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Devin Knight

Slytherin's highly respected, "Devil".

0 · 207 views · located in Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Expelliarmus!”, as played by Angel's Whisper



My name is... Devilin Triss Knight.

But you can call me... Devin, those who call me by my real first name have a death wish, or they're my mother. Though, most of the underclassmen call me "Devil" behind my back.

I guess I'm proud to be a... pure blood, though I'm supposed to think my blood are the only ones that are supposed to be attending Hogwarts.

I was born 16 years ago.

I'm currently in 6th year.

The Sorting Hat placed me in... Slytherin, home of the cunning.

I play as a Seeker in our House Team and I joined two years ago.

My wand is a wondrous 13 inch, ash, with a phoenix tail feather core.

My favorite subjects are... Potions and secretly Care of Magical Creatures.

I'm taking the following... Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, History of Magic, Herbology, and unfortunately Muggle Studies.

I am currently... Single, haven't really found anyone interesting in this school, boy or girl... yet.

People tell me I am... Cold. That's the word I hear the most from those in the younger years from all houses but my own. In the Slytherin common room, I'm simply one of the many that loathe being in the same school as the Muggle borns. Though, I never understood why us, Slytherin, well me mostly, have to put up this facade that we would rather snog a cactus than stay in a room with a Muggle born for more than a day. I mostly keep this face to satisfy my father. If he ever heard I've been socializing with "Mud-bloods" he'd have my head. It is all the more difficult with the Head of Slytherin House being a close companion with my father.

Truthfully, when I see those in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and even Hufflepuff mixing and laughing with their friends, a small pout subconsciously forms on my face, when I have to pretend to be friends with the grudgingly Muggle-born-hating Slytherin students. The Sorting Hat had that taunting smirk when I walked away after practically begging it to let her follow in her relatives' footsteps. It even mentioned placing me in Gryffindor, which sent my heart ramming against my ribs, just thinking about what my strictly tradition-following father would do. So for now... I remain the "cold" devil from Slytherin.

I really enjoy doing these kind of things... Going at full speed on my broom. Which is actually why I was chosen to be the Seeker. I was found zipping through the woods just adjacent of Hogwarts, after being seen from flying at full speed on my Firebolt, only the best for the best, my father says, through the Whomping Willow with barely a gash from the gigantic thundering roots, I was offered the spot. I also enjoy caring for the magical animals, though if anyone saw the gentle hand I always offer to the animals when no one else is around, they would immediately call me out.

Ugh, I'm only doing this because I have to... Muggle Studies, mother's orders.

I detest... Defence Against the Dark Art's teacher. He is trying and failing, to hide his disinterest with us Slytherins.

I brought Gunny, my 7 month old black kitty, to keep me company this year.


Let me tell you a little something about myself... I've been held to high expectations due to my parents. Though I disagree with almost all of their decisions, I usually end up with biting my lip and taking their choices for me. This also lead to her suppressing tons of emotions and then whipping out at anybody close at unexpected times, which led to her position as being cold to Muggle-borns even though she never actually did so intentionally.

I received my Hogwarts letter a few days after I turned 11. That day was when I felt my parents' expectations weighing on my shoulders double. Though, a couple weeks later, after getting my beloved Phoenix Tail Feather, I felt the weight lighten ever so slightly. Barely even a week after the classes started in my first year, I understood the stereotypes of each House. Hufflepuffs being peppy, Ravenclaw being geniuses, Gryffindor being brawns over brains, and the ever-so-cunning House of Slytherin. Quickly after that, I learned from the upperclassmen to keep my head high and act arrogant to all Muggle-borns, no matter how unbearable I consider myself to be.

Entering my third year, I've earned the nickname, "Devil", when I accidentally released multiple 'Incendio', creating a fire around myself. Those who saw the incident spread rumours of my shadow looking identical to the Devil, which is now stuck to me. I received a howler a few days later to my utter embarrassment, but to my surprise, barely anyone laughed at me for it, a couple hours later, I found out about the nickname. It wasn't all that bad though, it earned me the respect of most my House peers.
The thought of dating someone crossed my mind more than once in the last couple years, though with the stereotypes filling the air, and my unmistakeable nickname, it has been hard. I'm not picky with genders either, more than one girl has caught my eye in the last couple years.

So begins...

Devin Knight's Story

Ophie was sort of excited, another new year at Hogwarts. She got onto the train with her siblings but split up once inside, she knew her brother was nervous but she told him he would be fine and if anything happens just come to her. During the train ride she read a book holding Syke in her lap and didn't communicate that much, saying hello to a few of her friends but other then that it was like Ophie wasn't even there. As they finally made it to Hogwarts she went to the sorting ceremony because she wanted to see what house Ryley got into. So far both Kindle and her got into Gryffindor, she was thinking most likely Riley be put into Hufflepuff but when they called his name and the sorting hat put on his head it yelled out Gryffindor. While she was there she looked around for her friend from Slytherin but couldn't find her

She was excited and proud of Riley, that night she went on a walk before having to go back to the commons. She was holding Syke in her arms, during her walk she was sure she saw what looked like a big dog but she thought maybe it was her imagination. Finally going back to the commons she spent sometime with the other Gryffindors, some she couldn't stand some she could but she acted like she got along with everyone. She didn't understand why some people are mean to others, it didn't make sense to her at all.

The next morning she woke up with Syke asleep on her head, something the little cat always did. She got up, got her uniform on and made sure her bed was made and nothing was out of place. Once she was set she left the room with Syke following by her feet, she made her way through the halls and to the great hall. She looked over the tables and saw a few faces that she recognized at the Ravenclaw table. One she noticed was Iseul, he was one of the more quiet ones, then there Theresea, she didn't know the girl to well just knew of the girls sisters, then there was Gabriel, someone she respected because of how he stood up for a young slytherin girl once.

Taking a seat near the end of the table she picked up Syke, putting him right next to her on the bench then grabbing some food for herself. Hearing Riley's voice behind her she looked up and saw him walking near her with a couple other guys, they where all chatting when Riley stopped near her.

"Hey Sis a few of my friends want to meet you" Riley said and looked at her with pleading eyes.
Ophie smiled and was glad Riley was making friends "Well sure why not, I am glad your fitting in" she dealt with this when Kindle started so it wasn't new to her.
"Well this is Roddie, Mac, and Stary" Riley pointed to each of the kids then looked at his friends "this is my sister Ophie, Seeker of Gryffindor". All the kids greeted her and gave her compliments then went on there way to the other end of the table.

Ophie looked down to Syke and shook her head then fed him some food before slowly eating some for herself. After a few minutes Syke jumped from her lap and ran over to a big cat that was next to Iseul and tried to play with the bigger cat. She shook her head putting her silverware down and went over "Im sorry Syke gets excited when he sees other cats" she said to Iseul, a soft tone to her voice as she tried to get the kitten that was running around the bigger cat.