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Russel Griffin

0 · 377 views · located in L.A., California

a character in “Exusia Academy”, as played by ChristyLovesYou


Full Name: Russel Hudson Griffin

Nicknames: Russ

Age: 18

Birthdate: December 14th

Home Town: Beverly Hills

Sexuality: Straight


Power: He has super human speed. Pretty much he can do everything and anything he wants in a blink of an eye. He can control and vary his speeds when need be. Mostly he loves to play sports, but eventually his parents kinda explained that it wasn't fair if he was competing.

+ Sports
+ Working out
+ Jogging
+ Power
+ People
+ Girls
+ Flirting
+ Cheerleaders
+ Cars
+ Sleeping
+ Funny people
+ Himself
+ Being able to be himself around friends
+ Hanging out
+ Stars
+ Swimming
+ Competition
+ Parties
+ School dances
+ Dogs

- Feeling too lazy
- Fish (alive ones)
- Feeling unclean
- Shopping
- People who stereotype him as stupid
- Losing
- Wearing the color pink, seeing anyone else in it is fine though.
- The color black (same reason ^ )
- Math
- Science
- School
- Being told no
- Guns
- Annoying people

Fears: Being alone probably.


Russel is more than content with his rather attractive and endearing appearance. He stands at approximately 6’ ½” and enjoys the feel of almost never having to look up at someone to make eye contact. His body is pretty muscular, and he often works out to keep in shape. His skin is a few shades darker than pale and just a few short of sun kissed. It is silky smooth, giving hint to the lack of physical labors he endures, and blemish free. His sunshine colored hair is heaped upon his head in a quirkily, yet surprisingly fashionable spikey mess that appears to spike out in seemingly impossible angles. A few of the longer spikes and stray strands always seem to find their way into his vision. Russel's irises are a stunning shade of blue, much resembling the coloring of precious topaz stones.
Russel is quite showy and enjoys flaunting his frame and good looks with his expensive taste and style. He typically garbs in flashy and vibrantly colored button-up shirts (never fully buttoned), designer jeans or pants, or anything else he feels like wearing.

Russell is extremely cocky and arrogant. Some might say he sits upon a high horse when, in fact, this is an extreme understatement. This ‘horse’ might as well be the empire state building. Atop the tower’s peak rests a cushiony, golden embroidered throne where Russel comfortably resides. Surrounding his towering perch is an air of high self-esteem and self-importance that never seems to fade or waver. He believes he is the axis the world rotates around and refuses to believe otherwise. He's very witty, and likes to joke around often, but he finds himself superior to everyone around him. Being like this, he doesn't care for the opinion of anyone, even if he acts like he does. His motives are all selfish, anything he does will come back to his gain. Though his personality seems to suck, for others that is, you can't really be his friend without getting extremely pissed off at him, he is very popular with women because of his looks and his confidence. He is extremely flirtatious, and gets away with a lot more than he should. A lot of the less popular, or less important people he would call them, dislike him because of all of this. He ignores them almost completely, and would probably laugh at whatever they had to say about him.
His rein will end of course, being a senior. He's pretty much at the top this year, and obviously taking advantage of it. He loves playing with the freshman. As for girls he gets quite around. Anyone with decent looks and a nice body is target for him. He's somewhat blind to see if they like him or not, and will flirt with anyone he chooses. He gets along with mostly everyone, well at least to their face, he isn't just mean. He's friendly, and is pretty honest about everything. Especially if he speaks to you seriously. He never has even a hint of exaggeration or lies when he speaks seriously. Which is very rare. He enjoys to kid around.
He loves partying, life is a party for him. It's all fun and games, why make it more? Smoking, drinking, anything he's down for, and convincing others to join is fun to him as well. He likes music, and enjoys moving to the beat of almost anything. He's very social, and can make small talk with almost anyone, and he's not shy approaching anyone he chooses. Many times at parties he finds a Freshman or a Sophomore to take the virginity of, but he doesn't mind if they aren't virgins. *wink wink*
He thinks- knows he is superior to everyone in both looks and knowledge as well as behavior and poise. He acts as if, because in his mind he is, on a much higher level and treats nearly all people as children or minors no matter the age. He likes to flaunt his ‘superiority’ over others by keeping his calm, collected, and quite frankly smug composure at just about every moment in time.
Coming hand-and-hand with his arrogant temperament is his flirtatious nature and tendencies. He has found that he adores the company of women. He believes because he is “so superior in both looks and nature” he deserves the admiration and fawning of every beautiful creature he crosses paths with.
Other than that he can be pretty romantic, if he finds a girl worth treating right he will, never forget that he's still looking out for himself.. If there's a chance of heartbreak he'll easily leave. He's only had one serious girl friend before, he loved to bring her roses, and pick her up in his shiny corvette, taking her for drives anywhere she wanted to go. -Money is no object for him. He loved to spoil her. That is till they got in a fight, and he didn't know how to work things out. Instead of trying he ended it, saving himself from more heart break he just slept around some more, leaving her sad.
Above everything, he is a lacrosse player, and one of the best. He's probably going to get a scholarship, and he looks forward to having fun with the rookies.

Now I know he sounds like a pretty douchey guy… but I’m sure deep down there he has a kind/good bone in his body… even if it was implanted… But seriously, I’m sure he would act more acceptably if someone taught him the flaws in his persona just gotta be patient with him.

Russel wasn't unfamiliar with the idea of powers. His mother and father both had powers of their own, and being an only child they somewhat expected him to. It wasn't until he was 11 that they found out his power, when he was amazing at track. At first it wasn't too noticeable, but his speed continued to increase, and they eventually pulled him out of lacrosse and track and told him he couldn't play competitive sports. He was pretty upset, but eventually got over it. For the next seven years he learned to control his power, and has found that it can come in handy.

So begins...

Russel Griffin's Story

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(Heads up this is my first time posting in first person.. I may or may not stick to this..)
Russel Griffin

Probably the best thing about my power, is getting to sleep in without any trouble. I comfortably wake up ten minutes before I have to leave, and I can get ready in five. But hey, perfection does take work. I take a shower, get dressed, fix my hair all in a small amount of time because of my power. Thanks mom and dad by the way. I don't know how you two created someone as godly as me, but great job. I'll give you that. Basically this morning wasn't unlike any other. I did my little routine, and I made it down to breakfast in time to say goodbye to my old man. My mother was probably still sleeping, as always. I walked into a room full of the smell of coffee and cigars. My eyes, a stunning shade of blue, had to adjust to the new, brighter lighting.
"Smoking one already pops?" I asked my father, raising an eyebrow. I casually grabbed an apple, and bit into it.
"Sigh. Don't you have to be in school?" My father answered, chuckling a bit. With that he took his brief case and left.
He'd become a lawyer after he decided he was too old to be doing super hero jobs. One of his powers was reading minds though, so he was a very successful lawyer.

I'd picked out a casual but classy outfit, as always of course. I dress to impress, and even after the party from the night before, I wasn't going to let my tiredness slow me down. My shirt was a basic button down, with some dark wash jeans and black shoes. Before I left for school, I glanced into the mirror, the reflection showing only what I expected to see. Great, handsome, perfection. Winking at the attractive blonde looking back at me, and fixed my collar and headed out.

I had a nice car ever since my 16th birthday. Though it was 2 years old now, it was still gorgeous and envied by many. It was a nice 2002 mustang convertible, and I love it almost as much as myself. Hopping in, I sent one of my closest friends, Chelsea, a text.

The girl was gorgeous, no doubt about that. Sometimes I even considered her my equal when it came to attractiveness for a female that is. Surprisingly enough, we aren't dating. We're both beautiful and fun people, sometimes I wonder why we aren't. But then again, we're both too flirtatious and outgoing to be tied down.. At least it seems that way. Also we're better friends than lovers in the long run. We both have many other admirers as well; so it's probably better that we're just close friends.

"I'll be outside your house in two." I texted.

Chelsea Morris

You could say I was a slut, but I know that you're probably just jealous no one gives you the attention I get. Yeah, maybe it's negative, but either way I don't care what you're saying or thinking when you look at me. Might as well keep staring I guess.. A picture would probably last longer though.
Overall, might as well get used to hearing my name, because it's all this stupid school seems to be gossiping about. Eventually you'd think it'd get tiring, but oh well.

I woke up to a small dull looking, messy room. I couldn't exactly remember if it was mine or not. Standing up, maybe a little too quickly, and rush of pressure went to my head, making me dizzy and disoriented. I took a minute to collect myself, and looked over to a mirror to realize I was still wearing my outfit from the party. My hair was slightly a mess, and my make up was smeared. I yawned, some party huh.

Trudging over, I turned on the shower and let the hot steamy water clean me. Feeling neat and clean, I blow dried my hair, curled it, and began getting dressed when my phone buzzed. Russel has texted, one of my best friends. He told me he'd be outside in two minutes. Shit.

I quickly put on a slightly baggy, but low cut, light soft pink shirt on, with short denim shorts, and cute strappy pink heels. It sorta came together like this. So I wasn't the type to be modest. Big deal. I thought it looked nice.

Giving my hair one last fluff, and heard the familiar car horn. Picking up my school bag, which was more of an oversized purse or beach bag looking thing, I made my way to the door.

Lucky me, my mother hadn't gotten up yet. Seeing her was probably the last thing I wanted to do daily, if at all. I hurriedly got outside, not bothering with breakfast. I hopped into the passenger seat, and gave a quick hello to Russ as he backed out of the driveway and headed toward the school. Digging through my bag, I took out a container of Ibuprofen.
"Want one?" I offered to him.

"Yes please. Thanks." he replied, gratefully taking it. After he swallowed his, he handed me his water bottle so I could do the same.
It was probably going to be a long day..

We both entered the school's property together, after Russel parking in his premium spot in the senior's lot. We arrived in the courtyard, and took our normal spot. Mostly Russel could go wherever he pleased, but I on the other hand, was disliked by many. I didn't have many girl friends other than the occasional one that liked to have fun or party with me, so I was generally "with the guys" which didn't help my rep much.

Russel seemed to be checking out a few girls, well actually almost all of them. The only people who seemed to stick out to me were Chris, and Nate. Nate seemed to be talking to Billy, who I had decided was in love with him. Or at least liked him. Nate was a bit too mysterious to figure out his opinions, but I also have a little thing for Nate.. Not that it would ever happen.. Billy was a fun girl, and was defiantly not labeled or whore. At least I had Chris too.. I didn't know where either of those things were going though.

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Chris Ponder

I had sat alone for a while now, I was going to go see Nate but my thoughts were interrupted by Athena. I took both my ear buds out."Hey Athena, no need to push. What's up?" He tried to seem as relaxed as possible, besides Maya, she was the last one I expected to come see me. I turned my shoulder a bit to check my surroundings when I caught a glimpse of Russel and Chelsea. I turned completely around and waved like hell."Hey, golden boy, bring you and your lady over here!" I laughed as I turned back to Athena. I had no idea if Russel and Chelsea were together, but it sure did seem like they had before. Which didn't bother me at all. They had good fitting personality's. It would surprise me if they hadn't.

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Athena Rhodes

"Hey Athena, no need to push. What's up?" Athena playfully rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "You looked bored. And I needed someone to talk to." She said truthfully. Chris is n't the first person Athena plans to see in the morning. Sometimes she goes a whole day without talking to him, but today was not one of those days. Then Chris called out to Russel and Chelsea. Everyone was confused about their relationship together. They don't seem to be dating, but then again it looks like they are. Chris gave his full attention back to Athena and she was out of things to say. She glanced down at his ipod and saw that The Weekend was playing. "Which song is that? I have Wicked Games." She said pulling out her phone to show him and send a quick text to one of her friends. She flipped open to the message and put in Nate's name.

To: Nate
From: Athena
Hey Nate! Wassup?