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Galen Blair

In a place so bleak, one can't afford to not have any friends.q

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a character in “Experiment: A”, as played by JEDH3


Galen Blair


Animal DNA:
Bearded Dragon


Galen stands at 5'9", with an average build. However, he looks much larger due to the mutation his body has endured. He has thick scale plating all over his body, giving him a thicl, stocky looking proportions. His bald head is covered in horns, the longest two which are over his brow are four inches, with a wide base. His hands are thick, the scales gowing down to his claws which are curved and just as hard as his scales. The scale plates that cover his body are speckled tan and brown, and he has green and red eyes.

Clothes set A:
Galen normally wears regular jeans, and nothing else as few shirts fit over his frame, and his scales cover him well enough. the number 721 is printed down the left leg

Clothes set B:
He also wears a grey outfitwith loose, flexible stitching. the pants fit him normally, and the matching grey top is little more than a coat he never really closes. The nuber 721 is printed on the left pantleg andalso across the back o=f the shoulder and left breast pocket.

So begins...

Galen Blair's Story


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Millie stubbornly fidgetted in her seat. She looked around and watched as the others began to speak, but at the moment she was still too embarressed from her earlier barking-episode. As the girl with wings spoke to the girl with the cat features, and the two scaled males were over by the bookshelf, Millie gave a soft sigh - almost like a whine - and slowly stood up, hoisting herself from the chair and wondering toward the middle of the room. She wasn't sure what to do, she didn't particularily want to join in on the meet and greet - it made her feel like a freak, among other freaks.

She gnawed at her bottom lip, leaning back against a table by one of the walls of the room. Looking up, she saw cameras, positioned at all four corners of the room they had seemingly been trapped in for the time being. Millie became bored where she stood, watching the others chat, and decided to give her voice another try. "Hi.." she spoke softly, making her way toward the two men who both had some sort of scales. Catching on to what the larger one said, Millie shrugged and held up her claw-less hands and bared her human teeth, "Not much I can hurt you
she'd say as her golden eyes glinted softly reflecting the harsh light of the room.


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"I'm Connor and this is Galen." Millie heard from the less-scaly man. She'd smile slightly and give them a simple nod. She wondered if the other one could talk, but then she cut herself off in her thoughts of course he can talk you idiot, you just answered his question but then, why was Connor introducing him? Surely the other man could introduce himself, right? Millie shrugged the idea off, then opened her mouth to speak again, figuring it kind to introduce herself also.

But as she began to speak, "I'm Mil-" her head twitched, she had heard something, apparenty though the lack of animalistic ears as features, her senses were sharped any way. She heard feet, closing in on the room, then the door clicked, which made her look over even more, turning her torso to get a better look as she saw a man, no scales this time, just black fur-like hair, and two ears sticking out of it. As the black-eared man frozen to his spot, she say a long tail flicker behind him, and wondered - apart from feline - what specific DNA had given him such features.

As he then eventually spoke, seemingly purposefully loud enough for everyone to hear, Millie gave a soft grin, and thought now should be her chance to make herself known by the others - she wasn't one for one-on-one introductions, she'd rather just call her name out amongst a group. "The hell is this?" the cat-man said, seemingly in a dark tone, which made him sound mysterious, yet the confusion in his voice just made him sound like a kitten. Millie then chuckled, and unfolded her arms, slowling stepping her way over as she spoke, "This," she said with emphasis, spreading her arms to gesture around the room and the now medium-sized group in it, "Is the freak show. Welcome" Millie finished, now stood infront of the man, giving him a half-sweet, half-trying-not-to-laugh-at-the-kitty-ears smile. "I'm Millie, by the way" she said, making her voice loud enough to be heard by Connor and Galen and probably the rest of the group, so she wouldn't have to bother introducing herself again.


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Scarlet was suddenly shaken and taken away from her sleep. She quickly opened her eyes and looked around and saw two people standing gin her room. The male looked at her and said,

'' 109, come with us.''

Scarlet stood up to her feet and fallowed them out the room. She mumbled things to herself as she was brought out of her room and down a long and narrow hallway. They were stopped and the female doctor said,

'' Scarlet, go and meet the others. You'll be here a while. So be nice or we'll have to go with the hard way for you too make friend.''

Scar growled at her words and only glared at her before she was pushed through the door and heard a locking sound.
She growled once more and tried to open the door, and was shocked with an electrical shock. Scarlet jumped back and said,

'' What the bloody hell was that?! Next time, fight me like the bloody bastards you really are!!''

She stood still and her ears perked as she heard voices coming from behind her. She took a deep breath and turned around to see a few others that were what looked like experiments as well. One female with owl wings, the other with cat ears, and a few males. The males looked even more fierce than the girls. All covered in scales and claws, and whatever else that were growing.

She sighed and looked at them and said,

'' Sorry about that. I don't know what got into m-''

Her sentence was cut off when she smelled what seemed to be another wolf. And by the looks of it, her guess was correct. Scarlet sighed and sat on the couch. She wanted to be alone and having another wolf only added more trouble to the equation. Since she was injected with Wolf D.N.A. her eyes were a glowing golden color. The only thing she didn't want was a tail and ears to match, but by the looks of the other girl, Scar's chances of getting ears and a tail were probably high.