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Extinction of Mutants

Extinction of Mutants


Mutants around the world are being hunted down and killed.

Some is based off of Xmen, and The Gifted, the new twist is of my own creation.

815 readers have visited Extinction of Mutants since deathrisesagain created it.


Everyone knowss the story between Brotherhood of Mutants and Xmen, what you don't know is the story after they had disappeared. In 2017 Professor Xavier and Magneto quit the fighting amongst each other. The reason is simple, the world turned against Mutants and started hunting them down and killing them. The leaders of the two major mutant factions decided, for the sake of their people, that they needed to come together. Thus started a war, the War Against Mutants, as its been referred too. The fighting lasted 7 years, with the mutant race loses being high. Xavier and Magneto, used this time to start building a home, a city, a safe haven for all mutants. They turned their attention to place no one would ever look, Antarctica, but not ontop of the ice, in fact the city is built 1500 feet below the surface. An artificial sun, weather, plant life, fresh water is everything that can be find here. Unfortunately, in 2025, Professor Xavier passes away from old age, ten years after Magneto follows suit, leaving the mutants with a lose that can't be filled. Mystique, Jean, Logan, and Storm are left to keeping their people safe and rescuing others.

The year is now 2040. A group of young mutants are discovered by Jean living in Chicago. These mutants had formed a close tight knit group, making them more of a family. What is strange about this group, she has sensed that they hold some of the strongest abilities that she had ever felt. Two two oldest act more like parents, then leaders, by taking care of this group. Can she and the others get to them before the humans discover and slaughter them?


1. Taken; Deathrisesagain
2. Reserved; PsychoticBunny

No god-moding
No power-moding
No One-lining
No “I know everything” people
Real Pictures please, no anime!
Add the characters favorite colour in the character sheet so that I know that you read the rules.
Have Fun!!!!
I do hold the right to add more rules if I see fit.
Reservations will last 72 hours, because I understand having to create this type of character. Extensions can be requested, and more then likely accepted, but request them please, don’t assume they will be given.

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It was just before dawn, when Mic slowly climbed out of his rack. He was getting ready to leave the safety of the warehouse and head to get some breakfast for the group of mutants he's been watching over. Mic was a young man, about 23 years old. He had medium length light brown hair and green eyes. He had an athletic build and scruffy face. He wasn't able to shave as often as he'd like. Most of the people in the group swore that Mic was heartless, and didn't care about anyone. Those that really know the young man, knows that he was the complete opposite, and would sacrifice himself to protect them.

Mic yawned some and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, and quietly walked through the warehouse, making sure that he wouldn't wake anyone. He slipped his raggedy old boots on, and slipped out the door. Mic knew the safe businesses to go to for food, the ones that became disgusted with how the world treated mutants. He quietly walked down the dark alleys, snaking his way through the city until he came to a small diner a few miles away from the warehouse. He took a deep breath and walked in. "Good Morning Marge." Mic said cheerful.

"Good Morning Toby." The older woman replied. Toby was a cover name for Mic, something all the business agreed upon. "Your order will be ready in a few. Could i pour you a cup of coffee?" She asked.

Mic smile and sat at the counter. "I would love some." He replied. After his coffee was poured, he slowly sipped it. He waited a few minutes until the order was brought out. He smiled and laid some cash on the counter and walked out with the food.


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Charlie woke up at exactly 5:30, her internal clock was ticking away as normal. Wake up, Glasses, Get Dressed, Brush Teeth, Comb Hair, Makeup She checked things off of her list as she accomplished them. Her outfit for the day was torn jeans, a raggedy Depeche Mode t-shirt, a chef's coat, and knee high combat boots. Her long hair was in sleek ponytail. Her eyes were lined neatly with a charcoal eyeliner. She slid a hunting knife into her boot, and a can of pepper spray into her front pocket. She clipped a nametag that read "Scarlett" to the jacket. Caution was the side she liked to err on. She walked quietly through the warehouse, counting heads and making sure everyone was accounted for. One was missing. She went through again to check and see whom it was. She quickly discovered it was Mic, so she decided to head out for work for the day.

She was only a mere 22 years old, but came off as way older. She slid quietly out the door and made her way towards the job she'd got from one of the kinder people in the city. Not that anyone suspected anything out of the ordinary.

To most, she was charismatic and charming. All it took was a simple bat of her eye, and a shy grin and most people were putty in her hands. That was how she'd landed herself a manager position at one of the higher end restaurants. Ever since she could remember, she always knew who to talk to to get her whatever she needed. When Scott had his brains blown out of the back of his head, she knew exactly who to speak to in order to prevent her fate from being the same.

She wandered through the streets, deciding to stop at a small diner on her way in for some coffee. Upon entering, she spotted a familiar face on his way out. A bright grin came to her face.

"Hey Toby!" She greeted him using his alias, "I'm covering Sarah, so I won't be home until around 7 tonight. Is there anything you need me to get from the store?" She spoke as if they were roommates,

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Character Portrait: Nicholas "Mic" McCloud
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Every Storm runs out of rain

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I bet I can convince you otherwise...

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Nicholas "Mic" McCloud

Every Storm runs out of rain

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