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6 humans on a camping trip stumble,more like get pulled, into the dark realm of Eyphah.What will they do when they're faced with creatures only imaginable in story books? Who is there to trust when you can't even trust yourself anymore?(Slots Needed/OPEN)

932 readers have visited Eyphah since Just Sayin' created it.


You Can Not Trust Anyone..
Not the Wind..
Not the Trees..
Not Yourself..


How This Story Begins...
Six friends who had just graduated high school decided to go on a camping trip to celebrate, heck, they didn't think they would make it this far. Finding a nice plot of land in the thickest part of the woods they set up their campsite for a five day stay in the "wilderness." One of the friends decided it would be a good idea to get a "feel of the land" and figured he should drag his friends through the woods aimlessly, and that's what he done. After hours of walking the group of six began to get restless. They complained, grumbled, letting unnecessary words fly past their lips freely.
It was dusk, and finding their campsite had became a game. "I think I see camp in the distance! Race you guys there!!" A voice from the friends shouted, and one figure took off running, and soon the rest followed, laughing and shouting like a bunch of teen-aged idiots.

Little did they know, what they saw ahead was not their campsite, but a illusion of it. A dark force from the realm Eyphah was dragging them closer to their "fate"... And to their doom.
As they ran "camp" seemed to be running from them itself. It was getting further and further away and the night air was becoming thick with a hazy, black fog. "I don't see camp anymore..." a voice squeaked, breaking through the tension in the air as the whole group slowed down from a run, to a jog, to a slow, uneasy walk. "This must be a mistake!" the boy who lead them through the unknown part of the woods commented, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.
"Oh really?!" another shouted, the "temper" of the friends. "That's what you always say, you son of a-"

"Hey guys!" said a girl, pointing ahead. A thin line ripped through the air like it was simple paper, glowing a deep purple. "What is it?!" someone wailed, watching in horror as the line ripped open to expose a completely other world. And then...

The wind picked up and a hard pulled yanked the friends towards the rip hanging in the air like it belonged there, the portal to a completely new world. Their voices were heard as screams, words not audible, just screeches of confusion and fear. With that, they were tugged into Eyphah, losing all consciousness in the process. Their journey had just begun...

In The Realm of Eyphah..

The creatures of Eyphah had felt a disturbance in the air, and all knew what it was immediately. Something that did not belong had entered their world. Having no idea what a "human" was, their curiosity was piqued. Some ran to "The Great," a hybrid of all the species combined, one who was as old as Eyphah herself for answers, others decided to take matters into their own hands.

In a race to find the humans, or at least one of them, the creatures searched.

Alliances broken, new ones formed. Foe helping Foe. Creature against Creature, the game was on.

What will become of the humans? What will become of Eyphah? Will there be death? Will there be betrayal? Romance? Heartbreak?

Is all up to you...

The Basic Plot..

So, I hope I made the plot simple in the story, but if not this should help. Basically, the freshly graduated humans fell into the realm of Eyphah where a bunch of different creatures live. There are no humans there, therefore these creatures have no idea what a "human" is. Some go to consult Alvaro, or 'The Great' as some call her. She is as old as the realm, and know all there is of it. She is the only one who knows of this species called "Human." Others, however, go in search of the humans, their intentions unclear. Some want to kill them, thinking they are "tainting" the land, others want to question them, help them.. Drink from them, thinking their blood will give them strength and so on. In the realm trees can move, their branches that is, the wind has a tendency to "get" angry, sometimes able to cut people like a blade, and there are mushrooms.. Do not, under any circumstances, eat the mushrooms.. (There really isn't a huge plot, just stick to the story-line and make it your own. Creatures can fall in love with different species and everything else, not everyone has to chase after the humans.)

If you have any Questions feel free to ask me in OOC or through PM. I will gladly answer any!(:

This is not Twilight, my friends...

Vampires- Intelligent, Strong, Fast, and Blood thirsty. Some of the many words to describe this species. They do not sparkle. Most do not give a flip about other species besides their own, and the sun does bother them to a certain extent. If caught in the sun's rays too long their skin will begin to turn a dangerous red color, if out in the sun for more than a hour their flesh will actually catch on fire.. And they will die. If out during the day they tend stick to the shadows, most are not stupid enough to be. Due to their dark nature, they are also called by the name "Shadow Dwellers." Besides death by the Sun they can also be killed with a stake through the heart or being drowned in holy water. They are dangerous, most definitely not mortal, and you could say heartless is a good word for them. Vampires must drink at least once a day and they like the taste of Shifter blood the best, yet now that these "Humans" came into the picture that might change a little.When they are thirsty or angry their eyes turn either a black color or silver. It depends on that particular vampire. To change a regular mortal into a vampire the "maker" must drain their target of their blood and make them drink their own. It is a long and painful process. The vampire must stay with their creation through the change also. Manipulative and Suave, they are not to be trusted with a light-heart.

Werewolves- Children of the Blood Moon. Werewolves are most commonly known as Lycans in the realm of Eyphah and they like the term better. They are a rare and "endangered" species due to the fact that they can only be born or "created" on a Blood Moon which only happens once every month. This species in general is a little temperamental. They are enraged easily and once that happens there is no turning back. They are known for their brute strength which is slightly higher than a vampires, but not by much. They're protective of their own kind and the ones they love, and usually travel in packs, however, it has changed over the years. There is more and more lone wolves coming into the picture. They have the ability to shift into a larger-than-average sized wolf at will, but also have a actual 'Lycan' form they are forced to change into every Blood Moon. On the Blood Moon they lose all sense of humanity and become a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to devour anyone in their path. Their natural enemy is the Vampire, but they also do not like the Shape-Shifters, thinking they are a "knock off" species of their own. Lycans can be killed with silver bullets or any other pieces of silver penetrating their heart. Silver hurts them all the way around however. To change someone into a Lycan it must be on a Blood Moon and the person must be bit in their left shoulder. [Extra Info.- Lycans usually mate for life.]

Shape-Shifters- Shape-Shifters, otherwise known as 'Skin-Walkers', are a species which was only discovered a few years ago. Not much is known about them other than a few small things. They have the ability to shift into any animal or person they have ever seen before, but they must have actually seen them/it. The shifting process is usually extremely painful for the shifter, and they(most of the time) only have one or two forms they transform into. They are a fairly docile species, but can become territorial here and there. The way to kill a Shifter is by beheading them or shooting them through the heart with a silver bullet(like you would do with a Lycan.) Due to the fact Shifters and Lycans are so similar debates have been formed on which is the "supreme" race. Lycans are the Shape-Shifters enemies, but so are Vampires. They hate how the Shadow Dwellers are always feeding off their species, it disgusts them. To change someone into a Shifter they must be actually killed, then cut across the chest. From there the shifter must cut themselves and place their wound over the person they are changing's wound.

Elves- Light-hearted and Caring, this race is known for their songs, their music that swallows one whole, putting them in a trance-like state.
They are a simple species that do not have many enemies besides the Werewolves. During the Blood Moon more and move elves seem to go missing. Most have small abilities which consist mostly of Elemental Powers. They do not like to fight, but will when it is absolutely necessary. Males tend to have long hair and all Elven people are tall. You can not create a Elf, they must be born. Therefore, their species is a bit rare. They die just like a regular Human.

Humans- You should know these guys! :P They have no ability what-so-ever, and can die fairly easy. In the realm of Eyphah they are unknown.. And extremely vulnerable.

The Hybrid- There is only one, and her name is Alvaro, she was created from the Earth the same time Eyphah was "created." She is a mix of all the species, and is the most powerful in the Realm; You could call her the Queen. She lives in a castle in the middle of the Realm. Not much is known about her, however, like everything else; There is a way to kill her. All her limbs must be ripped from her body, she must be burned, then her ashes put in a jar.. Then buried deep within the Earth. No one has tried to kill her though, she is fairly nice to all the races. A gem, in some of their eyes.

Rules of Eyphah:

1. Do Not Disobey Alvaro. It Will Mean Immediate Death To You.
2. Do Not Fall In Love With Any Other Species But Your Own
3. Do Not Fight Among Each Other
4. Be Respectful To All
5. Respect Eyphah

These Rules were made by Alvaro herself, but let's face it... Rules are meant to be broken.(;

The Characters-

The Humans:
[ Remember: All the Humans known each other, and they are all good friends. ]

Human One- (Female) She's extremely Shy and Timid, not one to talk much. (RESERVED)
Human Two- (Male) He's the one who lead the group through the forest. Many of the friends are mad at him right now. (OPEN)
Human Three- (Male) He is the one with the big temper, always seeming to get angry fast. (OPEN)
Human Four- (Female) Independent and Sarcastic. Doesn't like being told what to do. (RESERVED)
Human Five- (Male) He's pretty shy, but once out of his shell he's real outgoing. (OPEN)
Human Six- (Female) Funny and the Life of the Party! (OPEN)


Vampire One- (Male) (RESERVED)
Vampire Two- (Female) (TAKEN)
Vampire Three- (Female) (OPEN)
Vampire Four- (Male) (OPEN)
Vampire Five- (Female) [Youngest Vampire to be born, and a chosen guard of Alvaro's.] (TAKEN by Me)


Lycan One- (Male) [One of the strongest Lycans in the realm.] (OPEN)
Lycan Two- (Male) [A guard of Alvaro's.] (OPEN)
Lycan Three- (Female) [Another guard of Alvaro's.] (OPEN)
Lycan Four- (Male) (TAKEN by Me)
Lycan Five- (Male) (OPEN)


Shifter One- (Female) (OPEN)
Shifter Two- (Female) (OPEN)
Shifter Three- (Male) (OPEN)
Shifter Four- (Male) (OPEN)


Elf One- (Female) (OPEN)
Elf Two- (Male) (OPEN)
Elf Three- (Female) (OPEN)

The Hybrid:

Alvaro- (Female) [She is more like a NPC, Queen of the Realm of Eyphah.] (TAKEN by Me)

If you have any Questions about the Species or anything else PLEASE ASK! :D

The Character Sheet! -
Erase Everything in [ ], please!

Code: Select all
[b]Full-Name-[/b] [First, Middle, and Last]
[b]Nickname-[/b] [If you have one.]
[b]Gender-[/b] [Easy one! :P]
[b]Species-[/b] [Lycan, Vampire, etc.]
[b]Role-[/b] [Human One, Vampire Three, etc.]
[b]Age-[/b] [All Species are immortal except the Humans, of course. The Humans' age should be about 18 or 19, the others anywhere. Give both the Age of their Looks and then their Actual Age.]
[b]Power-[/b] [This is only for the Species, not for the Humans. Only ONE power per character. Please do not use 'Illusions.' Thank you.]
[b]Orientation-[/b] [I would prefer all the characters be 'Straight' since there is even numbers, however, I will accept "Bi" characters as well as Straight ones. :P]
[b]Personality-[/b] [At least Five Sentences.]
[b]Description of Appearance-[/b] [What isn't in the picture?]
[b]History-[/b] [I will leave this as optional.]
[b]Other-[/b] [Anything I missed that you want to add? Other forms, ect.]

Toggle Rules

Rule Number One:
Respect Me and All the other Role-Players! I am your GM, the Law, what I say goes! If you have ANY problems please PM me!

Rule Number Two:
Please be Literate! 'Dnt Tlk Lyke Dis' I swear, I will banish you from my Kingdom if I see that! O-o Use Correct Punctuation, Capitalization, and Spelling to the BEST of your ability.

Rule Number Three:
Do not join then leave after three days! I've worked hard on this Role-play and want it to last! >-<

Rule Number Four:
If you've read EVERYTHING put 'Mushu' at the end of your character sheet! :D

Rule Number Five:
Romance is highly encouraged but please do not blind us!

Rule Number Six:
Violence is encouraged as well, but do not kill someone's character without permission, that's just rude!

Rule Number Seven:
Absolutely NO Gm-ing(Godmodding)!! I will not tolerate that crap. :/

Rule Number Eight:
Cussing is aloud, but not in!

Rule Number Nine:
PLEAASEEE reserve your character before submitting it!

Rule Number Ten:
Each post at least type a hefty paragraph for your character, or each character if you make two.

Rule Number Eleven:
I AM the GM and have the right to change/add on to the Rules, and most likely will. If I add a Rule I will let you know in OOC.

Last, but NOT least...

HAVE FUN! ^^ This role play is "character based", duh! :P

If you have ANY concerns or questions PLEASE contact me either in OOC or through PM!

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