Eyes of the Hunter

Eyes of the Hunter


In the Isles of Fa’rona celebrations fill the air, the chieftains daughter of the Orron Clan has come of age. Which proud warrior shall win her heart.

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The Children of the Isles of Fa’rona, god blessed of the Wolf Goddess and her brother the Bear God. A proud and noble people who are one with nature, they who hunt the Isles of Fa’rona all may find a peaceful greeting with the exception of Plains Humans whom raid their fair lands to steal the enchanting Daughters of the Wolf for their own lords.

Their proud culture is slowly dying out as the Plains humans raid their to take their women to tame as trophy wives. Though there are few humans that stand a chance against the mighty Sons of the Bear they are given to the Kaxis by the pure number of Plains human soldiers.

Though now is not the time to let this ill thoughts dwell within the Orron Clan. For now the Chieftains daughter comes of age and thus celebrations are due. A great hunt shall ensue which will decide whom shall be given a day of personal time to try and win the Chieftains daughter’s heart. Though in the end it is entirely her choice whom she marries.

Races. ( * Means they are restricted, as the race in question makes them an important character. Which means I need to know they won’t leave in the middle of the role-play with out a legitimate reason.)

Children of the Isles of Fa‘rona. Referred to as barbarians due to their closeness to nature and hatred of cities. These humans can take on a bestial appearance. The Sons of the Bear are physically superior, but mentally weaker then plains humans. While Daughters of the Wolf are agile, fierce, and beautiful.

Average Appearance. (Sons of the Bear)
Eyes. Green/Blue
Hair. Blonde/Red
Skin. Bronzed
Height. 6’8-7’4
Creator God. The Bear God
Background. Powerful warriors born of the Isles of Fa’rona their word is their life, honorable and fierce their determination in combat is incredible, their deeds great. They are the warriors of the Isles and are in constant struggle with the Plains humans of the Humanic Empire.

Average Appearance. (Daughters of the Wolf)
Eyes. Blue/Violet
Hair. Blonde/Red
Skin. Bronzed
Height. 5’4-6’0
Creator God. The Wolf Goddess
Background. These warriors of the Isles of Fa’rona are considered the ultimate form of human beauty. Which is both a blessing and a curse, due to their beauty and commanding air they are often kidnapped during Humanic Raids to be taking as trophy wives under lords of Plains Humans… one must be careful even unarmed these agile women are capable of dispatching trained soldiers barehanded.

Kal’Jact. Spiritual guardians given the bodies of animals to defend their masters. They are fully capable of speaking fluently in most languages. They also are wise and stronger then the average animal in which they’ve taken the form of.

White Elves of Paladar. These elves are tall their skin and hair often resembling natural colors and plants. They often have oaken skin with hair to match wild flowers. Select few have eyes that hold every color of spring. Fierce warriors but prefer to refrain from blood shed. They are superior to humans in almost all conceivable ways. Minor to no magic ability.

Average Appearance.
Eyes. Colors of Spring.
Hair. Hair that matches flowers and other natural colors.
Skin. oaken
Height. 5’4-6’4
Creator God. Paladar
Background. The White Elves are a race of order and light. They are filled with fervor and zeal as they honor and serve their lords to ensure their perfect lawful society and cities. While they enforce justice they are no where near as zealous in slaughter as Black Elves.

Black Elves of Na’Tally. These elves are tall their skin and hair often resembling the desolate and vile woods they live in. They often have darker tan skin their hair black or metallic. Select few have eyes that hold every color of Autumn. Deadly and vile Warriors that revel in the deaths of their hated cousins the white elves. Superior to humans they are some of the deadliest natural psions in the world.

Average Appearance.
Eyes. Colors of Autumn
Hair. metallic
Skin. Dark oak
Height. 6’2-8’6
Creator God. Na’Tally
Background. Black Elves are of Justice by any means and the darkness that follows. Though considered an evil race they are not always the sadistic creatures that stalk the land spreading terror and destruction to enforce justice. Many are simply tricksters and though not as lawful and proud as White Elves they are not evil. Though those who are have built a stereotype of evil and destruction to all the Black Elves.

Horror Goblin. Small, Weak, and thought all around pathetic Horror Goblins have become nightmarish tales told to young children. These goblins are capable of becoming invisible at will. Their skin secrets a agent that causes extreme paranoia. Though even a human child could overpower these weak creatures physically.

Average Appearance.
Eyes. Shades of Red
Hair. Black scraggly
Skin. Black with red clan marks
Height. 2’0-2’6

Septrinian*. A ancient and powerful races who receive the knowledge of their parents at birth. Fragile and weak Septrinian require flesh and bones of creatures, people, and plants to cast their devastating magic. They often like to play god creating and altering races and reality. As a evolution on their part Septrinian have large heavy set shells capable of holding off an elder ork. This thick armadillo like shell secrets long deadly spikes tipped with poison so potent it could drop an elephant in a minuet.

Average Appearance.
Eyes. Grey
Hair. -
Skin. Black leathery scales
Height. 4’2-4’8

Anubian. A common term used to identify all beast folk. The Anubian consist of all forms of beast folk ranging from countless species. The only identification mark is they are sentient, walk on their hind legs, and appear more animal then human.

Mythical Creatures

Jarei. Small reptilian bird like creatures while not dangerous to creature such as Brekka their beaks are still capable of being lethal to anything they can get the drop on. Slightly smaller then a Red Brekka they are often used by humans as transportation when horses won’t cut it.

White Brekka. These lithe Brekka are long serpent like monsters capable of flying while worthless in melee combat they spit bolts of acid to kill and harass its prey and foes. White scaled with large white wings they are not as fast nor maneuverable as Jarei but they make excellent snipers in air to surface battles. Their saliva paralyses on contact.

Garon. Is the term used to classify the reaction when an animal drinks from certain hot springs which cause the animal to grow almost five to ten times its original size. Not even the Children of the Isles of found out exactly where these springs are but several lore keepers have scriptures of the ancients finding them and studying them. One such scripture speaks of the Son of Garon, a Son of the Bear whom drank from one of these springs and now guards them.

Gods. (Gods praised on the Isles.)

The Wolf Goddess. A deadly entity of beauty, agility, the hunter, and womanhood. She is praised by the beast, barbarian, and most females. She is seen as the ultimate form of feminine power. Her Disciples must be female though her prophet is a man..
Symbol. A Bow crossed with two arrows.

The Bear God. A Powerful entity of strength, combat, the warrior, and manhood. He is praised by the beasts, barbarians, and any form of combatant. He is seen as the ultimate form of humanity physical strength. His disciples must be male though his prophet is a woman.
Symbol. A shield crossed with a spear and a sword.

Garon. God of Luck, Fortune, and Privileged. Dressed as a harlequin he wields two sets of scales each tilting to one side. His face lacks eyes to show fortune is not predigest. Son of the Bear God and Zale(Goddess of the Sea/Ocean and Love).
Symbol. A four leaf clover tilting a scale one way.

Kaxis the Ferryman. Lord of the Ferries, the Reaper of Souls, the Nameless God. He who ferries the dead to the afterlife. Son of the Wolf Goddess and Dreaous. Only Children of Fa’rona know the name of this god, he reaps the souls of mortals and acts his avatar ferries Children back and forth from the Isles and the Mainland of Dophia. He is the only way one is legal allowed to cross unless on a war raid against the Plains Humans.
Symbol. A Scythe with a bale of wheat. (To represent the Harvest of Souls)
Marlis. The God of Disease, Famine, and Drought, the Bringer of Death. Twin Sister of Kaxis and daughter of Dreaous and the Wolf Goddess. She is gifted by farmers to ensure their harvest isn’t cursed with blight and famine and to defend against diseases to themselves and their families.
Symbol. A Scythe with a blade with a circle which is divided to form three tear drops one standing for the death of Famine, one representing Disease, and one representing Drought.

Kuraw. The Faceless lord, God of the Masquerade, Lord of Deception, God of Trickery, Deceit, and Comedy. Son of Na’Tally and Vexia(The Demon Lady of Lust)
Symbol Two Comedy Theater Masks with a violet ribbon entwining them.

Dragoul. The God of Honor, Judgment, Justice, Order, and Chivalry.
Son of Paladar. Born when Na’Tally(Elven God of Chaotic Justice, Deceit) dealt a devastating wound to Paladar(Elven God of Chivalry) the blood spilt formed Dragoul the light of his creation burned Na’tally’s armor Black and forced the fell knight away from Paladar.
Symbol. a Knight’s sword held in Salute.

The Fox Goddess. Goddess of Love, Unity, The mage, and Pride. Youngest Sister of the Wolf Goddess and Bear God. She is Septriss(God of Magic) Apprentice and those who praise her along with Septriss shall be capable of much stronger magical Capabilities then the average mage.

Shal. Shal is the currency used on the Isles, sea shells gilded with silver. Everything is paid for in Shal or mutual beneficial trades.

Food. The food of the Barbarian people is usually very flavored. Using citrus sauces and herbs. Their meat is rarely ever served with out something to make the it sweet or tart.
Their greens are often served with sweet sauces and their deserts also focus around fruit as do almost all their recipes.

Clothing. In summer times the Children wear little preferring absolute agility and loving the feeling the warm sun against their skin. Though in the winter they often dress in thick fur clothing to keep warm in the harsh freezing cold of the Isles fridge winter.

Architecture. Their buildings are usually dome shaped and main constructed of wood, leather, and fur(For insulation). The only stone structures made by the children are the small Shrines and Idles to the Isle’s Gods.

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Taking place in...

Isles of Fa'rona our primary setting

The Isles of Fa’rona are filled with luscious forests and jungles that house the proud Children.

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Anyanka frowned; when would the outsiders learn to leave the isles well enough alone? "I have never stopped training, my friend," she replied with sincerity. "I do not intend to be the reason my people fall to those from afar; this much I have sworn beyond doubt." Her violet eyes hardened, and went out of focus for a brief moment before returning.

"But I fear my mother would have words for me if I continued to discuss such grim things today." The expression of distaste that crossed her features was enough to show precisely what Anyanka thought of that particular sentiment, but she did not comment further. Rather, she shifted the conversation once again, this time to slightly more pleasant matters.

"Well, will this particular bag of bones be present at the games later today? I fear that if I do not have someone to spectate with, I will grow delightfully bored." This was about as close to a defiance of tradition Anyanka ever got; in truth, the statement was made for the fact that she would much rather be participating than watching, but such was the way of it, perhaps.


Shiara looked up at the man's roar, though she did not flinch from it. A remarkable steadiness in the face of what would cause a normal person fear was perhaps the defining trait of her family, and the only one they all held in common. Holding his eyes steadily for a moment, she nevertheless turned and went about her work, feeding and checking for wounds the prisoners who cowered in the corners of cells or those that sat more stoically.

There were a few minor injuries, but nothing a quick spell wouldn't take care of, and she made sure to check everyone before stepping away from the cell. "Has he been seen to?" she asked of the guard nearest her, indicating the child of the Bull God with one hand.

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Isles of Fa'rona

Isles of Fa'rona by TheRaven&ThePawn

The Isles of Fa’rona are filled with luscious forests and jungles that house the proud Children.

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Isles of Fa'rona

Isles of Fa'rona by TheRaven&ThePawn

The Isles of Fa’rona are filled with luscious forests and jungles that house the proud Children.

Isles of Fa'rona

The Isles of Fa’rona are filled with luscious forests and jungles that house the proud Children.

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Re: [OOC] Eyes of the Hunter

It would be late Summer or early Fall. Days are hot and Nights are cold enough for frost.

Re: [OOC] Eyes of the Hunter

Hmm what season is it right now? Just for a reference of type of weather and what type of game would be present.

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Please make sure to make your introduction posts as soon as you can.

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ah yes, you'll need a new character.

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Yea thats what I was asking... and it was asking me to select a character from one of the ones' i already have created, so I guess I do have to make a new character on my profile?

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If you haven’t been on the role-play tab use the link on the first OOC post to get to it. Then go to the Character tab and fill out the character sheet, submit it and I’ll see if its good in which case it will be accepted.

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Guess it's been a while... so do I have to create a specific character under my profile for this roleplay, then click the "add character" above your ooc summary of the rp? Hmm... things have changed since I last roleplayed in the forums...

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Sheets submitted! If anything in the family history turns out contrary to what I have later, I'll fix it, but it was only pretty ordinary information anyway.

Re: [OOC] Eyes of the Hunter

The Chieftain is a male and no you don’t have to add an specifics about the Chieftains family incase someone wishes to be part of it later on. Whether his wife is still there is dependant on whether or not someone wishes to be her.

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Anything specific you want listed in the character profiles? Does the Cheiftain have a son, of course he probably has a wife I'm assuming... or is the Cheiftain female?

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Cool. I guess I reserve the chieftain's daughter and her sister, then. I'll try to have those profiles in tonight, but tomorrow at the latest. =)

Re: [OOC] Eyes of the Hunter

You may reserve characters here yes. As for the number of characters As long as you can manage them all I'm fine with it. With a few exceptions such as I don't really want say the Chieftain or Chieftains daughter being played by a person whom is also a suitor. Even if the player doesn't it still kind of makes one think their posts will be predigest. The only thing with Elves is that there names are structured a certain way.

Elven Names.
Elven Names consist of a three parts. Though the first is hardly used it is simply the name of their mother if they’re female or father if they’re male. The Second part is a three lettered word which is their clan’s name. The third is their own personal name. A full elven name would appear as such. Ferin’Zal’Rei.

You can make your own clans but these are the top ruling clans of the Elven people.

Renown White Elf Clans.
Gil’ (Paladin Clan)
Oru’ (Clerical Clan)
Gal’ (Warrior Clan)

Renown Black Elf Clans.
Zal’ (Na’Tally’s chosen. One is not born into this clan, they have to earn a place in it.)
Xia’ (Assassin Clan)
Xei’ (Clerical Clan)
Zel’ (Knight Clan)
Vel’ (Crusader Order)

Re: [OOC] Eyes of the Hunter

So is this where you want us to reserve and post our characters? I like this rp and have been browsing for something to join for a few weeks now. I would like to be maybe the first and closest cousin to the Cheiftains daughter... how do you feel about duel roles? I'd also like to hold a black elf character.

Re: [OOC] Eyes of the Hunter

The Chieftains daughter is available as is the Chieftain himself.

Re: [OOC] Eyes of the Hunter

Query: Is the chieftain's daughter a possible character? The idea actually works fairly well with what I was planning; I might actually create a pair of sisters. If it's reserved, though, I shall simply alter my plan slightly.

[OOC] Eyes of the Hunter

"Eyes of the Hunter"

This is another Role-play of mine based in my realm of Ithia. Which seems to run better then my other settings.