Morgan Banks

"Time is like a river. You can't touch the same water twice because the current will never flow the same again."

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a character in “Experiment: A”, as played by BurningDark



Name: Morgan Banks
Nickname: (NONE)
Number: 108
Animal DNA: Otter
Age: 13
Tall and slim, about 5' 5". She has dark brown hair and blue eyes that reflect the waters. Morgan has a slim, sleek build like her DNA counterpart. She hasn't obtained any animal appendages, but her senses have been heightened greatly.She has a light brown duck feather in her hair.

Set 1: Knee-length blue jeans and moccasins. A dark blue shirt is paired with a light brown leather bracelets. She also has pearl jewelry and a river stone necklace.
Set 2: Khaki shorts with a cream and light blue striped shirt. Covering up is a jean jacket and a dark brown fedora.

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Morgan Banks's Story


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Millie wondered quietly over to the water dispenser and grabbed a cup. The blood was now dry, and began to crack with her movements. She hated the feeling of it, but somehow she knew she'd have to get use to it. She ignored the others, not even glancing toward Olivia as she seemingly hovered from the ground. Yet her attention was caught by a new voice, and she turned her head just a bit to gain vision of the new girl.

Millie scowled as she filled the cup with water, she's young..I wonder how young... Then turning her attention back to the water dispenser, she lifted the cup to her lips and took a small sip. The blood in her mouth gathered moisture, and slid down her throat in a grotesque fashion which made Millie choke and splutter. She covered her hand over her mouth as she spit up the blood of the rabbit, which had remained dormant in her mouth until now.

With a slight blush of embaressment, assuming someone had seen or heard her choking, Millie straightened herself up, then wiped off her hand on her shirt glancing over to Julius for a moment and then turning her attention to the cup of water again. Attempting to draw any attention away from herself, Millie look to the young girl and cleared her throat before speaking "So..how old are you? I mean, you look pretty young." straight to the point. She didn't bother to introduce herself. That seemed such a..ordinary.. thing to do. Millie didn't favour the idea of ordinary.