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Kate Vex

"I don't really take care of myself. I just exist and survive."

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a character in “Experiment: A”, originally authored by Miyer, as played by RolePlayGateway


ImageKate Vex

Nickname: Katie, Kit, Vexon.

Number: 333

Animal DNA: Fox

Age: 16

Description: Katie is a cute, small girl with a petite build, sharp features and large, golden eyes which are reflect at night. She also has long light brown hair which is highlighted by soft reds; Her hair falls straight down her back to end just below her thigh where he tail starts.
Katie has a set of pointed fox ears upon her head and a soft fox tail coming from her tail bone, both covered in fur the same color as her hair.
(See Picture)

Set 1: A traditional, pale pink, short length kimono which ends just around her upper thigh. She also wears a set of pale pink knee-length stockings. The whole outfit is accented in red from the hair accessories to her shoes. She wears a traditional pair of wooden sandals with her number stitched into the red fabric in pale pink.
(See Picture)

Set 2: Her second outfit is much more casual and is rarely seen on her as she only really wears it before bed and when she is alone in her room. The outfit consists of a huge gray jumper, dull orange hot pants and completely barefooted, though her number was tattooed into her heal after it became a habit for her to no longer wear shoes.

So begins...

Kate Vex's Story


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#, as written by Miyer
~Kate Vex~

Kate opened her eyes slowly to be greeted by moving shadows of men dressed in white robes and holding strange medical instruments. She blinked once and then twice before opening her mouth to ask what was going on. No words came as an animalistic whimper seemed to pass through her lips.

Her eyes widened as the fuzzy sound of laughter greeted greeted her, slowly becoming sharper and louder until she found she could hear nothing else. "Kate Vex, welcome back to the world of the living.". Cold. Mocking. Kate stared up at the man with her now golden, slitted eyes. "It appears that if was successful. A room and clothing has been arranged for your use. I hope you find it to your likely seeing as you won't be leaving here for a very, very long time. But then again, I doubt you care much considering."

So cold. Again she tried to speak and all that came was that primal whimper. She was scared. She couldn't speak and everything was slowly becoming painfully focused as she began to pick up small details, stupid details she would normally miss.

She felt movement and watched silently as she was wheeled away from the surgical room. "Welcome to Hell Kit.", she heard the man moving her say almost silently, her now increabibly sharp ears picking up the quiet sound. Suddenly she could see herself in the reflecting metal that made up the buildings roof. Ears and a tail. Fox ears and tail. Her eyes glowed golden and her teeth were sharp and pointed as she released a pained growl, starting to claw at her restraints savagely, her nails now sharp and pointed. claws.

"Stop moving!, the man moving her shouted angrily as she managed to almost tip the gurney(?). She felt something sharp pierce her arm and then it all went black. Flashes of red, pointed faces seemed to appear in the dark but whenever she tried to focus the animal was gone, filled by the cold mist that clouded her mind.


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Scarlet was suddenly shaken and taken away from her sleep. She quickly opened her eyes and looked around and saw two people standing gin her room. The male looked at her and said,

'' 109, come with us.''

Scarlet stood up to her feet and fallowed them out the room. She mumbled things to herself as she was brought out of her room and down a long and narrow hallway. They were stopped and the female doctor said,

'' Scarlet, go and meet the others. You'll be here a while. So be nice or we'll have to go with the hard way for you too make friend.''

Scar growled at her words and only glared at her before she was pushed through the door and heard a locking sound.
She growled once more and tried to open the door, and was shocked with an electrical shock. Scarlet jumped back and said,

'' What the bloody hell was that?! Next time, fight me like the bloody bastards you really are!!''

She stood still and her ears perked as she heard voices coming from behind her. She took a deep breath and turned around to see a few others that were what looked like experiments as well. One female with owl wings, the other with cat ears, and a few males. The males looked even more fierce than the girls. All covered in scales and claws, and whatever else that were growing.

She sighed and looked at them and said,

'' Sorry about that. I don't know what got into m-''

Her sentence was cut off when she smelled what seemed to be another wolf. And by the looks of it, her guess was correct. Scarlet sighed and sat on the couch. She wanted to be alone and having another wolf only added more trouble to the equation. Since she was injected with Wolf D.N.A. her eyes were a glowing golden color. The only thing she didn't want was a tail and ears to match, but by the looks of the other girl, Scar's chances of getting ears and a tail were probably high.