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Alan Parker

"It's... mesmerizing. I see things that would just cause the human mind to implode, it's taught me to stop taking the beauty of the world around me for granted."

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a character in “Experiment: A”, as played by HLP210


Alan Parker


Gil, Seizure, Rainbow


Animal DNA:
Mantis Shrimp


Tall young man. Pale, his skin has multicolored patterns spread out across it. His skin has been hardened, but his muscles have been adapted to compensate, so he moves normally, with a bit of stiffness. His shoulders are broad, and he always appears tense, ready to unleash stored up energy at any given moment. He has a rather generous build, but his limbs have been made slender, giving him the first sight appearance of being skinny and frail. Blue rings around his necks, red protrusions coming out from the sides of his torso. His eyes have turned from once blue, human eyes, into light pink compound eyes. He has not lost any of his hair folicles, giving him wispy black hair, though the growth of cartilage and discoloration of skin make his hair look as if it has red highlights.

Set 1- White, thick jumpsuit with blue patterns spread across it. The number 106 is printed across the back. The sleeves, neck, waist, and any other connective area has blue bands, filled with electrodes.

Set 2- Deep blue-colored armor, protecting any wider surfaces of his body. The armor is streamlined to allow the wearer to be aquadynamic.

So begins...

Alan Parker's Story


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#, as written by HLP210
-Alan Parker-

Alan's first check-up wasn't like any other normal check-up. Alan was sat down on an examination table, and asked how he felt. Alan was hesitant, but looked at the doctor, and mumbled under his breath. The doctor asked Alan to repeat himself. Tingly. Alan felt tingly all over his entire body. The doctor lowered his glasses and looked into Alan's eyes. The pigment in his eyes has turned to a vibrant pink color.

Can you see me Alan?

Alan didn't respond. He looked around cluelessly, unresponding to any stimuli. The doctor took out a hammer, and tapped him on the knee. Alan twitched his face. The doctor tapped again, this time harder, enough to cause discomfort. Alan's hand shot up and grabbed his left cheek. The doctor took out a small stick and moved it in front of Alan's eyes. Alan's eyes followed the stick, but he looked terrified when he saw the stick, and even began to whimper.

Alan. Can you see me?

Who are you?

Alan had been introduced to Doctor Layton only seconds ago, there was no way he could have forgotten already.

It's me Alan, Doctor Layton.

It's you?

The doctor was about to clarify, but he saw something in the young man's eyes. Something in Alan's head just stopped ticking, and he knew what it was. The doctor stood up and took a few steps back, ordering the men in the room to keep their distance, along with his assistant, a nurse in purple scrubs. Alan suddenly fell to the ground and started shaking violentely and foaming at the mouth; he was having a seizure. His body convulsed wildly and smacked around the room. The men went to restrain Alan, but with a swish of the hand, they shot down as Alan continued. Minutes passed, and his spasms didn't cease, they got worse as his eyes began to bleed, and his jerking left... craters, in the ground. The nurse looked nervous, and looked to the doctor. She was a mother of three, so she couldn't help but feel empathetic, despite the doctor's orders.

Doctor, you need to help him!

This is all we can do, if we try to interfere it could kill him.

We can't just let him suffer like this!

Of course we can.

The nurse took discomfort further, the doctor looked, and saw the tears in her eyes. He wasn't sure what cause he was pushing for, but he wasn't so evil as to hurt a woman. But that didn't change what he had in mind primarily. Empathizing with the subjects, it was quite common, especially in the mother type. He would have to report her to the higher-ups, as much as he didn't want to.

His entire nervous system is rewiring itself, dear. The fact that his physiology is changing simeutaneously doesn't help the matter either. How do you think your brain would respond if you tried to completely change it's operating system? Whatever happens here must run it's course.

The nurse looked back to Alan with a concerned look, but she understood what had to be done. The doctor knew he would be comatose for at least a week or two. But for now, he would just have to sit and watch while Alan bounced around the room. Though he was rather impressed with the damage being done, in the practical sense. The craters that had been left in the walls and floor, they were a sign that the foreign DNA was taking it's hold. The mantis shrimp was well reknown for it's powerful punches, releasing enough energy to break bones with every explosive thrust.

Half an hour later, Alan finally riled down, and unresponded to any stimuli. He shined a light in Alan's eyes... his retinas didn't contract. But he was still warm, and his heart was still beating. Alan had gone comatose. The doctor began to leave the room with the nurse, and the men dressed in white picked him up, and carried him to the recovery room.


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#, as written by HLP210
-Alan Parker-

It was dark for Alan. The word just went dark, and he stopped thinking. He didn't go unconscious, but it was as if every one of his senses just shot down. Was Alan dead? Was oblivion to follow, or would his soul be released from this darkness? There was no time to ponder the question anymore, Alan saw a light. But Alan knew it wasn't the infamous "light at the end of the tunnel". It wasn't a peaceful presence... it was violent. The light wasn't kind, it was merciless, and it wasn't beckoning Alan into it, it was murdering the darkness, tearing it limb from limb. It wasn't beckoning Alan in, it was trying to tear him out.

2 weeks have passed

Alan regained his senses. He could see again, but not in the same sense as before. Alan could see the color black again, but that was all he saw. Alan had been blindfolded.

Number 106! This is General Stern, get your ass outta bed!

Alan limped too, and fell on the ground.

The hell you doin' boy? Stop fussin' around and get the fuck up!

Alan tried to stand on two feet, but struggled more. Alan kept tripping and falling. Alan soon realized why the task was so difficult for him as he banged his knee on the floor, and the pain irradiated up and down his leg. His bone structure had changed. Alan would have to relearn how to walk. One step at a time, he thought. Alan felt around for the bed he was spread out on, grabbed the leg, and pulled himself up. Alan got on top of the bed, and pushed himself into a standing position.

Well sweet Father Baker, someone's just crawled out of their mama's snotch all over again! Get your ass over here and i'll teach you how to dress yourself!

Alan slowly shifted his legs, noticing his weight spread out across his lower half more evenly. He gradually moved out of his shuffles and went into a full, yet slow, walk towards the sound of General Stern's voice. When he approached General Stern, he felt the heat radiating off his body.

Alright boy, i'm gonna take this shit off your head, open your eyes... slowly... y'hear?

General Stern was trying to sound intimidating, but something told Alan that he was reading something prescripted. Maybe it was how he suddenly slowed down when he told Alan he needed to open his eyes slowly. Alan acknowledged with a nod of his head. He squeezed his eyes shut, and felt the cloth on his face lift off and heard it fall to the ground. He slowly opened his eyes...


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Scarlet was suddenly shaken and taken away from her sleep. She quickly opened her eyes and looked around and saw two people standing gin her room. The male looked at her and said,

'' 109, come with us.''

Scarlet stood up to her feet and fallowed them out the room. She mumbled things to herself as she was brought out of her room and down a long and narrow hallway. They were stopped and the female doctor said,

'' Scarlet, go and meet the others. You'll be here a while. So be nice or we'll have to go with the hard way for you too make friend.''

Scar growled at her words and only glared at her before she was pushed through the door and heard a locking sound.
She growled once more and tried to open the door, and was shocked with an electrical shock. Scarlet jumped back and said,

'' What the bloody hell was that?! Next time, fight me like the bloody bastards you really are!!''

She stood still and her ears perked as she heard voices coming from behind her. She took a deep breath and turned around to see a few others that were what looked like experiments as well. One female with owl wings, the other with cat ears, and a few males. The males looked even more fierce than the girls. All covered in scales and claws, and whatever else that were growing.

She sighed and looked at them and said,

'' Sorry about that. I don't know what got into m-''

Her sentence was cut off when she smelled what seemed to be another wolf. And by the looks of it, her guess was correct. Scarlet sighed and sat on the couch. She wanted to be alone and having another wolf only added more trouble to the equation. Since she was injected with Wolf D.N.A. her eyes were a glowing golden color. The only thing she didn't want was a tail and ears to match, but by the looks of the other girl, Scar's chances of getting ears and a tail were probably high.