Balthazar Knight

"If there is an easier way please let me know."

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a character in “Exsanguis”, as played by DailycupofJoe


Name: Balthazar Knight
Nicknames: n/a
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Appearance: A lanky skinny young man with tight clothing and a white hoodie. He has buzzed hair. He likes it clean so it doesn't bother him. He has a pair of headphones around his neck always playing music so it adds a soundtrack to his every day life. He finds it calming.

Power: O- Amored arm and Clawed hand
Job within clan: Getting dirty work done. Taking out a target who is in the way or doing something dangerous and risky.

Talents: Tactical experience and martial arts training

Personality: Passive and uncaring. Patient yet short tempered.

History: Balthazar was just like his parents, but they were something different. They were vampires. A young boy learning that he can't go into the sun and that he drank human blood was difficult to comprehend but he grew to accept who he was. And to enjoy it. He took advantage of his abilities to be the best martial artist in the local dojo. He took lessons at night by request and was lucky that the tournaments were held in the evening. He would hunt strangers for blod but he found that a certain type of blood made his arm grow in a fashion he had not seen before. As if it were a shield. Tough and armored. And his opposing hand grew long and sharp. His mutation was perfect for him. Offense and defence. A perfect balance. He thought of it an advantage when hunting his prey.
He was picked up by his clan as his mutation was a great help for quick dirty work. He didn't mind as long as he had a place to stay and kick back.

So begins...

Balthazar Knight's Story