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Mercy Anne Thompson

"That girl is poison."

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a character in “Exusia Academy”, as played by ChaosxChild13



Full Name:
Mercedes Anne Thompson



March 3rd, 1994
~Positive Qualities:
Deeply understanding, interpretative, understanding, intuitive

~Negative Qualities:
Melancholic, pessimistic, escapism and Hyper-sensitive.

Home Town:
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


"It's a curse, not a gift..."



Poison Generation:
Being a huge comic nerd, I would probably relate myself to the bad ass Marvel character, Hazmat from Rise of the Imperfects.
I can produce radiation and other toxic substances from my body. All of my body's tissues and fluids are toxic including my sweat, saliva and even breath sometimes.
To my extensive knowledge in the nineteen years I have never been bitten by a radioactive spider, or exposed to Gamma Rays. I just am.
My powers tend to be based on my emotional state. If I'm really angry, my blood will start pumping and my eyes turn a vibrant toxic green and I can almost feel the chemicals as they fly through my system.

~Create, shape and manipulate poison at will, using it as beams/blasts or focused bullets/edges, Binding/stopping people/objects etc.
~Death Inducement

Mercy is a dreamer. She loves climbing trees, being outside, reading, writing [Poetry and short stories]. Mercy is silly, and enjoys the little things in life: Singing, taking long walks in the park and drawing. She does have strange dreams though, which makes her a bit of an insomniac. She is always smiling, and she is fun, crazy, and courteous. She is a vegetarian and volunteers with a pet adoption, and she is always humming something. She is very child like in many aspects and is open minded about everything. Her favorite color is green, and she all kinds of loves music. She has a passion for music, learning to play guitar and other instruments.

She has always dreamed of backpacking across Europe and exploring the world. She finds the Japanese cultures fascinating and different religions as well -- more for the beliefs and stories told.

Many say she sees through "Rose colored glasses" and this makes her somewhat naive at times. She fails to understand some limits and boundaries and her childlike personality can get her into sticky situations. She is too trusting in some who she shouldn't.

In all honesty, Mercy doesn't truly understand the concept of relationships, they have always scared her -- being tied down to one person, she has abandonment issues due to her mother's death. It takes a long time for her to trust someone and she will put on the act of, "I'm young, why should I tie myself down?"

Sports: She isn't much of a sports person but she loves going for a run to clear her head every once in a while.

Quirks: She will chew on her lower lip while in thought and snap her fingers. She taps her foot a lot. She gets extremely giggly and shy around people she doesn't know well and will often have her hair fall in her face.

Likes: Tea, strange stories, drawing abstract worlds, her grey Siberian cat, bright colors, adventures, danger, the ocean, flowers, writing, reading, daydreaming, rabbits, hats, caterpillars, nature. Playing her guitar and singing.

Dislikes: Being tied down to one thing, nightmares/terrors, high school, being told what to do, being in one place for too long, knives, animal abusers, death, small spaces, inconsiderate/rude people.



My history is pretty bland. I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with my four older brothers, a mother and an [emotionally and sometimes physically abusive] alcoholic father. I was very close with my oldest brother, Jordan, who happened to be the only person in my family to find out about my power before I did. He was babysitting me when I was younger -- about five or six, he was twelve at the time -- and I remember spitting at him because he wouldn't give me my toy back, and all of a sudden, this rage built up inside me, my mouth felt dry and a scream caught in my throat. My six year old body was shaking, blonde bangs falling over my face as I doubled over, and then from the ground I slowly looked up, he gave out a shock scream and scrambled back, asking what the hell happened to my -- originally blue -- eyes.

It was then I stood up, and I bit him on the arm, not hard, but enough to get my point across. He had to be on antibiotics for weeks and had skilled treatment. I laughed, and her learned not to mess with me again.

For a long time I kept my power a secret. During my teenage years, my emotions were high-strung and my dad was drinking a lot. I lost it one night over dinner. The day I was sent off to the Academy was the day I simply just lost it.

I was fifteen years old, ad my father was boasting about his business -- as a construction worker... I remember my twin brother Caleb and I sitting down, across from us was my mother, my second oldest brother Hayden, and my father was at the head of the table.

“So, Richard, how is the new project for work going?” My mother had asked after many awkward moments of silence.

“It’s terrible! Some bastard kids decided it would be good idea to break the windows of the house we’re working on and spray paint the shit out of it.”

“Well,” my mom's eyes flickered down to her plate as my father took another sip, “That’s not good…”

“Yeah! Then Johnny’s knee gave out and he had to go home, which put us at least an hour behind schedule…” he shakes his head, taking another drink of his whiskey, “Fuckin’ pussy.” He mutters under his breath.

I could feel my fists clench a bit out of anger and all of a sudden, my hands slammed down on the table, his mother looks up, startled.

“Well, what if your knee gave out, and someone was blaming you for that?” I shot back at him and my father's dark brown eyes slid up slowly, wiping the left over whiskey from his lips, his eyes narrowing on me.

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you manners?” He growls, his fists clench around the shot glass.

"Yeah, she did, but she also told me to do to others what I would like done to me.” Standing up, I began walking through the old rickety house towards my room. I could hear my mother cry out my name, but I shook my head and continued to walk. I slammed the door to my room and locked it.

I sat down, and an argument arise through the thin walls of the house between my brothers, my mother and my father.. The sounds were muffled at first but he could make out what they were saying.

“You didn’t have to blow up like that!" My mom hissed at him.

“The girl needs to learn respect!” Richard’s voice booms through the house and I cringed, resting my head against the door, I could hear the footsteps growing louder.
I heard the backdoor screen slam, that must have been Hayden walking out...

“Richard, no!” My mother began to scream.

There was a bang on the door and I scrambled backwards, hiding between my bed and Caleb's [we shared a room at the time, our house wasn't big enough]

“Open this damn door right now!” Another bang, I closed my eyes for a moment

The hinges on the door begin to shake and my father's strong hand bursts through the thin wooden door, unlocking it from the inside. Out of shock, I let out a terrified scream as his figure looms through the doorway. As he moved closer, I stood up, he grabbed for me and all of a sudden, a flow of poison secreted from my pores, almost filling up the entire room and my father dropped over coughing and wheezing, gasping for breath.

I spit in both his eyes, and he ended up permanently blind. He called me a demon child, a [i]thing
. My mother went with him, and my brothers and I moved out to California, and I got accepted into the Academy.

Anything else? This isn't original, it's just like Arcana Academy RP up here :) But I'll join


So begins...

Mercy Anne Thompson's Story

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Mercy Thompson

The ringing in her left ear had not ceased the entire night and was no exception to broad daylight. It had started the night before while she was watching a movie, happily planted down on her bed, laptop in front of her with headphones watching a movie. She ended up watching the movie with one headphone and a ringing ear. Comical? Possibly. With a grumble, she sits up in bed, her blonde hair falling over her face as she did so. A passing moment came, and went, as Mercy stands up and stares out the window for a moment, which was overlooking a small courtyard type area.

Mercy begins to smile for a bit and tilts her head to the side, cracking it one way then the other. She had come to terms with the fact waking up late was kind of her thing, and that she will never be ready on time for a morning class. Throwing off her bedtime t-shirt she throws on an old dark grey Princeton hoodie, which was her brothers when he went there...For a little less than a semester. It had worn to fit her perfectly, she pulls her hair out from under the hood and then shimmies into a pair of dark blue skinny jeans with a pair of slip on grey Toms. Sliding over towards her dresser -- with a mirror atop it -- she pulls out the mascara and eyeliner from her first drawer, applying it slowly yet efficiently.

Finishing up, she listens to her stomach growl and she giggles slightly, "Let's go eat." She mutters under her breath, grabbing her baby-blue backpack and her keys, attached to an Invader Zim keychain of Gir. Locking the door behind her, she swings the key around her right finger, walking towards the cafeteria.