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Winnie Mordran

"Look out! don't step on that plant do you realize how useful it is"

0 · 279 views · located in Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Expelliarmus!”, as played by snipergirl24



My name is... Bronwyn Leann Mordran
"Yes, thats my name and.."

But you can call me... Winnie
"Most just call me Winnie"

I guess I'm proud to be a... Muggle born
"Needless to say my parents were surprised when the found out they're brand of magic wasn't real magic"

I was born... sixteen years ago.

I'm currently in... fifth year

The Sorting Hat placed me in... Hufflepuff.

I don't play on our House Team.
"Frankly Quidditch scares the crap out of me"

My wand is a wondrous 15 3/4 inches, Mahogany, with a Essence of Faerie Eyelash core.

My favorite subjects are... Herbology, and Astronomy.

I'm taking the following... Transfiguration ,CMC, Charms, Astronomy, Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, History of magic, arithromancy, herbology, acient runes, astronomy

I am currently... Single
"I'm really busy studying so I haven't really found anyone yet"

People tell me I am...
Most think of Winnie as the girl in the corner of the library with books pilled around her. She has always been the type that delved into knowledge of any kind at full force. Even as a child before it was discovered she was a witch, she started reading at a very young age and would sit in her room for hour on end reading anything she could get her hands on.

She has a great love for her parents who instilled a respect for the natural world in her. Her love of the earth, plants, trees, and animals is in her mind all the time. The sight of anyone abusing that simply makes her furious and has often times gotten her into trouble. To her friends she's loyal and will support them in any sort of way she can, and often times helps other's with their assignments.

Winnie does have a shy nature however especially around boys, she feels like she just isn't the type that would catch a guys eye. She thinks of herself as plain and uninteresting physically, mousy brown hair that falls in waves framing her face and brown eyes, when she looks in the mirror she thinks she quite plain. Either way Winnie is a good friend and an all around nice person despite her lack of self image.

I really enjoy doing these kind of things... Reading, working in the green house, being a real witch

Ugh, I'm only doing this because I have to... History of Magic, Transfiguration

I detest... When someone leaves their rubbish on the ground, When people treat her differently for being Muggleborn.

I didn't bring a pet.
"I'm allergic to cats, rats and toads creep me out, and I didn't want an owl"

Let me tell you a little something about myself...

Winnie was born in London England March 15'th to Erin and Micah Mordran, the couple married young and had their daughter a couple of years after that. Most wondered why too young people would just run off together leaving their families, both leaving very conservative British families that didn't stand for such nonsense as witch craft. The pair had joined the practice of Wicca in the secondary school days and found a connection in each other through it. The love of nature and believing that they were connected to it, made their love blossom and grow.

Needless to say it was something that their parents didn't approve of so they left to make lives of their own together. When their daughter was born they were elated, naming her Bronwyn. They noticed odd things that always happened around their quiet, bookish child. Things disappearing before their eyes or floating around in mid air especially when Bronwyn was emotional. Being the open minded parents they were they believed that she had some sort of physic ability, or perhaps their flat was haunted. It got progressively worse the older Bronwyn got, then the summer after her eleventh birthday a letter was dropped in the middle of their breakfast table by an owl that had flown in the kitchen window.

And that was four years ago, Winnie is now starting her fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She has been a member of Hufflepuff and has been a model student. This year however is up in the air who knows what could happen in this young witch's life. Her parents are elated to find out what they believed in well as muggles can believe... was actually true, and their daughter was a part of this magical world that they could only imagine.

So begins...

Winnie Mordran's Story

Winnie was tucked in leaning against a bookcase in the library, she sighed while turning the pages to Magical Water Plants of the Mediterranean. She had wanted a copy of it but her parents hadn't been able to manage the money to buy it for her, so now she immersed herself in facts about weeds and moss that had properties to make one fly. The sorting ceremony was all and good but she had already seen three times before, four if you count her own sorting. So she decided to skip the cheers and outbursts of school spirit for a good book, not that it was anything different for Winnie. Typically if she wasn't in class or in the Hufflepuff common room reading she was here in her favorite spot between shelves K-P and Q-V.

The train ride had been uneventful this year something she was grateful for, she happened upon an empty compartment this year and was able to avoid being picked on by Slytherins. She never really cared what they thought about her, but it was when they started sending curses her way that it really bothered her. Why did it matter that her parents were muggles, she was still a witch wasn't that enough. She learned quickly that no only being a muggle born but being in Hufflepuff can get you into trouble with the "slimy" Slytherins. Even some of the other house looked down on Hufflepuffs as lesser witches and wizards, this was why Winnie found places that other's really didn't bother looking.

She closed the book that had been propped in her lap by her knees and decided that she should head for the Great Hall to eat before the separated to their respective houses for the night. Her stomach agreed with the decision with a bit of growl that almost echoed through the quiet area, Winnie even thought she heard a "Shhh..." from the librarian. She stood dusted off her rob and stuck the book into a satchel.

As she headed down to the Great Hall she noticed other students milling around the halls chatting about summer, exciting events expected like Quiditch games and Hogsmeade trips. Things that never really concerned Winnie much even within her own house she was kind of a loner. No that she minded her peers, just that she felt terribly awkward with them so many things in the wizarding world that Winnie didn't know. She didn't even know what real magic was until her letter came, her parents had practiced Wicca or Muggle Magic as it's called by people in the wizarding world since before she was born. She didn't have to worry as some muggle borns did that her parents would disapprove of their child being of magic blood. Her parents were elated, excited and proud that their child hand turned out to be the real deal.

As Winnie entered the Great Hall the smell of food and the cacophony of noise accosted her senses, adjusting the satchel on her shoulder she made her way to the Hufflepuff table. She found an end that didn't have a soul and sat down filling her plate with various vegetables she was never one for meat. In fact her parents had raised her vegetarian for the most part; very rarely they would have fish or chicken. But as always sweets where bane the pumpkin pasties where calling her name and she grabbed two and set them on her plate, waiting for someone to either say hello or ignore here as they often did.