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Hasura Tsuchima

Not A Thing

0 · 484 views · located in Edo Period

a character in “F I V E: chapter one.”, as played by lord of pandemonium


A group of ruthless killers. Or so they say.

So begins...

Hasura Tsuchima's Story


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Yottsu awoke to a delicate pain to his head. It spoke softly, but it came often. He was out drinking again and found himself a pretty little girl who was looking for commitment while he was looking for momentary release. He got up, with only a small loincloth to abstain from him being classified as nude. The hotel they slept in was of passable quality, but it didn't convince him to stay any longer. He took a drink from the sake bottle that was on the table, but his clothing seemed to be missing. Yottsu quickly deducted that the woman hid his clothing to prevent him from escaping, but it didn't take long for him to find where it was. Last night, even if his vision was blurred, Yottsu was positive she got up once, which was to pour him a drink. He lifted the floorboard closest to the table leg and found his clothing, crammed into a tight hole. However, she was already up, rubbing her eyes. Before she could react, he threw his garments at the girl to momentarily blind her and jumped out the window.

As Yottsu silently recovered from the fall, three men busted out of the hotel in search of him. "Tch, this bitch.." Yottsu cursed. They seem to have spotted him and they were on the chase. Yottsu scaled the nearest wall next to him and ran as fast as he could. Again, Yottsu knew this place like the back of his hand and promptly made the men give up. A great morning jog to start the day.

"Why does the world hate a great man such as me? Yottsu mumbled, walking back dressed in slave's attire. He didn't really care what anyone really thought, but he really did like those clothes. Maybe he could ask the girl next time they meet but he feels that she wouldn't oblige. A stroll through the city, Yottsu didn't do these often. The smell of buns reminded him of his hunger, but unfortunately, due to him leaving his wallet with his clothing. He wouldn't be able to purchase anything, hopefully his one night stand partner would buy something that would suit her fancy.

It seemed Yottsu was nearing the outskirts. Why would the emperor make their home such a long walk away from the city? It was to make it seem that they didn't exist, so when they make a mistake, they could be disposed of without a trance. Though that was only Yottsu's mind wandering. He finds more enjoyment outside of the house as the other members didn't show the most hospitality, but it wasn't his fault they couldn't stand his genius.

"The glorious Yottsu has made an appearance!" He announced after opening the door. He usually expected a parade in his honor, but that was just wishful thinking. When it was painfully obvious that his wish was not coming true, he sighed and walked to the kitchen in his naked glory. He knew the Informant was coming today, but because of the incident in the morning, he wasn't in the best mood. He was curious on what the others were doing, but he didn't feel like intruding. Ame was cooking something, but since they didn't have the best history, he was doubtful she'd share. Reiki and Hime were with Ame and Hasura was either asleep or behind him without his knowledge. He walked from the kitchen to outside and started playing Shogi by his lonesome. Normally he would be talking with them, but he felt the need to honor silence this morning in particular.


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Character Portrait: Yottsu Oshiro Character Portrait: Moon Chika (Chi) Character Portrait: Amaterasu Character Portrait: Reiki Katsuta Character Portrait: Hasura Tsuchima Character Portrait:
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Serenity, he didn't feel it often. His thoughts seems to be just as boisterous as him and even he could be annoyed by them sometimes. Even though their house was given by the devil and filled with people who see Yottsu as a nuisance, their garden was well kept. It was a pleasure to look at even if he didn't come often. It wasn't common for Yottsu to admire nature like this, but it was times like these where he shifts his mindset of booze, woman and more booze.

Yottsu always seem to play Shogi by himself. Maybe because he feels he's superior to anyone he's met or the other Five were careful to decline any of Yottsu's challenges to possibly lose and feed his ego. Nonetheless, he has only found himself to be a worthy opponent. He usually creates scenarios that favor the opposing side and then proceed to win against himself no matter the conditions. Maybe he lets himself win, but his ego would never do such a thing.

A jade color haired woman sat across from Yottsu. It was Hime. He could always count on her to check on him, or keep him in check for that matter. "Ah, Ojou, Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate." Yottsu stated. Of course, Yottsu stole this line from somewhere as a barbaric man such as himself wouldn't have the charisma of a gentlemen.

Yottsu quickly responded to Hime's proposal. "That's a kind offer, Ojou. But what good would it be to deafen our family's spirits? I believe you are aware that half of the people in this house despise me. With a mission coming shortly, I'll like to keep us all in the best mood possible. I'll politely decline, but don't let me stop you. I'll collect my food once everyone is finished eating." With that Yottsu stood up and slowly walked away, before stopping to make one more comment.

"I apologize for tainting your tender eyes with my filthy appearance, Ojou." Yottsu then went upstairs to get dressed.