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"Protect my family and friends, defend my country."

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a character in “EXOPLANET”, as played by Neon.lynxie



Lulu, Hannie, Lu,

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Image Telepathy & Telekinesis

Luhan is able to lift and move this with his mind-it is a very unique and powerful. Although his power dose drain his energy when used to much and it is only limited to what he can see-if he cant see it with his own eyes he can’t lift it. His power is controlled by empathy and his feelings affect his ability to control his power. When very angry he can lose it and everything can fly around. He is still training to learn to lift big things like houses and whst not.

“Hello! Please take care of me!”

Voice Comparison

Where are they from

Theme Song
EXO- Baby Don't Cry




"I really like Sehun and Lay...It is too hard to decide between the two."

Appearance Description
Lu han is very skinny but has slight curves on him at the same time He has a very slight muscular build on him that can be seen or noticed when he is naked of shirtless. *LOL*. Lu Han stands around about 5’5” and weighs 108 pounds. He has natural dark brown hair but he dyes it the brown-ish blonde color it is now. He has cute almond shaped eyes that are a deep brown that makes him look innocent. His lips are soft and pink- and some would say very kissable. The boys cheeks are a bit round that makes him appear like a child. He has his ear priced on the lobes but usually never wears ear rings on them.

Where is your character found a lot in the castle
In his room, Karaoke room, Garden..


“你好! 请允许我自我介绍, 我是鹿晗!(Hello! Let me introduce myself, I am Luhan!)
Luhan is shy boy who hates meeting new people. He does not trust people easily; and when he dose he trust that person with his whole heart. He's pretty shy, but once out of his shell he's real outgoing. He is very passionate when it comes to music, art, singing, reading and writing. He truly loves to make his close friends and family smile. Luhan is pretty innocent and is very childlike. Try waking him up…No one likes waking Lulu up because he is exactly like a child when woken up. He’ll start tearing up and once you finally get him to shut up he clings to you for attention. He loves clinging to the people he is close with because it makes him feel secure. He seems to think little of himself and lets people use him easily without noticing it, he learned to become a quiet ‘doll’ who didn’t cause trouble and just did things he was told. He is actually very innocent when it comes to love. To be truthful he’s never dated anyone. ‘Emotional and sensitive, he has a great tact and are tolerant of others... He is naturally idealistic and certainly likes everybody around him to be happy. His affective lives are very important to him, and if he feels disappointed, misunderstood or unloved he loses a great deal of his energy, and possibly even their capacities. Rather curious, he is into and amused by everything, which leads him meet with many spheres of knowledge some of which they only touch upon. Luhan has an incredibly beautiful voice. He flexible, adaptable, bright and cunning; very likeable characters all round. He can immediately sense any bad feeling within the family and friends and is deeply affected or troubled by such a disruption to domestic harmony; to the extent where they can become completely withdrawn or seek escape in one form or another (writing, rapping, dancing, singing, ect).’ The boy has a very strange and rare power that connects with his unique personality.

has an amazing voice, great dancers, very artistic and smart *he can solve a rubix cube in under two minutes*.

Thoughts on becoming a guardian
”Well, it is kind of scary. But I know I am here to save EXO-so I think it will be okay. I know that if something happened and I die I die trying to protect everyone in EXO.”


  • Pocky, Reading, Writing, Traveling, Singing, Music, Rapping, Fashion, Animals, Plushies, Making people smile, Cooking, Water, Piano, Water, Drawing, Boys & Girls, Friends, Family, Sleeping, Foreign Languages, Watching people, Friends, Video Games, Rain,Snow

  • Small spaces, Heights, Drowning, Being teased, people hurting him, Fire.Image
    People asking him to do aegyo or ask him about it * He feels uncomfortable doing it*, Math, Being blamed for something

He acts like a child, He does not like people in his room, hates meeting new people, Luhan gets nightmares at least once a week. Luhan is always humming to himself unknowingly, he hates when people touch him (unless you are close), people asking him to do his aegyo if you do he goes into a baby fits and throws a tantrum. Luhan, when woken up by someone, is exactly like a child when woken up. He’ll start tearing up and once you finally get him to shut up he clings to you for attention for about an hour or so or until he is fully awake.*Past things have affected him and made him like that*


No one is really sure of LuHan’s past history- because it is keeps a secret. The most people know is that his parents died when he was 8 and he moved to EXO-K from his home town in EXO-M, to live with his Aunt on his father’s side. When he was 10 he was shipped to back to his hometown in EXOM for unknown reasons to the public. He has lived in EXOM ever since.

Hex Code

Luhan gets nightmares sometimes once a week.

Thought on other guardian’s
Put your thoughts on the others *YOU CAN FILL OUT AFTER EVERYONE HAS MET.

So begins...

Luhan's Story


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EXOPLANET was at a time of peace, everyone was preparing for the Spring Festival. The spring festival was one of the most important holidays for both EXOK and EXOM, it was like a thanks to the guardians, the Tree of Life and sorcerers. No one could have expected what would happen on a nice peaceful sunny spring day. The guardians were out near their home paying a game of ‘Shock Wave.’ Shock Wave was a traditional game the guardians played, they would split up into teams *Sometimes into EXO k vs. EXO M, other times just randomly* . The game was like American football—but you were able to use you power.
“Heechul Hyung! Pass it to me!” Heechul, captain of EXO M, who had the ability of flight smiled as he tossed the glowing white orb to Ryeowook. Ryeowook whose power was telekinesis, stopped the orb in midair five feet away from him and began moving it with his hand and made his way to their goal post. Henry the boy who was able to freeze things froze anyone who came in close distance to Ryeo. When ryeowook got the orb into reaching distance of Zhou Mi who could heal he let the orb drop into his hand and MiMi took off sprinting. With the help of Sungmin the boy who could freeze time he made his way to the goal area dodging the EXOK team. Shindog, EXOK’s teleporter appeared in front of the long legged boy ready to grab the orb. Only to whine when Ryeowook lifted ZhouMi up and over him and into the air where Heechul grabbed him and flew their way to the goal post. “Kyuhyun knock them down!” Donghae yelled using his light power to blind the two for a moment. Kyuhyun the boy who played with wind gladly smiled and created a tornado and pushed it their way. Both Heechul and Zhou Mi fell to the ground with a thud and the orb fell and rolled a few feet away turning purple-meaning mutual. Siwon the one who controlled the earth stomped on the ground making a hill appear under the orb and made it roll to eunhyuk, the fire master. As the hot head Eunhyuk picked the orb up it turned black, and he ran the opposite direction to EXOK’s goal post. He stopped when Yesung, the lightning master shot a bolt a few feet in front of him scaring him and the other members. Eunhyuk who jumped dropped the orb and it rolled away quickly, only stopping when Leeteuk the leader of EXO K and water controller, pulled water from the nearby lake and shot it towards the orb. The water hit the ball sending it flying towards the direction of EXOKs goal post. Yesung who stood watching with a pout, sent a lightning strike to Leeteuks butt who yelped and dropped the water, which fell on Heechul who shriekd because of getting wet and orb flew to Ryeowook. Picking up the orb turning it white he ran to their goal at full speed, EunHyuk who was closest to the boy shot a fire ball two times Ryeowooks size that hurled towards the boy. Everyone winced and cringed away as Ryeowook yelped in pain and fell to the ground. Yet he got back up with more perseverance and determination and ran. Heechul, angry he was wet, sent his dragon Heenim to Ryeowook and Sungmin froze time which helped the small boy gain time to climb on his back and hold on.

“Great game!” Leeteuk smiled patting the other 11 members on the backs. “EXO M always wins when we do it by countries! It isn’t fair.” Eunhyuk yelled as he jumped on the guardians living room couch. The other members joined him flailing on to the sofa in exhaust. Ryeowook sat on the floor in between Lays legs as he gently placed his hands over the boy’s burns and cuts. A soft glowing yellow beam came from his hands as he moved it over instantly healing the injuries. “Okay RyeoWook, your fixed up Anyone else?” Before anyone had a chance to reply a loud sound alarm broke the talking. Everyone instantly froze in place letting the only sound come from the blaring alarm. “Leeteuk…” Heechul muttered as he looked at the other member. “Everyone get to the meeting room, I am sure the sorcerers and mother tree have something to tell us.” The 12 guardians silently made their way silently and quickly to the conference room where every meeting was held for the guardian’s. Mother tree as the guardians called her was already in Holographic form and sat on the table waiting with a worried look.
“Everyone please listen.” She called out when everyone had been sitting and waiting. “The people from Kanaelim the world next to ours has come. They have been plotting to take over EXOPLANET since the beginning of time. As you know this is why you are here. You must protect EXO and brace yourself…Because they have just landed and are heading this way. You have trained for this moment, now, go and fight for your world!”

When the guardians had left the sorcerer and Mother tree sat talking, “They will all die, the Kana’s have been stalking the next generation of guardians for a while now mother tree. They know they will defeat them the Kana’s have gotten stronger and our guardian’s weaker.” The mother tree only nodded.
“Yes, I am aware of this. The Kana’s think we are idiots….They have been in EXO watching the soon to be guardians for quite some time now. Some have even appeared to them—for what reason I think to terrify them.”

It had seemed like winter everyday for Luhan. The brown haired boy sat near his bedroom window waiting for the rest of his family to arrive home from work. Key, his eldest sibling was down stairs baking. The smell of food filled the house and he could tell it was Beef noodle soup, one of his siblings favorites. Ever since Luhans parents died when he was six Key took on the role of being the ‘Umma’. He had given up everything for his younger siblings,JaeJong, Luna, Onew, Henry, Amber and Luhan himself. Key never finished his school- never went to prom, never got married. Key now acts and works like a single mother who has six kids of his own. He works two jobs which gave them just enough to pay bills, he worked down at a famous beauty salon in the capital of EXO M and will sometimes work as a waiter or bartender at a restaurant where all the famous people hang out. JaeJong, luhans second oldest brother became an office manager. He brings home a well stable pay check—But ‘umma’ key refuses for the money to go to bills. Instead they save both some of Onews and JaeJongs money for things like if something happens, for the kid’s college and for trips. Onew just finished college with a degree that allows him to become a business owner. He recently got a job at office in downtown Baiyun and his first pay check was big so the family went out for dinner. Luna his oldest sister had been in college and working on her degree to become a fashion designer and worked with a well know designer. She was very creative and people loved her ideas and slowly she made her way up. She had almost finished college and already had a job offer for one of the best agencies when she was killed.
What had happened that night stayed in Luhans mind forever. It was his first experience with one he called the ‘shadow person’ was on the night Luna was killed. The family was out getting ice cream around seven at night the sun had already set and it was a tad dark as they walked home, Luna and Luhan a few feet ahead of the others giggling and talking about random things. But when a small game of tag began Luhan ran ahead and tripped into the street-Luna instantly wanting to protect her brother jumped in front of him and pushed him out of the way. The person in a black hummer hit her stopped for less than a minute and sped off down the street… Luna had pushed luhan just a foot away from the car, and he could never forget the feeling he got when he heard the sound of his sister dying. The doctors he was taken too for hitting his head when Luna pushed him all said that it was a traumatizing thing and from that it stopped his mental growing and stability- which is why he still acts like an infant. Luhan also began putting up boarders and refused to run anymore, he would no longer run track, play tag nothing. The shadow person had come up to Luhan and touch his forehead making images of his dead sister play over and over again in the boys head and tortured him with imaginary pain-and all it did was smile as Luhan screamed.
Henry and Amber, the twins, were in their last year of high school. They had a nice job at a small café a block or two away from the house. It was a nice job and they owner of the café loved Luhan and his family. Luhan himself was just a high schooler who was very smart and people adored the young boy. His cuteness was loved by everyone and he was very talented.

That night Luhan had fell asleep very quickly while listening to Onew play the piano down stairs: something he did every night.
[i]”Luhan.” Luhan looked up from his drawing as a soft inviting voice called out his name. “Luhan..” The brown haired boy looked around confused before his eyes landed on a female who smiled. “Luhan.” She called again Luhan looked around than pointed to himself shyly.
“Yes you! Do you know who I am?” She asked coming closer, Luhan shook his head no silently watching her. Surprisingly the boy was calm and wanted the lady to talk to him; rather than have the lady go away.
“I am the tree of life, you can call me mother tree. I have come to you for a special reason.” She smiled trying to be sweet- each approach to the guardian would be different. Since Luhan was like a baby she would be very loving toward him. “Today EXOPLANET was invaded and the guardians went into battle, but all twelve have lost their lives fighting for EXO.” She stated simply as Luhans eyes budged out of his eye sockets. “The governor’s had just been informed that by the morning 12 new guardians would come forward. You are one of them; you will take Guardian RyeoWook who controlled telekinesis.” She smiled taking the boys hand. Luhan took a moment to process everything before shaking his head.
“I have no power Mother Tree, you must have the wrong person.” He blushed feeling embarrassed as the girl only laughed.
“When you wake up you will be blessed with the power, I have already visited your family and the governor of EXOM they know about you. While you’re sleeping your body will go under change and in the morning you will fell a tiny bit different and you might lose a few pounds due to your body using all its energy and sugars to go through the change. Tomorrow you will pack and by 12 you will be taken to see the governor and then to the guardian mansion. Sleep well and I will see you tomorrow.” With that she vanished in front of Luhans eyes before everything went dark.


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“Umma, I miss you… It’s been exactly three years since you left, Appa has been doing great-he’s put out a lot of award winning songs. He has been looking for someone to love, but we all know no one can take your place. Yoona-noona is a very nice girl, she looks my age even though she is 32. She is very nice—like an older sister to me. When appa is too busy to hang out with me she hangs out with me. She reminds me a lot like you, both a pretty and loving. I have been doing okay, my dancing has gotten better since you left. I have won a lot of competitions in EXOK…You will always still be my number one fan and your love is what keeps me going.” Kai sat at his mother’s grave talking, as if she was still there sitting next to him. Choi Jin-Shil, Kais mother, had died in a car crash on her way home on Kai’s Birthday night. She had spent the day working, she was one of EXO K’s tops actress and model. She had left work around 7 at night and on her way home a drunk driver hit her as he ran a red light. JinShil’s car spun out of control and flipped 2 times before landing upside down in the nearby river just less than five miles away from her house. Now Kai lived with his father who was a famous composer and pianist. His father was a very loving man despite his very busy schedules.

“Kai-Sshi, it’s time to go, Your father wants you home before the sun sets.” Kai looked up to his personal butler Top. Top had been kais butler since he was 8, and he was 17. The two were friends and Top had become his best friend, butler, and body guard. Top was always changing his hair do to influences of his boyfriend’s JiYong-who constantly changes his hair. kai set down the bouquet of flowersnear his moms grave and made his way to his limo where top waited.


Kai slept soundlessly as he clutched his mother’s journal he found a few months ago while looking through the basement of their home.
“Kai.” Kai had been in dream land where his mother was, his dream involving his family together again and his mother holding him in his arms. “Kai.” There was a voice that didn’t fit together with the others. Finally he noticed a lady sitting next to him watching with a smile.
“Yah! Who are you?” He asked annoyed that someone was running his family time.
“I am the tree of life, you can call me mother tree. I have come to you for a special reason.” Her voice was commanding soft, yet full of wisdom and leadership. “Today EXOPLANET was invaded and the guardians went into battle, but all twelve have lost their lives fighting for EXO.” She stated simply. Kai rubbed his eyes tiredly and confusedly as she sat watched him. “The governor’s had just been informed that by the morning 12 new guardians would come forward. You are one of them; you will take Guardian Shindong’s power that was able to teleport. It is a rare and unique power that will take time and energy to master. Tomorrow you will meet all the other 11 guardians and I am sure you Luhan Kris and Tao will get along great since you are the four mind powers.” With an ‘ill see you tomorrow’ she disappeared, allowing Kai to fall on his bed with a loud sigh. He was going to become a guardian…The guardian that was able to move from place to another in mere moments. His mind was blown, out of all the EXOK teens why him?