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Olivia Hootney

"Here's a tip for you, DO NOT get your DNA mixed with something else's, it HURTS."

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a character in “Experiment: A”, as played by Krazy13


Olivia Hootney

Liv, Owl


Animal DNA:


She is a normal size for her age and has fairly big breasts with well-shaped hips. Her hair is blonde with dark spots in it, resembling that of an owl's feathers. She has managed to get long sharp, talon-like fingernails and has real feathers growing amongst her hair. She moves silently, like an owl. Her eyes have turned into a glowing orange color, matching those of an owl. She also has large owl wings.

Set 1- A brown tanktop with black shorts and brown tennis shoes. The shoes have the number 187 stamped on the back. She wears a watch with this and a long owl pendant.

Set 2- A black tanktop with a short brown skirt. Black heels with the number 187 stamped on the back. Her owl pendant and a set of silver bangles.

So begins...

Olivia Hootney's Story


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The room marked '261' was next on the guard's list. Millie heard the lock click, and the door was knocked on, before the two guards entered her room. Millie sat-up from the bed she was laying on, wondering what she had done to draw them back to her room.

"Come on, get dressed" one of them called, Millie was still in her gown - she had completely forgotten about clothes. The guard placed a pile of folded clothing down on the desk. Millie walked over and picked up the clothes, inspecting them as the other guard then threw down a pair of shoes. The guards folded there arms over, waiting impatiently, "Hurry up" one of them grunted, Millie growled in response, "Wait outside" she told them. They hesistated for a while, keeping a stern look on their face. They didn't trust her. Mille snarled, sounding more like a wolf now, "Outside. Or I'm not getting dressed." slowly the guards nodded, then left the room and closed the door behind them, locking it again and standing on eitherside, holding a typical guard position.

Inside the room, Millie glanced at herself in the mirror, her eyes glew a deeper orange from her snarling. It seemed that she really was a wolf, but only on the inside Millie thought to herself, then placing the clothes down and pulling the cord that held up her gown. She dressed delibaretly slowly, causing one of the guards outside to shout, "Stop fuckin' around in there, hurry up 261" the guards yell was a little too loud as it rang down the corridor.

After clothing herself completely, Millie walked over to the door and gave it a knock, glaring up at the guards as they opened, looking down at her from their towering heights. They ushered her out, locked the door behind her, and forced her to walk down the hall. "You're going to meet the others" one guard began, "Be nice, don't rip anyone up, wolfy" the other guard finished, chuckling. They both chuckled, Millie growled but continued to walk. They stopped as the reached a plain white door marked 'MEDIA ROOM' and opened the door, shoving her in. Millie almost tripped up on her feet, which made her growl once more, letting out an angry bark toward the door, which made her jolt back, surprised at the sound she just made. Millie stumbled back, holding a hand up to her mouth as she wondered toward a chair by the TV area, not noticing the two. "What the crap was that?" she mumbled to herself, plopping herself down into a white chair as she tried to puzzle together what just happened, not really coming to terms yet that she really was a wolf.


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Scarlet was suddenly shaken and taken away from her sleep. She quickly opened her eyes and looked around and saw two people standing gin her room. The male looked at her and said,

'' 109, come with us.''

Scarlet stood up to her feet and fallowed them out the room. She mumbled things to herself as she was brought out of her room and down a long and narrow hallway. They were stopped and the female doctor said,

'' Scarlet, go and meet the others. You'll be here a while. So be nice or we'll have to go with the hard way for you too make friend.''

Scar growled at her words and only glared at her before she was pushed through the door and heard a locking sound.
She growled once more and tried to open the door, and was shocked with an electrical shock. Scarlet jumped back and said,

'' What the bloody hell was that?! Next time, fight me like the bloody bastards you really are!!''

She stood still and her ears perked as she heard voices coming from behind her. She took a deep breath and turned around to see a few others that were what looked like experiments as well. One female with owl wings, the other with cat ears, and a few males. The males looked even more fierce than the girls. All covered in scales and claws, and whatever else that were growing.

She sighed and looked at them and said,

'' Sorry about that. I don't know what got into m-''

Her sentence was cut off when she smelled what seemed to be another wolf. And by the looks of it, her guess was correct. Scarlet sighed and sat on the couch. She wanted to be alone and having another wolf only added more trouble to the equation. Since she was injected with Wolf D.N.A. her eyes were a glowing golden color. The only thing she didn't want was a tail and ears to match, but by the looks of the other girl, Scar's chances of getting ears and a tail were probably high.


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Millie stopped in her tracks as she heard Julius mention that she "went full wolf!" and sighed softly, resisiting the urge to scratch her cheek with her bloodied hand, "So it wasn't just the simulation.." she thought out loud before continuing on. As the two came to the door, Millie went to push her hand against it to open it, but Julius had stepped infront of her and opened it himself. Millie glanced at him, wondering why he was bouncing - was her wolf transformation that fascinating to him? - but as she entered the room her thoughts were blocked by the sound of voices and music and suddenly she wondered how she was going to go about explaining the blood all over her mouth, neck and hands.


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Millie wondered quietly over to the water dispenser and grabbed a cup. The blood was now dry, and began to crack with her movements. She hated the feeling of it, but somehow she knew she'd have to get use to it. She ignored the others, not even glancing toward Olivia as she seemingly hovered from the ground. Yet her attention was caught by a new voice, and she turned her head just a bit to gain vision of the new girl.

Millie scowled as she filled the cup with water, she's young..I wonder how young... Then turning her attention back to the water dispenser, she lifted the cup to her lips and took a small sip. The blood in her mouth gathered moisture, and slid down her throat in a grotesque fashion which made Millie choke and splutter. She covered her hand over her mouth as she spit up the blood of the rabbit, which had remained dormant in her mouth until now.

With a slight blush of embaressment, assuming someone had seen or heard her choking, Millie straightened herself up, then wiped off her hand on her shirt glancing over to Julius for a moment and then turning her attention to the cup of water again. Attempting to draw any attention away from herself, Millie look to the young girl and cleared her throat before speaking " old are you? I mean, you look pretty young." straight to the point. She didn't bother to introduce herself. That seemed such a..ordinary.. thing to do. Millie didn't favour the idea of ordinary.