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Tyler Williams

check this out I'm a bird now

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a character in “Exusia Academy”, as played by jackrules158


Full Name: Tyler Cyrus Williams
Nicknames: Ty
Age: 17
Birthdate: february 15th 1994
Home Town:Phoenix, Arizona
Sexuality: Straight

Power: Can shapeshift into any animal as long as its not extinct, the only limit he has is he can't be in his animal form for more than 2 hours.
1. Gym Class
3. Eating
4. winning any sort of competition
5.Showing off
Five minimum please
1. losing competitions
2. math
3. jerks
4. being rejected
5. people who are better than him
Five minimum please
Fears: he is deathly afraid of snakes and spiders

Personality: Tyler is a great athelete and loves to show off his shifting powers for anyone and everyone. He gets along really with Coach Helms who has helped him with his shifting the most. He is also known as kind of the class clown being loud and sometimes obnoxious during class which tends to make everyone laugh, but it also drives people nuts when he won't shut up. He is very kind and usually easy going but he does have a short temper and will gladly throw the first punch.
History: Tyler was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona by a single mother as he got older his mother often had to work hard just to make ends meet. Tyler attened a very bad high school where would often get in fights.
One day a kid insulted his mother and he lost his temper he turned into a gorilla and began beating the kid to a pulp. He was sent to juvenille hall and and the kid was sent to the hospital. After a year in Juvie using his powers to win more fights his mother came to visit him and handed him a letter about the Exusia. She told him to please take it and to if he went to please be good she couldn't handle hiim getting kicked out of another school and of him fighting anymore. From that day forth he decided to use his powers for good and not to fight anymore. [b]Anything else?
Just anything else that doesn't fit into the categories.[/center]

So begins...

Tyler Williams's Story

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#, as written by Sonohra
Noah Sparks

Noah rubbed his cheeks and eyes, trying to get the sleep from out of his face. He walked outside and looked around. He hated it in California. It was always so warm. It made him tired that he should be. Noah had tried to cool himself down before, but almost killed himself. He nearly froze his heart. Hypothetically that would cool him down, but Noah was human and needed his heart beating to live. Noah headed back inside, finding that he was going to pass out from the heat. It was probably on 80 degrees, but for Noah, 80 degrees was too hot.

Noah noticed that he wasn't outside alone. He was next to the doorway when he found out that there was Chris. Chris... Wow. Noah liked Chris. Noah liked a lot of people, but he was too shy to talk to anyone. Noah stumbled. He was getting dizzy from being outside. He pushed the door open and crawled back inside. Even if he wanted to say hi to the guy, Noah was too sick to even make it to him.

Noah found himself a water fountain and drank some nice cool water to help him strengthen up. He made his way down the hall and found Billy and two other boys. Noah waved shyly at Billy. She was one of the few girls that Noah found he could be friends with. Not that they were very close. They never really got to know each other. Noah, if he could would befriend anyone and everyone. If he could. Noah was too shy to even attempt such a feat. For now, he would just smile and wave at anyone he liked. Like Billy. He smiled and waved at her, hoping that maybe she'd notice him. Maybe she was too focused on the two boys coming her way.

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Character Portrait: Noah Sparks Character Portrait: Billy Rae Holland Character Portrait: Tyler Williams Character Portrait: Nathaniel Rossurk
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#, as written by Sonohra
Noah Sparks

Noah was surprised to get called out by Billy. A party? Oh no... no no no... Noah didn't like that idea. Noah was no good with other people, especially a lot of people. It was too much. But before he could answer, she had left. Noah had spent too much time thinking about it. He was a little upset, but nothing too serious. It had happened before. He was too busy thinking to realize that people had left.

Noah ruffled his hair and sighed, continuing off down the hall. This was his thinking moment. Looking out the window he saw everyone in the court yard. Noah was too sensitive to heat to go outside. He sighed again. He just stared outside and watched th other kids talk to each other. He wished he were more out going. Maybe he'd make some friends? Making friends was hard... but keeping them was easy. Noah just needed one friend. Noah just looked out the window, longing for that one chance to make a friend. Maybe at that party... That was it. Noah was going to that party.

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Skylar Warren

I watched Tyler come up to Maya and annoy her. Narrowing my eyes at the boy, I turned to see Maya walking away and Tyler shifting into a fly and continuing to bug her. "Ohhh boy you are just asking for what you gonna get." I said to myself with a smirk. I followed Maya and Fly boy until even I was starting to get annoyed by him.

"Ok, now I'm gettin aggrevated..." I narrowed my eyes and held out my hand towards the water fountain. Good thing no one was getting a drink, because they would have gotten a suprise shower. Water spurted out of it, and formed a ball hovering above my palm. I thrust my hand forward, and the ball sucked up the Fly, (aka Tyler) and came back to me. The ball moved with him, so he could not escape no matter how hard he swam. "I don't think flys have a huge lungs. So maybe I should let you go before you suffocate... Or I could do something else." There was an evil glimmer in my eyes, not a single spec of kindness. I stuck my leg out and spun in a half circle, then dropped the ball. Completeing the spin, I kicked the water ball with fly boy in it. I watched as it was launched across the courtyard, keeping its shape. "Whoa! Your ass just got round-house-drop-kicked!" I laughed. Standing up strait, i walked back over to Maya. "You ma'am had a bug problem. But I got rid of it for you. Well for a little bit. He annoys you again, call me," I gave her a mock little salute and turned walking off.

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Mc'Kenzie Lenord

The first sound Mickey heard in the morning was her annoying alarm clock. 'Give me a break here! I just woke up.' She thought as her crankiness started getting the better of her. After some great deal of time the clock had found its way on the opposite wall smashed to bits. "Opps." Mickey snickered and got out of bed yawning and stretching, you know, the usual stuff. She grabbed her towel and headed off to the bathroom to do her morning routine. First shower.The warm water had definitely woken her up.. After that Mickey brushed her dirty blonde hair until it looked subtle and not wild like it usually was in the morning. Not her fault right? The outfit Mickey had picked out was the best I had found so far. I mean who doesn't love superman? After looking herself over in the mirror she walked out her dorm to find some people to mingle with.

When she had entered the building she thought of the first place Billy would be. ’The Library' Mickey thought automatically. It was almost Billy’s favorite place in the morning. Or so she thought. Heading towards the library she couldn't help but notice the guys around her. She saw Nate and Mickey smirked at the thought of her friend being a lady charmer. “Who would have know Billy would attract men like a magnet.” Mickey said wrapping her arm around her best friends neck. “Sup Nate.” She said waving the hand that wasn't wrapped around her friend at Nate. “So what’s this I hear about a party?” She said and the smirk couldn't help but escape her lips. Knowing Billy, it would be awesome.

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Ronnie Bender

Waking in the morning, I was not happy about. I was never a morning person even when I lived in Austrailia with my parents. The sun shining through my black and red curtains that I never managed to close all the way always shined right into my deep brown eyes. Waking me up way too early in the morning that I couldn't even focus on anything other than how I wish I could fall back into my bed and sleep for hours. But, everyone knew that wasn't going to happen, I was short on time and didn't feel like being late... again and I wanted time to get my breakfast. Me with no breakfast? Not good... For anyone especailly the few people that either liked to get under my skin or just did for one reason or another. And with my power, I can't lose my temper. Sitting up in my bed, I reached my arms above my head and looked at the tattoos on my arms before rubbing my eyes and slipping out of my bed. Walking over to my closet, I heard my bare feet hitting my cold floor, but I couldn't sleep with socks on... Strange right? But, when I reached my closet I opened the door and looked through my rather selective clothing. Mostly plaid shirts and dark was blue jeans with a lot of combat boots and ankle booties.

I grabbed a purple sleeveless plaid top and a dark pair jeans. I slipped my pajama pants and white shirt off and tossed it into my hamper before slipping on my outfit for the day. Looking in the mirror I smirked at my bedhead before reaching to grab my brush and taming the bird's nest of black hair. After that I went to my dresser and did my make up, like always, eyeline, mascara, and lip stick. Hey, I may not be girly but I still take pride in my appearance... A lot of pride. Anyway, I grabbed my black messager bag. And, went out the bedroom door.

Walking outside I slipped on my black Ray-Bans to shelid my eyes from the overly bright sun. As I walked to get my breakfast I could see Ty and Chris talking to each other aka two of biggest pains in my ass I have ever met, including my parents. And, I can't stand my parents but, Ty and Chris weren't bad to be around, they are just so freaking cocky that I cannot not say that. And I have told them that. I walked pass them with a smirk before entering the cafateria and walking into the line. I grab the same thing as every day; a chocolate muffin and a few strips of the heaven called bacon. My one true love-- other than Judd Nelson and The Breakfast Club. After paying an putting my wallet back into my bag, I walked over to a small table and sat down, putting my legs on a chair on the other side of the table and beginning to eat my amzing and very "healthy" breakfast.