun side due to the pressures of being one of the eldest, and a leader too. He takes his duties very seriously and fusses over his teammates like a mother hen most of the time. Some would go as far as to call him strict, but in reality he just feels pressured. The way he sees it, being the leader, everyone looks up to him and is counting on him, and all he wants is to live up to their expectations. But every so often he’ll break down and let his emotions show. Only when he’s alone, though. So far, he’s been able to keep a straight face in public.

Where is your character found a lot in the castle
His own room.

His singing (unbeknownst to everyone else), decision making, general leading, persuasive reasoning, he’s quite intelligent, intuitive, and insightful.

Thoughts on becoming a guardian
“Let’s just say that I’m not afraid to die protecting EXO. I’ll do what has to be done, no questions asked.”

  • Peace
  • Kindness
  • People getting along
  • His power
  • Leading
  • Solitude

  • War
  • Killing
  • Tragedies
  • Pressure
  • When people “get on his case”

Talks to himself every so often, when he thinks no one can hear.

Kris grew up with his mother and younger brother. However, his younger brother died of a vicious disease when he was only about ten years old, and Kris was fifteen. Devastated, Kris ran away from home. He traveled all over Exo M for a year, returning home to discover that his mother had killed herself while he was away, blaming herself for his brother’s death. This was when Kris went from average boy to the uptight, serious, no-nonsense leader that he is today. He doesn’t like to talk about his past, needless to say. If the subject comes up, he’ll likely leave the room.

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He has a pet dragon named Feng (short for Baofengyu, meaning tempest).

Thought on other guardian’s
Put your thoughts on the others *YOU CAN FILL OUT AFTER EVERYONE HAS MET.

So begins...

Kris's Story


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"'Night, Feng," Kris yawned as his pet dragon shrank to its miniature form and curled up on his nightstand. Kris pet its scaly head and reached up, turning off the lamp. With that, he rolled over and was out like a light. 

"Kris," a feminine voice called out to him. He was sitting on the roof of his house, like he always did. The sky was a depressing gray. "Kris." The voice again. He urned his head to his left and saw a woman sitting next to him, an aura of the majestic sort seeming to emanate from her. "Who-" he was cut off. 

“I am the tree of life, you can call me mother tree. I have come to you for a special reason." She paused here, meaningfully. "Today EXOPLANET was invaded and the guardians went into battle, but all twelve have lost their lives fighting for EXO.” Before Kris could respond, she spoke again, “The governor has just been informed that by the morning 12 new guardians would come forward. You are one of them; you will take Guardian Heechul who controlled flight.”

Kris blinked. Flight huh? Him? No way! “When you wake up you will be blessed with the power, I have already visited the governor of EXO M he knows about you. While you’re sleeping your body will go under change and in the morning you will fell a tiny bit different and you might lose a few pounds due to your body using all its energy and sugars to go through the change. Tomorrow you will pack and by 12 you will be taken to see the governor and then to the guardian mansion. You are to be the leader of the EXO M Guardians. Take care of them, Kris. Sleep well and I will see you tomorrow.” What she said seemed final. Absolute. No questions.  

Kris was angry about the sudden information. "Hey wait!" he called out, too late. The dream was over. He sunk back into unconsciousness. 

When Kris awoke, he was hovering three feet above his bed. 

"HOLY MOTHER OF-" he flailed about, causing him to fall painfully back onto his cot. Feng was at his side, a worried expression on the dragon's face. "It's okay, Feng," he said wearily. "I'm just the new leader of the EXO M Guardians and we're leaving today. Oh yeah, I can fly too. So, don't look worried like that. Everything'll be fine..." Kris trailed off, holding his head in his hands. What had he been gotten into?