Ezerian War

Ezerian War


When the world you live in is threatened, will you stand up to defend it?

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The story...
167 S.C.E (During the Great War)
Continent: Herminia
Peace... A term well known throughout the world, especially with the Treaty of Zenir, which kept all hostilities between any country into oblivion, it remained peaceful after the Great War, which nearly brought the world to it's knees. A country, called Amenia had started the war for what seemed to be no reason, other than to expand it's borders. And they were allied with Famiria, a powerful and industrial country who's mechs and weapons would crush any army's. Yet after most countries whom stood against the allied Famiria and Amenia started to fall, except for one, Namirlan. They stood up against the two, and with the power of strange Mechs, Ezeria almost single-handedly beat the two allied countries. And soon after, the treaty of Zenir was made, to prevent such a war again. They were wrong...

The Great War, 164 S.C.E. - 174 S.C.E

193 S.C.E.
The World was finally at peace, after the great war, and Amenia and Famiria were able to keep themselves afloat, yet had no way of attacking other countries, since their neighbors had now strong Mechs to stop them. But nobody expected what was next, a small country, Minaguise, was invaded, and was taken over in about a day. From a emerging country, Rensonen, it was a new country and began a large war attacking all bordering nations. It seemed nobody could stop them...

World Conference. in Finar, Largest city in Namirlan. 196 S.C.E.

The world conference had come, and all of the fee countries attended, and formed a mass alliance, and unified to fight against Rensonen. Under the united name: Ezeria.

Now for the Character Skeleton.

First: A list of the smaller countries of Ezeria,
Amenia {50/50 farm and Industry)
Mech Style: Not very heavy armour, yet fast and easily deployable. Has the ability to fly. Best used as scouts.
Mech Weapons: Light Rifles, pistols, and light blades.
Fameria (25% Farm, 75% industry)
Mech Style: Heavy armour, and heavy Armament. Land based, and very slow. Best used as Tanks.
Mech Weapons: Cannons, Missile launchers, Heavy Rifles, Heavy hammers, Gravity (as a ram).
Namirlan (40% Farm. 60% industry)
Mech Style: The medium Mech, overall the jack of all trades, medium speed and armament. Has the possibility to fly. Typically the core of the army. Basic soldiers.
Mech weapons: Anything Light or medium. Tends to use broadswords.
Esperiin (60% farm, 40% industry)
Mech style: Medium armour and high speed. All mechs fly. Most mechs have "Wings" or boosters. Used mainly as the core air force.
Mech weapons: Anything that ISN'T heavy.
Ginashii (50/50 for industry and Farm, Yet Mines Simiti Gas.)
Mech Style: Medium armour, high speed. Flight capable. Cloak ability. Relies on Simiti gas, and the pilot's will. Used as the Stealth fighters.
Mech Weapons: tends to stay light armament to keep higher speed.

Rensonen Alliance Mechs:

Rensonen (Unknown industry and Farm ratio.) {2 mechs for them}
E-532 "Hellion"
Mech Style: Can fly, Medium armour and speed. Has a shielding. Core base of the army.
Mech Weapons: Any weapon.
A-781 "Hellbat"
Mech style: Always flying when active. Cloak ability. Used as the air force of the Rensonenian army.
Mech weapons: Any medium ranged weapons.

Now the pilots's character bio:

Name: (Self explanatory.)

Age: (Please between 17-XX, but don't be a super old coot please.)

Gender: (There ARE some characters...)

Nationality: (Listed above, please choose one.)

Mech Nationality: (Choose one.)


Mech appearance:

Mech Weaponry: (Be inventive with what the weapons are. Don't have broken ones though please)

Pilot's weaponry: (Optional, but why not.)


History/ Bio: (You don't have to do this if you don't want to.)

Theme Song: (Put URL here.)

I'm kicked back about rules, they are usually easy to follow. So if you break them, Things will go down! >:D
1. This has been said a thousand times, but please, no godmodding. It drives me insane.
2. No killing another roleplayer's character, or sabotaging their mecha. Unless I personally give you the bomb to do so.
3.Sex, I personally don't mind, I don't recommend it, yet the site cares, so please keep it to PM's.
4.If someone is giving you problems, don't fight back, I'll be happy to rip their internals out for you! :3
5. Be literate, I don't mean give me a novel to read, just no 1337 speech.
6. I don't mind if you have text for your appearance, but please have a picture with it, would you kindly?
7. Please try to limit the OOC in posts. They made that board for a reason.
8. I am the Game master, please don't argue with me in OOC. If you have a problem please take it to PM for me.
9. I do have a policy for posting amount, once a week minimum, I will understand if you can't meet this, we all have real lives, I hope...
10. Please, HAVE FUN. This isn't a competition, so chill out a bit and have fun with this. I'm the only one allowed to be stressed out on this roleplay!

That's all for now! When I get characters I'll organize for factions and squads, placing them on here! :3

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I would like to add a rebelling "super race" to Rensonen, who undoubtedly is allying with the super alliance. They would be using mechs that have high shields, wing-like flight systems, next to no armor, and light to medium weapons. Also using a kinetic hyper-accelerating pulse melee weapon whose range is really only to deflect other melee weapons.

Please PM me for any wanted changes and/or accept/decline of idea.

Re: Ezerian War

I DO take recommendations! If you have a neat little plot-hole or something, please put it down and I may use it1 ^.^

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