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Gabriel Greyback

Ravenclaw's seven foot two part-giant keeper with a taste for rare meat.

0 · 273 views · located in Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Expelliarmus!”, as played by Démon


My name is... Gabriel Greyback.

But if you're a mate, you can call me Wolfy or Gabe.

I guess I'm proud to be a part-giant. I was attacked by a werewolf returning to human form, my own mother, which has left me with some lupine tendencies. I am not, however, a full werewolf.

I was born seventeen years ago.

I'm currently in my sixth year. My letter arrived late.

The Sorting Hat placed me in Ravenclaw.

I play as a Keeper and Captain in our House Team and I joined four years ago.


My favorite subjects are astronomy and herbology.

I am currently married to Aleera Wood. Nah, just joking, I'm currently Single.

People tell me I have a reputation for being a 'gentle giant'. I'm quite laid-back and casual to the point of seeming insolent to those who don't know me, and I love to smile. I'm quite open about my sexuality, and I'm certainly not afraid to flirt openly with others, regardless of their gender, relationship status, or orientation. I despise being trapped indoors for an extended length of time, and I usually can be found roaming the grounds in-between classes, unless the weather is absolutely detrimental. I know I don't seem like a typical Ravenclaw, but I do enjoy reading, playing chess and despite appearances, my grades are quite important to me. Giants have a reputation for being stupid; I'm out to dispel that particular myth.

It's taken awhile, but most people have learned to like me. Due to my 'smiley', laid-back nature, I tend to make friends easily. I treasure my true friends, and I can be quite protective of them at times. I hate to see them hurt, physically or emotionally.

I do have a slightly... darker element to my personality, however. My mother is a werewolf, and in a moment of complete idiocy, I allowed myself to lower my guard one night when she was shifting back. She attacked me before she passed out, leaving me with some scars and an appetite for slightly underdone steaks. My mood is also influenced by the lunar cycle, and I can get rather testy during certain phases of the moon, sometimes to the point where I am dosed up with wolfsbane potion. I also have a dog-like desire to over-protect those closest to me, sometimes risking suffocating our friendship.

I really enjoy doing these kind of things... I love being outdoors, especially just rambling around the grounds of the castle. Despite the Scottish weather, I can generally be found outside somewhere, most days of the year, walking, swimming, flying or sometimes, just reading a book. I also love to have a laugh and wind up my friends; it's for this reason that I tend to get along with a lot of Gryffindors.

Ugh, I'm only doing this because I have to... Potions.

I detest... Potions, small enclosed spaces, overcrowded rooms, full moons and especially pure-blood snobs


I brought Sandwich, my tawny owl, to keep me company this year.

My wand is a wondrous 13 inches, vine with a Griffin feather core.

My broomstick is a two year old Nimbus Hydra. It's still pretty good, and it gets the job done.


et me tell you a little something about myself... Gabriel Greyback gives the term 'half blood' a whole new meaning. His father is half giant and an animagus, and his mother is a werewolf. His parents have a surprisingly happy and stable marriage, and to this day remain very much in love.

Gabriel did not inherit his mother's condition, but due to the risks of having a werewolf mother, he has always been affected by the moon, and has displayed almost canine behaviour. While not as wide as his father, he is almost as tall, standing easily at seven feet tall.
His parents were rather surprised that their son was accepted into the school, due to his 'mongrel' bloodline. (The fact the letter arrived a year late was proof of their hesitation to take on such an unusual student.)

Gabriel was subject to much bullying in his first year, even by one or two of the teachers, however this changed as, in second year, he morphed into a wolf to defend a young Slytherin girl against some older students. Combined with the rumor he was infected with lycanthropy, he was feared by many after that incident, but as time passed, many would grow to see that he meant no harm; that Gabriel really was indeed a gentle giant.

His size made him perfect for the job of Keeper, which he earned himself in third year. Gabriel earned himself the position of Team Captain this year, in the light of his performance against Gryffindor last year, where despite multiple injuries, he fended the opponents off. Regrettably, like one of their chasers, he took a bludger and was unable to play any further.

Gabriel discovered he was gay towards the end of his third year. While not flamboyantly gay, he is nonetheless very open about his sexuality, and has never felt the urge to hide it

So begins...

Gabriel Greyback's Story

#, as written by SMinSC
Taking the train to Hogwarts is something that Theresa has done or seen every year of her life, so she knew her away around the platform. The trip back was dull for her: Parents have teary goodbye, say something stupid about their 'baby girl', yada-yada. This year, however, was a year for her to celebrate, for this would be the first year she was the only Dodemond at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry, finally no one would come up to her asking if she knew knew were her sister's were. She was happy, and to celebrate, she bought five chocolate covered frogs on the train ride over, and she got two Harry Potter, a Ron Weasley, Serverus Snape, and a Hermione Granger card. She loved to read about his historic adventures at Hogwarts, and beating the Dark Lord.

Once she arrived at Hogwarts, she went to the grnad dinning hall to watch the first years come in, and she sat beside no one that she knew, but would have a chance to talk to her friends later. It was the same old thing she was used to: Moving speech by the Headmaster, everyone getting excited about who would be in what House. The only time she had seen something different happen was the first year she had at Hogwarts, when she went up, she could practically hear Gryffindor moving to give her room to sit down, what a shock she would be in Ravenclaw, one could actually hear a gasp when she was put into Ravenclaw. However, dispite her happiness in being in her mother's House, that became her identifier: The Dodemond NOT in Gryffindor, or Cara or Jessica's sister. She didn't have either of their body's or artistic abilities, but she was a damn good Qudditch player. She was good enough not to be knocked out by that Mo girl in Gryffindor house, although she did respect the way she played all or none.

After the ceremony was finished, she began to move around, to find someone to hang out with, and along the way, a Gryffindor girl, fourth year, asked if she was related to THE Cara Dodemond. This made Theresa slightly angry, "Geez, I know she was Perfect, and Head Girl, and a bunch of other crap that i don't care about, but she isn't perfect." She thought before saying she was and then walked off without saying another word. She did notice someone, Gabriel Greyback.

Out of everyone she knew, Gabriel was easily the hottest. Even her sisters thought so, but she didn't really try chasing after him, he seemed into Aleera big time. She did consider him a friend, so she dicided to go over to him. Once she arrived, she noticed he was eating like it was his last meal. She always assumed it was the were-wolf blood in him that made him eat like a hog, unfortunatly she didn't have that excuse.

She sat down and grabbed three legs of some type of animal and started eating, and inbetween bites, she began to talk. "What's up, Gabriel? Good summer? Mine was, although Suren keeps complaining about being pregnant." She remembered telling him about her sisters, but didn't tell him that one was pregnant.

Ophie was sort of excited, another new year at Hogwarts. She got onto the train with her siblings but split up once inside, she knew her brother was nervous but she told him he would be fine and if anything happens just come to her. During the train ride she read a book holding Syke in her lap and didn't communicate that much, saying hello to a few of her friends but other then that it was like Ophie wasn't even there. As they finally made it to Hogwarts she went to the sorting ceremony because she wanted to see what house Ryley got into. So far both Kindle and her got into Gryffindor, she was thinking most likely Riley be put into Hufflepuff but when they called his name and the sorting hat put on his head it yelled out Gryffindor. While she was there she looked around for her friend from Slytherin but couldn't find her

She was excited and proud of Riley, that night she went on a walk before having to go back to the commons. She was holding Syke in her arms, during her walk she was sure she saw what looked like a big dog but she thought maybe it was her imagination. Finally going back to the commons she spent sometime with the other Gryffindors, some she couldn't stand some she could but she acted like she got along with everyone. She didn't understand why some people are mean to others, it didn't make sense to her at all.

The next morning she woke up with Syke asleep on her head, something the little cat always did. She got up, got her uniform on and made sure her bed was made and nothing was out of place. Once she was set she left the room with Syke following by her feet, she made her way through the halls and to the great hall. She looked over the tables and saw a few faces that she recognized at the Ravenclaw table. One she noticed was Iseul, he was one of the more quiet ones, then there Theresea, she didn't know the girl to well just knew of the girls sisters, then there was Gabriel, someone she respected because of how he stood up for a young slytherin girl once.

Taking a seat near the end of the table she picked up Syke, putting him right next to her on the bench then grabbing some food for herself. Hearing Riley's voice behind her she looked up and saw him walking near her with a couple other guys, they where all chatting when Riley stopped near her.

"Hey Sis a few of my friends want to meet you" Riley said and looked at her with pleading eyes.
Ophie smiled and was glad Riley was making friends "Well sure why not, I am glad your fitting in" she dealt with this when Kindle started so it wasn't new to her.
"Well this is Roddie, Mac, and Stary" Riley pointed to each of the kids then looked at his friends "this is my sister Ophie, Seeker of Gryffindor". All the kids greeted her and gave her compliments then went on there way to the other end of the table.

Ophie looked down to Syke and shook her head then fed him some food before slowly eating some for herself. After a few minutes Syke jumped from her lap and ran over to a big cat that was next to Iseul and tried to play with the bigger cat. She shook her head putting her silverware down and went over "Im sorry Syke gets excited when he sees other cats" she said to Iseul, a soft tone to her voice as she tried to get the kitten that was running around the bigger cat.

Aleera stretched out in her lovely, warm bed in the Ravenclaw dormitory. She had been awake for about an hour, but had felt no desire to get up and head downstairs just yet. Her eyelids drifted closed as she listened to the wind blowing softly across the windows. Yesterday had been a long day indeed. Her father had was coaching at a match yesterday morning, so he couldn't see his daughter off at Platform Nine and Three Quarters. However her older brother, Chris, had only been too delighted to take his place and escort his 'darling baby sister' across London.
When they finally reached Kings Cross, it wasn't long before he found some girls, witch and muggle alike to chat-up instead. Aleera was boarding the train by the time he noticed she was gone. Tall, broad, and handsome with dark blonde hair, hazel colored eyes, and a hint of their ancestral Scottish accent, he couldn't have looked more different to his sister. Aleera was average height, slim, with natural ebony coloured hair, green eyes and ever-pale skin. The only time she sounded Scottish was when she got overly stressed. Nonetheless, they generally got along like a house on fire.
This year, as a leaving present, he'd gifted her his old Quidditch goggles (' I thought Ravenclaw might need some extra luck...'), a couple of chocolate frogs ('...To fend off the Dementors...') and finally several canary creams and toffees designed to make the male eater sound like a eunuch. ('...Be sure to tell the Slytherin Team they're from me.')

The train journey was rather uneventful; Aleera met up with some friends, ran into a couple of members of the Quidditch teams, and threatened to hex a simpering Hufflepuff fifth year who was completely besotted with her brother. Aleera yawned as she finally swung her legs over the edge of the bed. She didn't put herself in much of a hurry to shower and dress, especially when she heard Gabriel yelling at her to hurry up. Tempted as she was to roar back down at him, the dark-haired adolescent chose instead to ignore the racket and continue applying her eyeliner and the search for her jewellery. Breakfast was a similar affair to the journey to the school, without the threats, or the Hufflepuff girl. Aleera had made an effort this year to try not to intimidate the tiny first years too much on their first day of school, like wearing plain Docs with her skirt and leaving the chokers behind in her dorm room. By the time she arrived down into the common room, the mongrel was gone. So much for "I'll wait for you'.

Any resentment towards Gabriel had dissipated by the name she had reached the Great Hall, picking out her part-giant friend out with ease. Stuffing his face as usual; She grinned as she approached him from behind, a little thrown by the sudden appearance of the team beater, Thersea Dodemond. None the less, it didn't stop her from wrapping her arms around his neck, kissing the side of his head.
"I thought you were waiting for me, wolf-boy." She frowned slightly, starting to play with his hair. Her eyes flicked to his plate for a moment, the smirk re-appearing on her dark lips. "You'd better be watching what you're eating, mon capitan. I want you to be in top shape this year." She teased, ruffling his hair as she slid in beside him.
Aleera chose some cereal and some fruit for her own breakfast. "Love, you should have come with us to France. The Beauxbatons boys were beautiful creatures, much nicer than those Romanians. You would have loved it." A crooked smile crossed her face as she stabbed a strawberry with a fork and popped into her mouth. "How was your summer, Theresa?"