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Iseul Aritza

Ravenclaw's resident "ghost student", appearing to hide from the common eye, who just wants to be noticed.

0 · 271 views · located in Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Expelliarmus!”, as played by Child of the Winged



My name is Iseul Aritza. I know it's a girl's name but it's mine..!

But you can call me Masks or Ghost, I suppose...

I guess I'm proud to be a Pureblood, but it sucks some days...

I was born sixteen years ago.

I'm currently in fifth year.

The Sorting Hat placed me in Ravenclaw but some days I feel like a Hufflepuff...

My favorite subjects are Herbology and Transfiguration... But Charms is fun as well...

I'm taking the following Transfiguration, Herbology, Astronomy, DADA, History of Magic, Potions, Charms, Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures.

I am currently single, but in my head, Gabriel Greyback is mine... He's so sweet...


I really enjoy reading, learning about everything, music (but rapping and dancing mostly) and caring for creatures.

Ugh, I'm only doing this because I have to... I hate hate hate anything that has to do with Gryffindors... They're so loud and they push me a lot...

I detest loud noises, being bugged for school and eels. They're the nastiest thing in the world.

Everyone that notices me, meaning the teachers and the odd student, says that I very quiet. I tend to keep more to myself than the other Ravenclaws, but that's only because I don't think I can make many friends here... I tried all the previous years though... But I'm pretty nice, I suppose... Professor Longbottom once told me that I would make an excellent teacher because I can easily explain things and I wouldn't be overly harsh. But I do get mad at times.

Like when someone hurts a creature, or is just plain obnoxious, I'll snap. Then I become what Cotton calls "the hidden Alpha". I punish those people an unbridled fury, often using some of the hexes my father taught in school, most are borderline dark. But that's very rare... But I can always be found with a book in hand. Some days, you can find me in the Astronomy tower, playing with a couple of Roc chicks that live in the castle's hidden alcoves. They're such sweethearts.


My wand is a wondrous 11 inch bocote wood with a manticore tail spike core.

I brought Cotton, my large Pixie Bob cat, to keep me company this year.



Let me tell you a little something about myself. I was born in Russia, to my Japanese curse-breaker mother and Spaniard teacher father. Weird right? Anyways, I grew up full pureblood, taught to embrace all magics that I knew. I strove to be the best, learning all I could while I was still with them. I knew that they would send me to one of the schools but never told me which one. So I made sure the keep up, I studied the harsh customs of Durmstrang, the daintiness of Beauxbatons and the diversity of Hogwarts. By age eleven, I was ready. But then my mother died because of a curse, leaving my father to tend to me.

My father covered my ears as we flooed to my new school, seeing as we couldn't ride the thestrals my father now kept, seeing as we could both see them. I opened my eyes to see the spendor of Hogwarts Castle. I hugged my father and spoke in rapid Russian to him as we walked to the headmasters office. When we were finished talking about the studying abroad program my father had signed me up for, I kissed my father goodbye and was escorted to where the other first years were. I stayed back, watching everyone. I had never had a friend up to that point and looked around a lot. No one approached me.

At the Sorting, I was sent to Ravenclaw and even there, I was a loner. Often Professor Montmorency would ask if I had made any friends yet. I still to this day say no. First and second year passed without incident. Then I met my beloved Cotton over the holidays and he, of course joined me at Hogwarts. The large cat comes up to my knees now but I found him as a kit. At first, I was a little noticed then, because of Cotton's largeness and tenancy to his at everyone, but by the end of third year, only first years gawked. I was ignored once again... Fourth year, I became an animagus to pass the time with Cotton, and now I'm a ocelot, hiding from view... But there are a couple people that would understand me...

Oh, and I also have a brother, who is going Durmstrang. He's a year younger and is adopted but I still love him!

So begins...

Iseul Aritza's Story

The journey to Isuel's favorite place after home was uneventful and long, though he did get to see his younger brother off before he left, which was always a good thing. They rarely had time to talk, let alone joke with one another now that Isuel was working to become a creature breeder like his father and his brother Tandoori was training hard to be a dragon handler.. He had watched his baby brother ride his Thestral, a young male named Phyrex, for the first time by himself. The look of sheer terror on his face was enough but the loud whoop as he flew made it even better. He had an inkling that his brother would play Qudditch this year, seeing as he took the sky like a fish took to water. Maybe the Headmaster would let him skip a day to watch him play even. He had hugged his father and kissed both his cheek before hopping on Anise, his own Thestral and making the long journey to Scotland from their breeding ranch in Russia. He knew Anise could make the trip in a day easily but paced her so it took two. He had a feeling she wasn't too happy about that at all. She seemed to have taken with the Thestral herd in the Forest. He wondered vaguely if at night he could sneak in and play with the foals this year.

Once he had made it safely and tended to Anise in the Forbidden Forest, he slipped into the library with Cotton now in tow, seeing as he was waiting for him as usual, and settled down to read. He really didn't want to deal with the noise that the Sorting Ceremony brought. Sure he was glad to have first years but chert vozʹmi, no one had to get that excited. They were only first years, they had been those small children at one point as well. He just didn't understand it at all.

He opened a large tomb that he had gotten for making the highest in her year again. The book, titled "Darkness's Spread Through England and Scotland: Tales of the Darkest Wizards in English History", was about the "Dark Lords" that terrorized the area. He had to laugh at the book. It was so "light" bias and horridly written that he couldn't actually learn anything about these so called Dark Lords. But from what he could actually read without vomiting in disgust was that they had all made grave mistakes, all of which costed them their power and their lives. And none were particularly evil either, just had an extremely messed up past that messed with their heads. He bookmarked his page, slipped it into his large messenger bag and with a nod at Cotton, made his way into the Great Hall.

As usual, he was accosted with noise, that's all it was to him, mindless white noise. He silently slipped into his spot at the Ravenclaw table, at the far end where no one sat. He pulled together a small plate of home, spaghetti, paella and a nice sized tomato. He looked at Cotton, who had taken the spot beside him and was pawing at a bit of fish. He smiled and slid the plate closer before calling for a house elf to bring him a dish of milk as well. He thanked the small creature and began to tuck in. He noticed a couple of people actually look his way but shrugged it off. They would forget him eventually. That's how his life worked. He sighed softly and bit into the soft tomato like an apple. They were probably commenting on his weird eating habits.

Ophie was sort of excited, another new year at Hogwarts. She got onto the train with her siblings but split up once inside, she knew her brother was nervous but she told him he would be fine and if anything happens just come to her. During the train ride she read a book holding Syke in her lap and didn't communicate that much, saying hello to a few of her friends but other then that it was like Ophie wasn't even there. As they finally made it to Hogwarts she went to the sorting ceremony because she wanted to see what house Ryley got into. So far both Kindle and her got into Gryffindor, she was thinking most likely Riley be put into Hufflepuff but when they called his name and the sorting hat put on his head it yelled out Gryffindor. While she was there she looked around for her friend from Slytherin but couldn't find her

She was excited and proud of Riley, that night she went on a walk before having to go back to the commons. She was holding Syke in her arms, during her walk she was sure she saw what looked like a big dog but she thought maybe it was her imagination. Finally going back to the commons she spent sometime with the other Gryffindors, some she couldn't stand some she could but she acted like she got along with everyone. She didn't understand why some people are mean to others, it didn't make sense to her at all.

The next morning she woke up with Syke asleep on her head, something the little cat always did. She got up, got her uniform on and made sure her bed was made and nothing was out of place. Once she was set she left the room with Syke following by her feet, she made her way through the halls and to the great hall. She looked over the tables and saw a few faces that she recognized at the Ravenclaw table. One she noticed was Iseul, he was one of the more quiet ones, then there Theresea, she didn't know the girl to well just knew of the girls sisters, then there was Gabriel, someone she respected because of how he stood up for a young slytherin girl once.

Taking a seat near the end of the table she picked up Syke, putting him right next to her on the bench then grabbing some food for herself. Hearing Riley's voice behind her she looked up and saw him walking near her with a couple other guys, they where all chatting when Riley stopped near her.

"Hey Sis a few of my friends want to meet you" Riley said and looked at her with pleading eyes.
Ophie smiled and was glad Riley was making friends "Well sure why not, I am glad your fitting in" she dealt with this when Kindle started so it wasn't new to her.
"Well this is Roddie, Mac, and Stary" Riley pointed to each of the kids then looked at his friends "this is my sister Ophie, Seeker of Gryffindor". All the kids greeted her and gave her compliments then went on there way to the other end of the table.

Ophie looked down to Syke and shook her head then fed him some food before slowly eating some for herself. After a few minutes Syke jumped from her lap and ran over to a big cat that was next to Iseul and tried to play with the bigger cat. She shook her head putting her silverware down and went over "Im sorry Syke gets excited when he sees other cats" she said to Iseul, a soft tone to her voice as she tried to get the kitten that was running around the bigger cat.

Isuel had finished eating, his silverware and plate neatly stacked, much unlike his peers, who, even with their pureblood ways, still had dirty piles of dishes sloppily stacked. Isuel, while he didn't have OCD or anything of the sort, hated sloppiness. He got that from his mother, who did have OCD, and taught him how to clean after himself at only age five. Even eleven years later he was still a neat freak.

Whenever he and Tandoori shared a room, his side was immaculately cleaned while Tandy's side was like a Thestral's nest. He shook his head, clearing all thoughts of Tandy. That was home and he wasn't there. Neither was Isuel but that was beside the point. He almost missed the other boy's soft snores as he slept and the near silent rustles as he tossed and turned. He remembered the prank wars, pillow fights and all the secrets shared between them.

Shaking his head again, he opened his tomb and went back to reading, his mind fully absorbed in the words, as ugly and bias as they may be. To Isuel, and his entire family, knowledge, and magic, were all they could be. There was no "dark" and "light", only power. He smiled and touched the heir's ring on his hand, the Spanish inscription saying just that. So learn he would, he swore as he dived back into the book. As he continued to read, he learned that Lord Voldemort himself had that as a lesson. The irony, he thought somewhat cruelly, angry at a dead monster for taking his family motto and corrupting it with his failure.

Unbeknownst to Isuel, Cotton was being pestered by a small kitten. The large dog sized cat had half the mind to squish the kit under his forepaw. So he did. As the kit ran in front of him, his paw landed straight on the kit's back, flattening it but never hurting it. Then he let up and let the kit run more before repeating this action. His stump of a tail swishing behind him as he straight up pounced on the kitten, pinning it to the floor before releasing it and laying on his side. He looked up at his master and let out series of high pitched chirps, sounding more like a bird than a cat.

That shocked Isuel out of his book induced coma and he looked up at a girl. Ophelia Penrose, his mind supplied helpfully. He wondered what she was talking about when he remembered that Ophelia had a small kitten with her. He then looked back down at Cotton, who was grasping the kitten, Skye by the scruff of its neck. He clicked his tongue once and the cat hopped back up on the bench and set Skye on the table. He nudged the other kitten over toward his own master before guarding his own.

"It's no problem, Miss Penrose. Cotton misses having small creatures to play with so I'm sure he didn't mind..." He stroked the large cat's head. Cotton purred at the praise and rested his head on his owner's shoulder. "I'm Isuel Aritza, fifth year Ravenclaw... I know who you are, Miss Penrose. As a ghost of sorts, I make sure to know everyone..." The last part was muttered as he closed his book, slipping the picture he always used as a bookmark back into its spot. He brushed a bit of his blonde hair out of his face and readjusted the mask that hung around his neck. He was honestly a bit nervous about Ophelia, not because she was pretty, which she was but because he hadn't talked to anyone outside of family for months.

Hogwarts was the same as ever. Ravenclaws were already studying for summer exams, there had been at least one fight between Gryffindors and Slytherins, and the Hufflepuffs were... Just being Hufflepuffs. The train ride through the Scottish countryside had gone relatively smoothly. Well, except for a few incidents, but everyone was fine and the blood had come out of the carpet. Only one first year had fallen into the lake, and he was only in there for a minute. And they were only the incidents Mo had heard about.

Her school spirit had, of course, compelled her to attend the feast and the Sorting. Their batch of first years weren't bad this year. There were always one or two that looked a bit cocky, but they'd have that jinxed out of them by Christmas. The Ravenclaw first years looked like swots as always, the Slytherins looked like slimy gits, and the Hufflepufs just looked too eager. The food had been delicious and there had been a bit of fun.

Morgan was now sprawled across her bed, fast asleep. Most of the other Gryffindors were down at breakfast, but Mo was renowned for being a heavy sleeper. There had been a few comments about the castle being torn down by giants and Mo sleeping through it. Her tabby, Tybalt, jumped onto the bed and began walking along her stomach. Loud noises wouldn't even disturb her, but a purring cat walking along her stomach shocked her into consciousness.

Pulling on jeans and a jumper, she headed down to breakfast. Tybalt padded behind behind her, occasionally darting off to chase someone's pet rat, but he always found his way back. She headed into the Great Hall. A few teammates called for high fives. Tybalt shot off to play with some Ravenclaw's giant cat, but she let him off. She slid into her usual seat near her teammates and piled her plate high with food.