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The Fayz


a part of F.A.Y.Z., by Broken_Storm.


Broken_Storm holds sovereignty over The Fayz, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Fayz



The Fayz is a part of F.A.Y.Z..

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Caroline Hyland [1] I can heal physical wounds, but no one can heal the mental wounds of the FAYZ
Lexy Bryer [0] And there's gotta be more than this, In a life full of exits and entrances
Ryder Bennett [0] GET AWAY. Or I will stab you and gouge your eyes faster than you can twitch to try and run!
Draven Henwitch [0] "According to the schedule, I have no time for your bullcrap."
Nathan Browning [0] Ok, on the count of three......three!
Cameron Cai [0] Is that really just a rock? Are you sure?
Marissa Corson [0] "Some how we will get through this"
Mia Rosen [0] "F is for fire that burns down the whole town..."

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#, as written by Haas33
Caroline (Carri)

Carri flipped the page of the book she was reading. She glanced up at the GPS navigator, noticing they were only about 15 miles from Perdido beach. Her dog, Toby, reached his head to lick Carri's face. "Toby," she smiled, pushing him away, just for him to lean more, practically climbing into her lap. She grunted as her 60 pound golden retriever wagged his tail, pushing against her, licking her face. "Toby, get down," Carri said. Toby slowly went back into the backseat, a happy grin plastered to his face. Carri popped out her cigarette case and lighter, lighting one. Her dad gave her a glare. "Caroline, not in the car," Carri rolled her eyes and puts the smoking but out the window. "I'm trying to stop, really I am." she said. Her father sighed, and they rode on in silence.

Carri, looking out the window, finally spoke. "Look dad, I'm sorry, it's just-" she stopped short as she turned and saw her father not there. her eyes widened and she hopped into the drivers seat, Toby barking anxiously. She was too late though, the car was swerving, heading straight for a rock. She gasped, and instead, braced herself, grabbing Toby, pulling him to her chest. She wouldn't loose him too. The Car hit it straight on, airbags popping, snapping her head back and making Toby whimper. THen they slid and hit another rock. They tipped, sending shattered glass falling and cutting them. Her leg twisted severely, but finally the car skidded to a halt. After a long pause, Carri released a breath she didn't know she was holding in.

Toby whined in her arms, then hopped out a shattered window. Carri unbuckled and hoisted herself out of the wreckage, stumbling to the ground. Outside of the car, Toby met her with worried licks to the face. Carri felt like crap. She looked at her dog. He was limping, and had a gash on his ear and other cut on his body. "Oh Toby..." she said. She looked at herself. She could swear her leg was broken, and whenever she moved left arm, he wrist hurt like crap. Her face was cut up and her legs were bruised, she felt like she had a black eye and her lip was swollen and bleeding. Her arms were scraped up, and overall, she felt like death. She sat down on a rock and Toby limped up to her. The real question was, What the hell had just happened?