Jak Baction

"The world isn't so colourful from this point of view..."

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Name: His name was meant to be Jak, but his mother misspelled the name wrong on his birth certificate. Image
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Animal Spliced: Peregrine Falcon "Fastest thing alive, eh?"
Appearance: Jak's build is a mixture of lean and a slight bit of muscularity, he isn't exactly a health fanatic but he does watch what he eats and does little exercise to prevent himself from getting out of shape. Jak's height is around 5"7' and is considered average in that aspect, as stated before he isn't very robust in width. Jak's face is fairly pale, as if most of the blood is having a problem circulating it is however smooth his cheekbones are low giving him a fairly distant look, if his face is blank of course. Jak's eyes resemble that of a falcon and his iris is considerably bigger then most, allowing him to get a better view of the land, they're lightning blue with a hint of his former brown by the iris showing he has heterochromia. His hair resembles feathers, but if looked at closely are strands of incredibly thick hair, it is a brownish with a slight hint of black in the middle.
Skills: Jak's education is fairly standard, but when it comes to Science Jaks as he has a fascination in this subject. Due to his splicing, he has very good eyesight and incredible hearing.

Personality: Jak is a typical let's get it over with now type of guy, he hates waiting and sees not point in delaying the inevitable his impatient nature has led him into trouble on many occasion. Jak also enjoys living in the past, reminiscing memories of former endeavours, and he stubbornly holds himself to these. Letting go of things seem to be Jak's problem, he doesn't want things to change and when they do he'll be in denial and convince himself everything will turn back to normal. Jak's morality is unquestionably tuned into 'survival fm!' meaning he'll do what ever it takes to survive, but if unnecessary he will try to avoid it. Another trait of Jaks is his stubbornness he refuses to let go, and once set on something it would take a lot to turn him from the path he has set himself on.
Likes: Freedom, air, walking, birds
Dislikes: enclosed spaces, scientists, ignorance, death
Fears: Being trapped in the same spot forever.

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#, as written by TheFlag
Jak slowly twitched in his sleep, shifting around uncomfortably subconsciously dreaming of what this day would hold a party with his friends, a nice peaceful night? But this feeling was snatched from him all too soon as he began to open his eyes. Slowly at first but when his surroundings hit him, he was up like a lightning rod his head moving fast observing his surroundings the dull flickering light the concrete walls with a white bed in the corner, and he could hear a small sound like a frequency he wasn't meant to hear he also noticed his vision was more expansive but the colours were not keenly defined. Jak moaned lowly as he pushed himself up, his bare feet coming into contact with the cold ground his head twitched rhythmically to the door made entirely out of metal, a small slot lay in the middle. Jak paused for a moment, shaking lightly he tried to remember what had happened he remembered going to bed and then pain a unbearable amount of pain like his very form was twisting into something else, and then nothing. Disturbed by this Jak pushed himself close to the door, his breathing was ragged his shaking was getting worse.

"Where am I?" he called, no response. Twisting around he went to sit back on his bed, deciding to think this through he heard something though, something that buzzed his ears a tingling like a signal of some sort, and then a voice disrupted his current questions on this "Hello my specimen." the voice was smooth and unnatural, and Jak felt an instant dislike to the voice but it also scared him "Let me explain where you currently reside at, you're in a prison for your existence, you're an abomination that must be studied for the greater good." Jak was dazed by this, there must be some sort of mistake he wasn't an abomination surely, but something inside him told him otherwise, his vision was keener and his hearing had been vastly improved what did he look like physically? Did he look different? His thoughts were interrupted by a chuckle, one that was vicious making him well up he felt tears welling up in his eyes but held them back determined not to give these people the satisfaction "You'll reside here for the rest of your life. Escape and other dreams are unfathomable you're mine now. If any of you even attempt something like this, you'll wish that you could die." Jak felt a weight rest on his chest, one that weighed him down he knew what these people were trying to do break his spirit and make him docile but the man seemed so sure of himself and seemed ruthless.

Fighting of despair, Jak paused examining his surroundings a lot more keenly he spotted a mirror in the near corner of his cell, he slowly approached it examining his reflection his looked normal except his eyes were wide, understandable given the situation but his eye's iris was large to large and blue wait... his eyes weren't blue they were a muddy brown but now they were deeply blue, his hair seemed thicker as well, he pulled at the strands, and they seemed to come apart like a feather. Jak's hand automatically reached out, touching his reflection the mirror wasn't made out of glass but plastic of some kind, deeply troubled by this Jak crawled into a corner curling up trying to immerse his mind into a sanctuary of some kind to protect his mental state of course. Jak felt a twitch in his shoulder, like something inside him rebelled Jak cried in pain it was like something was growing inside him Jak fought the urge he didn't know what was happening but he wasn't going down easily, after a few minutes the urge vanished what had they done to him? It was like something else was taking over, it was fairly weak though and Jak would probably be able to fight the urge back down.